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Interested In Ecommerce Businesses For Sale? Compare These Options!

Do you want to build an ecommerce empire and get a stable source of high income, but you don’t know how to do this? Are you still losing an opportunity to become an owner of a successful business? If so, consider ecommerce business for sale from AliDropship!

Here is good news for you: AliDropship is happy to offer you multiple solutions to start and run your dropshipping business with ease! So you have a chance to choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Ecommerce business for sale: how to easily get a profitable online business with 100% ownership?

A while back, AliDropship could offer 2 main solutions for those who wanted to start their dropshipping journey and take their chance to get a business with 100% ownership.

The first one implies purchasing the AliDropship Plugin and building an online store by yourself. Meanwhile, there is one more solution you will find to be a much simpler, quicker, and more reliable way to get a dropshipping business – order a custom store that will be created by our highly experienced specialists in accordance with your preferences only.

Both ways are proven to be efficient solutions for creating your own profitable business that you can run from anywhere. However, recently, AliDropship launched a number of new products that are to facilitate starting a dropshipping business for some people. They are Established stores for sale and Premium dropshipping stores.

So what are they? How do they differ from beloved Custom stores? And how to choose the one that suits you perfectly?

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. So stay tuned!

Turnkey ecommerce business for sale: Custom Dropshipping Stores

The homepage of a unique Custom Dropshipping Store built by the AliDropship team for a customer.

Meet a beloved solution to start dropshipping – it’s custom stores from AliDropship!

Let me remind you, in a nutshell, what custom stores are.

A custom store from AliDropship is a dropshipping store that AliDropship experts create for you in accordance with your preferences only.

How does this work? In fact, there is nothing difficult about this.

You order a custom store on our website. Then, our manager contacts you to discuss a store niche, design, custom store package, etc. And that’s it! After 10-25 business days, you get a ready-to-launch dropshipping store!

So what are the advantages of ordering a custom store from AliDropship?

  • You don’t have to do anything but define a niche and consider the design of your store
  • Your store is built by our experts with years of experience
  • Ultimately, you get a ready-to-launch dropshipping store
  • After you get your store, you can count on our customer support team that is to assist you in resolving all your issues

What to pay attention to if ordering a custom store?

  • Since you get a ready-to-launch store, you should understand that it won’t start bringing you profit until you start promotion

If you want to learn more about custom stores, feel free to watch the video below.

Actually, ordering a custom store is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to start a home-based business. You get a new store with a unique design in a promising niche.

What’s more, you have an opportunity to use our add-ons and services that can facilitate your start in dropshipping and minimize your participation when launching and running your store. So it will take you just several clicks a day!

Established ecommerce business for sale

The homepage of Indoorsies – an Established Dropshipping Store you can purchase from AliDropship.

Now we move to the product that AliDropship launched not so long ago. Meet established stores for sale!

If it’s the first time you hear ‘Established stores’, let’s find out what established stores are, and why they can become a perfect ecommerce solution for aspiring business owners.

An established store for sale is a dropshipping store that has been functioning for a long time and bringing profit on a permanent basis.

In fact, this is also a dropshipping store that was built in accordance with the ideas of the AliDropship team members. For a period of time, this store is run by our ecommerce experts until it starts bringing consistent profits. Then, we assess its financial performance and put it on sale. Consequently, the higher its annual profit, the higher its price.

So what are the advantages of an established store?

  • You buy an online business that is already well-functioning
  • It brings profit on a permanent basis
  • Alongside with a store, you get everything necessary to run it: social media accounts with followers, materials for ad campaigns, and one month of post-sale support and training from your personal manager.

What to pay attention to if buying an established store?

  • Actually, when buying an established store, you invest in a ready-made business. So examine the support documentation and feel free to ask any questions before purchasing.

Do you want to learn more about established stores? Watch the video below!

Well, what conclusion are we to draw from this?

In comparison with custom stores, established ones are functioning dropshipping websites for sale that have followers and bring profit. So it remains for you to go on promoting your store and enjoy its financial performance.

It’s really a lot easier to work with such stores, especially for newcomers in dropshipping. What’s more, with an established store, you can start selling products right after you’ve bought a store. However, this solution is going to suit those business owners who are ready to invest more than in custom stores: although there are low-cost established stores, high-performing ones usually cost a lot.

