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T-Shirt Dropshipping For Beginners (35+ Product Ideas)

Would you like to try yourself in the t-shirt dropshipping business? What does it take to start and run a store in this niche? And will it even be profitable? Let’s answer these questions together!

Some time ago, we were talking about the most profitable ways to dropship apparel. Now, it’s time to narrow this product category down, and focus on a more specific product type: t-shirts.

Yes, t-shirts! The ones we’re wearing on a daily basis and seeing in every brick-and-mortar clothing store. Are they a good fit for dropshipping if they are so easily available? Let’s figure it out.

Why is it a good idea to start t-shirt dropshipping?

Here are 5 reasons to start selling t-shirts in your dropshipping store:

#1 The market is extremely large

T-shirt market for Dropshipping

According to Statista, the worldwide revenue in the men’s and women’s t-shirts and singlets (sleeveless shirts) segment in 2019 is $154,144 million. What is more, it is estimated to grow by 5.4% annually over the course of 2019-2023. The researchers predict that 25,000+ MILLION t-shirts and singlets will be sold in 2023!

Of course, the market is too tempting to ignore 😉

#2 AliExpress sellers offer demanded t-shirts

As a dropshipping store owner, most likely, you’ll use AliExpress as the source of supply for your t-shirt business.

And it turns out, t-shirts are frequently bought here!

demanded t-shirts to dropship on AliExpress

Even though it’s not a big deal to buy a t-shirt from a local store, AliExpress is still considered to be a great shopping alternative for thousands of people.

demanded t-shirts to dropship on AliExpress

Just take a look at this impressive number of orders!

men t-shirts to dropship on AliExpress

AliExpress t-shirts are sold in thousands, which makes them a truly great type of product to add to your dropshipping store.

kids t-shirts to dropship on AliExpress

And probably the most important point here is the diversity of the product range, which brings me to my next point.

#3 There is plenty of options to dropship

Do you want to successfully dropship fancy womens’ t-shirts? You’ve got it covered.

womens’ t-shirts to dropship

Do you prefer to work with mens’ clothing items? Say no more.

dropshipping mens’ t-shirts

Would you like to target your offers at edgy millennials? Why not!

millennials’ t-shirts to dropship

Are you deeply interested in kids’ clothing niche? There are lots of items to choose from, too!

So, this is a great product type which is suitable for almost any audience. It means that even a newcomer with a limited dropshipping experience can focus on an easy-to-reach customer segment – and thrive!

And here’s another thing to consider…

#4 The product is familiar and understandable

Drones, makeup products, camping equipment, etc. are awesome niche items that see a huge demand and have an impressive money-making potential.

BUT, they require you to be super knowledgeable!

“Is this battery connector compatible with my drone model?”

“What is this makeup brush best for – foundation or concealer?”

“Can you explain how to use this foil blanket if there’s an emergency during hiking?”


T-shirts won’t cause any similar requests from your store visitors because everybody knows what they are and what they are used for.

So, you won’t be caught off-balance with some tricky question, and you won’t waste hours of your precious time providing customer service before purchase.

Sounds good, right? But wait, there’s more!

#5 T-shirts are cheap

According to Statista, the average t-shirt/singlet price in 2019 is $6.57.

average t-shirt/singlet price

And, as you can see, AliExpress sellers offer lots of well-demanded, high quality t-shirts for a much lower price!

t-shirt prices on AliExpress

So, it gives you the opportunity to:

  • Make nice profits

That’s right – you are free to enjoy a healthy price markup with this type of product. Just imagine: you can double or even triple the initial item price!

  • Stay friends with your customers

Even if you triple the price set by your AliExpress supplier, it won’t be much different from the market average. So, your buyers won’t consider your store to be ‘expensive’. To them, these purchases will still be affordable and satisfying!

  • Manage returns and refunds easily

Stuff happens, and at some point, you may need to make a refund to calm down your unhappy buyer. The procedure itself is very simple, so there’s nothing to worry about.

However, to return the full cost of the purchase to your buyer, you’ll need to use your personal money. Yes, the AliExpress seller will send the refund to you – but it won’t be really prompt, and it won’t be the full sum (you’ve doubled or tripled the price, remember?)

Nevertheless, you’re not dealing with computer chairs or engagement rings here – you’re just selling t-shirts! So, the refund sum will be small enough for you to handle.

That’s a pleasant benefit for a dropshipping newcomer, right?

8 steps to profitable t-shirt dropshipping

And now, let’s finally discuss what you need to do if you want to profit from this business model!

#1 Create your t-shirt brand

t-shirt dropshipping creating a brand

More often than not, when people purchase some kind of clothing product, they do it based on emotions. And that’s why having a brand and a strong brand story is a great way to attract a lot of customers.

  • Come up with a brand idea

The first thing to start off with when building a brand is considering your interests. Are you into art? Create your own unique drawing and sell t-shirts with your prints. Or maybe you’re an animal lover? Then you can consider selling t-shirts with cute animal drawings. You can go even further and raise awareness about a certain world problem, global warming, for example.

The most important is to find a niche you’re genuinely interested in so that you can create a strong branding idea and build a community around your brand.

  •  Think about the t-shirt design

If you have the imagination and skills, and you’ve always felt passionate about making your own art – now is your chance to shine!

Start drawing and designing your t-shirts, the more designs you come up with the better.

Use a t-shirt mockup to place your design on a blank shirt so that you can see how your design actually looks on a t-shirt. Simply google t-shirt mockups and you’ll get a list of websites that offer this feature.

If you don’t feel inspired or don’t have the imagination to create something yourself, you can always hire a freelance specialist on a platform like Fiverr.

  • Figure out your printing method

Creating your own t-shirts can be fun and all, but you need to figure out what printing method you’re going to use. Here’s where things get a little technical, but it’s essential to understand all the in’s and out’s of this process to sell high-quality t-shirts and have your satisfied customers recommend your products to their friends and family. Here are the main methods:

Direct to garment (DTG)

This is a type of printing method that applies ink directly onto the garment. Your designs are downloaded to a computer and directly sprayed on your t-shirts using a special printer.

DTG printing also offers a wide range of color choices, allowing you to come up with detailed designs and photorealistic images. However, if you want to have transparent design elements, DTG is not your best choice as DTG printers will create gaps in your design.

Screen printing

With screen printing, ink is applied to the fabric in layers using different stencils for different colors. Instead of soaking into the garment, ink lays on top of it. Screen printing is a great choice for graphics that don’t have small details. The final price is usually based on the number of colors needed for the print.

Heat transfer

Heat transfer is a process where your design is put on heat transfer paper, cut from that paper, and then transferred on a garment by heating it to a high temperature. This method allows for creating designs with small text and intricate details.

  • Choose a Print on Demand service to collaborate with

When choosing a POD service to deal with, you need to consider several factors.

First of all, review the delivery times and how long the production process takes when your customer orders from you. Next, check out how the shipping fees are calculated.

Once you’ve gathered all the information, find out where the quality of the product is the best. And make sure that the POD services are compatible with your online store.

  • Ask for samples

Before you dive into your business, make sure to ask for samples to check the quality of the products yourself.

This way you’ll be sure of the quality of the products you’ll be selling. Moreover, this will allow you to create photo and video materials for various marketing purposes, and to load them up to your online store. Photos and videos with people actually wearing your t-shirts is always a great way to showcase your products and generate more trust among your customers.

Want to skip the daunting part and get straight into the fun? Well, with Sellvia, you can launch your t-shirt dropshipping business and have your own brand. Sellvia offers ecommerce entrepreneurs to create a unique brand from the ground up. From the brand story and identity to an online store with unique product designs. You’ll get a read business where absolutely everything will already be taken care of. All that’s left for you to do is manage your store and sell your unique products provided by Sellvia!

#2 Launch a dropshipping store

Launch t-shirt dropshipping store

The easiest way to get your own dropshipping store is to order an individually created website that is ready to bring you profits from day 1.

However, if you have some IT background, you can also create a store by your own efforts. In this case, these guidelines will come in handy!

#3 Figure out your keywords

Your main keyword is a 2-3 words’ phrase that explains your store idea clearly and correctly.

Ubersuggest: Figure out keywords

Use these tips to find best keywords for SEO, and don’t forget to check your final niche idea with this free research tool!

#4 Define your target audience

Who are the people who want to buy t-shirts from your store? Here are 7 things to know about your potential customers to market your products as efficiently as possible!

Don’t forget: as a dropshipping store owner, you can sell your products all over the world. Look at the screenshot below: according to Statista research, these are the countries with the highest revenue on the t-shirts and singlets market.

t-shirts and singlets global market

So, you’re welcome to start international dropshipping if you want to!

#5 Fill your store with winning items

If you’ve ordered a custom-made dropshipping store, this step will be professionally completed by our expert team.

But even if you’re making your store yourself, we want to make this task as easy for you as possible!

This is why we’re inviting you to check out our free database of top quality AliExpress products that see the highest demand.

winning t shirts to dropship

You can import these pre-edited items to your store in a couple of clicks and start selling them right away!

#6 Drive traffic to your store

And how do you start selling, exactly?

That’s right: you need to help Internet users find your products – and your store.

graphic t shirt on Google

This set of tips for driving traffic to a newly made store is exactly what you’re looking for!

#7 Start promoting on social media

An Instagram post with over 5,500 likes? If you’re running an account with the purpose of attracting Instagrammers’ attention to your store, it’s a killer result!

promoting t shirts on social media

New to Instagram? Don’t worry: follow our experience-based Instagram promotion tips, or ask for a professional Instagram/Facebook ads service.

#8 Repeat steps 5-7

That’s right! Update your product offer from time to time, work on your store SEO, and try more advertising techniques to promote your products. That’s exactly what successful dropshipping store owners do!

Summing up your t-shirt dropshipping perspectives, it’s worth saying that’s an awesome product category to work with Being demanded, cheap, and diverse, t-shirts are a great find for a person making the very first steps in dropshipping. Isn’t it you, by any chance? 😉

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How To Increase An Average Conversion Rate In Ecommerce?

What’s the average conversion rate in ecommerce? Which parameters to pay attention to when running an online store? How to boost a website conversion rate? This is what we are going to talk about right now!

When running an online store, there are several parameters that can help you track the results of your store’s performance. One of the most important is, definitely, the conversion rate.

Those business owners who want to make the most of their online stores pay attention to this indicator and look for ways to improve it. In fact, they are absolutely right.

But how to assess the average conversion rate of your online store? What is the average ecommerce conversion rate? And how to boost the average conversion rate of your ecommerce business?

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. So don’t miss a piece of exceptionally valuable information. We are starting right now!

What is the average conversion rate in ecommerce?

Many people are eager to know what a conversion rate is. So let’s figure it out!

In ecommerce, the conversion rate is a proportion of the total number of your website visitors to the number of those who meet targets (subscribe, add to cart, make a purchase, etc).

