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$115K+ With A Sell From Home Business: How Anderson Launched One During The Pandemic

Is it possible to launch a thriving, money-making business from the comfort of your home? What does it take to get one? Anderson, our today’s guest, is a happy owner of a successful sell from home business he launched in the midst of the pandemic – what’s his secret?

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores’ screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Anderson, I’m a Growth Marketer from Brazil, São Paulo. I am a self-taught lifelong learner and entrepreneur, curious, of an executor profile. I have already created some digital businesses. Among them, there’s an ecommerce store with more than $115k in revenue made in just a few months!

Please, tell us more about this successful sell from home business!

Earlier, I had a small Digital Marketing Agency. But when the global pandemic came, clients started canceling their contracts with us. That’s why I started searching for an extra source of income and decided to try selling stuff online.

The dropshipping business model got me interested: no stock is required (love at first sight!) and it’s a scalable business.

I started looking for products that I would personally like to buy, with a high demand as well. A friend of mine told me about the AliDropship plugin, and that was a game-changer. It makes importing products so easy!

How is the business performing right now?

I’m running 3 stores. Here’s how things are looking!

A sell from home business performance

I still remember the first sale in my store – it was 1 week after launch! It felt awesome!

What did you do to achieve it? How are you promoting the sell from home business?

First, I started with Facebook Ads. Today, I sell through a lot of channels: Google, Pinterest, TikTok, in-store blog (SEO), influencers, Email Marketing, etc.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads prove to be the most efficient for me, and I use data from the running ads to learn more about my buyers: what they like, what they do… I spend about $5K/month on advertising.

There was a “funny” story once: I did a campaign with a bigger Brazilian influencer with an 8+ million Instagram audience.

… I sold only a few products!

What are you selling, exactly, and what’s your product strategy?

I research buyers’ demand and look for quality products that I’d love to buy myself. Usually, I add new products around every 2 months. To get my dropshipping profits, I multiply the original price by somewhere between 3 and 4,5.

What does your daily routine look like when you run a sell from home business?

It takes me about 2 hours per day to manage my stores, with Customer Support taking most of my time. Still, I believe there is no such thing as difficult customers. You just must provide awesome customer support and they can buy from you again.

The biggest challenge, however, is making a proper profit margin. I’m working with high-quality products and sometimes it’s hard to generate so much value on the offers. So I’m just creating new offers! For example, “buy 2, 3 or more with a discount” ( this increases the average order value), or “buy this and get that for free”, etc.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to run this business in the long term, which is why I registered it officially. I’m thinking of developing a brand, too! In some years, I’d love to sell my brands for millions. I really like to work, always thinking about the long-term perspectives.

How has your life changed?

Everything has changed! The sensation of freedom is priceless.

At first, my friends and family thought I was crazy. Now, they ask me to teach them 😀

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

If you haven’t applied branding in your business, now is the time to do it! And if you don’t have your online business yet, don’t wait to start: freedom is priceless and time doesn’t go back.

What an inspirational insight! With due effort, even a tiny dropshipping store can easily grow into a lucrative business with a brilliant potential. We are beyond grateful to Anderson for his exciting feedback, and can’t wait to see his stores break new records and achieve new milestones!

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What Success Stories Of Entrepreneurs Can Teach You About Dropshipping

Is there a reason to look at success stories of entrepreneurs when you’re planning to start an ecommerce venture yourself? Of course!

It’s normal to have doubts when making any decision, even when it’s not something that can potentially change your life. Imagine how thrilling it is to consider launching a business that can turn your daily routine upside down!

In this case, understanding other people and their business experiences can play a crucial role in making a final decision. That’s why we’re summing up different success stories of entrepreneurs in this article. We hope it will be helpful for both aspiring newcomers who are deciding whether they should try dropshipping or not and well-established business owners who just need a piece of advice!

All success stories of entrepreneurs start with a bold decision

Choosing a product is one of the vital steps of creating a store, no matter if it’s a brick-and-mortar or an online one. We recommend our clients to go for the niche that they’re genuinely interested in. That way, they’ll have enough energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to work with that kind of business for a long time.

But some people don’t want to limit themselves and don’t mind selling something they haven’t previously heard about — as long as it’s a profitable product type! Ankit, for example, suggests paying attention to Google Trends in order to have a better understanding of what’s in right now. The key to success, as he says, is a good product and high perceived value.

He also says that you don’t neсessarily have to spend money on any courses – YouTube is a gold mine and you can learn everything there. The AliDropship channel with its free courses and how-tos is a great example! 😉

Dropshipping can be a profitable side hustle

Running a business can be a time-consuming thing. Because of that, many people are simply afraid to leave their stable 9-to-5 jobs, and invest all their time into a business that might not meet their expectations. This is NOT about dropshipping. You can try yourself in a dropshipping business and still have a safety cushion of a regular job. Tammy, a successful newcomer to online business, proves it!

Being a regular worker at a liquor store in Australia, Tammy has 1 running store that brings about 1,500 AUD in monthly profits. She keeps her business processes simple by running paid ads and promoting her store on Instagram through commenting, following, and partnering with influencers. And he only spends up to an hour a day on her store! That’s less than most people spend on social media!

The right audience is vital

When you know your target audience, promoting your goods gets much more productive. If you happen to target the wrong audience on the wrong platform, you might get an outcome that’s totally different from what you expected.

That’s why Valery, one of AliDropship plugin users, is so careful about the mediums she chooses to advertise her store. As she can’t invest much into paid ads, she has to pick a platform that offers her the best value for money in terms of attracting the most interested audience.

According to her experience, when it comes to promoting crafty items, the go-to destination is Pinterest – the place where all the aesthetic lovers are!

Organic traffic can work magic for your store

Many people are concerned about spending money on ads and attracting customers to their stores. Some are scared of losing money, some just want to lower the costs. Whatever the reason may be, getting organic traffic is not something out-of-this world (even though it may appear to beginners). That can be just the right solution for anyone who wants to boost the visitors’ number for little to no cost!

