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Dropshipping Baby Products: Great Niche For Work-From-Home Parents

Do you have children? If you do, you probably know what kind of challenges any parent goes through when a baby is born. And today, you can transform this knowledge into a profitable business by dropshipping baby products.

Why dropship baby products?

Today you don’t need a large start-up budget to launch an ecommerce business. You don’t even have to quit your 9-to-5 job. In dropshipping, one can devote just a couple of hours to their new business every day.

That’s why this business model can suit many people including work-from-home moms and dads. Moreover, if you know what it’s like to take care of babies and kids, why not dropship baby products to other parents? Besides, there are other reasons to build your business around this niche.

  • Stable demand

Sometimes a new product can sparkle considerable interest. That’s what we call hype products. An entrepreneur entering the market at the right time can make a lot of money with such a product. Nevertheless, this hype will end sooner or later, and the demand will drop eventually.

On the other hand, there are products the demand for which always remains stable. We call such niches evergreen. And baby products are one of such niches.

People always give birth to children. So, there are always going to be parents with kids ready to purchase such products.

Although the birth rate in developed countries tends to decrease, the disposable income there is higher compared to countries with high birth rates. So, selling products for children to developed countries is more profitable, especially if you want to sell them online. After all, online shopping is much more popular in developed countries.

The United States is one of the market’s leading segments, so it’s a good idea to sell baby products to American customers – especially if you can deliver these goods in 1-3 business days.

  • Useful products and goods with emotional value

A good dropshipping product belongs to one of these two types.

One option is to sell products with useful features, goods that can solve a problem. In this case, you don’t even have to prove anything to potential buyers. Just show them how the product works, and they’ll buy it immediately.

Another option is to offer items with emotional value. Although such goods often have no useful features, they evoke strong emotions that stimulate impulse purchases.

And that’s another reason to dropship baby products. Some of these goods are designed to help parents cope with the challenges of parenthood. But there are also cute toys and accessories, so you can also expect a lot of impulse purchases.

  • High average order value

As some of you may know, AliDropship runs its own dropshipping stores where the team tests new solutions, products, and marketing techniques. One of these shops, which you can find in the list of AliDropship’s Established Stores, is devoted to products for kids, babies, and their parents.

Our team’s experience shows that customers buying kids’ products tend to buy more than one product when they visit the shop. Whether customers are looking for useful items to make their lives easier or are fascinated by something cute, they often put several products into the shopping cart, which raises the store’s average order value.

As a rule, when it comes to buying something for their beloved children, people spare no expense.

Another detail our team noticed is the fact that one can target not only parents with baby products. Grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives as well family friends also buy babies’ products online. So, you can target a somewhat broader audience when advertising your goods.

Choose your target market

One of the benefits of dropshipping is that you can sell products to any country as long as your supplier can ship these goods there. That’s why it’s a good idea to dropship baby products from AliExpress: the platform can send goods to more than 250 countries.

So, if you like this option, I recommend using the AliDropship plugin to build your own web store and fill it with products. However, keep in mind that shipping goods from AliExpress to certain developed countries (especially the US) can take several weeks.

Alternatively, you can use Sellvia – a US-based supplier and fulfillment center with hundreds of products in different categories including goods for babies and kids. Subscribing to Sellvia lets you dropship these goods to any US address in just 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing) because the center has a warehouse in California.

Although Sellvia cannot deliver goods to other countries except the US, the fast shipping within the country is a huge benefit that lets you compete even with large local and international retailers.

The Sellvia plugin, that lets you import the goods along with their descriptions, images, and even marketing materials, is compatible with AliDropship and WooCommerce stores alike.

Moreover, you can order a Custom Dropshipping Store from Sellvia if you want to save time or don’t have the necessary skills to create a web store on your own.

What baby products can you dropship?

Now, let’s take a look at the product range you can offer your customers.

Baby feeding products

Although many parents buy baby food online, one has to be absolutely sure it’s safe before selling. If you want to sell baby stuff from AliExpress, I would recommend staying away from consumables. Nevertheless, you can find lots of other products in this category.

For example, in Sellvia’s catalog, there are plenty of tableware items for babies and kids of different ages that will make eating full of fun!

Cute silicone plate for kids

Nursery goods

It’s also a good idea to create a standalone product category on your website devoted to infant products only. It’ll make finding such goods much easier. Here you can offer various products from pacifiers and teethers to night lights, diaper cream applicators, and products for bathing.

Baby products for dropshipping: banana-shaped teether


What kind of store that sells kids’ products can do without toys? Moreover, the United States is the leading importer in the global toy industry. In 2020, the value of imported toys and games amounted to about $36.37 billion. This product type is one of those that can trigger strong emotions leading to a purchase.

Baby products for dropshipping: Plush radish rattle

Activity & entertainment

It’s also a good idea to dropship products for different activities such as drawing, painting, clay modeling, cardboard crafting, and of course outdoor activities. Did you know that outdoor and sports toys were the leading toys and games category in the US in 2020?

Earth paints

Traveling with kids

44% of Americans aged 18-35 travel with their children. Why not! It’s a great idea to spend time with your kids outside of your hometown. But, as you can guess, such journeys can be quite challenging if you travel with little kids.

In this category, you can offer a number of goods designed to make journeys more comfortable or safer. For example, parents of a newborn baby will definitely appreciate this shoulder bag for diapers.

Diaper shoulder bag for traveling with babies

Accessories for kids and babies

And finally, why not offer your customers various accessories designed for both babies and older children. Here you will find cute costumes as well as accessories and wristwatches to complement the kids’ outfits.

Pink digital wristwatch for girls

So, what are you waiting for? Start your dropshipping business right now with the AliDropship plugin or order a Sellvia’s Custom Store if you want to focus on the US market and benefit from 1-3 business days shipping!

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Dropshipping In South Africa: Pros, Cons, And Real-Life Experience

What’s the best way to do dropshipping in South Africa? Is this a business-friendly country? Let’s find it out!

In one of our previous articles, we talked about the regional specifics of dropshipping business in Nigeria.

In fact, the challenges described in that article are not ‘exclusive’, and they are not typical for Nigeria only.

There are 195 countries in the world, and of course, many of them experience similar issues in regard to:

  • Geographical ‘remoteness’ of these territories;
  • Long delivery time and high shipping fees that are explained by these countries’ location;
  • Unavailability of major payment gateways that are commonly used in the global eCommerce practice.

But, none of these factors can stop you from launching your own dropshipping store!

Dropshipping is a business that provides equal opportunities for everyone. So, even if you were born in a faraway country, you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing venture.


Let’s look at the example of South Africa!

How to start dropshipping in South Africa

Here's how you can start dropshipping in South Africa

Our experience proves that this business is quite popular in South Africa. Our company regularly processes requests from the new entrepreneurs of this country!

We had numerous queries for custom store development, as well as AliDropship plugin purchases originating from South Africa.

Surely, it proves that people in South Africa are strongly interested in starting a dropshipping business and are ready to get first-hand knowledge of its countless advantages!

So, what do you need to do if you want to open a dropshipping store there?

In fact, the algorithm of launching your own dropshipping store is identical for every person living anywhere on the globe: you can view our beginner’s checklist here.

In the article linked above, I explained the technical resources and the market knowledge you need to have and gave a full action plan to launch your website and promote it in order to achieve your first sale.

Whatever your country of residence is, you need to follow these steps carefully. This is your key to achieving the best business results possible.

And, if you live in South Africa, you need to make a number of region-specific decisions about your store. The most important one is the choice of the target market – let’s see what I mean by this.

2 ways to run your dropshipping business in South Africa

So, when deciding how exactly to run your future online business, essentially, you have 2 options:

  • Living in South Africa and targeting your fellow citizens;
  • Living in South Africa, but targeting a foreign country instead of the domestic market.

Each of these options has a number of pros and cons, so it’s important to consider all of them before you proceed with your business launch.

Dropshipping in South Africa: pros of the local market

Dropshipping in South Africa: pros of the local market

This option can seem to be fairly logical. As you live in this country, you can easily adapt your business to the regional specifics, right?

Therefore, in this case, you get the following advantages:

  • You know the laws

Taxes, customs policy, bans on some product import, and other bureaucratic things won’t scare you off. As a citizen of this particular country, you know what regulations may apply to this business. And if you don’t, you surely know the codices and other legal documents that contain the necessary information.

Ideally, you should fill your store with items that are highly popular, but not really commonly sold in this particular area. So, if you target the country you’ve known for years, you understand products are most desired here and which of them are not available (not sold in offline stores or sold for a super high price, etc.). By selling these exact products through your online store, you get a HUGE competitive advantage – and do a really responsible thing for your local community!

  • You know your target audience quite well

When you’re targeting your fellow citizens, you have a clear idea about the language they speak, the amount of money they’re ready to spend on your products, the most trusted informational channels, etc. Even if you don’t know something about your potential customers, you have direct access to this market, and you can easily conduct your own research. The data you collect is the vital element of your product policy, marketing strategy, pricing decisions, etc. Thanks to these findings, you can tailor your business to the specific needs of your future clients.

