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Trendy And Timeless Dropshipping Niche Ideas For Your Online Store

As a dropshipping store owner, do you want to reap the rewards of cutting-edge innovations and latest fashion trends? Or, would you rather focus on evergreen dropshipping niche ideas that will bring you profit in a long-term period? This article will help you in any case!

Last updated: December 10, 2020

We love sharing interesting product and dropshipping niche ideas every once in a while! So, if you want to create a winning offer in your store, you’ll enjoy the product selections we publish regularly.

Our today’s niche selection consists of 2 parts. In the first chapter, we will cover the product categories that will see an exceptionally high demand in the upcoming season. The second part will be all about timeless niches that will see a strong demand in a long-term period.

Let’s go!

Hot dropshipping niche ideas to try in 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t stop in 2020 as many nation leaders and analytics hoped. As a result, people in many countries still have to work at home and stay indoors as much as possible.

Those who are stuck at home seek for new ways to entertain themselves or products that can make their lives more comfortable. So, here are few dropshipping niche ideas for you!

Board games

Table-top game, card game and dices

Because of the quarantine, families can no longer go out to have fun. Instead, they have to come up with something they can play together at home. And this is where moms and dads remembered the good old table-top games. The global cards and board games market’s value is expected to reach $21.56 billion by 2025.

Interest for board games on Google Trends

There’s another reason people started buying board games. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy when the parents have to work.

At-home bar

At-home bar equipment and accessories

Some dropshipping niche ideas can surprise you. Adults who don’t have children also look for alternatives that could somehow replace the lifestyle they were used to. And some of them thought, “If you can’t go to a bar, bring the bar home!”

People who have enough income and space at home are now building at-home bars or buy more affordable bar equipment to copy the atmosphere.

Need new dropshipping niche ideas? The interest for bar equipment on Google Trends is on the rise.

Of course, trying to dropship large and costly equipment like stools, tables or lamps is quite risky. But there are plenty of bar accessories dropshippers can choose from.


Kitchenware has always been one of the evergreen dropshipping niche ideas. In 2021, it's going to be even more popular.

On the bright side, people now have more free time. They don’t have to commute to work anymore, or drive the kids to school and back home. They also have more money to spend – the money they would otherwise spend on driving or going out.

That’s why cooking became more popular than before.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for kitchenware

This was one of the most popular dropshipping niches even before the pandemic. Bow it’s even more profitable.

Home organization

Home organizers and storage containers

Home organization has become one of the most efficient ways to cope with the stress from staying home all the time. Boxes, bins and shelf organizers are in demand now. They come in many shapes and sizes, can be used to store clothing, food, tools – anything you want.

Search volume dynamics for storage boxes on Google Trends

Another advantage of these products is that they are compatible with a number of other dropshipping niche ideas. Thus, one can enrich their inventory and stimulate cross-selling.

Home décor

Three images of home décor products

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways including our home design preferences. People are now trying to make their homes as comfortable and cozy as ever, create private space and build home-offices.

The number of orders on AliExpress speaks for itself!

According to Google Trends, the interest for home décor products is on the rise

There are many affordable and easy-to-ship décor products on AliExpress. Besides, the demand for such goods grows even more on holidays.

Now, let’s take a look at other niche ideas in our list.

Tech niche ideas

Technology never stops improving. All over the world, there are enthusiasts who work day and night to make our future brighter, cleaner, and better. If you love hi-tech stuff and keep an eye on the latest releases and announcements, try out these dropshipping ideas!

Wi-Fi 6 products

Three Wi-Fi 6 gadgets sold on AliExpress

Wi-Fi-6 is the technology that secures faster processing and higher wireless connection speed. Analysts explain that it allows a 3 times faster download speed than Wi-Fi 5 that we are using now. Of course, it’s great news for Web surfers all across the world!

According to Google Trends, Wi-Fi 6 devices are going to be one of hottest dropshipping niche ideas for 2021

More than 300 million Wi-Fi-6 devices are expected to enter the market in 2021 – mostly, high-class routers, laptops and smartphones, and tech-savvy users are eager to get them ASAP. What would you say to this market opportunity?

Wireless tech

Three models of wireless earphones

Look at these crazy numbers of orders from AliExpress! It’s safe to say that various pieces of wireless technology are certainly a good pick for your store.

WhaTech reports that the wireless router industry is estimated to reach $3200.92 million by 2022. Business Insider, in turn, expects that the market of hearables, also known as smart headphones, will grow by 45% annually during the next 5 years. Wireless Audio Market Global Forecast predicts that the wireless audio market will reach the mark of $31.80 billion by 2023.

Sounds really impressive, right?

