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What Youtube Influencer Marketing Can Do To Your Business In 2022

What’s YouTube influencer marketing and how can you use it for your store benefit? Let’s find it out!

Can you imagine the world without YouTube?

Without these funny cat videos that perfectly brighten up the boring evenings?

If you can, you’re my personal hero. Because I can’t.

YouTube has become a huge part of our everyday life and an internal part of digital marketing as well.

Actually, this is not surprising. Just look at these mind-blowing facts:

  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • People watch over one billion hours of video every day
  • Over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month
  • Users can navigate YouTube in a total of 80 different languages

Impressive numbers, right?

Besides that, they are consistently increasing!

That’s why all the marketing experts in the world utilize YouTube as a really effective and highly promising promotion channel and regularly look for new marketing tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll tell you about YouTube influencer marketing – a great way to promote your business on YouTube and boost your sales.

But first, let’s look at some more reasons why you cannot go without YouTube marketing.

Why use YouTube for marketing?

  • People like watching videos

To be more precise, our brain likes videos.

According to some researches, we mostly perceive the world through our eyes and remember 80% of what we see. This is because our brain processes visual information 60,000 (!) times faster than any other types of content.

We like pictures and videos because it’s easier and quicker for us to understand them. The best proof of this is traffic signs. It’s enough to cast a glance at a sign to clearly understand its meaning.

So, the love for pictures and videos is in our blood (or brain?), and there’s nothing we can do with it.

  • People trust their eyes above all

Have you ever heard about the Loch Ness Monster? A big creature that lived in lake Loch Ness and often scared local residents?

You know, lots of people believed in a large and ugly monster just because they saw SOMETHING with their own two eyes. Nobody could say what exactly they saw but they were sure that it was a monster. And no research or studies could convince them otherwise.

As you can see, people trust their eyes above all, so include videos into your marketing arsenal and make the most of it.

  • Your content never dies

Very often, I watch videos that were created long ago. This is not because I’m a nostalgic type. This is because I just don’t have enough time to track all trends on the Internet. So I can stumble upon a great video even in a year after its publishing.

The bottom line is simple: if you upload something on YouTube, it will be watched sooner or later. Just be patient and promote your video.

  • YouTube videos often get on high positions

When you start searching for something on Google, you will get YouTube videos among the first search results. Google thinks that videos are valuable content, so they are always shown up on the first page.

However, just making great videos is not enough to get to the top.

To get better chances, you definitely need to use different promotional tools. One of the best ones of them is YouTube influencer marketing.

What is YouTube influencer marketing?

In simple terms, YouTube influencer marketing means asking YouTube bloggers for collaboration and inviting them to promote your store or products on their channels.

As a rule, bloggers create engaging promo videos which will help you:

  • Share your story in a very creative way
  • Highlight your strengths and advantages
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Reach customers effectively
  • Convert leads into customers

YouTube influencers usually do advertising for money, but there is always a possibility to do it for free. Especially, if you start dealing with an upcoming YouTube star.

Such promo videos work really well and can generate amazing results for your business.

How to use YouTube for influencer marketing?

Now, you understand why YouTube is a really great promotional tool which you cannot ignore.

It’s a high time to move from theory to practice and follow our step-by-step guide.

1. Find YouTube influencers related to your niche

niche YouTube influencer

Nowadays, it seems that only a lazy person doesn’t have a YouTube channel. Housewives make videos on how to bake tasty cakes, and schoolchildren record their live streaming.

However, among the rich variety of bloggers, you need to find those who are related to your niche.

Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Number of subscribers

The number of subscribers is a way of measuring the success of YouTube channels.

The logic is simple.

The more followers a channel has, the more interesting the content is for people. The more interesting the content is for people, the more views the channel will get. And this is exactly what we need!

So, we recommend you to look for YouTube influencers having at least 50,000+ subscribers and to get in touch with them. Advertising on such channels will be really worth it!

  • Number of views per video

Besides the number of subscribers, focus on the number of views per video.

Sometimes, YouTube account owners get involved in the so called “sub4sub rings”. They subscribe to other channels in exchange for subscribing to their channels. As a result, they get tons of ‘dead’ subscribers who will never watch a video.

In order to avoid such cheaters, look through the list of videos and make sure that people really watch them.