  • It’s much easier for you to research the market

I’ve already mentioned the research aspect several times, and I should say that as a resident of your target country, you have a great advantage in this case. At the very least, you know where and how to look for the necessary stats (governmental statistics bureaus, regional research agencies, local analytical websites, etc.). Moreover, the stats are provided in your native language. Therefore, you don’t need to translate anything, and there isn’t a language barrier that would stop you from understanding the data and the terminology.

  • You can get your first sale quite easily

Usually, your first sale happens several weeks after the business launch. But, if your dropshipping store is aimed at the people within your own country, you can try speeding up this process. How about persuading your family, friends and relatives to buy a couple of things from you? Their actual shopping experience will let you test the whole process and understand whether everything is OK with your website. Plus, their real reviews will serve as the foundation of the social proof in your store – which is a great thing for your media coverage, reputation, and further customers’ trust.

Does it sound like an opportunity of a lifetime?

Dropshipping in South Africa: cons of the local market

Dropshipping in South Africa: cons of the local market

If you live in South Africa and run a dropshipping business here, you should remember some region-specific aspects of it:

  • Not every AliExpress seller can deliver products to this country

It’s a fact – but not a problem.

Some Chinese manufacturers can’t arrange delivery to South Africa – but, it shouldn’t disappoint or discourage you!

The best thing you can do is filter these sellers out at the very beginning of your AliExpress search. To do this, take a look at the top right corner of your AliExpress page. There, in the ‘Ship to’ field, your location should be recognized by the system automatically.

Country and currency settings on AliExpress

If the automatically set country is wrong, choose the correct option in the dropdown menu.

Setting up your country on AliExpress

To make it even more convenient, you can also change the default currency shown by AliExpress – don’t forget to save your settings!

Setting up your currency on AliExpress

As a result, after applying all these filters, you can confidently browse AliExpress and have no worries about the seller’s capability to send the items to your country. If the products are shown to you when these filters are on, you can totally add them to your store!

  • The delivery options can be inconvenient for your buyers

That’s another issue you need to consider if you want to dropship to South Africa.

In fact, here’s the thing: there aren’t many shipping services that can deliver AliExpress products to South Africa for free. Plus, it commonly takes them over a month to deliver orders. For quicker delivery, you need to pay a higher shipping fee.

Yes, it might be unpleasant. But, there are a couple of tricks that will improve this situation!

Look at this product page. By default, this seller will send the item to South Africa by the China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. This shipping method is provided free of charge, and the estimated delivery time here is 42-59 days.

Delivery options on an AliExpress product page

To choose alternative shipping terms, click on the tiny arrow next to the name of the default shipping provider.

A window with available options will open, and there, you’ll be able to find something more suitable.

Selecting chipping options on AliExpress

To pick the best alternative out of all the available options, please, read this article.

And, don’t forget that even a long delivery isn’t always a bad thing. Buying a product with month-long delivery is better than being unable to buy the product at all. 😉 So, if you’re selling the products that aren’t available in your country, your buyers will be happy to have at least some way to get them.

  • Not all globally recognized payment providers work smoothly in South Africa

Probably, the most popular global payment gateway that is used for eCommerce businesses worldwide is PayPal. Technically, it works in South Africa, too. Still, many users claim it’s inconvenient (the money must be withdrawn from the account 30 days after receiving it, it’s obligatory to have a credit card to use this system, etc.).

There’s nothing to worry about, though! As an owner of a dropshipping store, you are not obliged to only work with PayPal. There are lots of other worldwide payment systems that you can easily integrate into your site.

For example, if your online store is built with the AliDropship plugin, you can use any of these payment gateways for it. Or, if your dropshipping website is built on WooCommerce, you can use any of the payment gateways from this list.

As you can see, dropshipping in South Africa, indeed, has a number of special regional characteristics. However, with wise management, you can easily overcome all these obstacles and sell dropshipping products on the South African market. By the way, that’s exactly what our forum contributor Daniel does: as he shares it in his forum thread, he targets the buyers from South Africa. And, as he says in his inspirational success story, he makes $80-$150 per month with this activity – not bad, right?

Dropshipping from South Africa: pros of overseas markets

Dropshipping in South Africa: pros of foreign markets

If you live in South Africa, it doesn’t mean that you can ONLY dropship to South Africa.

Dropshipping is the business model with no geographic boundaries at all, so if you want to sell your products to Portuguese stay-at-home moms, or to Japanese students, or to Canadian retired people – it’s up to you to decide.

Certainly, this business strategy gives you a number of serious advantages:

  • You can start without any official registration

Legally speaking, when you’re dropshipping, it doesn’t matter where you live and what your target country is. AliExpress sellers readily cooperate with any buyers. They don’t even ask whether you are a private individual or a company representative. Plus, they don’t mind if you ask them to ship the order to a country different from your place of residence.

So, you may only feel the need to register your business officially when it grows to a certain scale. That’s what our client Mousslim did when his monthly dropshipping profit hit the mark of €67,000 – check out his story to learn more.

  • There are no limits on the choice of products

If you are planning to sell your items to South-African customers, naturally, you can only pick the items that can really be delivered to this country.

At the same time, if you’re going to sell your products to people from European or American countries, you can choose from a much wider range of items. So, here you can fill your store not with the items you CAN dropship, but with the items you WANT to dropship!

  • There are no geographic boundaries

When you don’t need to tie your business to a specific geolocation, you can make really interesting niche stores that are appealing to diverse customer segments across the globe.

For example, in your store, you can unite cooking enthusiasts, or embroidery fans, or followers of a specific sports activity – and it won’t matter for you where these people come from!

You will be able to create a niche shopping destination that is attractive to a specific fan group; and, for a number of reasons, this store will be much more appealing to them than a giant marketplace like AliExpress itself.

  • You can work with richer customer segments

It’s not a secret that from country to country, the purchasing power of an average citizen differs a lot.

If you’re choosing your target market at your own discretion, nothing stops you from concentrating on the people who can easily afford online shopping and don’t mind spending a little extra. In this case, you can lure them by creating the right environment for impulse purchases.

As you can see, working on a foreign market is as appealing as dropshipping in South Africa. Maybe, it’s just the perfect business strategy for you.

Dropshipping from South Africa: cons of foreign markets

Dropshipping in South Africa: cons of foreign markets

At this point, you might be wondering: are there any downsides of dropshipping on a foreign market?

The entrepreneurs choosing this strategy should consider the following aspects:

  • Probable language barrier

What language will you choose for your dropshipping store? What language will you use to communicate with your customers?

These are vitally important questions to answer. Do you know at least one of the globally spoken languages (for example, Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindustani, Spanish or Arabic)? If you do, you can aim your business at a global community of this language speakers. But, if you only speak your native language, you won’t be able to work with a worldwide audience.

  • Unknown customer profile

Targeting the people who live outside your home country, you need to know much more than their first language. You should understand their mentality, know their wishes and demands, learn the promotional channels they trust, etc.

To do this, you need to go through the region-specific marketing reports, and research your audience. Sometimes, it might be a time-consuming task – especially if you don’t know where to look for information, or don’t know the local language well.

  • Unfamiliar legal terms

If you work in a foreign market, it’s important to know the laws of the countries you’re targeting. Some countries may have a limit on the volume of imported goods, or a ban on some particular product types, or a specific tax system, etc.

This is why you need to dedicate some time to reading the official documents of the targeted countries. You will have to pay special attention to tax laws and regulations and customs policies. They will let you understand the amount of tax your buyers will have to pay (if any), and what types of products you can’t import.

Usually, these regulations allow you to do dropshipping business easily. Most likely, there won’t be any tax fees on importing small-scale packages. And, the commonly forbidden types of imported products are drugs, explosives, weapons, and other life-threatening things that you’re highly unlikely to dropship. 🙂

So, if you want to run your dropshipping business in some foreign markets, you can easily pull it off! That’s why another AliDropship forum user from South Africa was recommended to start exploring the US market. And actually, lots of entrepreneurs target the customers outside their home countries: for example, our client Pirn from Estonia targets the USA market and enjoys his $10,000+ monthly revenue, which is totally awesome!

That’s it!

Now you know your options of dropshipping in South Africa, and we hope it will inspire you to move your own business forward!

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How To Dropship Fashion Accessories With Fast Shipping Across The US?

Fashion accessories are quite popular in many markets including the United States which is one of the largest markets in this industry. So, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories as long as you can offer high-quality products and fast shipping. Let’s take a look at this niche and analyze its potential.

Why dropship fashion accessories?

We’ve already talked about beauty products and apparel as potential products for your online store. Both these niches are related to the fashion industry, but there’s another category of products we haven’t mentioned. I’m talking about fashion accessories.

It’s a broad niche that includes such goods as watches, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, gloves, scarves, hair accessories, headwear, and more. Although some of these goods aren’t really suitable for a dropshipping business, many still feature the qualities of a profitable product.

  • They generate impulse purchases

Being fashionable items designed to complement one’s outfit, accessories tend to generate impulse purchases. In other words, people tend to buy such goods simply because they liked them the moment they saw them. And as long as there’s nothing stopping them from this impulse (such as too high prices or a complicated purchase process), shoppers will buy the item right away.