Angel’s success story is the perfect example. He yields a substantial amount of organic traffic from Instagram. Angel easily runs this account himself as he uploads at least one post and one story per day. And, as he has a baby products store, Pinterest also brings traffic to his website: it’s the cuteness lovers’ magnet!

Do research before launching a paid ads campaign

If you do choose to pay for ads and decide to use Facebook as the platform for your campaigns, pay attention! Anas recommends not to do Facebook ads if you don’t have any traffic yet. Why is that?

Facebook works with data, and if there’s no data – there’s no result! That means, if your website doesn’t have any visitors, you’ll just waste money.

That’s a great piece of advice from a student entrepreneur who is surely interested in cutting down the business expenses as much as possible! And we guess that’s exactly the attitude that helped Anas make $64K+ in just a year and a half of doing ecommerce!

Communication is key to the success stories of entrepreneurs in ecommerce

They say words are free, but how you use them may cost you. It’s true for every aspect of our lives — and business as well.

Proper communication is instrumental to success, and Mary, an owner of a dropshipping store that brings $10k+ a month, says that you need to talk to your customers to build a trusting relationship. It will make them return to your store!

Having a good relationship with your suppliers may give you great offers you wouldn’t have gotten the other way around. And interacting with other dropshippers can give you a ton of valuable knowledge and inspiration. So, use the power of words!

What can you learn from the success stories of entrepreneurs?

Everyone has their own story. But when looking at the stories of our clients, we can say that there’s a unique path for everyone. It’s all about finding the right approach that will suit you, and simply trying. You will never know if something works or not unless you try it, right? Test, experiment, and keep the basic things in mind to avoid making beginner mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of them, though! Every success story of every entrepreneur has some ups and downs. No one has started a business and got it running smoothly from day one. People tried and learned from their mistakes, and that’s what got them to where they are right now.

Any successful business owner can say that the worst mistake you can make is not giving it a try. Experiments are an essential part of the journey, and we need to embrace them so we can benefit from them. So, you are welcome to look through the success stories of entrepreneurs we collected for you, take notes, and use them for inspiration and new knowledge!

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Exploring Small Business Growth Over Time: Ankit Is Back With New Milestones!

How does a small business growth over time look like? What can happen to a young dropshipping store in a mid-term prospective? Today, we’re discussing these questions with Ankit who has been in the dropshipping business for over a year and a half! He has already shared his first dropshipping steps with us some time ago, and now, we can’t wait to see how he’s doing!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, thank you for getting in touch with us once again! Kindly introduce yourself to the readers who aren’t familiar with you yet 🙂

Hi, I’m Ankit, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Odisha, India. I have done over $170,000 in revenue in the year 2020 with my ecommerce dropshipping stores and spent over $50,000 on Instagram and Facebook advertisements.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned your store made $52K+ in half a year. What has happened to your business since then?

A lot has changed since my last interview. First of all, the niche I was selling the products in wasn’t something I was interested in, even though it was something which was definitely making me money. So, I thought instead of closing that store and opening a new one which aligned with my interest. But, then I realised why don’t I sell this as an asset to someone who can take this store to new heights? That would mean more capital for me to be able to start a new brand.

So, I searched for various platforms which would allow me to list my store for sale. I finally went ahead with Exchange Marketplace (by Shopify) which allowed me to list my business for sale right there.

The procedure to list your store for sale is pretty simple. You just need to install the Exchange Marketplace plugin and answer questions about your listing (website) and assign a price to your business. After that, your listing goes for review. All the revenue and profit data is verified by the marketplace before the seller is allowed to list their website for sale there. This makes it a safe place to buy for both sellers and buyers.

So, after that was done, I got multiple contacts for my listing and finally sold my brand for a cool $20,000. Here’s a screenshot for the offer I received:

An incoming offer to buy an already functioning dropshipping store

As you sold your first store, what happened to your business next?

I just started making new ones from scratch. Currently, I’m running 2 stores.

My business has been performing great and I was able to achieve a personal milestone of generating $50,000 in a month and I was so glad when I achieved it in the month of December. Here’s a screenshot from that store:

Small business growth over time: a dropshipping store performance stats

What, do you think, are the main reasons behind your business growth over time?

You won’t believe me but, when I started out and did $30,000 in a month, I was doing everything on my own. I did everything from marketing, advertisement, sales copy, video ads and even customer service all on my own. But, slowly I transitioned and came to realize that my time is much more valuable and that I’m not doing justice to it. Therefore, I filtered out the things I didn’t like and just outsourced it to be able to focus on the parts I did like. This has been a huge plus to me and my business. I have been able to focus more on marketing and ads which helped me hit a personal milestone of generating $50,000 in 30 days.

Is the AliExpress ban in India influencing your business in any way?

Absolutely not. I’m dealing with the AliExpress ban just fine. Things are still normal because you can still use other ways to access the website. My customers are from outside India, so it’s not affecting them in any way, either.

To achieve such an impressive business growth over time, how do you develop a product strategy that would support your intense marketing efforts?

When I’m just starting out with a product, I head over to AliExpress and choose the listing that has at least 4.7/5 stars review. The reason is, I have found from personal experience that sellers with reviews lower than that can be deceptive, or the product quality isn’t up to the mark. Sure, this doesn’t hold true for every seller there is, but it applies to many.

For setting prices, I try to find the perceived value to the customer and research how much is the customer already paying for the exact or similar product. I aim for a price around 10%-20% higher than the selling price to be able to account for all the marketing expenses.

There was this one time where I was selling a product successfully for $34.99 and everything was good but I wasn’t happy with the profit margins I was getting. So, I wanted to try a higher price point for it, but then again, I didn’t want to lose customers owing to the higher price. So, I did some A/B price testing and increased the price to $39.99. To my surprise, for every 1,000 visitors the higher price point converted 30% better than $34.99. This made me realize that I don’t need to be blindly basing my pricing by multiples such as 2X or 3X. Rather, I need to be able to perceive the value it provides to the customers.

What are the most important things that you have learned during your business journey?

I feel the most important lesson I learnt during this year is to be persistent and to have blind faith in myself and my abilities. There’s a lot of newbies asking how to start their first business online. Well, there’s tons of free resources which I personally followed for a year before even thinking of indulging myself seriously in this business.