Number of views per video

  • Audience reaction to promo videos

Some people like advertising videos, others don’t.

That’s why before choosing YouTube influencers, you need to evaluate how their audience reacts to any type of ads. Go through the comments and look what people usually write about promotional videos. If the comment section is full of negative feedback, it’s better to search for another channel.

Audience reaction

2. Get in touch with the YouTube influencers you want to work with

Once you have found several YouTubers related to your niche, connect with them and ask if they do advertising.

In order not to waste your time, we recommend you to create a sample message and send it to all the bloggers.

Here is what we usually write.

Hello! My name is [NAME]. I am the manager of the [STORE NAME] online store.

We sell kawaii and cute clothes and accessories. We are looking for advertising partners on YouTube. Our team likes your [BLOGGER’S CHANNEL NAME] YouTube channel so much!

Do you create promo reviews of kawaii merch? Are you interested in free promo on your channel?  

For example, I will send you a Totoro pencil case, you’ll make a promo video with it, and post it on your channel.

Maybe you can suggest another type of advertising on your channel for us?

Looking forward to your reply!

Feel free to use our email as a sample or compose your own one.

Let’s move to the next step.

3. Structure and analyze the information received

After getting the answers from your chosen YouTube bloggers, you need to analyze all the information received. We recommend you to create an Excel table and write all the details there.

Of course, you can structure information any way you want, but there are some points that you should definitely focus on:

  • Price (high, average or low)
  • Way of interacting (friendly or arrogant)
  • Quality of videos (high, medium or low)
  • Recommendations (if there are any)

These aspects are very important for comparing all the bloggers and picking the one who offers the best price/quality ratio.

4. Choose the YouTube influencer offering the best terms and discuss the details

After finding the most suitable YouTube blogger for collaboration, you need to discuss how you will interact with each other.

Here are some points that you definitely need to focus on:

  • The length of your promo video

Nowadays, most people don’t have enough time (or patience?) to watch lengthy videos. That’s why we recommend recording 2-5 minute promo videos that contain as much useful information about your products as possible.

Remember, the shorter is a video, the more chances it has to be watched.

  • Possibility to look at the video script

Some YouTube influencers like to be the ones in control. They make all the decisions in regards to the video on their own and refuse to negotiate on any point.

That’s why it’s better to discuss it in advance if you can look at the video script and change something according to your own vision.

  • Ways of resolving any issues

It’s a sad fact, but many people do not fulfill their promises. So, you need to discuss it in advance what both of you will do if anything goes wrong.

The best way is to make a contract with the blogger and clearly define all the terms and conditions. However, if this is not possible, just write a detailed list of your needs and wishes. Discuss it with the blogger until you come to an agreement.

5. Choose a great product from your store and send it to the influencer


This step is the easiest one. Just go through your dropshipping store and choose a product you like and want to advertise.

If you have any problems at this stage, feel free to read our article on how to find the best products on AliExpress and follow our tips.

6. Ask the blogger to show you the video before publishing it

As it has been said, you need to check the promo video before it will be published.

Here are some reasons for this:

  • The final video may have a low quality or contain factual errors
  • The blogger might not fulfill the terms of the contract
  • The YouTube influencer can change something in the script without notifying

It’s not easy to change something in a ready video. However, if you notice some obvious mistakes or unnecessary details that you don’t like, don’t be shy to tell the blogger about it.

7. Answer all the comments in the comment section after the video is published

Once your video has been published, it’s time to monitor people’s reactions, read comments and answer them. Be ready to accept criticism because it’s impossible to look nice for everyone, but don’t take it personally.

Remember, even if people criticize you, your store or your products, you don’t have to lower yourself to their level! Be extremely polite and respectful because reputation is made in a moment.

Answer all comments

8. Track and analyze your results

The last step is analyzing results and defining problems.

The best way to determine that people came to your store thanks to your YouTube influencer marketing campaign is to offer promotional codes. These codes are great to motivate people to go to your store and buy something from you.

What’s more, we recommend you to regularly use Google Analytics and monitor how uploading promo videos influences your traffic and sales.

Without a doubt, YouTube influencer marketing is worth it. People like video content, which makes this marketing tool perfect to build your brand, collect leads and promote products you want to sell. Use it regularly and you’ll find yourself among the lucky ones who hit a jackpot and built a highly successful dropshipping business!