  • They are easy to ship

Another important quality of fashion accessories is the fact that they’re easy to transport. Most accessories are small and weigh little, which is why delivering them will hardly cost a lot of money.

Besides, there’s little chance a belt, or a bracelet, or even a pair of glasses won’t survive transportation. With proper packaging, everything will be delivered undamaged.

  • Low prices

Of course, some accessories can cost a lot. I mean jewelry made of precious metals or handbags from popular brands. But people rarely buy such products online.

At the same time, most accessories don’t have to cost a fortune. A simple and cheap yet good-looking accessory can do the job well enough – especially if you’re selling something unique that’s difficult to find in a brick-and-mortar store.

  • Stable demand

And finally, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories because it’s an evergreen niche. Yes, a particular piece of fashion jewelry or a handbag can go into and out of fashion. But the overall demand for this category of goods is stable. Therefore, a customer who liked your offer will most likely come back after a while to check new offers and trends.

The United States is one of the world’s largest fashion accessories markets which also features a highly developed ecommerce segment. According to Statista, the revenue in the US accessories market is expected to grow annually by 2.57% in 2021-2025 (from $94.3 billion in 2021). And 17% of total revenue in this market will be generated through online sales in 2021!

Moreover, by joining Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center and product supplier), you can provide US customers with super-fast shipping. Sellvia offers hundreds of goods including fashion accessories that you can dropship to US customers. And it’ll take just 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing), so you can compete even with huge businesses.

So, does it sound like a highly profitable market? Would you like to benefit from this niche? But first, you’re going to need an online store!

How to dropship fashion accessories: building an online store

One may think that building an ecommerce website isn’t a big deal. As long as it showcases your products and can process payments, any kind of website will do. However, today it’s not enough to make a working website to attract customers.

Every little detail matters! The site’s structure influences web usability and how long it takes visitors to get to certain pages. The choice of colors and banners defines whether visitors will trust your business or not. The quality of product images, the urgency elements you use, and the time it takes to place an order will either make a visitor buy something or leave your site.

If you possess the required knowledge and experience, you can build a WordPress-based dropshipping website on your own by using the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. Both these solutions work as site-building tools.

If you want to dropship fashion accessories to the US with Sellvia, you can simply subscribe to it after building your store as it’s compatible with both AliDropship stores and WooCommerce shops.

Alternatively, you can order a Custom Store from Sellvia. In this case, the team will create a website according to your vision, fill it with Sellvia products (from the niche you’ve chosen), set up payment gateways, and do everything you need to launch the store.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or time to build an ecommerce website on your own, this is your best choice.

But let’s get back to our niche and talk about what kind of products you can sell to potential customers.

How to dropship fashion accessories: selecting products


In this category, you will find a wide range of products including such accessories as scarves, belts, ponchos, wristwatches, and more. For example, a wristwatch is just an accessory today when we all can check the time with our smartphones. Nevertheless, according to a 2018 Statista report, 62% of Americans who came from households with an annual income of less than $50,000 regularly wear wristwatches. As the level of income rises, so does the percentage of people who regularly wear watches!

White sports wristwatch as an example of fashion accessories

Bags and wallets

The North-American handbag market was estimated at $10.34 billion in 2020. By 2028, it will reach $17.91 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. Thanks to the high disposable income and the increasing influence of the fashion industry, the demand for this product type is going to grow in the nearest future.

A black crossbody bag - a popular accessory

Fashion jewelry

If you want to dropship fashion accessories, you simply cannot do without fashion jewelry. Many such products are very affordable and easy to ship, which makes them ideal for dropshipping. Besides, they are easy to buy online as you don’t need to try them on. As of 2019, the US fashion jewelry market’s size was estimated at $15.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% (2019-2027).

A golden necklace featuring two hearts bound together

Hats & hair accessories

Also, don’t forget about another popular segment in this niche – hair accessories. In many ways, such products are similar to fashion jewelry, except they can be not only nice but also useful accessories for people with long hair. Various hats will make your offer even more interesting.

A shell-shaped hair claw


And finally, consider selling sunglasses to American customers as most revenue in this segment is generated in the United States ($4.14 billion as of 2021) and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.66% in 2021-2025 according to Statista. Here you can offer various models for both men and women as well as related products.

Dropshipping fashion accessories: half-frame sunglasses

So, why dropship fashion accessories? Such products perfectly suit the dropshipping business model as they are mostly affordable, stimulate impulse purchases, and are easy to deliver. Moreover, with Sellvia’s fast shipping across the US, you can expect more thankful and loyal customers.

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Is Your Online Store Ready For Ecommerce Holiday Season: The All-Inclusive Checklist

The secret behind proper holiday ecommerce management is to have your business prepared for the high season. Here are some tips we are happy to offer you! 

We all love holidays.

There are tons of reasons for it: they create a cozy and warm atmosphere of homely comfort, they bring our happiest childhood memories back, they unite us with our dearest and nearest, and… well, you got the idea.

At the same time, as an owner of an ecommerce business, you get one more awesome reason to be fond of holidays: they generate more sales in your online store and bring you higher profits.

Just think about these numbers: in 2020, in the United States alone, online shopping amounted to $188.2 billion, which is 32.2% more than in 2019. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online sales reached $100 billion for the first time!

Can you imagine?

$188 billion!

As an owner of an online business, you can join other online retailers and enjoy this booming market, too! Just think of the lovely profit your store can get during this time.

You don’t have your own store yet? No problem! It’s the perfect time to order a ready-made dropshipping store or get an exact copy of a successful business with a proven profitability potential.

And, to make your stole fully ready for the upcoming ecommerce holidays, follow this simple list of actions.

Let’s get started!

Holiday ecommerce management: choosing the holiday

Prepare for the holiday season in advance and first of all pick the holiday

If you know your target audience, you most likely know what holidays these people celebrate.

These might be:

  • National holidays (the Independence Day, Memorial Day, birthdays of the most famous national leaders, etc.);
  • Religious holidays (Orthodox Christmas, Hanukkah, Holi, Eid al-Fitr, etc.);
  • Non-official holidays (April Fools, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.)

Remember that cultural and religious traditions are very different across the globe. Make sure that the holiday you’ve chosen is actually important for your target audience!

Also, don’t try to cover all of them at once. For a start, pick 1-2 most significant holidays.

Preparing your holiday ecommerce action plan

Holidays in ecommerce: come up with an action plan

No matter what holiday you chose, it’s necessary to start your planning long before the big day.

People who buy online expect to get their orders just in time for the holiday. So, about 3 months in advance is the perfect time to start.

As an experiment, we went to Google Trends to see the latest Christmas-related queries. The search terms we tried were “Christmas presents”, “Christmas gifts”, “Christmas shopping” and “Christmas decorations”.

We took the period from June 6th to September 6th, and you can see the results on the graph below:

Holiday Ecommerce: demand for thematic products starts growing 3 month before the holiday itself

Even though there are 3 months left before Christmas, people are already looking for gifts and decorations!

That’s really logical: first of all, they want to take their time and carefully research the market offers before all this pre-holiday rush and hysteria.

Secondly, they want to be sure that their packages will be delivered in due time. Indeed, what’s the use of Christmas stockings if they come to you at the beginning of January?

Online sellers, postal offices, customs – everyone is really busy when people start ordering holiday gifts. Just imagine how many orders AliExpress sellers have to handle during this season! You can learn from the example of Mousslim who shared his success story with us: he opened his store during the Chinese New Year and had to deal with lots of challenges, but luckily, it all ended not so badly.

What does it mean for you as an owner of a dropshipping store?

You must convince your store visitors to make a purchase now – long before the upcoming events – to stay away from all the troubles with undelivered packages and delayed shipments.

This is why you need to create a calendar with holiday events and an action plan you should follow during this overly busy holiday season.

In this plan, try to schedule the following:

  • Promotional activities
  • Creating and uploading new design elements to your website
  • Updates of the product range
  • Special price offers
  • Technical improvements of the website
  • Introduction of new customer service standards

Does it seem unclear?

Let’s go through every paragraph!

Launching holiday ecommerce promotions

Prepare promotional materials before launching a seasonal sale

So, your main goal is to motivate people to make a purchase right now, without wasting any time.

All your marketing efforts should be aimed at it.

In your promotions calendar, schedule the following:

  • Blog articles

If you run a blog in your dropshipping store (and it’s a really good idea), think of 3-4 interesting article ideas that are related to this holiday, or to this season, or to spending time with your friends and relatives…

Important note: don’t forget to mention that it’s essential to start pre-holiday shopping RIGHT NOW!

Plan the schedule of the articles so that you can publish them regularly, but not too often.

  • Emails

If you run your dropshipping store with the help of the AliDropship plugin, you can make good use of its wonderful feature – the automatic generation of email lists.

You can reach your potential customers through emails to tell them about additions to your website, your newest products available for the season, your special offers for the holiday, etc. It’s also a good idea to provide them with special secret coupon codes if you are going to have any.

Don’t forget to wish your readers a happy holiday time!