Premium ecommerce business for sale

The homepage of Buy It Carl – a Premium Store which is a copy of an already functioning dropshipping website you can purchase.

Premium stores are one of the newest products from AliDropship!

Do you want to know how it differs from custom and established stores? Let’s figure that out!

Premium stores are the copies of our most successful dropshipping stores.

We have already mentioned that our ecommerce experts run our own dropshipping stores. And if some of them become established, others we sell as premium stores. When buying an established store, you get the very store you’ve chosen. It has its followers and brings profit.

In the case of buying a premium store, you get a copy of the store you’ve chosen. Is it still not clear? Well, let’s look at an example.

With one of our dropshipping stores, we have achieved immense success: a $500,000/year profit. And since our team is always happy to share time-tested and proven business ideas, this store is now for sale as a premium one.

What are you to get if buying a premium store?

  • Exact copy of our successful store with all the necessary materials
  • List of best products to sell from reliable suppliers
  • Ready-to-launch store

Besides a store, you can try additional packages.

A Premium Store page where you can buy a copy of a successful dropshipping site along with the Installation and Marketing packages.

  • Installation package

The Installation package lets you avoid manual work since AliDropship experts will do this for you.

If you don’t have a domain, we offer you a choice of three domain names. This is a pre-paid option for one year. After this year, the domain will cost you no more than $12 a year. Additionally, you get pre-paid 1-year hosting for your store.

Moreover, pay attention to the fact that it’s quite essential to create a logo for your store. However, here is also great news for you: our designers will do store logo editing for you! So our team installs the copy of our store you’ve chosen on the hosting, customizes the payment system. Eventually, you get an online store that is ready to be launched immediately.

  • Marketing package

If buying a marketing package, you get copies of all the material the team of AliDropship has used to promote the original store. In particular, we provide the owners of premium stores with ad banners, texts and videos created by our experts when promoting a store.

What’s more, you get a detailed description of the target audience that you should focus on when running ad campaigns. Besides all the marketing materials, we are glad to give you the instruction on how to set up and run marketing campaigns, so you have everything necessary to start promoting your store by means of tested and proven strategies.

In order to learn more about premium stores, you can watch the video below.

So let us briefly summarize. The purchase of a premium store is the easiest way to start dropshipping. With a premium store, you have a great opportunity to launch your business in the short term. Additionally, if buying the marketing package, you get the most efficient materials our experts used when running and promoting this store.

And if you buy the installation package, you will not have to set up the site manually. You get a store that is ready to launch immediately. With this, you have every chance to repeat and exceed our achievements!

Final thoughts on getting an ecommerce business for sale

Well, we have considered three main home business opportunities AliDropship offers you to start and expand your dropshipping business. Are you still not sure which one to choose?

  • Custom stores suit those who want to get a store with a unique design made in accordance with their preferences. Eventually, you’ll have a ready-to-launch store. So you don’t have to participate in creating a store. You are to define a niche, and our experienced specialists will do everything for you.

  • Established stores suit those who want to get a store that has social media accounts, followers, advertising materials, and already brings profit. So you don’t have to go through the launching stage. You need to only promote it using our materials. And although, as a rule, established stores are more expensive than the custom and premium ones, they are worth it.

  • Premium stores suit those who want to start a dropshipping business here and now. We provide you with a complete copy of our successful store. What’s more, you can buy additional packages which are to minimize your participation in installing and promoting your store. Eventually, you get a ready-to-launch store with a list of trending products to sell, reliable suppliers, and all the necessary marketing materials if buying the marketing and installation packages. Besides this, it’s built in accordance with our experts’ ideas which have brought us a lot of customers and high revenues.

What’s more, please pay attention to the fact that if buying a store from AliDropship, you make a one-time payment and get a profitable business with 100% ownership!

However, if you’re ready to build a store by yourself, feel free to use the most powerful plugin for your dropshipping business – it’s AliDropship Plugin!

Well, are you still losing a chance to get an ecommerce business for sale and become an owner of a profitable dropshipping website? Then, start your dropshipping journey right now and get your ecommerce business for sale: custom stores, established stores, premium ecommerce stores.