According to this definition, the conversion rate is the very indicator you can use to easily track the performance of your online store, realize how to adjust your business strategy, etc. But how to use it correctly?

When people start business journeys, most of them ask what a good conversion rate is. But that’s not as simple. Actually, a good conversion rate can vary depending on the scope of activities.

If we are talking about online stores, the average conversion rate is about 2-5% and it depends on the country you’re dealing with.

However, please note that the average conversion rate in ecommerce can provide you with limited data on your business performance.

You will be able to look at the tip of the iceberg, meanwhile, it can’t get you a deep understanding of what’s going on with your online store. What’s more, if there is a low conversion rate of your business, you will not be able to define the weak point and take measures in order to improve this indicator.

Well, would you like to learn more about the parameters you should definitely pay attention to? Is it interesting to you how to boost the conversion rate of your business? If so, stay tuned!

What is the mean conversion rate for ecommerce websites

There are significant differences in conversion rates across sectors, countries, devices, seasons, marketing strategies, and more.

It’s important to develop your key ecommerce performance indicators (KPIs) as well as to take into account market-specific nuances while analyzing the average ecommerce conversion rate of your industry.

If you’re comparing the conversion rate of your company with competitors, be mindful that no two businesses can have the same conversion rate. Several factors come into play – your targeted audience, geographic areas of business, products or services sold, penetration in the market, and more.

Conversion rate by various factors 


It can be particularly useful to come up with country-specific KPIs for segments of your customer base. It might also be necessary to amend KPIs based on industry benchmarks if you’re catering to a market with a lower overall conversion rate.

  • Ireland – 1.8%
  • United Kingdom – 1.8%
  • Spain 1.5 -%
  • Italy – 1.2%
  • Portugal – 1.3%
  • Germany – 1.4%
  • Netherlands – 1.4%
  • Belgium – 1.2%
  • Sweden – 1.3%
  • Norway – 1.3%
  • Denmark – 1.4%
  • United States – 1.4%

Knowing the country’s conversion rate serves well, especially when you’re planning to expand your market. This kind of information helps make necessary changes to your KPIs and prepare winning business strategies for sure wins.


Here’s the average conversion rate of various ecommerce industries:

  • Agricultural suppliers – 1.41%
  • Arts and crafts – 4.01%
  • Baby & child – 0.71%
  • Cars & motorcycles – 1.36%
  • Electrical & commercial equipment – 2.70%
  • Fashion clothing & accessories – 1.41%
  • Food & drink – 0.9%
  • Health & wellbeing – 2.02%
  • Home accessories – 1.45%
  • Kitchen & home appliances – 1.61%
  • Pet care – 2.51%


Besides the industry and country-specific conversion rates, differentiating the conversions based on traffic source is important. These figures help define channel-specific goals while helping to identify the best-performing and most promising traffic sources.

  • Direct – 2.2%
  • Email – 5.3%
  • Organic – 2.1%
  • Facebook – 0.9%
  • AdWords – 1.4%
  • Referral – 5.4%
  • Social – 0.7%


What you eventually set as an ecommerce conversion rate benchmark also depends on your products’ market and your target audience’s preferred device.

For instance:

The average desktop conversion rate is about 2.1% against 3.32 % on tablets.

In the US, the average conversion rate for ecommerce shoppers on their mobile phones is 2.2 percent, while that for desktop is higher at 3.7 percent.

Which parameters should you pay attention to?

We have already found out that the average conversion rate of your online store can reflect how efficiently it works. However, if this parameter is low, or you are looking for ways to improve it, you should assess several parameters of your ecommerce business.

Well, now we are going to talk about the most important parameters for you as an online store owner. So do you want to benefit from your business as much as you can? Then, this is exactly what you need!

Purchase rate

The purchase rate is a parameter that indicates the number of buyers to visitors.

In practice, this is one of the basic but most important metrics you should pay attention to. Due to the purchase rate, you can understand what percentage of people decide to buy something from you.

The conversion rate of online shoppers worldwide is 2.17 as of the third quarter of 2020.

average conversion rate in ecommerce

What should you know about the purchase rate? One of the most interesting and significant facts for you as a business owner is that there is a correlation between time on a website and purchases. As a rule, the longer your site visitors surf your website, the lower probability of making a purchase is.

What does this mean? If your website has a user-friendly interface, transparent offers, and so on, internet users are not supposed to think twice, but make an immediate purchase. But in case of some challenges when completing an order in your store or finding necessary information, they are likely to leave the website.

How to get a higher purchase rate of your online store?

  • Provide a user-friendly design
  • Make detailed single product pages
  • Reduce the number of clicks to complete the purchase

Add-to-cart rate

Add-to-cart rate is a parameter that indicates the percentage of visitors that clicked on the ‘Add to cart’ button.

It’s important for you to note that the add-to-cart rate doesn’t reflect the percentage of people who buy something from you, but only those who add something to their shopping cart. Consequently, the main goal of this metric is to show an intent to buy a product from your online store. And, in most cases, this indicator is a lot higher than the average purchase rate.

The average add-to-cart rate in the United Kingdom is about 16%.

average add-to-cart rate

So we believe it’s not necessary to tell you that the add-to-cart rate has a direct impact on the purchase one? The more people add something to their shopping cart, the more potential customers finally complete the purchase.

And since this metric is essential for your business, let’s figure out how to boost the add-to-cart rate.

  • Create urgent single-product pages
  • Highlight the ‘Add to cart’ button
  • Avoid all the website elements that can distract a visitor from making a purchase

Abandonment cart rate

The abandonment cart rate is an indicator that tells you how many people add something to the shopping cart, but later abandon the idea to complete the purchase.

In 2020, the abandonment cart rate was about 69%.

average conversion rate in ecommerce

So how to work with this metric? In case of the low abandonment cart rate, it’s necessary to understand at what stage website visitors leave your online store. In fact, there can be lots of them.

For example, it can seem to the visitors that it’s quite challenging to complete the purchase in your store, or your checkout does not inspire confidence, etc.

Then, how to increase the abandonment cart rate?

  • Provide your potential customers with a simple and short process of completing the purchase
  • Place trust banners at the checkout
  • Use timers that create a sense of urgency

The average conversion rate in ecommerce: final thoughts

As a business owner, if you want to succeed with your online store, you should definitely track its performance.

First of all, it’s a good idea to check the purchase conversion rate. It can provide you with basic data on how efficient your online store is.

However, if this metric doesn’t seem high enough to you, it’s high time to further analyze your store activity and look at more specific parameters: add-to-cart rate, abandonment cart rate, etc. According to them, it will be a lot easier for you to find a weak point and take measures in order to make the most of your online store.

Now you know well what the average conversion rate in ecommerce is and which particular metrics to pay attention to when assessing your business performance. And if you don’t have your own profitable business yet, it’s high time to start your dropshipping journey with AliDropship!

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$115K+ With A Sell From Home Business: How Anderson Launched One During The Pandemic

Is it possible to launch a thriving, money-making business from the comfort of your home? What does it take to get one? Anderson, our today’s guest, is a happy owner of a successful sell from home business he launched in the midst of the pandemic – what’s his secret?

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores’ screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Anderson, I’m a Growth Marketer from Brazil, São Paulo. I am a self-taught lifelong learner and entrepreneur, curious, of an executor profile. I have already created some digital businesses. Among them, there’s an ecommerce store with more than $115k in revenue made in just a few months!

Please, tell us more about this successful sell from home business!

Earlier, I had a small Digital Marketing Agency. But when the global pandemic came, clients started canceling their contracts with us. That’s why I started searching for an extra source of income and decided to try selling stuff online.

The dropshipping business model got me interested: no stock is required (love at first sight!) and it’s a scalable business.

I started looking for products that I would personally like to buy, with a high demand as well. A friend of mine told me about the AliDropship plugin, and that was a game-changer. It makes importing products so easy!

How is the business performing right now?

I’m running 3 stores. Here’s how things are looking!

A sell from home business performance

I still remember the first sale in my store – it was 1 week after launch! It felt awesome!

What did you do to achieve it? How are you promoting the sell from home business?

First, I started with Facebook Ads. Today, I sell through a lot of channels: Google, Pinterest, TikTok, in-store blog (SEO), influencers, Email Marketing, etc.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads prove to be the most efficient for me, and I use data from the running ads to learn more about my buyers: what they like, what they do… I spend about $5K/month on advertising.

There was a “funny” story once: I did a campaign with a bigger Brazilian influencer with an 8+ million Instagram audience.

… I sold only a few products!

What are you selling, exactly, and what’s your product strategy?

I research buyers’ demand and look for quality products that I’d love to buy myself. Usually, I add new products around every 2 months. To get my dropshipping profits, I multiply the original price by somewhere between 3 and 4,5.

What does your daily routine look like when you run a sell from home business?

It takes me about 2 hours per day to manage my stores, with Customer Support taking most of my time. Still, I believe there is no such thing as difficult customers. You just must provide awesome customer support and they can buy from you again.

The biggest challenge, however, is making a proper profit margin. I’m working with high-quality products and sometimes it’s hard to generate so much value on the offers. So I’m just creating new offers! For example, “buy 2, 3 or more with a discount” ( this increases the average order value), or “buy this and get that for free”, etc.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to run this business in the long term, which is why I registered it officially. I’m thinking of developing a brand, too! In some years, I’d love to sell my brands for millions. I really like to work, always thinking about the long-term perspectives.

How has your life changed?

Everything has changed! The sensation of freedom is priceless.

At first, my friends and family thought I was crazy. Now, they ask me to teach them 😀

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

If you haven’t applied branding in your business, now is the time to do it! And if you don’t have your online business yet, don’t wait to start: freedom is priceless and time doesn’t go back.

What an inspirational insight! With due effort, even a tiny dropshipping store can easily grow into a lucrative business with a brilliant potential. We are beyond grateful to Anderson for his exciting feedback, and can’t wait to see his stores break new records and achieve new milestones!

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Dropshipping Process: How To Build Your Own Ecommerce Empire From Home

Are you sick of your 9-to-5 job? Do you need a stable source of high income? Are you eager to start your own business, but you don’t have seed capital? Take a look at dropshipping process and see how easy you can handle it even as a newcomer!

Why might you become interested in the dropshipping process?

what dropshipping process look like

Only some decades ago, a 9-to-5 job seemed to be the only way to make money and achieve something. That’s why people left their strength on such workplaces. What’s more, many of them had several jobs.

You’d think that if you don’t want to go to a regular job, you can start your own business. In fact, this is a pretty good idea! However, in most cases, it’s not that simple.

Starting your business often requires at least seed capital. And due to this very reason, most people have to give up this idea and get back to their regular jobs.

Fortunately, there is a way out for them now – starting a dropshipping business!