  • Social network promotions

Whatever strategy you use to promote your store on social media (Instagram shoutouts, promotion in Facebook groups, Instagram ads, etc.), it’s important to remember: everyone else is running their promotions now, too.

You need to be different, and you need to be memorable.

In this case, automated dropshipping solutions can make a huge difference. Just imagine what an incredible efficiency you can achieve if you run integrated campaigns launched with the help of the Social Rabbit plugin! They will save you tons of time (and you need this time to communicate with your customers during this busy period), and they will give you a good result in terms of audience coverage.

  • Google Ads campaigns

Do you remember our step-by-step guides on Google AdWords audit and Google Ads remarketing?

When holidays are right around the corner, people use Google more often than ever to look for party ideas, gifts available, decoration inspirations, and so on. So, why not use this awesome opportunity and try launching a special pre-holiday campaign?

Updating design

It's a good idea to update the design of your online store for the upcoming holidays

Spice up your web store with lovely new design elements to create a special festive spirit and raise the conversion rates!

A thematic header image on your homepage can make a difference and grab the attention of your store visitors the very second they enter your website.

If you’ve introduced a special offer for a range of your products, or if there is a coupon, or if there are upcoming holiday sales, it’s a great idea to make a thematic holiday banner with this information and put it on your website.

Don’t forget that you can also update the cover image on the Facebook page of your store! It will help you achieve better results for your Facebook promotions.

Reviewing ecommerce products for the holiday season

Holiday ecommerce: a gift box

Are all of your products available now? The AliDropship plugin automatically connects with AliExpress sellers to update the stock information, so make sure you won’t disappoint your clients.

Are your top sellers clearly visible? You can choose several of the best-selling products and show them on your home page to get people interested immediately.

Do you want to improve your product offer? Use these tips to find and select the hottest items that will be the perfect holiday addition to your store. Before you start importing items to your store directly from AliExpress, make sure that you’ve made a good choice – here’s our advice on finding the best products for dropshipping on AliExpress.

Do the product pages look appealing for your potential buyers? Make sure you’re only posting top quality pictures and the products’ names don’t look funny or weird. Also, pay attention to the products’ descriptions – mention what a great gift this product will be for the upcoming holiday and try to make this text SEO-friendly.

Do you want to make customized crafted package wrappings or gift cards for the occasion? In dropshipping, it’s tricky but possible. Create the design of these elements in advance and contact your AliExpress sellers to explain what you want them to do when dispatching your orders. This will cost you a little extra, but if you want to make an impression on your buyers, that’s a good idea.

Introducing special price offers

Holidays in ecommerce: offer your clients special prices

It doesn’t matter what pricing strategy you usually use for your dropshipping store – it’s almost holiday time!

People expect to see sales, promotions and special offers. Why not give them what they want?

Here’s an instruction on how to create discounts in your dropshipping store with the help of the AliDropship plugin.

Improving the website

Get Your Drop Shipping Store Ready For Holidays By Improving Your Site's Performance

When we’re talking about pre-holiday shopping, it’s essential to remember: it’s mostly impulse purchases.

Nothing should stop people from making an order from your website if something caught their attention!

This is why you first of all need to make sure that your web store pages load quickly. If they are too slow, no one will wait long enough. Think of reducing the size of images, for a start.

Then, make sure that your website can be accessed from any type of device – mobile shopping gets more and more popular these days, so pay attention to this. Are the texts written in readable fonts and clear colors? Are the buttons big and bright enough?

Don’t forget to integrate multiple payment options into your website – customers are different, and their payment preferences may differ as well. It might be useful for you to read our instructions on connecting PayPal payment option.

Upgrading customer policies

Upgrade your customer policy before launching a holiday sale

During the busy holiday season, people are rushing to order stuff online, and they want to make sure they are buying top quality items.

Surely, no one wants to mistakenly buy clothes of the wrong size or something like that!

This is why you need to be ready to answer TONS of clients’ questions during this period of time. By the way, did you list all suitable ways to contact you (via Skype, live chat, email, WhatsApp, etc.)?

To make it more convenient to cover all the possible questions, you can create a separate page dedicated to your return and exchange policy, and also write about the shipping time. Don’t be scared of returns and refunds – according to AliExpress sellers themselves, they are ready to negotiate with you in case something goes wrong, so you’ll find a satisfactory solution.

You may find inspiration in the success story of Zappos, the former dropshipping store that now dominates the US shoe market. The company doesn’t view returns and refunds as something extraordinary. It’s all about creating customers’ loyalty, you know?

Now, we guess the checklist is over! Go through the list and think what you can improve in your store to make it ready for the upcoming holidays.

Holidays in ecommerce are a tough time but also the most lucrative! And don’t forget: if you have enough time for your holiday preparations, this season is the perfect time to start your own dropshipping business!

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How To Generate Leads Online In 2021: 7 Ultimate Ways

What is lead generation? If you’re an affiliate marketer wishing to promote AliDropship products, you have to learn how to generate leads online.

We continue our series of articles dedicated to affiliate marketers! Previously, we explained how to give your affiliate business a great start, how to write powerful affiliate texts, and how to reduce your return rate. And today, we’d like to cover the topic that is very useful to ANY online entrepreneur: affiliate marketer, dropshipping store owner, and any other player on the eCommerce market. We will be talking about lead generation and the smartest ways to work with it!

How to generate leads: what are leads in business?

Explanation: what are leads in ecommerce business?

Before we start talking about the most efficient lead generation techniques in 2021, let’s discuss what a lead is.

A lead is a user that expresses interest in the products or services suggested and gives you his/her contact information such as a phone number or email address.

Lead generation, in its turn, is a marketing strategy that allows you to spark customers’ interest and start dealing with them.

Sounds difficult? In fact, this is not. The scheme is very simple. A buyer becomes a lead for a business right at the moment when you start communicating with him.

But, easier said than done.

It’s actually not that challenging to capture a lead. You should just perform several actions to interest a follower in your offer. After you have done this, it’s necessary to collect particular information from them which can let you stay in touch with them on a long-term basis. As a rule, this information includes their names and email addresses.

Why online lead generation is important

Getting customers' contact information will eventually make your sales go up

In fact, generating leads is important to all business owners for a number of reasons. It allows them to communicate with potential buyers, which in turn gives the opportunity to inform them about the most essential events and offers they are already interested in. In short, generating and capturing leads lets you put your business in a perfect condition in terms of communication with potential customers.

When speaking about lead generation, you should know that there are two types of leads, and therefore two approaches to generating them. But first things first.

Outbound leads vs inbound leads

Explaining the difference between inbound and outbound leads

What are the outbound and inbound leads? What is the difference?

In practice, there are two types of leads that are defined according to how they are generated. So, outbound leads are those users whom an affiliate finds by means of different marketing strategies. It’s important that in most cases such users know nothing about the affiliate’s website before the affiliate makes contact with them.

Inbound leads, in their turn, are represented by the users who find out about an affiliate website or channel by themselves. Most often, they find information while surfing the Internet, typing the request in Google, etc.

And now we’d like to share 7 best lead generation strategies we’ve tested and approved during our own business practice!

7 best ways to generate leads online

If you have a website, or a blog, or you just want to promote somebody’s business on different social media platforms, you need to learn the most tempting and perspective tactics to generate leads online. Here they are!

  • Make special offers and gifts

How to generate leads? One of the options is to make special offers.

It’s obvious that one of the most efficient ways to attract potential customers’ attention is to offer them discounts or give free trials.

In practice, following such a tactic can let you also convert users you have attracted into customers. The thing is, when they get a discount or free products, they are several times more likely to make an instant purchase.

For example, AliDropship does a great job of giving affiliates demos and discounts to alleviate lead generation.

Though, it is not all the strategies affiliates can rely on. That’s why all you need to do as an affiliate is to put the offers your partner company gives you on your website or place them in a cool popup.

However, discounts and trials are not the only way to generate leads you can follow. In fact, you can provide followers with gifts. In the case of AliDropship, we have several free add-ons, so our affiliates can share them with their followers.

First of all, it’s a great idea because these prospective clients will be able to use some of our products for free. Moreover, they see that the company appreciates all its clients and is ready to provide them with some free solutions.

Actually, you have a chance to make the tactic of giving gifts and special offers even more efficient! You may take this activity shortly before the sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and so on. The point is that in case of additional urgency of such offers the users are highly likely to instantly sign up and use their discount to make a bargain.

  • Carry out educational activities

Creating educational content can help you get customers' contact information.

How can you interest the followers who are not aware of the products and services you are promoting? Definitely, you should provide them with educational materials that can tell them about the advertised products and services in detail. It’s quite essential to explain to them how the things you are promoting can help them.

For example, AliDropship provides its clients with IT solutions which are to help dropshipping store owners run their businesses.

What should you do as our affiliate to promote AliDropship products?

In fact, you should pay attention to the particular dropshipping aspects which require additional time and effort. You need to explain to people that our solutions can let them put their businesses on autopilot and devote their precious time to themselves and their families.