Interest for wireless earphones on Google Trends is rising, which indicates a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021.

The demand for these items looks very promising, too!

Wearables and accessories

Fitness trackers as an example of popular wearables and accessories

Fitness and health trackers become much more accessible to the general public. The technology is improving, and even the people in lower income countries can easily afford these health & sports devices. It allows the sellers reach the customer segments that they couldn’t achieve earlier!

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for fitness trackers

The niche potential is truly incredible. As per the Wearable Devices Market Forecast, the market of wearable devices will grow by 21,63% every year in the next 5 years, and reach the mark of $80.438 billion by 2025.

Surely, trackers, as well as other kinds of wearables, are a lovely choice for your dropshipping store!

360-degree cameras & accessories

Three models of 360 degree cameras

360-degree cameras are increasingly demanded for lots of different purposes. Video surveillance, mapping, VR videography and gaming, panoramic photography, robotics… All these and many other spheres require the use of 360-degree cameras and their accessories, which is why the market is thriving.

According to Google Trends, the interest for 360 degree cameras is on the rise

The value of the global 360-degree camera market will reach $2,993 million by 2026, making it a great industry for you to consider.

VR devices

Virtual reality devices sold on AliExpress

Since we’ve just mentioned VR, let’s talk about this tech niche, too!

VR and AR systems are not something ‘hype’, ‘high-tech’ or ‘inaccessible’ any more. Thanks to the technology advancements, they are available to all sorts of audiences. Even schools use them to create an engaging and entertaining educational process!

Search volume dynamics for VR boxes on Google Trends

There is no wonder, then, that the global VR market volume is expected to reach $20,9 billion by 2025. That opens up some exciting opportunities to the market players – who knows, maybe you’ll become one of them, too?…

Lifestyle niche ideas

Do you want to bring value to your customers? Think about the niches and products that are helpful in our daily life, and build your store around them!

Smart home devices

Smart home devices: soap dispensers and water saver

(Oh no, not tech stuff again! :D)

One of the most prominent kitchen trends of 2021 is an extensive use of smart devices for various cooking, cleaning, and organising processes.

But of course, not only kitchens can benefit from the exciting innovations brought to us from researchers all over the globe. Your customers can improve countless aspects of their daily household routines thanks to household devices – and they are really interested in it!

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for smart home devices

Even though the demand for these items seems to depend on the season, you can clearly see this niche has a highly promising potential.


Hiking equipment is becoming one of the trendy dropshipping niches of 2021

Local travel is becoming one of the upcoming tourism trends. And hiking remains the only activity type that wasn’t hurt by the pandemic. In fact, some trails are now more crowded in the US than before.

According to Google Trends, the interest for hiking equipment is on the rise

Hiking is a good way to combine self-isolation and entertainment!

Indoor gardening tools

Indoor gardening products - one of the best dropshipping niche ideas for 2021

People around the world are turning to gardening: plants will be all over the place! Finding their way indoors, they will require their owners’ attention and care – and of course, special treatment accessories.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for indoor gardening

Actually, you can launch a thriving business based on this idea!

Posture correctors

Images of people wearing posture correctors

Posture correctors market is expected to reach $1.741,7 million by 2026. With people walking less and sitting in chairs more nowadays, it’s no wonder many of them now suffer from back pain.

The interest for posture correctors is rising, indicating a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021.

With more and more people getting involved in office work, this problem is becoming global. So, it’s time to offer a remedy!

Water bottles

Looking for successful dropshipping niche ideas? Consider lifestyle products, like reusable water bottles.

High-end water bottles are thought to be a status symbol of the 21st century. They solve multiple users’ issues at once: let them stay hydrated throughout the day, save the money they would have spent on other beverages, show their responsible attitude to sustainability, and many more.

Search volume dynamics for water bottles on Google Trends

There is no wonder these items are on the rise!

Fashion niche ideas

If you’re looking for a niche that easily triggers impulse purchases, fashion items are probably your best bet! They cause an emotional reaction and motivate the viewers to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button without a second thought.

Let’s see which exact fashion items and accessories will see the highest demand in the upcoming season!

Crop tops

Young women wearing crop tops

Expect those who follow fashion to search and buy crop tops as this is one of the upcoming trends presented at the Fashion Week in Paris and Milan. As soon as spring comes, fashionistas will switch to open shoulders and bellies.

Google Trends shows a rising interest level for crop tops. Good news for those looking for dropshipping niche ideas.

Such products are relatively affordable, which makes them ideal for apparel dropshippers.