Dropshipping process: how does it work?

how dropshipping works

First of all, let’s talk about what dropshipping means.

Dropshipping is a business model which means that you resell the products at low retail prices in your online store on a long-term basis.

Dropshipping is a business model which means that you resell the products at low retail prices in your online store on a long-term basis.

And how does this model differ from a regular offline store? Actually, it differs a lot.

Dropshipping implies that you don’t have to keep products in stock. Great, isn’t it?

So what does the dropshipping process look like?

1) You create an online store and fill this website up with products from reliable suppliers.

2) When a customer orders something from your store, you contact your supplier and order the particular product for your customer from the supplier.

That’s it! The difference between your and your supplier’s prices is your profit!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about the dropshipping process and making money with it.

The question remains, how to choose a dropshipping supplier?

How to choose a supplier for your dropshipping business?

Depending on what supplier you choose to deal with will determine your path to success in your dropshipping process. So, you need to do your due diligence in the selection phase.

When you’re setting everything up, you should arrange everything to go through the manufacturer of the products. The fewer middlemen are included in the process, the bigger your profits will be.

Fortunately, by dealing with a supplier on AliExpress, you can find a reliable manufacturer that will offer high-quality products at low prices.

Looking for a supplier to target the US market? Have you heard of Sellvia? Sellvia is a groundbreaking ecommerce ecosystem. It’s aimed at covering plenty of online business areas – from product sourcing, storing, and packaging to branding and promotion.So, what exactly should you take into account when choosing a dropshipping supplier?

  • The store rating

In the online space, it is considerably more difficult to hide all the flaws an online supplier has, especially on such a major marketplace as AliExpress.

If an online store has a poor reputation on the Internet, it is widely known by internet users. So, first and foremost, look at the supplier’s reputation and store rating.

  • How long has the supplier been active

Reputation is built over time, so, the longer the supplier has been doing business supplying products, the more reliable he appears to be.

The combination of quality products and the longevity of the supplier should instill more confidence in the choice.

  • The number of followers/subscribers

Who would you trust more, a seller with five thousand followers or a seller with a few hundred?

It’s obvious, but still should be mentioned that the more followers/subscribers an online supplier has, the more trustworthy he is.

  • The feedback

If you’re dealing with a supplier from a major marketplace, such as AliExpress, there’s usually a feedback section. There you can thoroughly examine what have the customers have to say about the suppliers’ products and services.

  • The quality of visuals

The quality of the visual materials can tell a lot about the services of a dropshipping supplier. If the supplier’s product offering includes great product pictures then you’re on the right track.

In addition, if they have great photos, images, and even videos of the products, you can include them in your future marketing campaigns.

How do you benefit from a well-managed dropshipping process?

start business without investment

In practice, dropshipping has lots of benefits when compared with typical business models. To prove the point, let’s name the most important ones.

So, if you want to start your business, dropshipping is going to be a perfect decision because it is characterized by the following:

1) Requires no investments

Don’t you have enough money to start your business? Here is good news for you: dropshipping doesn’t require start-up capital because due to this business model you don’t have to keep items in stock. What’s more, you don’t risk anything since you don’t pay for products in advance, but only after a potential customer makes a purchase in your online store.

2) Requires no experience

Don’t you know anything about ecommerce? Haven’t you created an ecommerce store before? In fact, it absolutely doesn’t matter! AliDropship is happy to provide you with a free ultimate guide on how to start a dropshipping business! What’s more, you can order a custom dropshipping store or an established store.

3) Lets you make all the decisions

Are you tired of having a boss? Does it seem to you that you are ready to take responsibility for all the decisions? Due to the dropshipping business model, you will forget about bureaucracy! It’s only you who determines your business direction.

4) Requires no extra staff besides you

Have you ever heard the proverb ‘Self-help is the best help’? In dropshipping, you don’t need extra people to manage your ecommerce store, fulfill orders, provide customer support service, etc. Due to the high level of dropshipping automation, you have an opportunity to have your business journey with ease!

5) Can be combined with a regular job

Don’t you want to quit your 9-to-5 job? So you will be glad to know that dropshipping doesn’t require a lot of time, so you can easily combine your regular job and ecommerce business. If your online store still takes you a lot of time, AliDropship is ready to provide you with products and services with significantly facilitate your business. So you can get the AliDropship plugin, services, add-ons, etc.

6) Puts no limits on your profit

In fact, nothing is able to limit your business. You can expand the product range, increase the number of your online stores, etc. You can even find new suppliers with lower prices to make your supply chain more profitable for you.

7) Has lots of ways to promote

If you think that it is going to be challenging to promote your online stores, it’s definitely not true. In practice, your business will have lots of promotion ways. You can advertise it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Speaking about Instagram, you may use Instagram shoutouts since it can be a lot more profitable for you. By the way, if you have no opportunity to spend time on advertising, you may use Facebook & Instagram ads service.

As you can see, a dropshipping business model has lots of advantages, let you easily make money without leaving your place of comfort, and doesn’t require you to quit your regular job. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Dropshipping process: how to start a profitable ecommerce business from home – a step-by-step guide

start ecommerce business

1) Perform business analysis

First of all, it’s necessary to analyze the market you’re going to come in. Then, choose a niche that seems the most promising for you. Please, don’t forget that it would be a great idea to start a business that is more than familiar to you. In that case, you are more likely to succeed in your ecommerce journey since you know what you provide your customers with.

After you have chosen a niche, it’s high time to look for reliable suppliers and high-quality products in order to add them to your online store. Fortunately, AliDropship is ready to give you an irreplaceable dropshipping tool – AliDropship Insights which lets you easily find trusted suppliers, promising products, etc. By the way, this database includes several thousand top-performing items for you to dropship. And it’s absolutely free!

When performing a business analysis, it’s essential to write a dropshipping business plan. You need to find your target audience, determine the ways to stand out from other online stores, and so on.

So pay as much attention as possible to this step, and this will double your chances of success!

2) Create a website for your online store

At this stage, you have already analyzed the market and prepared a business plan. So it’s time to create a website for your online store! What should a newcomer know about this?

At first, you need to buy a domain name and hosting. If you want to evaluate how much a particular domain name will cost, you can go to GoDaddy and feel free to choose the name you like more. That’s clear, but what about hosting? Actually, you need to get hosting in order to make your website visible to Internet users.

Creating an online store is not a challenging task. However, if you don’t want to deal with any technicalities, you may order a custom store from a team of AliDropship experts. They will do their best to build an online store in accordance with your preferences.

Moreover, if you don’t want to spend your free time customizing your store and so on, now you have a chance to purchase established stores with income. These are online stores that have been working for a particular period of time and bring money to their owners.

By the way, when thinking of an ecommerce business, some users want to get a WooCommerce online store. This is going to be a bit complex to build a store on Woo, though it can give you several benefits.

Don’t forget that you need to apply a theme to your online store. So in order to get a theme for your store, you can also go visit AliDropship because we are glad to present to you our wide variety of themes. On that page, you can also find themes for WooCommerce stores.

Well, as soon as you have created your online store, you can start filling it up with products.

3) Promote your store

Then, your store is actually ready. Some potential customers visited your website and even made several purchases. However, if you want to make a fortune with dropshipping, you need to generate leads. So think of how to promote your online store!

In fact, dropshipping lets you use almost any promotional channels you want. So you can create accounts for your online store on the most promising social media platforms. Then, consider creating a blog on your website. An affiliate program is also going to be extremely profitable too in terms of generating leads.

And so on, and so forth! There are so many ways to make your business more profitable!

4) Expand your business

If you have successfully started your online business, and this business model brings you money, what should you do next? Well, nothing but expand your business!

In fact, you don’t have any limits for your business at all. Does your online store work great and serve as a stable source of high income for you? So, try to extend your product list, think of related niches, etc. Finally, create one more store!

Dropshipping FAQ’s for beginners

  • Is the dropshipping process legal?

Yes, dropshipping is completely legal. However, dropshippers should keep in mind the suppliers they are dealing with, and pay attention to various trademarks and intellectual property.

  • Is dropshipping profitable?

Dropshipping is definitely profitable. However, just like any other business it all depends on a number of factors.

It doesn’t require a lot of investments to get started in dropshipping. All you need to do is find high-quality products, a reliable supplier, an online store where you can showcase your products, and that’s basically it. Once you have all of that, you simply need to establish an advertising strategy to showcase your products on various online platforms.

  • How do I create an online store?

Starting a dropshipping business you obviously require an online store. This ponders the question of how does one creates an online store? Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn any specific skills or have any background knowledge.

Now you can find lots of online solutions that offer their services to create an online store. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find this. AliDropship offers to create a top-notch online store made specifically for you.

Final thoughts

benefit from dropshipping process

As you can see, starting a dropshipping business is going to be a perfect decision for those who wish to make a fortune with his own ecommerce business. Just imagine that you have an opportunity to make money online without leaving your place of comfort.

What’s more, with dropshipping, you can work from anywhere in the world. And it’s coupled with no investments, no extra staff, and so on. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

When thinking of starting a dropshipping business, you should remember that it doesn’t require any special skills or experience in ecommerce. Meanwhile, this business can provide you with a high-profit margin.

Finally, you will be engaged in meaningful work. You are to provide people from all over the world with an opportunity to purchase high-quality goods at wholesale prices – that is extremely low if compared with the retail ones in an offline store.

So, if you want to build your own financial empire, this is high time to start a dropshipping business! And AliDropship is going to help you make your business journey as convenient and profitable as possible!

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How We Made $359 In Just 2 Days With User-Generated Content [Case Study]

There are many ways to promote products and services on the web. However, an ad is still an ad, and even a great one feels somewhat unnatural. From this perspective, the best thing an entrepreneur can do is to share user-generated content.

What is user-generated content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) is content (texts, pictures, photos, videos, etc.) created by people who use products and services of a brand and posted by this brand for advertising.

Here’s a simple example of what UGC is. Let’s imagine I found a website of a company which sells printed T-shirts and ordered one with my own design. I get the T-shirt and it looks so great I decide to write a review on this and send them my photo with the T-shirt.

The photo is taken by me, hence it’s customer content. If the company wants to utilize my gratitude, they can ask for my permission to repost my photo and review it to show site visitors and potential customers how someone (me in this case) was happy with their product.

That’s when my photo becomes user-generated content.

What are the benefits of user-generated content?

Let’s think about it.

In most cases, photos and videos, texts and drawings created by amateurs have low quality. So why would anyone want to use them in a marketing campaign? Ok, as an owner of a dropshipping store, you probably can’t afford to pay a professional designer. But what about big companies that resort to such content just like small businesses do?

The answer is simple – user-generated content works better than any ad!

Imagine you have moved to a large house and want to buy a grass-cutter. But you’ve never owned any of them and have no idea which one is good. You call your buddy, and he says, ‘I bought [BRAND NAME] three years ago, and it still works great!’