Also, ecommerce isn’t the only way to make money, neither is it the easiest. But, what I am sure about is if you are persistent in your efforts, then you can surely achieve anything you want.

In general, how has your life changed alongside your business growth over time? What are your next goals?

Things have been the same more or less. I haven’t had the freedom to go on trips and “lay back”, so to speak. Still, I’m looking forward to things returning back to normal for me to be able to go on those trips. Professionally, I want to achieve $1 million in revenue this year. It’s not impossible but it’s not an easy feat. So, wish me luck?

Thank you, Ankit, for your detailed and insightful answers! Most surely, it’s incredibly inspirational to see what a well-thought-out approach can do for a steady business growth over time. We do wish you the best of luck and hope to see your dropshipping business setting and breaking new ambitious records!

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A Dropshipping Newbie’s Experience: How Ruslan Started A Business In Cyprus

What’s the most convenient way for a dropshipping newbie to start an online business? Newcomers tend to look for ready solutions that let them leave out the unfamiliar setup procedures and complex tech tasks.

Ruslan, our today’s guest, has followed this strategy, too. He opted for a store with a polished layout, premade product range, and tailored ad materials for an effortless promotion. Let’s see how this decision is working out for him!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Ruslan Pintea from Cyprus, an owner of a store selling cosmetics and perfumes. I have been selling online for some time, and had little e-commerce experience. This is how I gained practical knowledge and first-hand understanding of business administration, management, and marketing. And when I saw an ad for already tested online stores offered by AliDropship, I decided to try it, too, and even registered as a self-employed online business owner.

As a dropshipping newbie, how did you start your new ecommerce journey?

When I saw an ad for Premium stores, I liked the idea of buying a store that’s made and already tested by a pro team. I’ve chosen the Buy It Carl store to be copied for me, and also got the Marketing package together with it to help me with the new business promotion.

Following the instructions provided by the team has paid off. In 15 days after I launched the website, my first sale happened! There was an order for a $49 car organizer set, and I felt really excited.

How is your business performing now?

A screenshot of a dropshipping newbie's store performance

In the first 1.5 months of running my store (July 22 – September 10) I had 22 orders for the total amount of $650. As you can see from the top buying countries stats, I don’t sell to my own country only – my store has an international reach and I can target customers from anywhere.

Even though the numbers are small now, this is a promising start. Using all the instructions and recommendations that come with the package, I will definitely be able to reach my goal and reach the profit I want and plan for. Thanks to the Alidropship team for their support and guidance!

How do you promote your store?

My only promotional channels are Facebook and Instagram. I take all the advertising instructions from the Marketing package I purchased together with the site. There are detailed recommendations on how to set up advertising on Facebook.

Now I’m trying to make small changes to my marketing strategy. I want to set just the ‘Add to cart’ event for my campaigns to let Facebook optimize the algorithm for my site better with the minimal ad spendings. The first period was just a test to see how the sales will go. I know it’s not much but the beginning is always difficult. FB just needs time to apply the algorithm to my site.

Also, I am in search of new products to add to the store. Now, I’m selling the ones already optimized by the team and guided by the prices initially set by Alidropship. But I want to also use my own experience and understanding of the target audience to help the store grow.

Is managing the store challenging for a dropshipping newbie?

It takes me about 1-2 hours daily to run the store. Mostly, I spend this time to overlook and process orders, and analyze the performance of the advertising campaigns now running. I’m trying to make a plan for my business activities and stick to it.

I would say that going through the beginning period is the most difficult thing for me right now. Even human factor and customer service are not a problem. Though, once I had a difficult case when the order arrived a little late and the buyer was unhappy. But as an excuse, I offered them a gift, and it all ended well.

How has your life changed? What are your plans for the future?

The opening of an online store has inspired my confidence. I am sure that I made the right choice during this difficult period.

Now, my goal is to increase the store sales. I want to be able to reach an income that will provide stability to my family.

What can you advise our readers – both dropshipping newbies and experienced entrepreneurs?

I would recommend that everyone who starts online sales start promoting with a well-established plan and get acquainted with the informative materials offered by AliDropship to focus on just a few products at the beginning, to make steady progress in increasing sales and to avoid losing money.

Seems like a Premium Store, which is basically an exact copy of a well-performing ecommerce website, is a fitting choice for a dropshipping newbie! Having avoided costly experiments, tests, and store setup procedures, Ruslan became an owner of a business that can be put into operation right away. Now, as he works out the promotional tactics to scale his store, we wish him the best of luck on this road and thank him for sharing this easy-to-follow strategy of launching an independent online business!

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How I Started My Online Business From Ukraine: Vladimir’s Story

How do you start an online business if you live in Eastern Europe? Who do you target it at and what promotional channels do you use? How do you make it legal? There are many questions that an ecommerce newcomer needs to deal with!

Today, we’re talking to Vladimir, an owner of 2 online stores, and discussing his personal experience in the field. As a successful dropshipping entrepreneur, he surely has some bits of wisdom to share. Let’s welcome him and ask how he started his business from Ukraine!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I am Vladimir, born and raised in Ukraine. I’ve been working online for over 12 years and making money from online marketing and advertising on the Internet. 3 years ago I also started my own dropshipping business.

Can you tell why and how you started your business in Ukraine with the dropshipping model?

I chose the dropshipping business model because it’s one of the few ecommerce strategies that lets you make decent profit without experience and spending much time and money. My education is technical and I wasn’t taught how to be a businessman. But my long history of doing digital marketing was more than enough to help me start.

I first heard about dropshipping quite a long time ago but didn’t initially consider it as a serious business. It was only in 2017 when I changed my mind after I came across some AliDropship materials explaining how this business model works. I liked that there are instruments that make dropshippers’ life easier and a qualified support service that helps a lot. The knowledge base was also detailed and priceless for a beginner with no experience. So that’s what convinced me to try it.

How did your dropshipping journey begin?

My first dropshipping sale happened in 2 days after my store started working. It was a client from the USA who bought a multifunctional screwdriver set. My net income from this order was almost $20. I was really happy and satisfied with it.