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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel In 2020

If you’ve got an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and maybe Pinterest…you almost have all your social media ducks in a row. But you may be missing out on one of the most dynamic and engaging ways to connect with your audience – YouTube. Yes, it’s the reigning platform for all things video, and is home to many “influencers” of today, but YouTube is also king of finding information such as tutorials, how-to videos, recipes, and so much more.

You can bring your brand to life, promote your website’s products, and build a great sense of community. And with more ways to connect than ever, let’s take a look at how to promote YouTube channel in 2020.

If you want to learn step by step how to get an account started on YouTube, check out our previous post on how to get started. Need help with optimization fields and keywords for your channel? Read our helpful post here and here to get up to speed.

Use site badges

Social media icons on the AliDropship website.

Probably, it’s the most basic (and seemingly required) tactic for retail websites now. Adding icon badges to your website will help any site visitors know that you have an account for a particular social platform.

Cross promote on your platforms

Popular Vine star David Dobrik links his YouTube channel in his Instagram bio.

Retail vlogger Retail Archaeology mentions a new YouTube video in IG Stories.

Follow any influencers? Many link their newest YouTube video or channel link to their bios on Instagram or Tweet out a link on Twitter to drive traffic. If your brand has just released a new video, you can use this tactic. Want to keep your website URL in your bio? Simply create a video post on your feed or an Instagram story.

Build a presence on the Community tab

How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2020

NYC-based tour guide Sarah Funk polls a question on her Community tab.

Skit channel Smosh promotes a sale on its Community tab.

If your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, you may notice that is a Community tab appears on your channel. Note for some channels, you may need to enable this feature, and it can take up to one week to populate. Google has more information about this here.

Community is essentially like what IG Stories is on Instagram. YouTube’s Community tab is designed to help creators engage with audiences outside of their videos. This can be done with features such as polls or images and text. Some YouTubers use Community as an aside to connect more personally to their audience and fans. As a brand, you can utilize this to show behind-the-scenes information or start a conversation about your video content. Just make sure it’s different content than what you have on your other social channels!

How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2020

Animal care channel The Dodo pins a comment in its Community tab. Image credit to Social Media Examiner.

Like with YouTube video comments, you as the creator can pin a comment to the top to facilitate discussion. This can increase the engagement of your Community.


How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2020

AMSR YouTuber Goodnight Moon mentions a website she is collaborating with.

One of the most basic forms of promoting one’s YouTube channel, collaborations are popular tactics among brands and influencers alike. Whether a sponsorship with an in-person collaboration on a video, collaborations help boost credibility and exposure to the audiences of both channels involved – a win-win situation.

You can collaborate with an influencer and have him/her mention your website for its purchases. For more extensive coverage, you could give the influencer a few items from your website for free. In return, you could ask him/her to mention your social media handles and website. You can even instruct them to specifically link your channel on their screen and in their description box for the sponsored video – this is a great tactic for boosting your YouTube channel. We especially recommend this method for dropshipping store owners for one simple reason. The thing is, most of them are individuals running just a website, and not a full-on team like a traditional ecommerce business.

Engage in the comments

Lifestyle influencer Brett Conti interacts with comments.

How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2020

Our very own AliDropship team is very responsive in video comments.

Yes, it sounds almost like a “duh” move, but you’d be surprised how many brands or influencers do not respond to comments. While you can’t respond to every comment, it’s smart to use your video comments as a way to gauge how viewers view your content. Oftentimes, people give suggestions on how to improve or what isn’t working – or they’ll share how much they love your videos – so comments are a goldmine of feedback. They’re also great for letting fans feel heard and appreciated. So, like with other social media platforms, be sure to give YouTube comments “likes” and responses.

Get in on the right groups/websites

This “Gym workout fitness” is an example of a private Facebook group.

Nerd Fitness is an example of an online forum community you can join.

One other suggestion here is to find groups and places online and start commenting and engaging with people BEFORE you start posting links to your videos. Note some groups or websites will require asking for permission or signing up before posting. Similar to niche research on Instagram, scouring places like Facebook groups or fan groups online can help you utilize grassroots marketing for your YouTube. And we suggest researching before posting because you’re less likely to be seen as spam if you have prior engagement on a website or chat community. Who wants a user/comment out of nowhere with a link to their own channel, right?