After that, you’re probably going to buy this particular model because someone you trust recommended it.

That’s the whole point of user-generated content. Customers trust other customers much more than brands. We all know that product and service ads want to convince you to empty your wallet. But other users have no such intent.

They simply share their experience. That’s why people tend to trust them as if they were their friends and family.

Besides, using content created by customers costs you nothing except maybe a coupon or a discount as a reward.


The impact of user-generated content on branding

  • Authenticity

In the online space, it just happens that people trust other people. So. UGC can be considered as the modern-day word of mouth. Moreover, consumers are generally more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands. So the time to invest in an authenticity-driven social marketing strategy is now.

  • Brand loyalty

UGC gives a unique perspective for the customer, as they can participate in a brand’s growth instead of being a spectator.

This greatly influences brand loyalty and affinity simply because people like being a part of something greater than themselves. Thus, creating UGC allows them to be a part of a brand’s community.

  • Building trust

Nowadays, brands need to work harder than ever before to establish themselves as trustworthy. Accompany that with the fact that over 90% of marketers agree that consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by brands, signaling that UGC is the perfect format for business to level up their trust score.

Today, customers use UGC as a trust signal the same way they’d ask their friends, or family for an opinion.

  • Conversion rates improving

UGC acts as authentic social proof that the product you’re selling is actually worth buying. For instance, your audience sees people just like them wearing or using your product, which influences them to decide to buy.

Overall, user-generated content is incredibly influential in the final stages of the customer’s journey, where you’re looking to convert your audience and influence them into making a purchase.

  • Cost-effective

User-generated content is a cost-effective way to scale your business and integrate a new marketing strategy. You also don’t need to hire or invest in a costly creative agency to make various content for your campaigns.

Just try to connect with the most important people in your business: your audience. A lot of them will enjoy being featured on your platform.

For smaller brands or those just starting out, UGC is cheaper and easier to manage than investing in larger-scale brand awareness campaigns.

  • Adaptable and flexible

UGC is unique in its nature that it can be used in various other marketing campaigns.

For example, you could add UGC images in an abandon cart email to help nudge the prospective buyer to make a purchase or add user-generated content to key landing pages to help increase conversion rates.


Types of user-generated content

User-generated content is a must-have strategy for social media marketers, and it comes in many styles and formats to help you find the right fit for your brand.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Social media content
  • Testimonials
  • Product reviews
  • Live streams
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube content

That’s why a marketing strategy based on such content can be super-efficient. Be it an Instagram post, a video on YouTube, or just a photo in your customer review section, it’s a treasure you must grab right away!

How user-generated content earned us $359 in two days

AliDropship’s Ecommerce Department develops and runs a number of dropshipping stores to test our digital solutions and various marketing strategies. The most successful websites become Established Dropshipping Stores which you can purchase as already functioning, unique businesses. Among other things, the team utilizes user-generated content as well.

During two days, the team spent $39.20 on a Facebook advertising campaign which resulted in revenue of $359.88.

User-generated content: a case study

The conversion cost dropped to just $6.53, which is exceptionally low. This is how we did it.

1. Find visually attractive products

Not all products are good for advertising. User-generated content is good for social media where people mostly enjoy visual content. That’s why your best option is to prioritize clothing, accessories, home décor goods, cellphone cases, etc.

If somebody decides to send you a picture of such products, they’ll look great for advertising.

For example, one of the products we advertised with this method was a game controller skin.

Once you see something like this, you quickly get what it is, how it works, and how cool it looks. These are the factors that can trigger impulse purchases even through a standard ad post.

2. Find an attractive photo

If customers who buy products like this are happy, the odds are that some of them will want to share photos with the item on their Facebook page or on your website. That’s the submitted content we’re looking for.

Of course, in most cases, such photos have poor quality. But, while you do want visually attractive content, don’t chase perfection. In fact, if a photo looks too professional, people might think you’re lying.

Here is another example of user-generated content our Ecommerce team used in marketing:

3. Make sure it has a positive review

You might have noticed that all these photos have positive reviews. This is another important part of such content. Ideally, the comment should praise the product and shortly explain in what way it improved the customer’s life.

4. Include a call to action

When you make an ad from user-generated content, don’t forget to place a proper call-to-action button there. Even if other people find the post amusing, exciting, funny, or anything else, you have more chances to convert them with a clear invitation to do something.

A call to action can also offer a discount or a coupon.

5. Create carousel posts

If you have several photos from customers, it’s a good idea to combine them into a carousel post. This way you can show more pictures and reviews with more chances to convert a potential buyer. But in our case, a single ad was enough to make $359 in just two days.

6. Focus on a specific Audience

Sharing user-generated content with everyone you consider to be your target audience may not work.

For example, people who might be interested in a given product but never really thought about will bring little results. On the other hand, loyal customers who have already bought from you are unlikely to respond because they already got what they wanted.

The Ecommerce team targeted the ad at two audiences.

The first one was the people who visited the store and the page of a given product in particular but did not add any products to the cart. They already saw the item and won’t be completely surprised by the ad.

Instead, they’re likely to think, ‘Hey, I saw this thing earlier! What’s up? Did someone buy it?’

The second audience was the people who visited the product page and even added the item to the cart but never finished the checkout. We’re not sure why, but hope that showing them photos of the product taken by another customer will change their purchasing decisions.

In other words, in this case, the team used UGC to re-engage site visitors. As a result, the revenue was $359.88 in just two days. It’s a good example of an efficient user-generated content marketing campaign.

Tips on user-generated content marketing

The details of any UGC campaign depend on a variety of factors. For example, a business that sells clothing or accessories could benefit greatly from photos. But if you sell a cleaning substance, you’d rather prefer a video that shows how the product performs.

There are other factors like what kind of social media you use, what the age and gender of your target audience are, etc. But to make your user-generated content marketing successful, you should stick to these general practices.

1. Always ask for permission to use content

If a business wants to use someone else’s creation, it has a certain value. People understand you want to use this content to advertise products. In most cases, they don’t mind. But it’s one thing when a company asks for permission and totally another when you exploit it as if you created it.

It feels unjust and insolent. That’s why one should always contact the author, tell him or her how admirable it is and ask for permission politely.

2. Reward content creators

After you get the permission (or when asking for it), offer the author something valuable. Of course, you can’t pay them, but giving them a coupon or a discount on the next purchase is a common practice.

Actually, only 32% of clients allow using their content for the sake of a reward. The rest are just happy to get a share of glory so to speak. Still, rewarding them can bring you more loyal customers.

3. Stimulate user-generated content creation

When it comes to user-generated content, social media are the best place because you can not only collect customers’ photos and videos but also stimulate them to create such content.

For example, you can hold a contest with a condition to send you a picture, a story, etc. Of course, the winner should get a prize that makes it worth participating in.

If you are looking for a ready-for-use business, check out AliDropship’s Established Stores developed and run by our team. Their inventories contain dozens of visually attractive goods many of which can stimulate user-generated content creation. And you can become the sole owner of one of them.

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Meet Exceptional Dropshipping Services Taking Your Store Performance To A New Level

Find the dropshipping service that will help your online store thrive! These cover all kinds of business tasks, be it technical improvement, promotion campaigns or creating the design of your dropshipping store.

A unique and professionally built website is a good start for your dropshipping business. However, in order to guarantee stable growth, you need to pay attention to various tasks such as product choice, promotion, etc.

Some say this is the most exciting part of online business and being distracted by other, purely technical issues is really annoying.

That’s why AliDropship offers a number of extra services so that you could focus on developing your business while leaving all technical problems to our team.

Dropshipping services to improve your website

AliDropship Plugin Setup

Manual installation of AliDropship plugin is quite clear even to an online business newcomer. However, we wouldn’t want the people who have no experience of dealing with ecommerce software to get frustrated over possible slowdowns. That’s why we introduced the setup service!

Along with setting up AliDropship plugin on your website, we will also:

  • Set up email notifications for your dropshipping store to make it easier to communicate with customers
  • Optimize your homepage for search engines
  • Set up our pricing formula
  • Integrate your store with Google Analytics
  • Set up payment gateways
  • Register a branded business email for you

Learn more about AliDropship plugin setup here.

Add-ons setup

To boost your business, you might need to use a number of add-ons for your dropshipping store such as Countdown Timer, Upsell or Recent Sales Pop-Up. If you don’t feel like dealing with software, leave it to our team!

We will not only set up any plugin you require for your online store, but also adjust its settings according to your preferences.

Learn more about Add-ons setup service here.

Social Rabbit Plugin Setup

No matter what business you have, it’s always a good idea to promote it through social media. Your store is no exception. Use this dropshipping service to make your store famous on top social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Our team will install Social Rabbit plugin on your website and authorize your business with these social media. As a result, you will get a fully functioning auto posting promo plugin within just 3-5 days.

Learn more about Social Rabbit setup here.

Product Data Entry

Choosing what products to import to your dropshipping store is one of your most important decisions. The items you offer represent your store, its benefits and competitive advantages. That’s why one must pay close attention to products’ choice as well as amendment of their titles, descriptions, photos, etc.

But if you don’t have time, AliDropship team will take care of it for you. Our specialists will find the most promising products on AliExpress and edit product data to make your store look nice and professional.

Learn more about Product Data Entry here.

Website Installation

If IT is not really your thing, you can use this service and get a fully functioning dropshipping store with no hassle.

Our specialists will take care of every step:

  • Install WordPress CMS on your site
  • Setup WooCommerce plugin (if required)
  • Install AliDropship plugin
  • Set up the theme you chose

In just two days, your dropshipping store will be ready for further customization!

Learn more about Website Installation service here.

Custom Development

Do you want more than just another typical online store? Do you want your website to be truly unique? Say no more! This dropshipping service will allow you to customize your store even further.

It is designed for those who would like to make non-typical adjustments to the websites built with AliDropship Original plugin.

Learn more about Custom Development service here.

Custom Design

Visual content attracts more views than any other type of data. So, visual materials such as logos, banners, social media covers, etc. have huge value. If drawing is not your strongest side, leave this task to us!

Our team of designers will create high-quality visual materials for your needs. All you have to do is contact us and provide our team with your personal vision on what you’d like to see in your store.

Learn more about Custom Design here.

Theme Switching

Feel excited about some new theme our team has developed for AliDropship store owners? Want to apply it to your store instead of the previous one? Say no more!

The theme switching service lets your store get a whole new appearance and layout with no extra effort. Just make up your mind on the theme you’d like to try, and we’ll do the rest.

Learn more about Theme Switching service and available templates here.

Email Subscription Form Integration

Many businesses communicate with customers through emails and consider email marketing one of the most efficient promotion methods. Your dropshipping store can benefit from it, too!

To do that, you need to set up a subscription form so that your store visitors could receive emails from you. Use our service to save time and efforts and start building your mailing list in just three days!