In our experience, one of the most efficient ways to educate Internet users online is by creating videos. Try to interpret what a particular product is designed for, why it can be so useful, how it can change people’s lives for the better and so on. It is important to position yourself as an expert in the area you deal with. In fact, valuable knowledge is that very aspect that can help you convert leads into customers.

You should also understand that you are not supposed to only praise the products you are promoting. The point is that it is necessary to sort out all the benefits the products are going to provide the customers with. Moreover, all the product advantages should be justified. Otherwise, they won’t be worth a penny.

By the way, don’t forget that your website should be filled with the most useful and attractive content because when you carry out educational activities, the Internet users should have an opportunity to go through your website and find all the necessary information about the products or services you are advertising.

  • Provide social proof

Providing social proof is important for getting customers' contact information

Nowadays before buying something, most people look for product reviews and some feedback from those who have already purchased the product. In eCommerce, it’s exactly the same.

What should you know as an affiliate dealing within the eCommerce sector? First of all, the main platforms where people write their reviews on IT solutions, including the products of AliDropship, are Facebook, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber.

In the case of AliDropship, you are more than welcome to go here and look at what our clients think of our company and the products we have provided them with. What is more, our company has a long list of success stories. These are the articles which tell about AliDropship clients who succeed with the help of our company.

  • Drive signups from your blog

How to generate leads? A blog can become a good source of customers' contact information.

Having a blog with lots of traffic you need to inform your followers about all the updates in it. In fact, the most efficient way to do this is to incorporate an opt-in form into your posts.

How to do this? You need only to have a subtle sign up form somewhere on a post page. Moreover, you may use a popup which is going to appear at a certain moment of scrolling down your page. Don’t forget that after a visitor leaves their email on your website, they are almost converted into a customer!

  • Make valuable content

To get more leads, make your content valuable!

If you want to draw Internet users’ attention, you should create increasingly valuable content. It can help not only to drive traffic to your website, but also to magnetize it, generate leads, and convert them into real buyers.

However, even high-quality materials can bring nothing in case of choosing a fruitless topic. Remember that the topics of your posts must be in strong demand, otherwise, it would be a futile waste of time.

So, first of all, you are to search for the most tempting subjects. Then you are supposed to create extremely interesting content.

How to generate leads from your blog?

In fact, that’s simple. You can use the content in your post to highlight the particular advertised product. You need only to tell your subscribers about the advantages of the item you’re promoting and then redirect them to the landing page of your company partner.

  • Pay attention to SEO

Search engine optimization can be used to generate leads.

As a person dealing with eCommerce you should know that SEO is essential for any type of online business. That’s why here comes the most important tips you should follow.

  • Use specific keywords in your posts’ title and within the whole text. Make sure that your keywords implementation doesn’t seem unnatural for the posts.
  • Think of URLs that are going to be relevant and include your keywords in them.
  • Optimize your blog for all devices.
  • Pay attention to the use of meta-descriptions. They are also supposed to include your keywords and give a summary of your posts.

Once your blog ranks well on Google, you will be more likely to drive a lot of relevant traffic to your website and generate leads.

  • Use social media platforms

A business can get customers' contact information from social networks.

When it comes to eCommerce, the use of different social networks is also extremely important. It’s one more way of generating leads because social media platforms allow you to collect lots of traffic.

Are you surprised now? In fact, you shouldn’t be. Indeed, social networks are always on the list of top visited websites worldwide!

But how can you use them as an affiliate?

First of all, post tempting social media content. It’s still one of the most efficient ways of attracting Internet users. When creating content, try to build positive relationships with a visitor, and it will be a lot easier for you to convert him or her into a lead.

So, we have reviewed several experience-based tips on how to generate leads. In fact, there are even more ways to generate leads online, but we have highlighted the most essential ones for you. Feel free to use these tips, and become a thriving member of the AliDropship affiliate family!

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How To Dropship Health & Beauty Products To The Word’s Most Profitable Market?

If you’re looking for a niche with a huge number of highly demanded goods, you can dropship health and beauty products. Strong demand is one of the undoubted advantages of this niche. On top of that, you can benefit from fast shipping across the US to make your offer even more tempting.

Why dropship health and beauty products?

Despite a 3.3% decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the global beauty and personal care market is entering the recovery phase according to Euromonitor.

According to Statista, the US health and beauty industry (that generates most revenues in the market) is expected to grow annually by 4.06% in 2021-2025. Moreover, experts believe that 32% of total revenue will be generated through online sales!

In other words, by launching an online store in this niche, you’re not just entering the market at its recovery phase but also benefit from the new trend.

What’s so exciting about health and beauty goods?

  • Evergreen niche

Go to your bathroom and look around. You’ll see a wide range of products such as skincare goods, cosmetics, health supplements, haircare tools, etc. Everyone buys this kind of products! And we do it regularly too, which makes them evergreen goods that enjoy stable demand over decades.

  • Bulk purchases and repeat customers

Moreover, when it comes to health and beauty products, consumers tend to buy such supplies in bulk and make repeat purchases. A man who needs a disposable razor will probably buy a few of them while he’s at it. And if a woman likes the new nail polish she got from that store, she will probably come back to buy it again!

  • The shift towards online sales

As I mentioned before, nowadays more customers prefer buying health and beauty products online, so it’s a good idea to start a dropshipping store in this niche. It also means that one can use social media to promote these goods, especially the ones focusing on visual content – Instagram and Pinterest above all.

Moreover, if you want to target the United States (the market’s largest segment), you can also benefit from fast shipping across this country.

Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center) owns a warehouse located in California. It offers a wide range of products, including health and beauty goods, and dropshipping services. So, when you order a product from Sellvia, the team will pack and send the item directly to your customer. The buyer will receive the product within 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing).

Build a website to dropship health and beauty products

To dropship beauty products or health goods, one needs a website designed as an online store. Those who like the idea of dropshipping products to the US in 1-3 business days have two options.

Order a Custom Store

First of all, you can order a Custom Dropshipping Store from Sellvia. In this case, you get a turnkey website, ready to be launched right after it’s finished, as well as Sellvia subscription.

The most important benefit of this option is that you don’t have to do anything on your own. Building a website takes a lot of time and certain knowledge of IT. However, when ordering a Custom Store, you don’t have to buy a domain name, set up payment gateways, customize the site design, etc. The team will take care of it!

On the other hand, all the decisions will be made only after your approval. So, if you have particular ideas but have no knowledge of site-building, this option is for you.

Build an online store on your own

But if you have experience in site-building and have time, then you can try building the store on your own. You can create the site on WordPress with the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. In this case, it’s you who’s going to choose each element of the design.

After the site is ready, you only need to subscribe to Sellvia which is compatible with both AliDropship and WooCommerce websites.

After installing the Sellvia plugin, you’ll be able to import any product from its catalog. Now, let’s take a look at health and beauty products you can dropship.

How to dropship health and beauty products: product choice

Haircare & styling tools

According to Statista, the revenue of the US haircare market amounts to $14.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow annually by 2.55% in 2021-2025. To benefit from this growth, one can offer potential buyers various styling tools, brushes, and shampoos.

Ceramic hair curler - useful styling tool to dropship

Health care products

Here you can offer customers a wide range of product types designed for health care. They include personal care products, various massagers, mineral bath salts, goods related to fitness, etc.

How to dropship health and beauty products? Sell massagers!

Makeup products

Of course, a store that dropships health and beauty products cannot do without cosmetics. According to Statista, in 2020, the US eye cosmetics segment generated around $1.96 billion; facial cosmetics became the second most profitable segment with sales revenue equaling $1.9 billion. So, presenting this segment in the inventory of your dropshipping store is a must. Offer your clients makeup brushes, face sponges, eyelash curlers, makeup palettes, etc.

Blending sponge kit containing 8 egg-shaped sponges

Skincare products

Another important part of the health and beauty market is the skincare products segment. And again, the United States generate most revenues here which amounts to $18.7 billion (as of 2021). Creams and lotions, balms and anti-aging sprayers, oils, facial masks, and other products are what you can offer in your store.

Derma roller as an example of popular health and beauty products to sell

Men’s grooming products

Although men generally spend less on personal care products compared to women, it’s still a huge sum. American men spend about $29 a month on beauty and grooming services. As for the US male grooming products market, it is currently witnessing strong growth. After all, beards have been in fashion for some time now, so it’s no wonder men buy grooming tools, beard shampoos and balms, oils, beard shaping combs, and similar products.

Want to dropship health and beauty products? Don't forget about goods for men - for example, beard shaping combs.

Final thoughts on dropshipping health and beauty products

Despite quite strong competition, this niche remains one of the most popular compared to others. The reason is simple: we buy health and beauty products every week or every month. It’s something you can’t do without.

Moreover, buyers in this niche tend to purchase products in numbers and often come back to the same seller for more. All these facts make it a very promising niche.

Since the United States is the world’s largest segment of this market, it’s a good idea to dropship health and beauty products to American customers – especially if you can deliver your dropshipping goods in 1-3 business days after subscribing to Sellvia!

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Should Your Online General Store Be Similar To AliExpress?