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A Dropshipping Newbie’s Experience: How Ruslan Started A Business In Cyprus

What’s the most convenient way for a dropshipping newbie to start an online business? Newcomers tend to look for ready solutions that let them leave out the unfamiliar setup procedures and complex tech tasks.

Ruslan, our today’s guest, has followed this strategy, too. He opted for a store with a polished layout, premade product range, and tailored ad materials for an effortless promotion. Let’s see how this decision is working out for him!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Ruslan Pintea from Cyprus, an owner of a store selling cosmetics and perfumes. I have been selling online for some time, and had little e-commerce experience. This is how I gained practical knowledge and first-hand understanding of business administration, management, and marketing. And when I saw an ad for already tested online stores offered by AliDropship, I decided to try it, too, and even registered as a self-employed online business owner.

As a dropshipping newbie, how did you start your new ecommerce journey?

When I saw an ad for Premium stores, I liked the idea of buying a store that’s made and already tested by a pro team. I’ve chosen the Buy It Carl store to be copied for me, and also got the Marketing package together with it to help me with the new business promotion.

Following the instructions provided by the team has paid off. In 15 days after I launched the website, my first sale happened! There was an order for a $49 car organizer set, and I felt really excited.

How is your business performing now?

A screenshot of a dropshipping newbie's store performance

In the first 1.5 months of running my store (July 22 – September 10) I had 22 orders for the total amount of $650. As you can see from the top buying countries stats, I don’t sell to my own country only – my store has an international reach and I can target customers from anywhere.

Even though the numbers are small now, this is a promising start. Using all the instructions and recommendations that come with the package, I will definitely be able to reach my goal and reach the profit I want and plan for. Thanks to the Alidropship team for their support and guidance!

How do you promote your store?

My only promotional channels are Facebook and Instagram. I take all the advertising instructions from the Marketing package I purchased together with the site. There are detailed recommendations on how to set up advertising on Facebook.

Now I’m trying to make small changes to my marketing strategy. I want to set just the ‘Add to cart’ event for my campaigns to let Facebook optimize the algorithm for my site better with the minimal ad spendings. The first period was just a test to see how the sales will go. I know it’s not much but the beginning is always difficult. FB just needs time to apply the algorithm to my site.

Also, I am in search of new products to add to the store. Now, I’m selling the ones already optimized by the team and guided by the prices initially set by Alidropship. But I want to also use my own experience and understanding of the target audience to help the store grow.

Is managing the store challenging for a dropshipping newbie?

It takes me about 1-2 hours daily to run the store. Mostly, I spend this time to overlook and process orders, and analyze the performance of the advertising campaigns now running. I’m trying to make a plan for my business activities and stick to it.

I would say that going through the beginning period is the most difficult thing for me right now. Even human factor and customer service are not a problem. Though, once I had a difficult case when the order arrived a little late and the buyer was unhappy. But as an excuse, I offered them a gift, and it all ended well.

How has your life changed? What are your plans for the future?

The opening of an online store has inspired my confidence. I am sure that I made the right choice during this difficult period.

Now, my goal is to increase the store sales. I want to be able to reach an income that will provide stability to my family.

What can you advise our readers – both dropshipping newbies and experienced entrepreneurs?

I would recommend that everyone who starts online sales start promoting with a well-established plan and get acquainted with the informative materials offered by AliDropship to focus on just a few products at the beginning, to make steady progress in increasing sales and to avoid losing money.

Seems like a Premium Store, which is basically an exact copy of a well-performing ecommerce website, is a fitting choice for a dropshipping newbie! Having avoided costly experiments, tests, and store setup procedures, Ruslan became an owner of a business that can be put into operation right away. Now, as he works out the promotional tactics to scale his store, we wish him the best of luck on this road and thank him for sharing this easy-to-follow strategy of launching an independent online business!

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Introducing Premium Stores: A Smart Way To Start Your Dropshipping Business

Do you want to start an ecommerce business without spending weeks on preparations? Need one of those ready stores that can be launched right away? Then check out AliDropship’s new offer – Premium Stores!

We’re beyond grateful for the industry recognition our dropshipping stores gain. In April 2020, – one of the Premium Stores on offer – won a prestigious accolade of Hermes Creative Awards. It was entitled the Gold Winner in the Ecommerce Site Design category which is highly encouraging, inspiring, and humbling for our whole team.