In fact I did nothing extraordinary or complicated to achieve this first sale. All that I did was buy a domain, pay for hosting, import products from using the free extension from AliDropship and post links to these products on social networks. And the result was not long in coming.

Now I have 2 dropshipping stores. Here are their recent performance numbers:


What is your product strategy?

When I was choosing business niches, the most important things for me were the products’ demand, popularity and price. Now I constantly monitor to see new arrivals and add them to my stores if I like them. I pay attention to suppliers’ rating, number of orders and customer reviews when I choose products. A reliable and proven supplier is very important if you want the business to work well.

Usually I double prices and get a 100% price markup. But sometimes it’s less than 100%: I compare final prices to Amazon and eBay prices and try to make them not very high.

How do you manage your business on a daily basis?

I spend 1-2 hours every day on management. Mostly I spend this time to create interesting video reviews for my products. Sometimes there are business tasks that demand a lot of time and I look for solutions to help me complete them quicker. For example I use AliDropship plugin, Social Rabbit plugin, Google Merchant and Facebook Business. These instruments are of great help when I need to import new products, create ad materials and see detailed analytics on store visits, sales and profits.

How do you promote your stores?

When I started my business I was placing paid ads in Google Merchant and Facebook. Now I try to step away from paid advertisements. I mainly promote my stores through social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and some others. Mostly I post video reviews of the products on social media. And I have a very diverse target audience. Even my returning customers are people from different countries, of different ages and genders.

How do you deal with difficult customers if there are any?

I set up my business in a way that minimizes customers’ complaints. So buyers don’t usually have any problems with their orders.

There was a difficult case last year. A person mixed my store with some other store where he previously bought something and got scammed. So he wrote to me and demanded to return his money and insisted on it even after I explained that he’s wrong. He then wrote a complaint to PayPal but PayPal didn’t take any actions on me because I truly never received any payments from this person. And he even wanted to sue PayPal after this!

I asked him to make a screenshot of his payment with the name of the product he bought. After he sent it to me, I typed the name of his product in Google search. From the search results, I selected several sites with products matching the product name from the screenshot and sent them to him. I asked him to look at them and remember which one he really bought. In a few days, he wrote to me and said that he really was wrong and apologized a lot.

Did you register your online business officially?

Yes, my business is 100% legal. I registered it in the USA, in Wyoming. There are simple requirements, especially if you are a non-resident. Now I only have to pay the registration fee and the payment for intermediary service. It is about $200 per year.

After you started a business, how has your life changed?

In many ways! First of all, I earn more now. I am not dependent on a fixed workplace, I have no boss, I plan my free and working time on my own, and I am emotionally satisfied with this business.

I plan to keep working on the business, develop it further and improve my sales and profits. Also I am thinking about new strategies that I can try to promote my products better.

My family helps me run the business and my friends are also interested. They constantly ask how it’s going but none of them have yet decided to start their own business.

What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?

If you already have a store, I wish you the best of luck. And if you are only thinking about how to start an online business, stop worrying and doubting and start making money!

Now, you know much more about how to start an online business with little experience – and what to expect from it! And if you want more detailed, step-by-step guidelines to help your online business idea come to life, you are more than welcome to check this free in-depth guide for newcomers!

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How To Start An Online Business In Australia: Kelvin’s First-Hand Experience

Almost every person wondering how to start an online business in Australia, or Bulgaria, or Canada – or any other country, for that matter – eventually discovers the dropshipping business model. Is it a good choice? Where can this ecommerce model take you? Let’s talk to Kelvin, a newcomer to dropshipping business, and ask about his unique personal experience!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Kelvin, a first generation immigrant from China relocated to Australia to experience my life. I’m an accountant by profession – and since recently, an online entrepreneur.

Why and how did you start an online business in Australia? What’s your background?

Actually, I had an earlier experience of launching and running an ecommerce startup and working for an online gaming company.

When Melbourne went in lockdown due to the pandemic, I suddenly found myself with much more free time and thought I could invest it in building a side business. This is how I started looking for the options and doing a website building up.

Among all the online business models trending now, I found dropshipping to be the winning one. It’s relatively easy to create and it takes smaller startup capital, so I thought, why not?

What were your first business steps?

I was using YouTube to learn more about setting up and running an online business, and discovered AliDropship and the several opportunities it offers to start an online store.

The option that seemed the most attractive to me was getting a custom store and let a team of experienced developers do their job. But when the store was ready and handed over to me, I decided to further adapt it to my individual vision of a forward-looking online business.

You see, I wanted to connect this store to eBay, Amazon, etc. to try and expand this business at the next stage of its development and growth. So, I switched to AliDropship Woo plugin, and also synced my store with Shopmaster to help me with importation and listing for eBay activities in the future.

So, I would say that AliDropship gave me the initial knowledge and taught me how dropshipping works. It gave me the chance to learn further myself and grow my business the way I see fit.

How is your business performing now?

I keep running my only store, and I keep it synchronized with eBay. This strategy proves to be risky, but promising. My first sale happened in a week after I opened a eBay account.

And it felt great! I felt excited and understood that it could actually work.

There was a month when I processed 150 orders with the total count of about AUD 3K.

How to start an online business in Australia: an example of an online store performance

Even though I encountered a lot of issues while providing after-sales services and doing product listing, I believe this business model has a good potential.

These days, I have 5-10 orders per day on average, and I believe their number will start growing soon. I have much more confidence in this business model now!

To start your online business in Australia (and to make it so successful!), which product strategy do you use?

Considering products, I prefer to select something easy to ship, not easy to find on the market, and having a real value for a customer. Of course, keeping up with the trends is also important.

To pick reliable suppliers, I check their performance on AliExpress, their operating history, customer testimonials and the reviews on their shipping speed.

I expand my product range consistently to keep a larger niche portfolio. In general, to be added to my store, a product must:

  • Match my niche
  • Come from a reliable supplier
  • Have a good shipping policy
  • Show a long history of successful sales
  • See a strong demand
  • Have a high AliExpress score

To set the new prices, I start with analyzing the market and checking the shipping cost together with the seller’s original price. Considering the data, I make a decision on the profit margin I want to get – and the final price, as the result.

