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Trending Products 2021: How To Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors?

Are you curious to know what to sell in 2021 to make a large profit? Is it necessary for you to stay one step ahead of other entrepreneurs all the time? In this case, this is a high time for you to learn more about trending products in 2021. And we are beyond excited to research the market and offer you some nice ideas for your online store to benefit from!

How to beat your competitors and make the most of your business?

To date, the world is changing really fast.

Thanks to the hard work of scientists and researchers all over the globe, technologies and manufacturing processes are getting more and more advanced. Therefore, it gets cheaper and more convenient to produce various types of items. That’s how they become more accessible on different markets worldwide.

At the same time, influencers and bloggers invent and introduce new ‘hot’ lifestyle habits almost daily! A huge audience observes them through social media, and drives the demand for ‘must-have’ items of the season.

What does it mean for you as an online store owner?

Basically, if you want to stay at the top of your game, you need to be aware of the latest market trends – and re-evaluate them regularly.

That’s why we never stop making the most trending product selections. Indeed, we have written a huge number of compilations that include thousands of the most lucrative products you should definitely pay attention to. It’s all about trending products to sell, ever-green products, the ones that are extremely promising to sell during the COVID-19 outbreak, and so on.

Now 2020 is coming to an end. And while some entrepreneurs are trying to make the most of what they have right now, we prefer to look ahead. So, let’s dive in, and look at what are the general ecommerce expectations for the next year, and what products will be trending in 2021!

Trending products 2021: Bluetooth

a picture showing rising interest to bluetooth devices

As you can see from Google Trends, over the years, Bluetooth tech has seen an increasing public interest, and the trend is expected to continue. Thanks to the impressive innovations in the industry, Bluetooth devices now provide an unmatched customer experience, and support a much higher quality of life.

In fact, speakers, headphones, earphones, chargers, trackers, sports and health wearables are the Bluetooth gadgets that are said to change the face of wireless technology really soon.

If a high-tech future excites you, why not turn your passion into a profitable niche for an online business? Just a quick look at the number of orders of the following items is enough to see a huge potential of this product category.

Bluetooth earphones

an image showing trending products in 2021

Portable speakers

an image showing trending products in 2021

Trending products 2021: magnetic tech

a picture proving rising popularity of magnetic tech

Definitely, the power of magnets is used in various devices and gadgets quite commonly. Most likely, you own such an accessory yourself: magnetic chargers with various adapters are highly popular among smartphone users.

Much like any other technology, magnetic devices are evolving rapidly, and it certainly attracts the audience’s attention.

So, if this technology can really make a great impact on customers’ lives, maybe, it’s a good idea to include it in your store product range? It’s up to you to decide, of course – but these numbers of orders certainly speak for themselves.

Magnetic USB cables

an image showing trending products in 2021

Magnetic phone holders

an image showing what to sell in 2021

Trending products 2021: pillows

a screenshot that says that sleep optimisation products will be popular in 2021

So, if you want to dream big, it’s vital to dream well.

We’ve already discussed the importance and potential of handy sleep accessories. Still, it seems that in 2021, the so-called ‘sleep optimisation’ will be more important than ever.

Workers, students, parents – millions of people around the globe suffer from a low sleep quality. Surely, not all of them can afford branded memory foam and gel pillows, but does it mean they don’t deserve proper sleep care?

Actually, the following product selection shows a wide variety of options you can offer your clients. Sometimes, a great change to a person’s life starts with a usual, routine thing. Don’t you want to be this little change to the world?


a picture showing what to sell in 2021 to gain profit

Trending products 2021: Pets’ accessories

a screenshot showing the rise of demand for pet's accessories

Due to a number of events that, unfortunately, took place in 2020, lots of people worldwide still have to stay at home, work from home, and avoid contacting others. And if, at first, there was nothing special about it, over time it becomes more and more challenging to morally survive the lockdown.