Learn more about Email Subscription Form Integration here.

Dropshipping services for marketing

SEO Starter Pack

No ecommerce business can do without search engine optimization. The better your website is optimized, the more Internet users see it in search results. Therefore, you enjoy more visitors and higher revenues!

SEO Starter Pack is designed to improve your store’s ranking in the search engines. After ordering this service, you will get a SEO-friendly article to publish on your homepage or your blog. Furthermore, our team will customize the SEO elements on your homepage and on each category page of your store and create multiple backlinks.

Learn more about SEO Starter Pack here.

SEO copywriting

While the previous service is good for a start, SEO copywriting will further improve your store ranking on Google.

Our team of professional copywriters will create SEO-friendly texts for your homepage and category pages. Here you can expect good readability, clear descriptions and efficient calls to action, which will enhance the appeal of your offer.

Learn more about SEO copywriting service here.

Social Media Setup

Social media marketing is essential for any kind of business, especially for small-scale online stores. So, using a variety of social networks to promote your brand and products is a must.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have proved to be efficient marketing tools. Our team can not only setup your social media accounts, but also make them look professional, which is crucial for attracting audience.

Learn more about Social Media Setup here.

Banner Ads Design

Have you come up with a brilliant promotion idea, but faced the lack of time to create the required advertising materials? Don’t worry: our team can provide you with all you need within a couple of days!

The designers of AliDropship will create original banners for your campaign. You can send us the pictures and texts you want to use or leave it entirely to us.

Learn more about Banner Ads Design service here.

Promo Video Creation

If you’re looking for new promotional tools and instruments, consider using video materials. After all, videos attract attention more efficiently than any other type of content.

By ordering this dropshipping service, you will get a professionally made, high-quality video up to 2 minutes long. So you don’t have to waste time trying to learn how to create videos on your own.

Learn more about Promo Video Creation here or check other marketing services we provide.

Social media assistance setup 

dropshipping service Social media assistance setup 

Social media is one of the most crucial sources of quality, incoming traffic. If you need professional, engaging social media accounts for your business, this is the perfect offer for you.

Most of your potential clients are active users of social networks. Having attractive social media pages is essential to promoting any business in today’s day and age.
With the help of our team, you can have us do the work — and potentially grow your traffic and leads by several times!

With the Social Media Setup service, you:

  • Receive fully-functional social media accounts
  • Win customer trust with searchable accounts
  • Gain quality traffic from your accounts
  • Get more orders from social media
  • Save your time for more vital tasks

To learn more about social media assistance setup click here.

Lead generation pop-up setup 

dropshipping services lead generation pop up

We all love special deals and discounts. So, if you place an attractive pop-up offering that on your site, you’ll reveal all those bargain lovers, get their email addresses (to use for future email marketing campaigns) and inspire them to place an order on your site by sending them a coupon code!

What are the benefits of the Lead Generation Pop-up Setup?

  • You take a proven path to effortless sales
  • Your store is 3X more attractive to visitors
  • You save your precious time (up to 8 hours)
  • No coding or marketing skills needed

To learn more about social media assistance setup click here.

Irresistible lead magnet

dropshipping services lead magnet

Even if you’ve never heard the term “Lead Magnet” before, it’s never too late to reap its benefits to boost sales! Lead Magnets are extremely common for one simple reason – they work very well maximizing the number of email addresses of your potential customers. Then just use them in your email marketing campaigns & be ready to roll in money!

So, how does this all work?

  • An ad attracts traffic to your site;
  • People visit your site and see a pop-up (powered by Mailchimp) with an attractive offer;
  • People leave their email addresses to receive a useful e-book;
  • Throughout the e-book, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages. Moreover, at the end of the e-book, we put a coupon inspiring for purchases.
  • You have plenty of email addresses to use for future email marketing campaigns

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Winning products and ad strategy

dropshipping services winning products and ad design

After years of testing and analyzing ads, we found the gold mine strategy of the right product presentation and effective advertising. We know the secret of choosing cool products, making them look irresistible to your audience and advertising them efficiently to get high profits very fast.

You’ll see how this strategy works, once we upload a winning product to your store and give you tools to advertise it.

Why do you need to learn our secret product advertising strategy anyway?

  • Make your ads effective. We already spent days and thousands of dollars on finding the right strategy – so now you could save yours!
  • Scale your business with a powerful technique – you can apply it to many products and get profit.
  • Save your money on hiring a marketer – you’ll be able to professionally advertise your store by yourself from now on.
  • Increase your profit! The more effective your ads are, the more money appears in your bank account.

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

dropshipping service FB and Insta video ads

Traditionally, creating beautiful & effective video ads meant either learning how to use video editing software or spending big on video production. Either way, it was expensive. Now you can get your own videos without investing a bunch of money! Sell more stuff & score more leads with irresistible video ads – we’d be glad to create them for you!

So, why do dropshipping entrepreneurs choose this service:

  • A video ad is newer and therefore more attractive for future customers.
  • The video gets 40% more clicks than the image – videos tend to drive more engagement.
  • A video ad can show a product in use – it’s the right way to get customers on the hook!
  • A video ad is created by the team of professional designers & dropshipping experts using a variety of tools: animation, effects.
  • Our clients have a 20 to 30% higher conversion rate when utilizing video over images when it comes to Facebook ads.
  • You save money on video editing software & from 3 to 6 hours of your precious time on video creation.

With this service, you’ll easily expose your clients to a visual & audio experience that will leave them wanting (and buying) more.

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Facebook & Instagram ads

dropshipping services fb and insta ads

No less than 3.2 billion people across the globe are regular users of Facebook and Instagram. This provides the largest advertising opportunity for businesses. You can’t afford to miss this!

However, dropshipping beginners often face the challenges of reaching a proper target audience and creating appealing visual materials. This is why it is advisable to get a professional assistance!

Amazing benefits of this powerful Dropshipping Advertising Service:

  • It saves your time – up to 48 hours!
  • About 90% of our clients achieve a high rise and a huge breakthrough in sales
  • Your ads are directed towards your targeted audience
  • You aren’t required to have pro marketing skills as experts prepare everything for you
  • No worries – our professionals prepare powerful, effective and compelling ads for you

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Email marketing setup 

dropshipping services

Do you want to promote your business through affordable email marketing efforts?

What are the benefits of the Email Marketing Setup service?

  • We complete the entire setup procedure for you
  • You save a sufficient amount of time (up to 20 hours) to dedicate to other business areas
  • You get orders effortlessly – discount promo codes in promo emails will inspire sales!
  • Automated emails continue to function for many years after the setup
  • You achieve a greater volume sales and get repeat buyers

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Deep niche research 

dropshipping services deep niche research

You need to do a research and go deep in statistics to find your perfect profitable dropshipping niche. Or, you can do nothing and get professional help from Dropship Club experts. We can provide you with three profitable niches based on trends, market saturation, and your interests & passions. All you need to do is fill in our questionnaire after the checkout process. That’s it!

What’s so good about the Niche Research service?

  • You save up to 8 hours of your time
  • No skills needed – experts perform the research themselves
  • No wasted money – all the suggested niches have a promising potential
  • You can be sure of the success of your business

To learn more about the deep niche research service click here.

Engaging social media posts 

dropshipping services engaging social media posts

Your store’s pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great assistants on your way to sales. But what to do when they are almost empty and you don’t know how to make effective posts? Let professionals create beautiful and exciting content for your social media and enjoy the benefits!

What can you expect after publishing the posts we prepare for you?

  • More professional-looking social media pages of your store
  • 2X increased interest in your store by page visitors
  • More traffic to your site
  • Better understanding of how to run social media
  • More trustworthy image of your store = more sales

To learn more about the engaging social media posts service click here.

Traffic generating ad & blog posts 

dropshipping services traffic generating ad and blog posts

It’s time to try a new advertising scheme: selling through content that speaks to your audience!

So, how does this all work?

  • An ad attracts traffic to an exciting blog post on your site;
  • People visit your site and read this blog post;
  • Throughout the post, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages.

Easy & completely transparent, right? We’ll help you turn this scheme into reality!

To learn more about traffic generating ad & blog posts click here.

Facebook followers booster 

dropshipping services fb followers booster

Wanna get the most out of your Facebook store account and sell through posts? Dream of making your Facebook page look trustworthy for prospective customers? Then you need enough followers on Facebook!

A wonderful blend of top-quality content, entertaining posts, and Page Likes Facebook Ads that will grab the user’s attention quickly and make them follow your FB page.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Instant exposure to new followers – which means more people who know about your amazing store
  • Save some money on advertising as this type of ads typically are the least expensive
  • Highly-targeted audience of followers that are easy to reach and already interested in your store
  • New engaged visitors gained through social proof (read as other people’s likes and shares)
  • A guide that will help you gain followers – no PRO knowledge needed! Just follow the steps our experts suggest.

To learn more about Facebook follower booster click here.

SEO Premium Service Subscription

dropshipping services seo premium

Do you want your store to be more visible on Google, attracting attention — and visits — from the users who look for something from your niche? SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an efficient and hassle-free way to make it happen!

Applying for this subscription service, here’s what you get on a monthly basis:

  • SEO-friendly articles written exclusively for your blog by skilled copywriters

These articles not only multiply the number of relevant keywords mentioned on your site (which naturally leads to a boost in the number of visitors from organic search). They improve your conversions as well, thanks to their engaging language, persuasive power, and impressive call-to-actions.

  • 200+ backlinks

To boost your store’s ranking positions on Google, we create a number of backlinks using your brand name, your site URL, and the keywords related to your niche. These backlinks will be submitted as follows:

  • Web 2.0 properties
  • Contextual backlinks
  • Article submissions
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • High DA profiles
  • PDF creation

To learn more about the SEO premium service subscription click here.

Dropshipping services for hosting


Your dropshipping business might be virtual, but it requires real space on a hard drive. Our hosting service is ideally optimized for dropshipping websites based on WordPress. AliDropship guarantees high performance and proper loading speed which are crucial to keep visitors active.

Learn more about our hosting service here.

Hosting Setup & Support

This dropshipping service is designed as additional help for our customers dealing with specific tasks such as WordPress installation, protection from viruses, replacing your primary domain name, etc.

Learn more about Hosting Setup and Support here.

Server Configuration

A website usually uses a number of software products, and compatibility issues are a common problem. If not treated properly, they can slow down your website which might affect your business performance negatively.

If you’re not absolutely sure you can handle these tasks on your own, leave them to us. Our professional team will take care of your website’s server configuration and other issues.

Learn more about Server Configuration service here.

Use these dropshipping services to boost your business. And remember: if you haven’t launched your business yet, our team can build a fully ready custom dropshipping store for you!