If you run an online sports store for example, you can find online forums for fitness and create an account to connect with people. You can find fitness chat groups on Facebook or YouTube channels for fitness and workouts and comment and engage. Over time, you can share links to your channel’s videos and you can attract people to your channel page.

Organize your channel

How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2020

The AliDropship channel has a featured video as well as a playlist of videos right underneath.

Doctor-turned-media personality Dr. Mike features many playlists to organize his uploads.

Think of your YouTube channel as a TV station. TV stations have playlists that they synchronize to play segments, commercials, and such. So organize your video content into easy-to-navigate lists that in turn, will expose viewers to your other related content.

Now note YouTube’s algorithm naturally will feature your channel’s videos on the side when a viewer is already watching a video of yours, but there are still ways to increase the exposure and setup of your channel.

As seen above with our very own channel, we have what is known as a featured video. This is a main video that stays on your channel’s main page and auto-plays whenever someone visits. You can set a different video to show for new visitors or returning subscribers – check out this step-by-step video to learn how.

You also may have noticed all those playlists that we showed with Dr. Mike. Playlists are for you to organize your content so viewers can focus on a specific topic or type of video you create, in turn, enhancing their experience on your channel. Want to structure your YouTube content? Just watch this helpful walkthrough video.

Thumbnails and titles

Food channel Bon Appetit uses straightforward titles and engaging screencaps.

Tech personality Nick Nimmin uses a consistent thumbnail template with bright text font.

The thumbnails and titles of your videos are the visuals viewers use to gauge if your videos are interesting or not. So, it’s crucial to utilize these to engage your audience. Create mysterious thumbnails. Use emoticons or infographics and use fun fonts. Try to keep your thumbnail style consistent so your video feed looks clean.

With titles, keep them digestible, and alternate some in the form of questions and some with numbers in them to give a quantitative descriptor. “5 Great Instagram Ideas, 3 Must-Have Apps for Business Owners” is a good example! Also try using fun, eye-catching adjectives like “amazing” or “awesome” “must-have” to emphasize a sense of excitement. And keep your video titles within 70 characters to avoid having them cut off by YouTube’s algorithm.

And remember that as a brand – be straightforward with your videos, and try to avoid clickbait screencaps or titles. Clickbait is a form of using misleading titles or images to “trick” someone into viewing or clicking your content.

SUMMARY: Considering how to promote YouTube channel, remember it is about building a sense of community with content that is organized and visually-engaging (and of value). Your channel should also be SEO-friendly with engaging titles and thumbnails. Gain subscribers and traffic by cross-promoting your YouTube on your other social media (and your own website) but also by utilizing grassroots marketing methods on niche-centered chat groups or forums.

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What’s Trending On YouTube In 2020?

Media is all about entertaining us. Educating us. Keeping us in touch with the world. And it’s often a great source of escape. 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years in history, with a global economic recession and a pandemic turning the world on its feet. From leisurely travel to daily work commutes and errand-running, the everyday way of life we’re all used to has changed. In a time such as this, many of us have turned to platforms such as YouTube to be informed and entertained.

And it’s no surprise. With over 1 billion hours of content being watched daily and 500 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, there’s really no better platform to go for media consumption (that’s free too). In April, a New York Times article even found that YouTube traffic increased as much as 15.3% due to the global lockdown, and it’s not surprising.

Chart from Channel Factory.

In fact, Channel Factory ran a two-week study on U.S. audiences to find how they were using YouTube to cope with being locked inside. The results found most were utilizing the video platform for entertainment and music as a mood-lifter during the quarantine period.

If you’ve been thinking of incorporating YouTube into your brand’s marketing efforts, or have even considered being a content creator yourself, take a look into what’s trending on YouTube for 2020 to help you create your own content plan.

The hottest YouTube trends now: Virtual Tours/Walkthroughs

The hottest YouTube trends now: Virtual Tours/Walkthroughs

Manhattan YouTube Live walkthrough from New York-based YouTuber ActionKid.

Yes, yes. If you can’t go on vacation – imagine being there at least!

Is it unsafe to go out in large spaces in your home city? You can transport yourself outside of the house to some other city or mall or place. On YouTube, there is content for everything — so it’s not surprising there are channels offering virtual tours of top destinations and tourist attractions. Content creators such as ActionKid and 4K Vegas shoot live and premade video walking through hot spots, and during the COVID-19 lockdown, have uploaded videos showing the eerie and empty streets of big-name cities such as New York City and Las Vegas.