One of AliDropship Premium Stores was entitled the Gold Winner in the Ecommerce Site Design category of Hermes Creative Awards.

You feel ready to start a dropshipping business? But how do you begin? What niche should you choose? What products are the best? What’s the most efficient promotion strategy?

If you feel uncertainty because of all these issues, then we’ve got a solution!

AliDropship’s Premium Stores allow you to start your own online shop right away. But that’s not all! You’re not simply getting a dropshipping site that can be launched with just a few clicks. You’re buying a precise copy of one of our own successful stores that are bringing us considerable profits.

In other words, these ready stores are the solution for those who want to get quick results based on proven ideas.

What are Premium Stores?

Four steps of acquiring an AliDropship Premium Store

Many entrepreneurs have to spend months and thousands of dollars to figure out the best business strategy. But with Premium Stores, you can ‘borrow’ this experience from our Ecommerce Department that develops and runs our own dropshipping businesses.

Our team experiments with different niches, products, and marketing strategies. Some of the stores we own become very profitable. When one of them achieves a stable flow of traffic together with a steady volume of sales, and when we identify its most efficient marketing mix, it becomes a Premium Store. We make this website’s copy available to customers who would like to get their own ready stores instantly.

When you purchase it, you get a copy of the original website including the store’s theme, structure, imported products and product data, design elements, etc. As a result, you get your own dropshipping store duplicated from a highly successful business along with all its materials.

Copying someone else’s brilliant ideas is quite common in business. Many entrepreneurs keep an eye on competitors and try out their strategies and solutions. Same goes for dropshipping. A lot of store owners copy ads and products from their competitors, so why not borrow the whole website from a team of professionals absolutely legally?

Furthermore, from a variety of ready stores, you can purchase one that makes more than six figures right now! That’s right, you read that correctly. We are offering a premium store that makes more than $500,000 yearly! And you can get an exact copy of that store and start making profit right off the bat. What are you waiting for? While you’re hesitating, others are reaping the benefits!

No need to test different niches! No need to try out different products or look for reliable sellers! You get all this along with your new business!

What you get as an owner

  • Precise copy of a flourishing dropshipping business

With ready stores of this kind, you get a copy of a dropshipping website that is already making money with all its materials. Thus, there’s no need to experiment trying to figure out the best options on your own.

  • Full ownership

After the purchase, you become a full owner of your dropshipping business. Any profit you make belongs only to you. Since the moment you get your copy, it’s up to you to decide how to develop the shop. You can leave everything as it is or change the site however you wish. From now on, this AliDropship store is yours!

  • One-time payment

You only pay once! No additional charges, no hidden fees or subscriptions. After paying, you get full access to the store and all the resources.

  • Best products from reliable sellers

By getting a copy of one of our shops, you also receive the full list of the products imported to the original store. AliDropship’s managers selected these goods from hundreds of alternatives and dozens of sellers. Thus, you can be absolutely sure you’re dealing with the most profitable items and the most reliable suppliers.

  • Ready to be launched right away

You don’t have to start from scratch. Choosing a niche, finding great products, creating a design – all of this has already been done by our managers. As a result, you can start promoting your Premium Dropshipping Store right after the purchase.

  • Choice of stores

You can choose from a list of different shops, each devoted to a certain niche, to find something that suits you best.

How to buy a Premium Store?

Visit the Premium Stores page where you will find the list of all available websites and choose the one you like. Press ‘Learn More’ to visit the given store’s page.

Three ready stores created by AliDropship and offered as Premium Stores

After that, select the package you prefer. Here, you’ve got three options.

Buying a pure copy

First of all, you can buy a pure copy of the original website with no extra packages. To do that, simply leave the package offers unchecked and press the BUY NOW button. In this case, you will have to install the files by yourself and use your own domain name and hosting.

How to buy a Premium Store with no additional packages?

However, if you have zero IT experience, you can add the installation package to your order.

Copy + Installation package

Adding the Installation package to your order allows you to avoid all the manual work as AliDropship’s team will do it for you.

How to buy a Premium Store with the Installation package?