If we compare general stores vs. niche stores, we will see that niche dropshipping stores have lots of advantages. That’s what AliDropship’s experience shows. However, some beginners insist on creating an online general store with a wide range of goods. Moreover, they also want to make it look just like AliExpress. From this article, you’ll find out what’s the best approach to making a proper online general store!

What is a general store?

It’s a store selling products from different categories and niches. Most of these goods have little or nothing in common. Unlike a general shop, a niche store sells only products related to a common niche.

When creating a general dropshipping store, some entrepreneurs try to copy as much as possible from AliExpress. This includes copying product categories, banners and design, certain functionality aspects and so on.

However, in most (if not all) cases, such an approach will bring no use. Moreover, copying AliExpress can and will cause troubles of different sorts.

In this article, I will show you why entrepreneurs should always build unique online stores – and what are the best ways to do it.

Let’s start with the basics!

Is it wise to copy AliExpress design?

In short, the result of duplicating AliExpress’ design elements looks just like the picture below.

Abibas - a fake brand that tries to copy Adidas

When dropshipping from AliExpress, one simply resells goods at a higher price. So, buyers can purchase the same goods directly from AliExpress without having to overpay. Then why do people prefer dropshipping stores to AliExpress? There are two general reasons.

First, some of them don’t know about the existence of AliExpress. Second, some of them do know about this platform… but don’t trust it.

Since any business wants to attract as many clients as possible, these people are a part of your target audience, too. But can you really expect them to buy from an online general store that looks very similar to AliExpress – but has higher prices?

In contrast, a unique design can easily earn customers’ trust. As we recommend focusing on more or less narrow niches, an individual choice of colors, banners and logos can emphasize the theme of your store, thus adding emotional value to the shopping experience.

What should your domain name look like?

A typical mistake of online general store owners is to use a domain name that contains references to AliExpress. These domain names can look something like alibaba-online, or your-aliexpress, or aliexpress-store, etc.

First of all, such names clearly show that all the products come from AliExpress, which doesn’t help you create a memorable brand identity.

Second, using a domain name very similar to the one used by a famous brand may be considered a scam.

Some fraudsters create a website identical to the original one except for its domain name – which also looks similar. For example, the original name ‘myonlinebank’ is replaced with ‘myonlimebank’. The idea is to convince visitors that this is the site they were looking for.

If you follow the same pattern, people will most likely think that this is some kind of scam.

Besides, choosing such a domain name will definitely hurt your search engine optimization efforts. Ideally, the names of the store and the niche should be identical (or at least related) to the domain name. It makes SEO much easier. From this point of view, general store names can’t really reflect one particular niche because they sell all kinds of goods. But referring to AliExpress in the domain name makes things even worse.

If the domain contains the word AliExpress or Alibaba, you’ll have to compete with these sites. Guess who’s going to win this fight!

4 main rules to run your online general stores successfully

And now, we’ll go over the 4 most important business aspects for a general store owner. Here they are!

#1 Create your product offer thoughtfully

In most cases, you need about 50 products to begin your dropshipping journey. Later on, as your business progresses,  you will be able to broaden your product range depending on the market situation, your buyers’ preferences, etc.

A common issue here is that some entrepreneurs import not just dozens, but thousands of goods. It’s just as if they were trying to import the whole AliExpress to their store thinking that the more the better. 🙂

Still, you need to remember that an excessive amount of items in your store can influence its technical performance.

To make sure your site works smoothly, quickly, and correctly, import not more than 400-500 products to a WooCommerce-based store, and up to 10,000 products to a WordPress-based store.

#2 Don’t forget to edit the newly imported products!

This issue often originates from the previous one. When you import hundreds of goods at a time, you simply have no time to edit them all. As a result, you leave product titles, descriptions, and images as they are – exactly like the ones on AliExpress!

The original product title on an AliExpress page that requires editing

Such titles don’t simply look confusing to a store visitor. They also make it perfectly clear you’ve taken this product from AliExpress, and inspire your potential customers to just go there and find the original item. So, if your aim is to trigger impulse purchases and make the store visitor add your offers to the cart immediately, work on your product pages.

Always follow these recommendations to edit your newly imported products! Or, take them from this database of pre-edited items if you want to start promoting and selling them as soon as possible 🙂

#3 Identify the highest profit margin products

Let’s say there are 350 products in your store. Does it mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars promoting each and every one of them through paid ads?

It wouldn’t be a wise investment, of course. As an owner of an online general store, you need to single out the most hype, trendy, demanded products out of your product range – and focus on them in your promo campaigns.

For this purpose, feel free to use Google Trends – a free instrument showing the change of interest towards this or that Google query. Besides, keep an eye on our product selection articles: as soon as something promising appears on the market, you’ll be the first one to know!

#4 Experiment with your promo campaigns

The best promotion channels for online general store owners are social media like Facebook and Instagram. They allow you to create and launch paid ad campaigns in a very flexible way. You’re the one to determine the product you’ll be promoting, the campaign duration and budget, and the audience settings. It gives you unlimited opportunities to discover a unique marketing mix that works best for you – most likely, it will be slightly different for every product you’re advertising!

If you need assistance with your promo campaigns on social media, check out this Facebook & Instagram Ads service! You’ll get more than just catchy texts and visuals for your ads: your package will also include the best target audience settings and detailed guides on launching the prepared campaign.


The whole point of creating a dropshipping store is to offer appealing, purchase-provoking products through your website and encourage impulse buying. The best way to do it is to create a memorable brand identity and be inventive in your promotional efforts.

Obviously, you won’t achieve it by copying AliExpress’ design elements, functionality and domain name. And thankfully, you have plenty of alternative options to consider!

If you’re looking for winning online general store ideas, check out Premium dropshipping stores. These are long-running dropshipping websites with a verifiable track record, steady profits and stable traffic numbers. What would you say about the opportunity to benefit from THEIR success?

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How To Dropship With Alibaba: What Should You Know? [FAQ]

How to dropship with Alibaba? Actually, easy as never before. Recently, we have launched a brand new & first official tool for Alibaba dropshipping – it’s Sezam. This tool is designed together with Alibaba, and it’s aimed at making the process of dropshipping with Alibaba quite easy, understandable, and more beneficial.

However, since Alibaba has never dealt with dropshipping before, there are lots of questions ecommerce entrepreneurs have to ask in order to understand how it all works. In this article, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Alibaba dropshipping: what’s so special about it?

There is a lot of talk about Alibaba dropshipping. Since AliDropship has made many efforts together with Alibaba to create an easy-to-go solution for dropshipping with Alibaba, we know firsthand all the points you may be interested in.

Alibaba is a B2B platform. How to dropship with Alibaba?

a picture showing containers as Alibaba is a b2b platform

All you need to know is that Alibaba has decided to team up with dropshippers.

Since the platform itself is interested in developing business towards dropshipping, they’re ready to create all the conditions needed for online store owners to run their dropshipping ventures.

That’s why Alibaba created a special catalog of products for dropshipping. All these products imply retail trade, so they are offered with a price for each unit.

Is it possible to dropship batches of goods?

Yes, it is. In this regard, Alibaba dropshipping is pretty the same as dropshipping with AliExpess.

You’re able to sell as many product units as you wish. The only limitation is the amount of goods in stock.

Alibaba pricing policy: is Alibaba dropshipping worth starting?

a picture showing the benefits of Alibaba dropshipping

In a nutshell, Alibaba dropshipping is certainly worth starting. Here are three aspects we would recommend you consider.

  • On Alibaba, most of the sellers are the exact manufacturers. So if there are no mediators, additional spendings on shipping, marketing, and so on, the price for any product is supposed to be a lot lower in comparison to the same product on any other marketplace.
  • Of course, bulk purchasing is still more lucrative despite the fact that the dropshipping business model doesn’t imply even small-scale wholesale. However, Alibaba provides an option of small wholesale orders (10 product units and more). So if your customer orders more than 10 units of the same product, this will be an even more profitable bargain for you.
  • There are some cases when you can find the same product that is cheaper on AliExpress. It’s due to the fact that there are a large number of factories in China. Some of them may produce the same product on absolutely different production technologies. However, it’s more of an isolated incident than the rule.

How to choose an Alibaba supplier to partner with?

a picture showing the importance of choosing a supplier to deal with

On Alibaba, there are all possible products you can buy online. So all you need is to choose a niche you’re going to deal with in accordance with the audience you’re going to target. That’s it.

As for suppliers to partner with, Alibaba suppliers have a rating system. Here comes the aspects we recommend you check up before you start teaming up with a supplier.

  • Verification status
  • Years of operation
  • Feedback
  • Response time
  • Delivery time
  • Number of transactions

How to dropship with Alibaba: what’s with branding?

In practice, Alibaba welcomes branding. This is why, in most cases, suppliers provide a form you need to fill in if you want to customize the products you order from them.

In case the supplier you’re going to deal with didn’t take care of it, you would have to contact him and negotiate about branding.

The Sezam Pugin for Alibaba dropshipping: what is it?

Recently AliDropship in cooperation with Alibaba established a solution that simplifies the process of running your Alibaba dropshipping business – it’s Sezam!

a picture showing the first official tool for alibaba dropshipping - it's Sezam

Feel free to read a profound article on how Sezam works. However, we got lots of commentaries on this article. That’s why we’ve decided to clarify all the sticky points.