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Up To $803 Per Sale: How You Can Profit From The Best Affiliate Programs For Ecommerce

Looking for an easy start to the ecommerce industry? Let’s take a closer look at the  the best affiliate programs for ecommerce! Costing you $0 to join, they can be a great first step into your shiny online business future.

Affiliate programs for ecommerce: what are these?

What affiliate programs for ecommerce are?

What’s the traditional way of marketing? You pay someone and they promote your goods – it’s a staple. But this work doesn’t guarantee conversions and customers coming to you – but you still pay no matter what! It may sound and be a bit daunting, especially when you paid for an ineffective campaign.

Good thing there’s affiliate marketing. What is it?

Basically, affiliate marketing means that one promotes someone else’s product and gets paid whenever a promotion turns into a sale.

Let’s assume I have a product (surfboards, for instance) and I want to sell it. Of course, my company has a marketing department looking for clients, but the more channels I use, the higher profit I enjoy. So how do I increase sales?

I’ll make a deal with you. If you recommend my product to your friends, acquaintances, or random people, I’ll pay you a reward.

For example, you live on the coast and go surfing almost every day. Furthermore, you have a blog about it, and a lot of people follow it. They know you. They trust you and your recommendations.

So I offer you to recommend my surfboards to your audience and give you an affiliate link. You place the link on your blog or other platform and tell people about my product. Those who got interested follow the link and get to the website of my company.

If they order a surfboard, your job is done, and I pay you, let’s say, 10% of the product’s price. And I keep doing it each time you bring me a customer.

Some affiliate programs for ecommerce use a pay-per-click model. Others pay you a percentage of the profit made by a client brought by you to the company. In any case, all models are based on affiliate links.

How do affiliate links work?

How do affiliate links work in affiliate programs for ecommerce?

Affiliate links aren’t just URLs that lead to a web page. First of all, every affiliate partner gets a unique link for this business purpose. This is how the company you’re dealing with understands that a certain client came from you and not someone else.

However, few people buy things right away. Often, they follow your link just to check out the website and the products you recommended, and leave after that. Still, they may return in a week or even in a month (by using a direct link) and purchase the product. So how do you prove that it was your customer?

Cookies! Well, cookie files, to be exact. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, the link sends a cookie to the user’s computer. Even if the user leaves the website and returns days or weeks later, the cookie file will tell the website that this customer was originally sent here from your blog or social media page or whatever. That’s the proof!

Cookie files live for a certain period of time. The best affiliate programs for ecommerce use cookies with a 30 days duration or even those that don’t expire at all. This way, you can be sure that your affiliate program will not forget your efforts.

However, if the user changes his or her device, the program will not be able to identify the visitor as your client. There’s nothing you can do about it, but some programs also use customers’ emails to know for sure who sent them.

Now, let’s talk about the AliDropship affiliate program!

What’s so special about AliDropship affiliate program and what does it offer?

AliDropship affiliate program offers highly favorable terms to its participants: you can make up to $803 from each sale that happened with your help! Our Affiliate Support Team will guide you through all the steps. No worries if you don’t know something – we got your back! If you’re interested in making money by promoting winning dropshipping solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce community, here are our products you can advertise and the commissions you can get!

AliDropship products with 50% commission

This is the company’s core solution, a digital tool for WordPress that allows you to create an online store and dropship items from AliExpress. A WooCommerce version of this plugin is also available.


Social Rabbit Plugin

Another demanded plugin for online store owners who want to automatically fill their social networks’ feed with entertaining, educational, and promotional posts.

profitable online sotre_andy theme

These are professionally designed templates for the dropshipping stores built with AliDropship plugin. Thanks to these themes, AliDropship store owners can create beautiful profit-oriented websites with customer-oriented layouts.

Import Products from AliDropship

Each AliDropship user can personally import items directly from AliExpress and edit them later. But if doing it is too much trouble, it’s possible to access the database of the already edited products, import them, and start selling without any extra effort. All AliDropship plugin users can make 50 imports from this database for free and buy additional import packages if required.

If a client doesn’t want to deal with the creation of the store, and needs a ready-made solution that’ll bring them income – premium stores are just the find. AliDropship’s team has created dropshipping stores that are ready to start selling goods as soon as possible! It will have proven bestsellers in it, and advertising will be a breeze.

  • Marketing package for Premium Stores

Talking about the breeze of advertising, we can’t forget to mention a Marketing package that can go with the Premium Store. With this package, owners of Premium Stores will be able to run top-notch social media promo campaigns with pre-made ad copies! They’ll receive a thorough guide on how to set up and run your campaign, texts for campaigns, and descriptions of recommended target audiences. Marketing is not as intimidating as it seemed before!

AliDropship products with 30% commission

A designated team of AliDropship designers, developers, digital marketing experts and other specialists can build a fully functional online store at a client’s request and individually consider the customer’s personal requests.

Those who want to have crème de la crème should definitely know about Supreme Stores. Such stores include all the best tools and features our team can offer. Creation of the store, promotion and marketing tools, analytics, and many other things!

There is an exciting range of additional services and tools that further enhance AliDropship users’ businesses.

Please note that affiliates DO NOT get commissions from the revenue of our clients’ dropshipping stores! The commissions are only applied to the offers listed above.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But what if I tell you that it’s not a limit?

You can become an affiliate of Sellvia as well to earn even more money!

Why is Sellvia a good option for affiliate marketing?

Sellvia offers a game-changing product in the ecommerce world!

Built by a team of pro marketers and IT developers, it helps hundreds of merchants around the world to build and grow their businesses. Thanks to exclusive sales and discounts, every customer of yours will get a special treatment.

And of course, you will be assisted at every step of the process so that you can play this game like a pro! You’ll have an account manager and access to tips, content, and advice to succeed from day one.

Let’s take a look at their commissions, shall we?

Sellvia products with 50% commission

It can be used to upgrade an already existing online store (up to 10 domains), or be a great option for those who just want to test the waters and see what Sellvia is. Either way, for 2 months of referral’s active subscription you’ll get $39.

It’s not just a subscription to Sellvia. PRO includes a turnkey ecommerce business which is handled just within 24 hours! Every Sellvia’s partner gets a FREE online store with a personal manager and full access to Sellvia’s features and marketing materials. You’ll get $199.50!

Sellvia products with 30% commission

Search engines are the first thing we use when we need to find something. And it’d be silly not to use them to a business’s advantage! With SEO Packages, a customer can have their entire online store optimized for long-term growth! And you can earn up to $333, depending on the plan.

Having nice inventory is a definite must when it comes to a store’s success. With this product upgrade tool, your clients will be able to not lift a finger and have a diverse product range imported in their store FOR THEM! Depending on the plan, you can eat up to $33.00!

Social media platforms are an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. We find stuff on them, and oftentimes it’s the only type of media a person consumes. That means businesses MUST use such platforms to make their businesses grow and get attention. A team of SMM specialists from Sellvia can help with that easily. You, as an affiliate, can earn up to $199.67.

Help people get more exposure with this offer! Sellvia will give their businesses the attention they deserve with the help of promo articles, influencers, and other amazing things! Promoting this product can give you up to $996.67.

This tool won’t leave clients’ customers empty handed! Upselling, cross-selling, and hot discounts will make them buy more and more, while increasing sales and average order value for the seller!  Earn up to $99.67 per one referral!

Email marketing is an awesome tool that can not only draw customers’ attention to offers and deals, but to keep them loyal by making sure they keep up with a brand. It may appear intimidating if done manually by yourself, but Sellvia has taken care of it. Make your clients’ customers loyal and earn up to $199.67 as an affiliate.

If a client wants not just a store, but a personal brand with story, image, and all the necessary attributes – it’s not a dream or something out of the ordinary anymore. Sellvia’s team offers a brand development service that’ll make their business truly one-of-a-kind. You can earn quite some money, up to $3330.00 to be exact!

What do you need to become an AliDropship and/or Sellvia affiliate?

If you’re interested in making money with any affiliate program, you need to register first:

You’ll fill an application form, specifying the way you’re going to promote the products. After that, you’ll be contacted to inform on whether the application is approved or there’s more information needed.

Once everything is approved, you’ll be able to start earning money!

But how to make sure you succeed? Take a look at these tips on getting higher revenue from affiliate marketing!

Tips on getting higher revenue from affiliate programs for ecommerce

Tips on getting higher revenue from affiliate programs for ecommerce

Feel free to follow these experience-based strategies to develop an efficient affiliate marketing strategy!

  1. Research your product

You can’t convince someone to buy a product unless you clearly understand its benefits and features. Knowing what it can do and what problems it can solve is essential for each step of your marketing campaign.

  1. Know your audience

Target audience is the other end of the issue. Whenever someone buys something, it’s not the item they want but rather a solution to their problem.

So, gather data and try to understand your audience, their problems and needs. Remember: if you get traffic but no sales, you’re probably attracting the wrong audience.

  1. Try different content types

Different types of content work well for different types of products. The problem is that you never know for sure what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try this and that to see how efficient different methods are. In time, you’ll be able to focus on one or two best options. Same goes for promotion channels: try each of them to find the best.

  1. Develop a strategy

Even the best affiliate programs for ecommerce will bring you no money without efforts from your side. To build a successful affiliate business, you need to make up a step-by-step plan. This way, you can see what worked and what didn’t, what you should focus on and what resources it’ll take.

A successful affiliate business requires time and effort, but you can start with little to no budget. Many people regard it as a huge advantage. Besides, joining an affiliate program grants you useful experience you can later use for other projects.

Online business offers many opportunities not only to the entrepreneurs and customers, but also to the marketers. Affiliate marketing is an effective and profitable way of promotion that ensures that both sides are interested in the best results possible. If you have some following, or you’re just curious to try – don’t hesitate to! Joining affiliate programs for ecommerce won’t cost you a penny, but it can become a great source of income!

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What Youtube Influencer Marketing Can Do To Your Business In 2022

What’s YouTube influencer marketing and how can you use it for your store benefit? Let’s find it out!

Can you imagine the world without YouTube?

Without these funny cat videos that perfectly brighten up the boring evenings?

If you can, you’re my personal hero. Because I can’t.

YouTube has become a huge part of our everyday life and an internal part of digital marketing as well.

Actually, this is not surprising. Just look at these mind-blowing facts:

  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • People watch over one billion hours of video every day
  • Over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month
  • Users can navigate YouTube in a total of 80 different languages

Impressive numbers, right?

Besides that, they are consistently increasing!

That’s why all the marketing experts in the world utilize YouTube as a really effective and highly promising promotion channel and regularly look for new marketing tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll tell you about YouTube influencer marketing – a great way to promote your business on YouTube and boost your sales.

But first, let’s look at some more reasons why you cannot go without YouTube marketing.

Why use YouTube for marketing?

  • People like watching videos

To be more precise, our brain likes videos.

According to some researches, we mostly perceive the world through our eyes and remember 80% of what we see. This is because our brain processes visual information 60,000 (!) times faster than any other types of content.