How do you promote your business?

I use SEO and social media marketing, mostly on Facebook. These promotions don’t cost me much: my business is still young and I can’t spend a lot on advertising.

And the great part is that I don’t have any problems with identifying and understanding my target audience. Basically, the product itself tells which groups of customers to target!

How to start an online business in Australia from the legal point of view? What can you say about the management part?

To do trading in Australia, you simply need an ABN (Australian Business Number). As long as you have an ABN, you, as an individual, are legitimate as a business owner.

And speaking about managing the business in general, I can say that it takes me 3-4 hours every day to keep the store running. I spend this time to search for new products, do product listings and process orders, provide post-purchase support and of course, promote the store.

Studying my competitors, researching products and evaluating suppliers takes most of my time. Customer service can also be challenging as customers are quite demanding and often ask for a lower price. But sometimes, their requests help me see what I can improve in my business practice! So, with good service and politeness, I can change their mind and learn something valuable for my business.

And yes, I’m still learning! I hired a freelancer to assist me, and I’m experimenting with the business a lot.

What’s your general impression of running this kind of business in Australia?

I wouldn’t say my life has changed much already: the business is still very young. But, I know it has potential, and I intend to work harder! I think it’s a brilliant business idea, and it requires long-term persistence – and the ability to change your strategy quickly along your journey if it’s necessary.

What can you advise our readers – those who wonder how to start an online business in Australia or elsewhere, and those who already run their stores?

Like I said, it is a long but promising journey. As long as you learn lots of stuff, keep going and trying, and adapt to changes and challenges, you’re going to be fine!

You must be ready to view this business as a long-term activity. It is not a get-quick-rich scheme, and you need to be prepared for some challenges ahead of the road. But it has a great potential as well if you find out the road and walk it persistently. I’m in the process of learning myself!

That’s the spirit! We are thankful to Kelvin for his kind and detailed insight into such an interesting way to start an online business, and hope his experience is inspirational for our readers!

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How Sam Went From 0 To $72K+ In Sales In 6 Months After Starting A Business With No Experience

How far can you go when you’re starting a business with no experience? Sam, a dropshipping store owner from New Zealand, is here today to talk about his ecommerce journey – let’s welcome him!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Sam, a web designer from New Zealand. Oh, and I also play guitar in a metal band.

What’s your story of starting a business with no experience?

It has all begun with some random YouTube ad I saw about dropshipping. The idea seemed interesting to me: the lower risk meant there was no reason not to try. So I started googling further, and discovered AliDropship plugin, and that’s basically the whole story 🙂

At the beginning, obviously, I had web design experience as that’s my core profession, but no ecommerce knowledge or background whatsoever. In this context, the WooCommerce plugin of course, was a game changer. It’s simply vital to the business, it would not be possible otherwise to even start it.

How does your business perform now?

I keep running 1 WooCommerce store only, and here’s what it made in the first 6 months of its operation:

A screenshot showing the performance of the business Sam started with no experience

Quite unexpectedly, I got the first few sales quickly – it was really surprising. I think the reason is, I just found a good product range. Actually, I belong to my own target audience, too 🙂 That’s why I can easily sort out the products that I would use and enjoy myself.

In general, my strategy is to find some products with a growing demand for them, and become their ‘early seller’ in my target region. Probably, the pricing approach helps winning more customers, too – I just go about a 50% margin. Every now and then, I add more products to keep my offer relevant – what’s also crucial, it helps with SEO a lot. While evaluating and choosing AliExpress sellers to partner with, I pay the closest attention to their speed of shipping and communication rating.

How do you promote your store?

As I mentioned, SEO is an important business aspect in my case. I rank well now in Google, but organic traffic is not my only source of buyers. I also run some Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach more specific customer audiences. Per month, it costs me about $500-$1,000 on average to advertise the business.

Is there anything special in terms of daily store management when you’re starting a business with no experience?

With the right software, technically speaking, it’s not really time-consuming even if you don’t have previous experience. It only takes me about 1-2 hours per day to manage my store, and I mostly spend it on order processing and sorting out clients’ enquiries.

Human factor matters a lot, at the same time. It’s just fascinating how differently people can react to issues like delays. Some are lovely and endlessly understanding and others are not! That’s why I’d say that managing shipping time expectations is the biggest challenge I have to face as a business owner. I have to state shipping times very clearly and have a set of policies published on my website to help me out with this part. If there’s an issue with shipping, I just use these guidelines to explain what’s going on. But sometimes, of course, I have to offer discounts if delivery takes way too long and the customer is unhappy.

How has your life changed?

I’m a business owner now – I registered it officially, and thankfully, there aren’t many requirements for me (mostly, simply declare my income for tax purposes). There’s certainly a lot more freedom! I only work 2 days at my regular job now. My friends and family are supportive, and my plans to tour Europe with my band start seeming more real 🙂

Any words of wisdom you’d like to share with those starting a business with no experience?

It’s very worthwhile even if it takes some hard work!

Even if you don’t have much experience in ecommerce, it can’t really stop you from becoming a prosperous business owner! With a range of ready online business solutions to choose from, your successful venture is just one click away. Ready to make this life-changing step? 😉 

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“The Journey Doesn’t End”: How A Turnkey Ecommerce Website Is Growing Into A Promising Business

What do people do when they want to launch an online business, but don’t know where to begin? Commonly, they start looking for a turnkey ecommerce website with all the necessary systems and settings in place. Today, we’re talking to Faraz, a new owner of such a website. He agreed to share this life-changing experience with newcomers to ecommerce all over the globe!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Faraz Syed from Mumbai, India! I’ve got a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Information Technology and now work as a SAP Consultant, combining it with running an online business from home.

I’m a tech enthusiast and an avid gamer, always on the lookout for the latest updates in all things tech. I have a driven passion for entrepreneurship and I value the process more than the position. I also love exercising to keep my mind and body fit.

With your education and interests, you probably have a solid background in ecommerce, do you?