Does Sezam work with AliDropship only or it can be used on its own?

Sezam is an independent solution that can be used on its own. All you need to successfully add Sezam to your website is the WooCommerce plugin installed.

How to dropship with Alibaba: can you use Sezam for your store that you’re already running?

Lots of people ask whether they are able to install Sezam on the stores they’re already running, or they have to order a new custom store for Alibaba dropshipping only.

Long story short, yes, you are able to both install Sezam on your current store or order a custom store for Alibaba dropshipping.

The only limitation is that your acting store must be built with WooCommerce.

Why add Sezam to your current store?

a picture showing how popular online shopping is nowadays

Please note that Sezam and Alibaba dropshipping offers a chance of diversification of your business. You are able to use several dropshipping solutions at once to expand your product catalog, target audience, etc.

  • Use AliDropship Woo to easily dropship products from AliExpress.
  • Team up with Sellvia to sell from the US-based warehouse with the fast shipping option.
  • Add Sezam to your website and dropship from Alibaba at low initial prices.

Can you use add-ons from AliDropship with Sezam?

Well, yes and no. We haven’t integrated our add-ons into Sezam yet. However, you’re able to use the WooCommerce add-ons that work separately from AliDropship Woo. For example, it’s Sellika.

What themes are you able to use with Sezam?

With Sezam, you’re able to use any themes compatible with WooCommerce including the ones we’ve developed for AliDropship Woo.

Do you have to use a Chrome extension?

No, you don’t. One of the benefits Alibaba dropshipping has is the formal cooperation. Alibaba provided us with the API to work with their platform.

This is the reason Sezam can boast more stable functioning.

How to import products and place orders with Sezam?

The process of importing products and placing orders with Sezam is quite similar to the one with AliDropship Woo.

Are we going to work on extra features for Sezam?

Yes, we are. Our team will work hard on adding new features that will provide an easier process of running your ecommerce business.

Who is Sezam for?

Actually, Sezam was designed for those who are eager to start Alibaba dropshipping due to the benefits Alibaba provides its partners with.

However, if you have an online store based on WooCommerce, and you’re looking for an opportunity to boost your business, we recommend you consider Alibaba dropshipping and Sezam as well.

How to dropship with Alibaba: where can you learn more about Sezam?

a picture showing an instrument to put your alibaba dropshipping business on autopilot - it's Sezam

If we still have not asked any of your questions about Alibaba dropshipping and Sezam in this article, try to turn to the following Internet resources.

  • Sezam Knowledge Base

If you have any questions on installing or using Sezam for your business, please refer to the Sezam Knowledge Base

  • Article on Alibaba dropshipping and Sezam

In case you want to learn more about Alibaba dropshipping, feel free to read the article on Alibaba dropshipping and Sezam

  • YouTube video about Sezam

If you love to watch videos rather than read blog articles, here’s the video showing the Sezam functionality

  • Sezam’s website

Move to the website of Sezam to learn more about Alibaba dropshipping and the product we offer.

We hope we made the process of dropshipping with Alibaba absolutely clear for you. So would you like to dropship products with high profit margins? Then, start Alibaba dropshipping with Sezam!

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How To Come Up With A Dropshipping Store Name

So, you want to launch a dropshipping business to start making money online. That’s great, but do you already know how to name it? In this article, we’re going to talk about how to come up with a good dropshipping store name and why it matters.

Why your dropshipping store’s name matters

What’s in a name?

That’s what might cross your mind when choosing one for your online store.

It can’t be a big deal when you’ve got a much bigger fish to fry, can it?

Indeed, at first glance, naming your dropshipping store seems to be too petty to take it seriously.

You have things like social media promotion, customer service and a lot of other tasks on your plate. Your success lies in taking care of them, doesn’t it?

Well, yeah…but here’s the deal. You can’t make bricks without straw.

I doubt that Nike would be as fortunate as it is if it’d been named “Sport clothing company 23” or something. The name is a part of Nike’s success.

Dropshipping is a competitive business field. To win the competition, you need to stand out from the others.

In other words, you should create your brand identity. And your store name plays a significant part in this task.

Therefore, you need to make a point of choosing the right one. And the next tips are going to let you pull this off.

5 tips on how to come up with a brand name

1. Make it short and memorable

Pepsi, Starbucks, Apple, Google, Reebok…

All these companies have short and catchy names. Once you’ve heard them, they stick in your memory for a long time.

So, if you think up something of that sort for your dropshipping store, you’ll make a great dent in creating your brand identity.

Your advertisement will definitely catch customer’s eye, and they won’t misspell your store’s name while looking for it on the Internet.

There are several ways you could employ to come up with a short and memorable name.

  • Pick something ordinary

You can follow the example of Steve Jobs. He picked “Apple” as a name for his company just because he was on a fruitarian diet at the moment. A similar strategy was chosen by Jeff Bezos: he simply named his online store after the Amazon river.

The point is to choose an ordinary but catchy word and put it to use.

  • Distort a regular word

Another way to make up a name for your dropshipping store is to distort a normal word. For instance, a famous freelance platform Fiverr just added one more “r” to “Fiver” to get it done. Google got its name by twisting the word “googol”. And Cisco was made by removing “San Fran” from “San Francisco”.

  • Use abbreviations

To create a brand name, one can use abbreviations or acronyms. For example, BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werke”, or “Bavarian Motor Works”. Simple, right? Often company founders name their businesses after their own surnames. This way, Mars and Murrie came up with M&M’s.

You can also combine several words in one to create a memorable name for your online store. Probably, the most famous example of using this tactic is Adidas company. Its founder, Adolf Dassler, whose nickname was Adi, just mixed his first and second names to create the title.

Actually, this practice is widespread in business. IBM’s title is just the first letters of “International Business Machines”, Intel is short for “integrated electronics” and so on.

  • Use Alterations

If you want your dropshipping store’s name to contain more than one word, you can use alliteration to make it catchy. For example, Paramount Pictures, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, American Airlines, etc.

  • Use the names of mythological characters, creatures, and places

For inspiration, one can use a dictionary of mythology. There are thousands of names, so it’s a great way to come up with store name ideas! And many business owners named their brands after gods, heroes, legendary places, etc. For example, Pegasus Expedite Company was named after the mythological winged horse.

So, you’ve got enough options to employ to come up with your business name. However, you should keep in mind that using more than two words for your business name isn’t the best idea. Ideally, you need only one that strikes a chord.

2. Make sure your dropshipping store’s name is unique

Standing out from your competitors is vital in dropshipping.

If your online store has a name that is similar to your rival’s one, customers could easily mix you up. This way, you may lose tons of clients.

Not the best prospects, right?

Let alone the fact that you might face some legal consequences if you unwittingly pick some copyrighted name.

Thus, you need to carry out some market research before making up your mind about your dropshipping store’s name. You should make sure that it’s unique.

3. Don’t curse, please

Have you heard about BiC company?

Highly likely, you have. You must have come across the pencils and razors made by this French firm.

But, you may not know that the company’s founder Marcel Bich decided not to rack his brain much and named it after himself.

You might be wondering – where is the “h” letter?

Well, he made the decision to leave it out.


The reason is the English language.

He wanted to create an international company. And the last name of BiC’s founder didn’t sound well in English.

You could easily confuse it with a rude English word, although its spelling is a bit different.

Now, this looks reasonable, doesn’t it?

Dropshipping is an international business model. So, you need to make sure that your dropshipping store name doesn’t have an offensive or confusing meaning in foreign languages.

You don’t need to look into each existing language in the world. Take 8 or 10 the most spoken ones such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and so on.

It’s also important to make sure the end result cannot be read some other way.

For example, there’s nothing wrong with the words ‘bay’ and ‘therapist’. But when combined into a domain name, people may read it this way: See what I mean?

So, make sure to carefully analyze your dropshipping store’s name from every point of view.

4. Don’t forget about your domain name

Who doesn’t know eBay?

It’s hard to find a single person who is unaware of it. This company is famous worldwide and its name is short and memorable.


Did you ever wonder why? How come its founders ended up with eBay?

I can tell you.

Actually, we could have Echo Bay instead. That was the name eBay’s owners came up with in the first place. As for me, it was good also.

However, the domain name “” was occupied. So, they changed “Echo Bay” to “eBay” to take the domain name that matched the company’s title.

What you can learn from this story?

It’s important to choose a domain name that is the same or, at least, very close to your store’s actual one. Otherwise, this looks illogical and fishy to customers.

Besides, with a domain name similar to your brand name, you can expect your website to perform better in terms of search engine optimization. Sometimes people don’t even look at the URL of the site they visit. So, if a potential buyer remembers your brand name, he/she will probably search your site by this name. And if your domain name is completely different from it, they will never find you.

Moreover, when making a store name list, you can base your decision on SEO!

5. Try to make your dropshipping store’s name SEO-friendly

Getting traffic is crucial in dropshipping.

And SEO is a perfect tool to drive free organic traffic to your online store. If your website is SEO-friendly and your product pages are properly optimized, it’s going to pay off really soon.