If you don’t have a domain name, the team will offer three options to choose from. This domain name is prepaid for one year and will cost no more than $12 per year. We will also set up prepaid hosting optimized for a dropshipping website. The package also includes the store’s logo editing.

After that, the team will install your copy of the store onto this hosting and set up a payment gateway.

With this package, you’ll be ready to launch the site immediately.

Copy + Marketing package

With this package, you get copies of the marketing materials AliDropship team uses to promote the original websites.

How to buy a Premium Store with the Marketing package?

You get the banners and videos created by our team and the ad texts we use in our own campaigns. We will also send you a detailed description of the target audience that suits the niche you have chosen.

Lastly, we will provide you with instructions on how to set up and run marketing campaigns using these materials. This way, you can start promoting your business as soon as possible and use tested and proven materials.

And of course, you can purchase both the Installation and Marketing packages for the most seamless experience. Shortly after the purchase, one of AliDropship’s managers will contact you to discuss all the details.

By purchasing a Premium Store, you start your own business with a fully developed website, a selection of the best products within the chosen niche, and even promotional materials. And you get all this for a one-time payment! Get yourself a Premium Store and start making money right away.

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“The Journey Doesn’t End”: How A Turnkey Ecommerce Website Is Growing Into A Promising Business

What do people do when they want to launch an online business, but don’t know where to begin? Commonly, they start looking for a turnkey ecommerce website with all the necessary systems and settings in place. Today, we’re talking to Faraz, a new owner of such a website. He agreed to share this life-changing experience with newcomers to ecommerce all over the globe!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Faraz Syed from Mumbai, India! I’ve got a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Information Technology and now work as a SAP Consultant, combining it with running an online business from home.

I’m a tech enthusiast and an avid gamer, always on the lookout for the latest updates in all things tech. I have a driven passion for entrepreneurship and I value the process more than the position. I also love exercising to keep my mind and body fit.

With your education and interests, you probably have a solid background in ecommerce, do you?

No, actually, I had no knowledge or experience in ecommerce/trade before. Once, I had sold some of my unwanted stuff online, and that’s it. The very idea of being able to reach an unknown person and selling to them was new to me and very exciting.

Apart from this, I had no experience in ecommerce whatsoever. I have had a rising interest in dropshipping since 2019, though…

Why dropshipping?

The very fact that you do not have to maintain and stock up inventory beforehand is a huge plus point of dropshipping. It lets you get started with minimal investment in terms of time and money.

Also, being able to target customers overseas or anywhere in the world where there is a demand, for that matter, makes it one of the most lucrative online businesses out there.

So, how did you begin exploring this online business opportunity?

As I mentioned, I first got curious about dropshipping in 2019, but wasn’t fully convinced until mid-2020. Before starting dropshipping, I had an uneasy time choosing the right platform. I read all about both Shopify and AliDropship to learn about their pros and cons, watched several YouTube videos reviews and then finally came to the conclusion that Alidropship would best serve the purpose for me. I decided to go for it after I read about Alidropship’s ready-to-go premium dropshipping stores with no monthly subscription fees.

That’s how I got a Premium dropshipping store, which is basically a turnkey ecommerce website. I also bought an installation package to have most of the work already done by the moment I start, and that’s how the story began!

The store runs on AliDropship’s hosting, and I also got a number of extra solutions like the Beginner’s set, Bulk Discounts add-on and Countdown Timer to get more impulse purchases from the visitors and craft my store to near perfection.

Working on your turnkey ecommerce website so carefully, did you achieve your first sale quickly?

Yes, quite! I had my first sale on the very first day of launching Facebook ads and I firmly believed that I was going in the right direction.

It was like a bolt of excitement and happiness! I remember working late at night on the marketing setup and waking up to the most pleasant surprise: my first sale.

It was an absolutely amazing feeling. All of the hardwork and dedication put in by me and the team at Alidropship had finally got me to the result I was aiming for.

What helped me apart from the awesome product pages that I had got ready-made with my Premium dropshipping store was the Marketing package which had the right creatives as well the target audience settings (Facebook interests and demographics).

Getting the first sale only strengthened my determination to get more persistent sales. I became more focused towards my next goal.

How is your store performing now?

The store has been performing well in terms of conversion rate.