Hair clips and barrettes

Hair clips and barrettes are one of the best dropshipping niche ideas to consider in 2021

Half-up hairdos are going to be one of the hits of 2021! And if your buyers want to repeat this ‘romantic hair’ look, they will need to secure their hair with a catchy clip, a cute pin, or a lovely barrette. Thankfully, you have enough well-demanded AliExpress offers to meet their needs!

According to Google Trends, the interest for hair clips and barrettes is on the rise

What’s especially great about this product type is that it’s certainly going to stay demanded regardless of cutting-edge fashion trends! Hype comes and goes, but the number of AliExpress orders clearly shows that these hair styling products have always been sought after.

Metallic clothing

Shiny metallic-texture skirts and leggings

Metallic textures are still a hit on the red carpet and runways. What would you say to the opportunity to spice up your product offer with these items?

Search volume dynamics for metallic clothes on Google Trends

Given the current interest in shiny and sparkly materials, your business prospects look quite bright, too!

Women shorts

Looking for top dropshipping niche ideas? Consider selling women shorts.

You might think that there is nothing really special about shorts. After all, it’s nothing but a regular type of clothing that is worn on numerous occasions. However, in 2021 shorts are going to be an indispensable trend.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for women shorts. Good news for those looking for dropshipping niche ideas.

So, if you’re looking for ways to drive new audiences to your apparel store, consider adding this product type to your offer!

Head scarfs

Colorful head scarfs popular among AliExpress buyers - a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021

Fashion tends to go in circles. New trends get old-fashioned but often come back as a blast from the past.

According to The Trend Spotter, head scarfs come back from the 50s and 60s and are going to become trendy in spring/summer of 2021.

Search volume dynamics for head scarfs on Google Trends

From simple bold colors to floral patterns, these accessories can go in many designs and suit various styles.

Evergreen niche ideas for dropshipping

Researching the hottest 2020/2021 technology, lifestyle, and fashion trends, we were still keeping in mind these niches’ lifespan. Trends come and go, but your store will be operating for a long time!

That’s why even when we’re talking about hot and hype products and niches, we still try collecting some stats on these niches’ expected performance over the course of years.

But what about the dropshipping niches that will stay popular forever? Are there any items or topics that will be popular no matter what?

The answer is yes!

Here is just a tiny selection of ‘evergreen’ niches you can benefit from.

Kids’ clothes, toys, and accessories

Child bandanas and caps

Just take a look at the number of orders these AliExpress items have! Whatever happens, these products see a steady demand, and nothing can change it.

All over the world, people keep creating families and providing the best possible care to their little ones. We have already covered this niche in one of our previous research articles, so you’re welcome to check it out!

Pets’ accessories

Looking for dropshipping niche ideas that are always fresh? Consider pet products!

Pets’ well-being and entertainment is the issue of paramount importance to their owners. For these people, online shopping is a more affordable alternative to buying these items in brick-and-mortar stores. However, the trick here is to promote and position your dropshipping store in a proper way. If you want to learn more about it, just go to this article.

Women apparel

Looking for evergreen dropshipping niche ideas? Then women apparel is just what you need!

For thousands of women all over the globe, it’s challenging to find time and money for a relaxing and satisfying offline shopping. Therefore, if you’re working in this niche, you have a huge customer segment to target. Plus, you can enjoy an unbeatable opportunity to keep your buyers interested thanks to hype and trendy product updates! For more info, please read this guide on dropshipping apparel.


Sportswear is one of the top evergreen dropshipping niches

Low-cost fitness is a massive industry you can greatly benefit from. Think about offering cheap yet highly rated sportswear that everyone can easily afford. This way, you’ll be targeting two segments at once. It’s both the regular gym-goers who don’t want to spend extra on their fitness clothes, and the people who work out in the comfort of their own homes.

Eco-friendly lifestyle items

Eco-friendly lifestyle items are one of the trends of 2021

As we already mentioned it before, the use of eco-friendly, sustainable products is a full-scale fashion statement these days! But beyond that, it’s a great habit that is gradually becoming widespread on the global scale. Noticing that recycling, waste reducing and items recycling actually makes a difference for the environment, people get much more interested in adopting this lifestyle.

Bonus! Most profitable dropshipping niches to try

Do you want more?

Profitable_NichesFeel free to check our list of the most profitable niches for your store. There, you will see which audiences are best to target, and learn more about these niches’ potential. Also, don’t forget to test your niche with our FREE research tool and see if you’re making a good business choice!

That’s it! By now, you probably already have a couple of ideas for a perfect dropshipping store offer in 2020! Without any doubt, this year is just the perfect time to start your dropshipping venture.

We hope you’ll get inspired with our list of best dropshipping niche ideas, and we will be really happy if this selection motivates you to start your own business!

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