No, actually, I had no knowledge or experience in ecommerce/trade before. Once, I had sold some of my unwanted stuff online, and that’s it. The very idea of being able to reach an unknown person and selling to them was new to me and very exciting.

Apart from this, I had no experience in ecommerce whatsoever. I have had a rising interest in dropshipping since 2019, though…

Why dropshipping?

The very fact that you do not have to maintain and stock up inventory beforehand is a huge plus point of dropshipping. It lets you get started with minimal investment in terms of time and money.

Also, being able to target customers overseas or anywhere in the world where there is a demand, for that matter, makes it one of the most lucrative online businesses out there.

So, how did you begin exploring this online business opportunity?

As I mentioned, I first got curious about dropshipping in 2019, but wasn’t fully convinced until mid-2020. Before starting dropshipping, I had an uneasy time choosing the right platform. I read all about both Shopify and AliDropship to learn about their pros and cons, watched several YouTube videos reviews and then finally came to the conclusion that Alidropship would best serve the purpose for me. I decided to go for it after I read about Alidropship’s ready-to-go premium dropshipping stores with no monthly subscription fees.

That’s how I got a Premium dropshipping store, which is basically a turnkey ecommerce website. I also bought an installation package to have most of the work already done by the moment I start, and that’s how the story began!

The store runs on AliDropship’s hosting, and I also got a number of extra solutions like the Beginner’s set, Bulk Discounts add-on and Countdown Timer to get more impulse purchases from the visitors and craft my store to near perfection.

Working on your turnkey ecommerce website so carefully, did you achieve your first sale quickly?

Yes, quite! I had my first sale on the very first day of launching Facebook ads and I firmly believed that I was going in the right direction.

It was like a bolt of excitement and happiness! I remember working late at night on the marketing setup and waking up to the most pleasant surprise: my first sale.

It was an absolutely amazing feeling. All of the hardwork and dedication put in by me and the team at Alidropship had finally got me to the result I was aiming for.

What helped me apart from the awesome product pages that I had got ready-made with my Premium dropshipping store was the Marketing package which had the right creatives as well the target audience settings (Facebook interests and demographics).

Getting the first sale only strengthened my determination to get more persistent sales. I became more focused towards my next goal.

How is your store performing now?

The store has been performing well in terms of conversion rate.

A screenshot showing sales numbers of a turnkey ecommerce website

What’s your niche and product strategy?

The turnkey ecommerce website I’ve got was a copy of the Gaming store. For me, it was an overlap between my personal interests and the growing market demands, the gaming niche. Also, because of the current pandemic, people have been inclined to sit at home and game more. Plus the launch of big gaming consoles this year also made me think about getting into this niche as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

On another positive note, with a familiar niche, it was pretty obvious for me who my target audience would be. I got great help from the Marketing guide which was part of the Alidropship’s turnkey ecommerce website offer. It gave me the exact interests and demographics of the right people to target! Of course, having my own understanding of the gamers’ community is also great.

The products themselves, as well as the suppliers, were hand-picked by the team at Alidropship. I must say the products are excellent and the suppliers have been equally co-operative. Currently, I don’t even have to add any more products, but I would like to add new items depending on the market needs in the future.

The prices have already been set by the pre-defined rules that have come with the Premium store. Ideally, they should have a markup at least 2.5 times the product price considering the cost of goods and services.

How do you promote your store?

I have been promoting my store on almost all social media channels. To explore various options, I have even tried marketing on Twitter and Microsoft Bing Ads. I found little success with them and eventually had to move away from them.

Thanks to experimenting, I figured out that Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads work best for me. They account for almost 90% of the sales.

Facebook and Instagram were the platforms which have helped me get my first milestone achievement – my first sale – and I invest in advertising on them mostly. As I said, I got a Marketing package that contains already made and tested Facebook ad materials with the right audience settings, and I rely on these precious insights heavily. Though I need to say, Facebook is a great marketing tool, however you have to be very careful of not violating the ad policies which can get you banned from advertising. I would advise to read through their ads policies before beginning to advertise on Facebook.

Another strategy I tried on Facebook was Influencer Marketing. For that, I tied up with a Facebook streamer who agreed to promote my product in exchange for freebies. Plus, to make my social media accounts look busy, I’m using Social Rabbit plugin to save time on the pages running.

Also, as an addition to social media promotion, I post regularly on relevant threads concerning my product on discussion sites like Quora and Reddit. I work on SEO, run an on-site blog, and every now and then, I get some organic sales 🙂 Finally, I’ve got the Lead Magnet set up on my site to collect visitors’ mailing details and run email marketing, too.

What can you say about managing this turnkey ecommerce website daily?

It hardly takes me around an hour of effort daily, sometimes 2 hours when I have to work on marketing. I can easily juggle it with my current day job and responsibilities.

All of the Alidropship solutions have helped immensely in some way or the other to cut down my management time – and to get me more sales. Social Rabbit plugin has helped me gain a lot of followers on social media, especially Instagram. The Abandoned Cart plugin has helped me recover abandoned carts. The Urgency Add-on has helped to reduce carts abandonment by increasing the checkout rate. The Bulk Discounts has helped me increase my AOV (Average Order Value). And of course, the main Alidropship plugin has made managing and fulfilling orders as easy as a breeze. And I would be missing out on a key factor if I don’t mention it – the efficient and quick support from the Alidropship Support team has made managing the store an enjoyable experience.

That’s why I have enough time to invest in marketing. It’s definitely the most time consuming yet the most crucial aspect of an online business. The more effort you put into designing ads, the better the results turn out to be. A good marketing campaign is an investment that gives a lot in return. At a certain point, you get a hang of it and then you start creating new ads that drive more sales in less time.

What are the biggest business challenges for you? How are you dealing with them?

For me, it has been logistics. Due to the current pandemic situation all over the world, there have been instances when the product delivery gets delayed. And you cannot do much about it other than have patience and keep delivering the same message across to the customer. It is therefore ideal if the supplier has a warehouse in the country of sale for faster shipping times when you’re scaling up your business.