Although difficult to integrate into online retail, channels showcasing city walkthroughs and tours are great as sponsorship partners. If you specialize in smartphones or electronic accessories or even bike and walking gear, you can consider reaching out to these types of content creators to get your name and product out there in front of large audiences.

DIY Workouts

Fitness channel MadFit showcases an at-home resistance band workout.

Gotta stay in shape since gyms are out of reach, right? Due to the closure of gyms, people around the world have had to resort to buying gear and equipment for at-home equipment (it’s a great niche to do ecommerce in, by the way) to keep fit. Since lockdowns were implemented mid-April, Google Trends has even shown a worldwide spike in people searching for home-based workouts.

And this is where fitness channels such as MadFit and Body Project have capitalized on this increase in demand.

If you’re a fitness-based company with on-air talent to boot, you can invest in the creation of in-house workout videos as part of your content strategy. Or if you have the marketing dollars, find fitness influencers to partner with to get your name out there through helpful workout content or tips.

All-time favorite YouTube trends: DIY Cooking

All-time favorite YouTube trends: DIY Cooking

Tasty guides newcomers through DIY sourdough bread.

You probably at some point have heard about the craze in sourdough bread and baking at home. Being stuck inside the house has equated to people upping their culinary skills, from food to beverage. At one point, dalgona coffee was even a big fad, inspiring caffeine lovers and spiking coffee sales.

Food channels such as Tasty and BuzzFeedVideo are examples of YouTube channels that put out DIY cooking videos during this time, capitalizing on trends.  And you can too if your online business happens to specialize in recipes, kitchen and houseware, or culinary recipes. Like with fitness, you can consider in-house video on your own YouTube channel, focusing on food and beverages.

DIY Crafts

5-Minute Crafts shows a catchy selection of entertaining, easy-to-try crafts.

Once you’ve cleaned out your kitchen and done your workouts (and logged off for work, if you are still working), you’re probably stuck with some downtime. In quarantine, many people have turned to crafts at home to help boost their creativity and cure their boredom.

If you sell stationary or materials such as wood and plastic, you can consider taking a creative twist to your business marketing and creating fun craft videos to entertain viewers, all while generating buzz for your website.

Growing YouTube trends now: Reaction Videos

Growing YouTube trends now: Reaction Videos

Popular channel REACT challenges people to not laugh when viewing funny content.

A fun way to get a laugh out in boredom? Watch strangers react to certain news, pop culture, or entertainment pieces. It’s a weird thing if you think about it, but there’s actually a science behind why people tend to respond positively to reaction videos — it all comes down to empathy and feeling relatable to people in videos, as explained more in depth by Ars Technica.

Channels like FBE and its appropriately-titled sub-channel REACT host some of the most viral and cool reaction videos that feature YouTubers reacting to many different topics. You can also simply search YouTube for reactions to any type of media content you’d like: for example, if you love music and pop culture and wanted to see reactions to Grammy nominations and wins from this year, you could search and stumble across a reaction video from the channel theneedledrop.

Educational & Learning Videos

Toddler Fun Learning hosts a live-stream video for toddler learning.

This is probably one of the hottest niches for content right now. Vdeos geared towards learning and furthering one’s knowledge have been huge turn-tos during 2020 so far.

Whether you have a toddler or child learning to count or spell or you’re a twenty-something trying to learn a new language during downtime, YouTube hosts a wealth of educational-based videos. Young ones can learn with minimal adult supervision with channels such as Toddler Fun Learning while young professionals can boost skills such language abilities on channels such as SpanishPod101.

For more professional skill building, there are class-specific platforms outside of YouTube more suitable such as Skillshare or Lynda on LinkedIn.

SUMMARY: In 2020, YouTube still is the same thing…a source for entertainment and information. But YouTube trends have skewed more towards keeping one sane as the world navigates through an unprecedented health crisis. We see a rise in entertainment and music content (which is not surprising) but also in fitness, cooking, learning, and crafting — people are seeking ways to better themselves while staying home…all without losing their sanity. You can find creative ways to tailor your business to these YouTube trends to boost relevance if you have the right niche…or you can just find self-joy in the amazing escape that YouTube is.

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