But, if you manage to work your keywords into your store’s name, it will give you great advantages. It’s especially beneficial if you’re a newcomer to dropshipping.

However, it may be tricky to think up an SEO-friendly title. For example, ‘’ would make a great domain, but it’s already occupied.

In this case, it’s important to mention one thing. If your online store’s name turns out to be SEO-friendly but at the same time it sounds weird and off-putting, you’d better get along without the keywords for your title.

A lifehack to choose a name for your dropshipping store

Did any ideas on your store’s name come to your mind while reading these tips?

If not, there is a way to help you get the process off the ground.

You can use one of the business name generators to come up with a name for your dropshipping store.

Just think of some words related to your business. Then type them in the search field on the page of a generator you choose and click “Generate”.

You’ll see many options that you can use as your store’s name.

BNG - business name generator

The company name generators you could make use of are BNG and Name Mesh. Yet, you can find one on your own. There are plenty of them on the Internet.

However, while using name generators, you shouldn’t fully rely on them.

You need to pick the options that live up to the tips we’ve listed for you.

Building your brand identity is essential for your future success. Making up a dropshipping store name is the first step on your way to pull it off. Follow the tips we’ve listed for you and this task won’t be a big problem for you. If you’ve got some questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We’re always ready to answer.

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How We Increase Instagram Posts Engagement With These 6 Tips


What are the most engaging and purchase-stimulating Instagram posts for business owners? How to increase Instagram posts engagement? Thanks to our first-hand experience of promoting our stores on social media, we have a couple of Instagram marketing tips for business to share with you!

Instagram has millions of active users – and, in comparison to other social media networks, it also has a more engaged audience facing a less intense market competition. It means that businesses have an opportunity to promote their products to a very interested audience and make these ads highly targeted without spending a lot of money on paid advertising like Facebook Ads or Google Shopping. So, it’s a good idea to use Instagram for business to boost sales. Whether you want to improve your current Instagram marketing efforts or make your first steps in this social media network, you’ll greatly benefit from our tips on creating effective Instagram posts for business.

Tip 1. Create a content plan for the upcoming Instagram posts

First of all, create a content plan for your Instagram account. You can do it with any software: Microsoft Excel/Word, Google Sheets/Docs, Notebook – it doesn’t matter! Just choose the tool that you find most convenient.

The content plan should contain a list of topics for every day of Instagram posting. It will help you to save time in the future and plan posts in advance. You can create a weekly or monthly content plan – it’s up to you!content plan for Instagram posts

Also, it’s important to think about your Instagram posts quantity. If you’ve just created your store and have a few followers, don’t worry – make 6-7 posts in a day to attract more people. When your Instagram account gains popularity, make just 2-3 posts in a day.

Tip 2. Analyze your Instagram audience engagement

One of the most important things in using Instagram for business is understanding your target audience. You should research it to make the Instagram content you create as effective as possible.

For example, it is crucial to let followers see your content at the right time. Usually, Instagram posts have higher engagements at lunchtime when people have a minute to check their feed. But it’s not enough for your business Instagram account. Your goal is to have more followers who will love your content and thank you for it with their orders. 🙂

So, it is a good idea to compare your potential audience’s timezone with yours and analyze the most popular time for posting. For example, you can check it at or at other websites.

Graphic showing how the engagement level of content depends on the day and time of publishing

Tip 3. Pick the best time of publishing these Instagram posts for business recognition and wider coverage

After your research, you can see that your working time differs from the audience’s most effective Instagram posting time. It’s not a problem! There are a lot of planners you can use to create scheduled posts:,,, etc.

If the time is similar to yours or doesn’t differ greatly, it’s great news: you can create posts by yourself using any device!

Instagram posts for business: posting time

Tip 4. Create your own design of Instagram business posts

To create the right impression, you need to think about the visual side of your Instagram account really carefully.

  • Instagram Feed

Choose one or two main colors of your store. To make your Instagram account more attractive, try picking the colors from the same color scheme. Then, choose an editor where you can create posts. For example, Photoshop, Figma or Befunky. It may be an online or an offline service – just take the simplest one for you.

Start creating templates that will help you save a lot of time in the future. Make them in one style but don’t forget about variety!

Below, we will show you a range of post templates that are made in the same style and are variable enough to keep your subscribers’ attention focused on your feed.

design of Instagram business posts

For example, this is a template of an Instagram post that is based on infographics. There is a space for text and ample space for an illustration.

Let’s take a look at two more examples!

A simple Instagram post with a text and illustration

An Imstagram post template for publishing quotes

These templates are specifically made for posts that include quotes. As you can see, visually, they are made in a similar style, which is great if you want to give your Instagram account a memorable and unique appearance.

What else can you use?

An Instagram post template for demonstrating products

An Instagram post demonstrating a necklace for women

These two templates are designed to showcase your products and, if necessary, add a bit of text to the images. It’s a great idea for occasions like a seasonal sale or a new product arrival as it lets the viewer grab all the details without even looking at the post description.

And here are more templates to learn from!

Instagram posts for business: a post with a quote

An Instagram post demonstrating a quote and a pair of earrings

These two are great if you want to benefit from user-generated content and post your buyers’ reviews in your feed. Here, you can either focus on the text or combine it with the purchased product images if you want to.

Of course, these are just samples. It doesn’t mean that you must only use these particular images for your Instagram feed. However, they demonstrate how flexible and inventive you can be when it comes to designing your posts – and to using various content types to spice up your feed.

  • Instagram Stories

Don’t forget about templates for stories! Stories are one of the most effective instruments of your business Instagram page! With their help, you can communicate with your followers and notify them about new product collections, sales, giveaways or other important deals.

So, below, we will show three samples of an Instagram story as well.

An example of Instagram Story

An Instagram Story post template

A template for an Instagram Story post

As you can see, they are also made in the same style in terms of colors and geometric elements – and they are really similar to the regular feed templates we’ve previously shown. Surely, they contribute to your brand a lot if they support the visual side of your business this way!

Tip 5. Make the right caption & hashtags

The visual part of your Instagram post is what’s getting noticed immediately – but the text part gets some attention, too! That’s why you need to treat it carefully as well.

  • Work on captions

The caption of your Instagram post is the place where you can give a voice to the visual content. Your captions should be simple and short. Also, don’t forget to include a call-to-action: it’s the best way to engage Instagram users and increase the share potential of your Instagram post.

Here are a couple of samples:

Instagram post captions

The importance of Instagram post captions

Instagram posts for business: the importance of captions

As you can see, the texts put in captions here are short yet powerful: they prompt an emotional response from the viewers and can even motivate them to take action.

  • Think about hashtags

Create your own hashtag, for example, your store’s name. It will help people find your account and posts easily. Also, use the hashtags that are related to this particular post or to your account in general. This is how you will be able to connect users with the same interests.

An Instagram post with carefully selected hashtags

Instagram posts for business: An example of Instagram post with proper hashtags

Proper hashtags on an Instagram post

Don’t overuse hashtags – you probably know how annoying it can be. I mean the posts that have no informational value, but use all the hashtags in the world. 🙂 5-6 hashtags are quite enough.

Tip 6. Connect with your Instagram followers

Сonnection with followers is also very important for any business Instagram account. People appreciate it when you keep in touch with them.

To maintain some contact with your audience, write attractive post captions, ask the subscribers’ opinion on the post topic, and react to the comments (answer and like them, if necessary.) Don’t forget to check direct messages and try to answer them in time. All of that will make your Instagram page look more credible, trustworthy, and purchase-stimulating.

How to increase engagement of Instagram posts for business growth: summing it up

Now, you know a bit more about running your Instagram page like a pro!

Follow this checklist to become even more efficient in your promotions on this social network:

  • I wrote down what I’m going to post every day

When you have a ready weekly or monthly content plan at hand, you don’t spend hours struggling over a proper post topic for today. Instead, you have more free time to get creative in your efforts and create a tiny masterpiece!

  • I know what my potential buyers need, want, and like

These are the things you need to know about your potential customers if you want your promotions to be really efficient. And these instruments will help you learn more about the people you’re going to sell your products to!

  • I’m making new posts at the best time possible

If you’re targeting your business in a foreign market, it’s vital for you to stick to the local time with your news and updates. Luckily, lots of tools can make this process automated for you.

  • My Instagram posts have a unique design

The entries in both your feed and stories should be catchy and memorable enough to motivate the viewers to come to you again and again. If you feel you can’t come up with appealing and engaging post templates, you might consider ordering custom design elements from an expert team.

  • I keep my captions short and powerful

To write captions that sell, pay special attention to the hashtags you’re including in the texts. Also, spend some time viewing other commercial Instagram accounts: maybe some of them will give you a hint or two on creating winning captions!

  • I keep in touch with my followers

If you answer comments and direct messages promptly and politely, you’re building a great business reputation and making it more likely for clients to choose your products over the competitors’ offers.

That’s it!

This is how you can increase engagement of Instagram posts for business growth and prosperity. So, if you’re looking for an efficient (and free!) way to promote your dropshipping business on Instagram and boost your store performance, look no further!

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