For this particular challenge related to delayed logistics, it’s best to send a direct message to the customer and inform them beforehand of any unexpected delays. For me, it was taken care of through a dedicated page on my premium store. There, I clearly talk about the current challenges in delivery due to the pandemic and set the tone with the customer. This way, I allow them to be ready in case of any unforeseen events. But even after that, it is likely that the customer may demand a quicker delivery… It’s best to be as polite with them as possible and communicate the same to the customer, maybe throw in a discount coupon to brighten up their mood 🙂

To summarize, if you know that you’re doing it right, always remain calm and composed. Deliver the same message directly to the customer and try to compensate for the problem with coupons and free gifts.

Do you have any memorable customer stories?

You can always run into some buyers who apparently start wondering about their package from the very next day they place their order. Such a thing happened to me, too. One of the customers started complaining about the slow delivery of their order even though it had been just 3 days since they placed their order. I always maintained an air of calm and politeness with them assuring them that their product will be delivered soon. But, even that didn’t help! Eventually they raised it to a refund claim with PayPal, the payment provider I was using. Finally, the product got delivered in time and the claim was settled in my favor.

There also was a funny story with my Facebook ads. Under one of my Facebook posts, a brother-sister duo had a kind of a funny heated discussion. They were arguing over who would buy the product as a gift for the other. It was funny to read, plus it was also increasing the engagement rate of my ad – and thereby, its relevance. So after a while, when the argument was getting nowhere, I decided to step up as the Facebook Page admin. I commented and pointed out that the 50% off sale would last only today. Moments after that I got a PayPal notification from the elder sister who made the purchase… instant happiness, right there ! 🙂

Did you register your business officially? What are the requirements in your country?

Yes, I did, as this will also help me with taxes spent on Facebook and Google ads. Here in India, you need to have a proper Identification document like the Passport, PAN or Aadhar Card, as it’s called here. Any citizen can apply for a business registration, it’s a fairly simple process and can be done online.

How has your life changed? What are your plans for the future?

This business has made me self-reliant. My friends and family are happy and see this promising turnkey ecommerce website as a great achievement. That means a lot to me.

Although I am on my path and yet not there, I do feel great to have a side hustle which can generate me a passive income. It feels awesome to be a business owner knowing that you can drive it to success and it is in your hands completely. I feel a sense of satisfaction. The journey doesn’t end 🙂

I plan to further create a series of stores belonging to different niches that can all work at the same and generate streams of income. I plan to tap into one-product stores of my winning products and scale them to their maximum potential.

What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?

For those who’re already running their stores, you know what it takes to take it off the ground. Being customer-centric is the essence of ecommerce. You can probably take a hit with shipping and better quality of products than going with cheaper alternatives, because in the end it’s the customer who has put in that trust in you to send them their product. Also, keep scoping the markets for new hot products that can sell, ride the trend wave for maximum profits and then decide which ones to continue with further.

For those who have not yet started with dropshipping, I would like to state an old Chinese proverb…The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is “right now”! If you have raised your hand for entrepreneurship, fear is no more an option…Take the leap of faith and start on your journey as soon as possible. No one has all the knowledge to begin with, it’s more about the journey than the destination, enjoy it! Dropshipping allows you to be a business owner with minimal initial investments. Start today!

That’s a powerful message! So, what’s the outcome? By getting a turnkey ecommerce website, Faraz saved countless hours on his business setup and performance testing… and got straight to promotional experiments that are already bringing rewards! With a wide range of Premium stores to copy and put into operation right away, everyone can do the same – and start their ecommerce journeys with ease, too.

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Running A Part-Time Business From Home: A New Dad’s Experience

We love conducting follow-up interviews with dropshipping business owners! It’s exciting to watch their entrepreneurial journeys and see the changes in their business (and personal) lives. So, today, we’re talking to János, our guest from not so long ago, who keeps managing and growing a part-time business from home!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our new readers!

Hi, I am János, 33 years old. Currently, I live in Hungary with my wife and with my newborn daughter. I work as a web designer and manage my AliExpress-based dropshipping business.

Can you sum up your experience of launching a part-time business from home?

To begin with, before I launched this business, I had some limited ecommerce experience. I have built some basic websites before and was selling products at local online marketplaces. Also I had a basic dropshipping business in the UK with a local dog bed producer.

I liked this dropshipping model because this is the easiest and most efficient way to start an own online business with minimal risk. So, after I came across an online tutorial on YouTube about building a WooCommerce-based dropshipping store with AliExpress, I decided to build and start my own one. I followed the AliDropship advice from their YouTube tutorials, and here I am!

What’s the current performance of the part-time business you’re running from home?

I still have one store only, and here’s how things are going:

The performance of an online part-time business that János runs from home

To keep it operational, I use the AliDropship plugin, AliDropship hosting, and AliDropship Google Chrome extension that helps me generate invoices easily. I’d say these tools are more than simply helpful: they are the basis of starting an online store.

In the near future, I’m planning to start using some more automated tools for better store management – I know there’s plenty of amazing solutions to explore!

Have you changed anything in your product strategy?

I continue working in the niche that is closely related to my wife’s favorite hobby. To find a suitable product, I make some Internet research dedicated to this particular item, and try to find the best supplier on AliExpress. While evaluating the product quality, I consider its rating (at least 4 stars is mandatory). I also look at the number of sales, contents of the buyers’ reviews, and the available shipping methods. I have a more or less stable product range which mostly includes evergreen products, and simply multiply the original price by 2 or 3.

Since the sales are growing, I am planning to order some products in bulk. That’s how I could serve the customers more efficiently and probably sell these products in wholesale for businesses. I have discovered that the products that I would like to sell in B2B are not really available in our country, or the price is too high, which is why it seems like a fitting opportunity. So, yes there are some changes, or improvements to the product strategy.

What can you tell about promoting the store?

I do not really promote it: most of the orders are coming organically from Google. Still, I share some posts in Facebook groups sometimes, and have plans to experiment with some of the promo channels I haven’t tried yet. But as for now, I don’t even spend any money to advertise the business.

How do you manage this part-time business from home?