We like pictures and videos because it’s easier and quicker for us to understand them. The best proof of this is traffic signs. It’s enough to cast a glance at a sign to clearly understand its meaning.

So, the love for pictures and videos is in our blood (or brain?), and there’s nothing we can do with it.

  • People trust their eyes above all

Have you ever heard about the Loch Ness Monster? A big creature that lived in lake Loch Ness and often scared local residents?

You know, lots of people believed in a large and ugly monster just because they saw SOMETHING with their own two eyes. Nobody could say what exactly they saw but they were sure that it was a monster. And no research or studies could convince them otherwise.

As you can see, people trust their eyes above all, so include videos into your marketing arsenal and make the most of it.

  • Your content never dies

Very often, I watch videos that were created long ago. This is not because I’m a nostalgic type. This is because I just don’t have enough time to track all trends on the Internet. So I can stumble upon a great video even in a year after its publishing.

The bottom line is simple: if you upload something on YouTube, it will be watched sooner or later. Just be patient and promote your video.

  • YouTube videos often get on high positions

When you start searching for something on Google, you will get YouTube videos among the first search results. Google thinks that videos are valuable content, so they are always shown up on the first page.

However, just making great videos is not enough to get to the top.

To get better chances, you definitely need to use different promotional tools. One of the best ones of them is YouTube influencer marketing.

What is YouTube influencer marketing?

In simple terms, YouTube influencer marketing means asking YouTube bloggers for collaboration and inviting them to promote your store or products on their channels.

As a rule, bloggers create engaging promo videos which will help you:

  • Share your story in a very creative way
  • Highlight your strengths and advantages
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Reach customers effectively
  • Convert leads into customers

YouTube influencers usually do advertising for money, but there is always a possibility to do it for free. Especially, if you start dealing with an upcoming YouTube star.

Such promo videos work really well and can generate amazing results for your business.

How to use YouTube for influencer marketing?

Now, you understand why YouTube is a really great promotional tool which you cannot ignore.

It’s a high time to move from theory to practice and follow our step-by-step guide.

1. Find YouTube influencers related to your niche

niche YouTube influencer

Nowadays, it seems that only a lazy person doesn’t have a YouTube channel. Housewives make videos on how to bake tasty cakes, and schoolchildren record their live streaming.

However, among the rich variety of bloggers, you need to find those who are related to your niche.

Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Number of subscribers

The number of subscribers is a way of measuring the success of YouTube channels.

The logic is simple.

The more followers a channel has, the more interesting the content is for people. The more interesting the content is for people, the more views the channel will get. And this is exactly what we need!

So, we recommend you to look for YouTube influencers having at least 50,000+ subscribers and to get in touch with them. Advertising on such channels will be really worth it!

  • Number of views per video

Besides the number of subscribers, focus on the number of views per video.

Sometimes, YouTube account owners get involved in the so called “sub4sub rings”. They subscribe to other channels in exchange for subscribing to their channels. As a result, they get tons of ‘dead’ subscribers who will never watch a video.

In order to avoid such cheaters, look through the list of videos and make sure that people really watch them.

Number of views per video

  • Audience reaction to promo videos

Some people like advertising videos, others don’t.

That’s why before choosing YouTube influencers, you need to evaluate how their audience reacts to any type of ads. Go through the comments and look what people usually write about promotional videos. If the comment section is full of negative feedback, it’s better to search for another channel.

Audience reaction

2. Get in touch with the YouTube influencers you want to work with

Once you have found several YouTubers related to your niche, connect with them and ask if they do advertising.

In order not to waste your time, we recommend you to create a sample message and send it to all the bloggers.

Here is what we usually write.

Hello! My name is [NAME]. I am the manager of the [STORE NAME] online store.

We sell kawaii and cute clothes and accessories. We are looking for advertising partners on YouTube. Our team likes your [BLOGGER’S CHANNEL NAME] YouTube channel so much!

Do you create promo reviews of kawaii merch? Are you interested in free promo on your channel?  

For example, I will send you a Totoro pencil case, you’ll make a promo video with it, and post it on your channel.

Maybe you can suggest another type of advertising on your channel for us?

Looking forward to your reply!

Feel free to use our email as a sample or compose your own one.

Let’s move to the next step.

3. Structure and analyze the information received

After getting the answers from your chosen YouTube bloggers, you need to analyze all the information received. We recommend you to create an Excel table and write all the details there.

Of course, you can structure information any way you want, but there are some points that you should definitely focus on:

  • Price (high, average or low)
  • Way of interacting (friendly or arrogant)
  • Quality of videos (high, medium or low)
  • Recommendations (if there are any)

These aspects are very important for comparing all the bloggers and picking the one who offers the best price/quality ratio.

4. Choose the YouTube influencer offering the best terms and discuss the details

After finding the most suitable YouTube blogger for collaboration, you need to discuss how you will interact with each other.

Here are some points that you definitely need to focus on:

  • The length of your promo video

Nowadays, most people don’t have enough time (or patience?) to watch lengthy videos. That’s why we recommend recording 2-5 minute promo videos that contain as much useful information about your products as possible.

Remember, the shorter is a video, the more chances it has to be watched.

  • Possibility to look at the video script

Some YouTube influencers like to be the ones in control. They make all the decisions in regards to the video on their own and refuse to negotiate on any point.

That’s why it’s better to discuss it in advance if you can look at the video script and change something according to your own vision.

  • Ways of resolving any issues

It’s a sad fact, but many people do not fulfill their promises. So, you need to discuss it in advance what both of you will do if anything goes wrong.

The best way is to make a contract with the blogger and clearly define all the terms and conditions. However, if this is not possible, just write a detailed list of your needs and wishes. Discuss it with the blogger until you come to an agreement.

5. Choose a great product from your store and send it to the influencer


This step is the easiest one. Just go through your dropshipping store and choose a product you like and want to advertise.

If you have any problems at this stage, feel free to read our article on how to find the best products on AliExpress and follow our tips.

6. Ask the blogger to show you the video before publishing it

As it has been said, you need to check the promo video before it will be published.

Here are some reasons for this:

  • The final video may have a low quality or contain factual errors
  • The blogger might not fulfill the terms of the contract
  • The YouTube influencer can change something in the script without notifying

It’s not easy to change something in a ready video. However, if you notice some obvious mistakes or unnecessary details that you don’t like, don’t be shy to tell the blogger about it.

7. Answer all the comments in the comment section after the video is published

Once your video has been published, it’s time to monitor people’s reactions, read comments and answer them. Be ready to accept criticism because it’s impossible to look nice for everyone, but don’t take it personally.

Remember, even if people criticize you, your store or your products, you don’t have to lower yourself to their level! Be extremely polite and respectful because reputation is made in a moment.

Answer all comments

8. Track and analyze your results

The last step is analyzing results and defining problems.

The best way to determine that people came to your store thanks to your YouTube influencer marketing campaign is to offer promotional codes. These codes are great to motivate people to go to your store and buy something from you.

What’s more, we recommend you to regularly use Google Analytics and monitor how uploading promo videos influences your traffic and sales.

Without a doubt, YouTube influencer marketing is worth it. People like video content, which makes this marketing tool perfect to build your brand, collect leads and promote products you want to sell. Use it regularly and you’ll find yourself among the lucky ones who hit a jackpot and built a highly successful dropshipping business!

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12 Facebook Statistics Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Grow Their Business In 2022

What do you need to make your online business take off?

Right, it’s a proper marketing channel to promote your products. Social media is one of them. And your social media strategy can’t get along without Facebook.

Here are some Facebook statistics business owners and marketers need to know to get the most of this platform.

Love it or loathe it, but the world is changing.

We need to recognize that it’s a totally different place than we lived in several decades ago. And all this is connected with the progress which is moving forward at lightning speeds.

And what should you do in this situation? Actually, you only have two options.

You may try and make good use of all these novelties the digital revolution has brought about.


You could brush it off and let others reap the harvest of the changes.

The choice is up to you.

Now let’s talk about Facebook, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from this social media.

The impact this company has on the way people live is huge.

You should remember that the number of Facebook users runs to more than 2.3 billion people. What is more, a billion monthly active users signs in and uses this social media platform for a number of reasons.

They check their newsfeed, browse photos, chat, and these actions represent inseparable parts of their everyday life.

Believe it or not, but some average Facebook users have no idea what the Internet is. They just confine themselves to using the platform.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’ve already grabbed the chance the digital revolution provides and launched your online business, then, you’re in for a treat. Facebook gives entrepreneurs a unique opportunity for growth.

Big companies such as Nike continue spending a fortune on their advertisement. And in the past, it was the only way to make hundreds of millions of people around the world aware of your company.

The appearance of Facebook and Google along with other similar tools was game-changing.

Need some clients for your online store? Here they are, waiting for you!

By using Facebook, you can not only save your money but also show your commercial to the exact audience you need instead of wasting your breath.

Put simply, it is cheap and efficient.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

So, we suggest you go through some Facebook statistics entrepreneurs need to know to get a clear picture about this social network.

Facebook statistics for business in the USA: 80% of the US citizens use Facebook

7 Facebook Statistics Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Grow Their Business

According to Pew Research center Facebook is the second most popular social network in the USA after YouTube.

Despite the fact that 85% of Facebook users come from other countries, this Facebook statistic looks really important for business owners in the US.

And it’s logical. The US market is the most tempting piece of the pie for online entrepreneurs.

The fact that Facebook allows you to reach about 80% of the US population makes this platform especially attractive for promotion.

Facebook users statistics: Most Facebook users are from India

Although two of three Americans use Facebook, another country bears the palm at the highest number of people using this social platform.

According to Statista, India is far ahead of other countries at using Facebook, while The United States holds the second position.

About 71% of US Facebook users visit the site every day

Do you think social media addiction exists?

Meanwhile, scientists are arguing whether or not to include it in the list of psychiatric disorders.


It could be due to the fact that in the USA 74% of Facebook users can’t go without looking into their accounts at least once a day.

Is it an addiction?

I don’t know… They may not want to miss something. Your ad, for instance.

Facebook statistics on the time spent: 100 million hours of daily video watch time

It’s not a secret for anybody that video advertising is a significant promotion tool. This fact is verified by the video ad Facebook stats which tell us that at the moment 100 million hours of daily Facebook video views are registered. Impressive, isn’t it?

Now think about the fact that there are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. Is it necessary to explain that this social media platform has great potential in terms of promotion?

Facebook statistics on the user age: 51% of the US teens use Facebook

Every online entrepreneur should have a clue on how their target audience looks like.

What kind of people are they? What bothers them? How old are they?

Well, if your audience includes teens, Facebook could be a helpful tool to reach them. According to a conducted research, over half of the US teenagers constantly use this social network, though, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube hold the leadership positions.