So how not to go crazy during the self-isolation period? Well, a number of web portals assure that during periods of great stress, it’s a lot easier to maintain good mental health for pet owners. Actually, this group of people will have enough time to spend it with their pets!

And since we can’t be confident when the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak fade away, the demand for pet products is supposed to go on increasing in early 2021. Actually, dropshipping pet products has always been a lucrative business niche, but now this is definitely a high time to pay particular attention to this product group if you’re eager to make the most of your online store in 2021!

Pet clothing

an image showing trending products in 2021

Pet collars and leads

an image highlighting best products to sell in 2021

Trending products 2021: Home fitness equipment

a picture showing rising demand for indoor sports products

Each year more and more people start going in for sports, keeping fit, etc. And that is awesome! In practice, this is good news not only because humans aspire to physical perfection. This provides a chance for entrepreneurs to gain profit from selling sports products online.

There is always a high demand for sports products. However, if during previous years people had an opportunity to go to the gym where they could find everything necessary to practice sports, in 2020 citizens of many countries are under lockdown while others simply try to avoid social gathering places because of the pandemic situation.

This is exactly why a number of leading world publishing houses pointed out that it’s a great idea to start practicing sports at home right now! But where can people find cheap and high-quality sports supplies without leaving their homes? Right, it’s online stores that are supposed to help them.

Exercise bands

an image showing trending products in 2021

Sport bras

an image showing what products will be trending in 2021

Yoga mats

an image showing trending products in 2021

Trending products 2021: Home office supplies

a screenshot showing the trend of buying remote work supplies

Yes, here is one more trend set by the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Even 6 months later there is a lockdown in some countries. In other ones, governments have to recommend that business owners transfer their staff to remote work. Some major global corporations even let their employees work from home forever, as long as they wish!

But what does it mean for an ecommerce store owner? Right, it means you should consider selling products for remote work in your online store since there will be a strong demand for them for a long time. So it’s a chance for you to make a fortune!

Laptop tables

a picture showing what to sell in 2021


an image showing trending products in 2021

Wi-fi routers and repeaters

a picture showing what to sell in an online store for profit

Trending products 2021: Affordable smart electronics

a screenshot proving a stable rise of smart device popularity

Smart devices are booming on the market right now! And due to the fact this area has not been fully explored, manufacturers find the ways to make their products cheaper and more convenient for the end users on a permanent basis.

This is a case in 2020, and, definitely, this trend will continue in 2021. And if recently fitness trackers were a novelty for us, now there is a wide range of personal smart tools and smart home devices that really impress!

Smart home devices

an image showing cheap smart home devices to sell in 2021

AI light

an image showing trending products in 2021

Smart wearable devices

a picture showing what to sell in 2021 for profit

Trending products 2021: Kitchen utensils

a picture showing the rise of demand for kitchen utensils

There is nothing like going to the restaurant with your family on your day off, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has an impact on it as well. The point is that lots of restaurants are closed or their performance is limited.

Meantime, some people are still not ready to go to the restaurants and contact others. That’s why they have started to spend more time cooking at home. So the demand for kitchen utensils has increased significantly. In 2021, this trend is highly likely to go on.

Kitchen utensils

an image showing trending products in 2021

Trending products 2021: Home clothing

a screenshot proving that home clothes will be popular in 2021

It’s not always as easy to buy home clothing. And since lots of malls worldwide are still closed, it becomes really challenging to get both men’s and women’s sleepwear and so on at the right time. However, we are speaking now about 100% necessities.

So how to deal with this? Right, it means this is time for customers to buy home clothing online. Well, don’t miss an opportunity to benefit from this as an entrepreneur!

Women’s robes

an image showing trending products in 2021

Men’s pajamas

a picture showing what to sell in 2021 and benefit from

Women’s pyjamas

an image showing trending products in 2021

These are the most interesting ecommerce industry trending products in 2021. We hope they will serve as an inspiration for your own business plans and strategies for the next year!

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