My business is registered officially – it’s enough to simply be self-employed to make it happen. A good accountant can set it up in a day.

I spend around 2-3 hours per day on administration to process orders and answer customers’ messages. Most of my clients’ questions are about lengthy delivery times. To deal with their worries, I do my best to keep buyers updated all the time. As a rule, they are understanding and there is no trouble. I communicate with the customers in a polite way and can even offer a discount coupon sometimes.

I enjoy the opportunity to work from home, or from any other place with internet connection. Now, I have much more freedom, but much more self-discipline is necessary as well. My friends and family, who used to be a bit sceptical about my venture, now witness the business performing well – and they’ve changed their minds!

In the future, I would like to work more on my current store, and start at least one more when I have enough time. I don’t really have it now, because our baby arrived last December. 🙂

Isn’t that an awesome reason to expand the current business even further? 🙂 We’re thankful to János for getting in touch with us again and sharing his progress! Hopefully, his experience will inspire fellow young parents to launch their own part-time businesses from home, too!

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How To Build A Successful Home-Based Business From Scratch?

What does it take to create a successful home-based business? Rene, our today’s guest from sunny Spain, kindly shared his own experience and even uncovered a couple of entrepreneur secrets!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Rene, an entrepreneur currently living in Spain and working from home.

Earlier in my career, I was active in the hotel industry, restaurants and cafes. I have lived and been in business in New Zealand, USA, and in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, I live in the South of Spain and run a B&B and organize yoga retreats for international guests together with my wife.

Rene and Kay, spouses running a successful home-based business

Combining it with an online business, we are looking for new opportunities and love new challenges!

Have you previously thought about launching a successful home-based business online?

Yes, about 15 years ago I started to experiment with 2 online stores.

There wasn’t a well-developed and widely known dropshipping business strategy at that time, so instead, I had to go to France, Paris, to buy wholesale at auctions and negotiate with clothing brands to get their surplus stock. I remember a lot of work for small margins and a lot of trouble with shipping.

Furthermore, I had an experience of building websites with WordPress. I know a lot about the online tourist industry worldwide which helped me figure out the Internet world.

With such a diverse experience, why did you eventually choose the dropshipping model for your new business?

Living in the south of Spain is great with its 300 sunny days, and running a B&B is very rewarding, no doubts! However, it also gets a bit boring for an entrepreneur…. 🙂

I wanted to do something without leaving my beautiful home. Dropshipping came to mind: a friend of mine was selling cutlery in Ukraine with dropshipping while living in Germany. That got my attention.

So I did my research on this business model, and with all my experience, I thought I would give it a go. I simply asked my friend Google what is the best dropshipping platform… and that’s how I bought a Premium Store from AliDropship.

What happened next?

Legally speaking, I registered this business as an autonomo in Spain: to do that, you need to have your business registered for VAT, and have a physical address.

To set the store in motion, I put in a lot of hard work. There were lots of extra solutions I added to make it top-notch: Social Rabbit, Abandoned Cart, Facebook Business, Upsell, Urgency, GA Enhanced Ecommerce, Gift Box, Purchase Upsell... You see, when I do something, I do it all the way! Only then you can be sure you will be successful.

After a couple of trials and errors, I started to get the hang of it. Eventually, all my effort – tuning the website, getting the right products, making the store look trustworthy and making the product descriptions unique, reading about Facebook ads and learning while doing it – paid off!

5 weeks after the start, I had 4 product ads running and no sales. but then late at night 1 single purchase for $89 and it wasn’t even any of the advertised products. But still I was very happy. It gave me hope.

Would you already say you’re running a successful home-based business? What’s the secret?

Even though there is no consistency yet, I already have some really good sales!

A screenshot showing the performance of a successful home-based business with $4,434.14 in total monthly sales

The store is doing well, and I keep experimenting with products and niches. As an entrepreneur, I am already looking for an opportunity to launch a new one. I like the changes it has brought into my life: I am busy and learning new things! I would love to grow my niche and become the biggest industry player in the world 🙂

One of the niches I am trying now is something I am passionate about and know well. This makes it easier to understand what the target audience is and what it is looking for. Thanks to my life experience and huge online research I conducted, I have a clearer idea of my potential buyers.

Keeping in mind what your target audience wants is essential, as well as analyzing every aspect of a product. I use AliExpress as the source of products and I’d say that at the moment, the marketing side is even more important to me than supplier-related tasks. This will change as the sales pick up, though!

Which marketing strategy are you using to make your home-based business successful?

I mostly work with paid ads: Instagram has proven to be the most efficient marketing channel for me. On average, promotions cost me about $750 per month.

Knowing upfront how much I’m going to spend on marketing, I understand what the right product price should be to compensate for the expenses. I believe a lot of dropshippers have no idea what it costs to make a sale. But if you want to be successful, you will need to know. Exchange rates, PayPal costs, purchase costs, VAT, shipping fees – they all play a part, too!

What can you say about the managerial routine?

It takes me about 4 hours every day to manage the store. Fine tuning the store and the ads is the most time-consuming part, and getting the marketing right is the ultimate challenge. So, I Iearn learn learn, and then learn again – that’s the only way to deal with it!

Things happen, of course. Once, I closed my store and was not aware of it for some time… Yes, even old entrepreneurs can make stupid mistakes 🙂

Thankfully, I don’t experience serious customer service issues. I found out that if you deal with the incoming requests straight away and directly, the buyers are more open to you and willing to understand the situation. So, don’t be afraid, just call or write them back!

Summing up your experience of launching and running a successful home-based business, what can you advise our readers?

It is mostly about the Facebook/Instagram marketing that you need to get right and this takes time, money and patience.

One thing I learned as an entrepreneur: there is never a sale without having costs. This is SO true for the dropshipping business: you have to be willing to spend money to make money. There are a lot of success stories out there, but they all had their failures and have spent more than they thought they would.

So, keep your head down and work at it! It takes patience, learning and just doing it to make things happen. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

It would seem that creating a successful home-based business is a challenge worth winning! Thank you, Rene, for the detailed feedback and practical advice you shared, and may your store flourish and prosper!

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