More women than men use Facebook in the USA

One more interesting fact about Facebook users in the USA is that women tend to use this social network more than men do.

A study by Pew Research Center shows that three-quarters of women in the US use Facebook, while only 63% of men in the USA make their choice in favor of this platform.

96% of Facebook users access it with smartphones

Going mobile is vital.

People are always on the go nowadays. So, they get information and handle everyday problems by using phones and tablets.

Besides, for many people around the globe, the only way to get access to the Internet is through their smartphones.

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook had become a mobile company. And now, 96% of its users access the website through mobile devices.

It’s good news for entrepreneurs, isn’t it?

They can reach more customers by promoting their products on Facebook to mobile device users.

In most cases, they use smartphones and tablets in order to get online at any time and any place. And if the users are online most of the day, they are more likely to see your ads.

Facebook keeps growing

Of course, the scandals around Facebook could sow a seed of doubt about its prospects.

There were a lot of threats made by Facebook users to quit the network due to privacy misuse.

However, after Zuckerberg made his apology and promised to work on the flaws, the scandal seems to blow over.

All the worries that Facebook could lose its popularity turned out to be unsound.

The company said that the number of users keeps growing together with Facebook’s annual revenue, including Facebook advertising revenue.

78% of US consumers discovered retail products to buy on Facebook

Facebook not only connects people together but also people to brands and products.

In fact, more than half of Facebook users have used the platform to search for products, with the wide majority of them successfully coming across the new product on Facebook’s News Feed, Pages, and Groups.

As a whole, Facebook users don’t just spend their time chatting with each other or sharing news about their lives, but to discover and research for inspiration. This kind of information can be very valuable for marketing specialists in order to make the customer journey that much better. As a result, his will lead up to businesses driving more sales.

More than 200 million small businesses use Facebook

Around the world, many businesses use Facebook’s tools for various marketing purposes.

One of the most popular tools is the Facebook Page. Here, business owners can share their information about their business. For example, they can display their contact information, address, description of the products or services they offer. This information allows to greatly increases the online presence of the business.

Facebook pages open many opportunities for businesses. First of all, you can reach one of the world’s largest communities.

Furthermore, any business can connect with an audience and find people who are interested in their offering.

Want awesome ready-to-go marketing campaigns of trending products optimized for Facebook? Meet Sellvia! It’s your chance to become a business owner without lifting a finger. You get access to a catalog of best-sellers with professionally made promo materials that you can sell from anywhere!

In essence, Facebook is your chance to increase brand awareness and advertise to the people.

Facebook users spend 58 minutes per day and 19.5 hours per month

When it comes to time, the average Facebook user spends approximately 58 minutes per day and 19.5 hours per month on the platform.

Scrolling the newsfeed can be popular during any time of the day, and during any past time, whether it’s in the middle of a workout, or during morning hours when you’ve just woken up, or on your way to work – Facebook plays a crucial role in the daily lives of the consumer.

Facebook’s users spend more time on this platform than users of other major social media platforms. In comparision:

  • Instagram average user spends 53 minutes on the platform
  • WhatsApp average user spends 28minutes on the platform
  • Twitter average user spends 1 minute on the platform
  • Snapchat average user spends 49.5 minutes on the platform

It’s important to know these statistics because it helps increase the chances of consumers being exposed to potential advertisements.

86% of US marketers use Facebook for advertising

Being the largest social media platform out there, a vast majority of marketers see it as the perfect place to market their products or services. For example, in the US, 86% of marketers use it for marketing purposes.

Even if you’re just starting your business, or you’re a seasoned business owner, Facebook is the perfect place for you to market your business. Not only because it has a large audience, but also because all kinds of content works well when it comes to sharing it on social media.

Moreover, marketers can also directly interact with their customers and improve their relationship with them.

There is something in our life you may love or hate but can’t ignore. Such things shape the way we live. You just need to know about the opportunities they open up. Now, you have the necessary Facebook statistics business owners need to know, and what this platform can give your online business. So, put it to use!

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How We Created A Product Page That Made $3,813 In 7 Days [Case Study]

In online business, it is important not only to create eye-catching ads and promote products to proper audience. What also matters is how an ecommerce product page looks.

Facebook advertising has proved to be a very efficient way to drive potential customers to your ecommerce website. When seeing an interesting product or a tempting offer in social media, people often go to the site and make impulse purchases.

However, before pressing the Add to Cart button, they see your ecommerce product page. And this is where you can easily lose clients if the page doesn’t look good!

Why is ecommerce product page design important?

A “good” product page doesn’t only mean a “visually attractive” one. It goes without saying that a product page must look neat and tidy. But there are other small nuances that can either push a visitor to purchase the product or lose interest and leave the site. These might include:

A properly designed ecommerce product page helps visitors make their purchasing decisions in an instant. It provides them with smooth and pleasant shopping experience and encourages them to come back late for more purchases. So, winning ecommerce page design can increase conversion rate – as well as your overall profit numbers.

How do we work on ecommerce product page design at AliDropship?

Let’s discuss profitable product pages in more detail!

We are going to analyze the product page of one of our own dropshipping stores which we advertised on Facebook. Look at the screenshot below: as you can see, in just 7 days, this product made $3,813 in sales!

Ecommerce product page peformance

Certainly, it wouldn’t happen without a proper Facebook ad, but if it wasn’t for a good product page, the results wouldn’t be so great.

Step #1: Put the product in the Best-Sellers section

All products in an online store are distributed among categories. The product we advertised is located in the Phone Accessories category, but we also placed it in our Best-Sellers section. Why?

First of all, this move has a certain psychological meaning: if you advertise the item as one of your most popular deals, prove it by placing it in the corresponding category.

In addition, if a user clicks on your Facebook ad, lands on the product page but then goes to other categories, it may help bring them back to the item when they see it again in this category.

Now let’s see how the product page looks.

Step #2: Find good-looking product images

People perceive 80% of information through their eyes. That’s why visual content serves as a powerful tool to grab attention.

Remember, after clicking our Facebook ad, users get to the page. They’re interested, but it doesn’t mean they’re definitely going to make the purchase. We still have to convince them the item is worth it.

That’s why, when creating this ecommerce product page, we used high-quality pictures. This is the first thing customers are going to see, so a blurry or pale image can disappoint and scare them away.

Furthermore, make sure the photos show the product in details, from different angles or in use. A video or a gif would do even better. When shopping online, people can’t touch goods, which is why images must compensate for this disadvantage.

Therefore, when deciding what products to dropship from AliExpress, always pay due attention both to the quality of pictures and their informational value for a potential client.

By the way, one and the same item on AliExpress can be sold by different stores, so you can copy images from other sellers.

Step #3: Edit the product title

As you know, AliExpress goods have lengthy and sometimes confusing titles, which is why it is a must to change them to more eye-catching ones.

In this case, the team changed it to a simple phrase consisting of four words – “Magnetic Adsorption iPhone Case”. Short and clear titles work best because people understand what they’re looking at right away.

We usually avoid using evaluative adjectives such as “amazing”, “cool”, “great”, etc. as they often feel as self-applause and don’t really describe anything. On the other hand, some of them can work really well if a product is meant to evoke emotions. Take a look at this item.

The word “huggable” has a definite descriptive meaning, but there’s also some degree of evaluation, which is Ok because… just look at this cutie! 😀

Step #4: Work on the Add to Cart button

The Add to Cart button is one of the most important elements of any ecommerce product page because it works as a call to action. That’s why it should be large and clearly visible.

How We Created A Product Page That Made $3,813 In 7 Days [Case Study]

As you can see, we made it big enough. Besides, the button’s color is different from the site’s general palette, which makes it more distinctive.

It’s not uncommon for online shoppers to leave websites empty-handed simply because they can’t find the Add to Cart button at first glance. They quickly get irritated, lose interest and leave the product page in just a few seconds.

Step #5: Duplicate discounts on your ecommerce product page

During the advertising campaign, our team offered this product with a 50% discount. Quite often, it is the opportunity to save money that makes people click on an ad. Although most of them know there’s a discount, it’ll never hurt to remind them about it.

Moreover, on our product page, customers can see the previous price and how much they can save.

Step #6: List product specifications

Some people may want to learn more about a product before making a decision, so they’ll scroll down to see the detailed information. What kind of information you place here depends on the type of product.

For example, clothes require a sizing chart. Certain electronic goods require such details as voltage, memory capacity, etc. In our case, we decided not to show the product’s specifications as there’s not really a lot to show. Instead, we made a list of benefits customers get when they purchase it.

Step #7: Write product descriptions

When describing a product, you want to mention all the benefits clients can get. On our page, we did it by telling people how this particular product can solve a particular problem:

It’s also a good idea to anticipate potential questions and doubts:

When composing the description, the team combined large photos with short text fragments.

As you remember, most site visitors that come from our Facebook ads just got interested and don’t want to read long paragraphs. Instead, they want to see product photos and short explanations on what it is.

As I already mentioned, certain product types can benefit a lot from videos or gif files since this way visitors can better see how the item works. So, if possible, place them at the top of the description.

Finally, we made sure the description looks good on mobile devices as most purchases come from them.

Step #8: Look through customer reviews

After the description, customers can see reviews left by previous buyers and the product’s overall score.

Note that not all of the imported reviews have 5 starts since nobody would believe this. So, a number of 4 or even 3 star reviews will persuade potential clients that these are more or less reliable. Just make sure such reviews don’t criticize the product itself but rather touch upon minor, unimportant inconveniences.

Also, import as many reviews with customer made photos as possible since it will show site visitors the real quality of the goods.

If you dropship worldwide, try importing reviews left by people from the U.S. and European countries because customers tend to trust their opinion more.

If you can’t find proper reviews on AliExpress, visit Amazon. Its sellers often resell the same goods and buyers are pretty active there when it comes to commenting. Also, don’t mind misspellings and mistakes: they make reviews look more natural.

Step #9: Check your ecommerce product page speed

When someone clicks on an ad, he or she expects to quickly look the page through. But if loading takes too long, they’ll leave. Therefore, page speed plays a very important role in converting visitors into buyers.

To provide sufficient speed, make sure to compress all images on the page. The size of the page should not exceed 2-2.5 MB. Our result was 1.72 MB.

You can check the result by using services such as GTmetrix. Other services such as Page Weight can help you optimize pages. Images are usually the heaviest type of data. Page Weight analyzes your page and tells you which images require optimization. These services are what our team used.

Each of these steps improved our product page in order to engage potential customers into learning more about the item and quickly convincing them it’s worth buying. Of course, a product page cannot make a lot of money by itself. But optimizing it is absolutely necessary if you want to make your ads more efficient.

Want to use our team’s experience and benefit from excellent ecommerce product pages? Import any of the stellar-looking pages straight from our Sellvia Catalog of California-based items to sell — and get 1-3 days US shipping as a lovely bonus! 

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