A screenshot showing sales numbers of a turnkey ecommerce website

What’s your niche and product strategy?

The turnkey ecommerce website I’ve got was a copy of the Gaming store. For me, it was an overlap between my personal interests and the growing market demands, the gaming niche. Also, because of the current pandemic, people have been inclined to sit at home and game more. Plus the launch of big gaming consoles this year also made me think about getting into this niche as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

On another positive note, with a familiar niche, it was pretty obvious for me who my target audience would be. I got great help from the Marketing guide which was part of the Alidropship’s turnkey ecommerce website offer. It gave me the exact interests and demographics of the right people to target! Of course, having my own understanding of the gamers’ community is also great.

The products themselves, as well as the suppliers, were hand-picked by the team at Alidropship. I must say the products are excellent and the suppliers have been equally co-operative. Currently, I don’t even have to add any more products, but I would like to add new items depending on the market needs in the future.

The prices have already been set by the pre-defined rules that have come with the Premium store. Ideally, they should have a markup at least 2.5 times the product price considering the cost of goods and services.

How do you promote your store?

I have been promoting my store on almost all social media channels. To explore various options, I have even tried marketing on Twitter and Microsoft Bing Ads. I found little success with them and eventually had to move away from them.

Thanks to experimenting, I figured out that Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads work best for me. They account for almost 90% of the sales.

Facebook and Instagram were the platforms which have helped me get my first milestone achievement – my first sale – and I invest in advertising on them mostly. As I said, I got a Marketing package that contains already made and tested Facebook ad materials with the right audience settings, and I rely on these precious insights heavily. Though I need to say, Facebook is a great marketing tool, however you have to be very careful of not violating the ad policies which can get you banned from advertising. I would advise to read through their ads policies before beginning to advertise on Facebook.

Another strategy I tried on Facebook was Influencer Marketing. For that, I tied up with a Facebook streamer who agreed to promote my product in exchange for freebies. Plus, to make my social media accounts look busy, I’m using Social Rabbit plugin to save time on the pages running.

Also, as an addition to social media promotion, I post regularly on relevant threads concerning my product on discussion sites like Quora and Reddit. I work on SEO, run an on-site blog, and every now and then, I get some organic sales 🙂 Finally, I’ve got the Lead Magnet set up on my site to collect visitors’ mailing details and run email marketing, too.

What can you say about managing this turnkey ecommerce website daily?

It hardly takes me around an hour of effort daily, sometimes 2 hours when I have to work on marketing. I can easily juggle it with my current day job and responsibilities.

All of the Alidropship solutions have helped immensely in some way or the other to cut down my management time – and to get me more sales. Social Rabbit plugin has helped me gain a lot of followers on social media, especially Instagram. The Abandoned Cart plugin has helped me recover abandoned carts. The Urgency Add-on has helped to reduce carts abandonment by increasing the checkout rate. The Bulk Discounts has helped me increase my AOV (Average Order Value). And of course, the main Alidropship plugin has made managing and fulfilling orders as easy as a breeze. And I would be missing out on a key factor if I don’t mention it – the efficient and quick support from the Alidropship Support team has made managing the store an enjoyable experience.

That’s why I have enough time to invest in marketing. It’s definitely the most time consuming yet the most crucial aspect of an online business. The more effort you put into designing ads, the better the results turn out to be. A good marketing campaign is an investment that gives a lot in return. At a certain point, you get a hang of it and then you start creating new ads that drive more sales in less time.

What are the biggest business challenges for you? How are you dealing with them?

For me, it has been logistics. Due to the current pandemic situation all over the world, there have been instances when the product delivery gets delayed. And you cannot do much about it other than have patience and keep delivering the same message across to the customer. It is therefore ideal if the supplier has a warehouse in the country of sale for faster shipping times when you’re scaling up your business.

For this particular challenge related to delayed logistics, it’s best to send a direct message to the customer and inform them beforehand of any unexpected delays. For me, it was taken care of through a dedicated page on my premium store. There, I clearly talk about the current challenges in delivery due to the pandemic and set the tone with the customer. This way, I allow them to be ready in case of any unforeseen events. But even after that, it is likely that the customer may demand a quicker delivery… It’s best to be as polite with them as possible and communicate the same to the customer, maybe throw in a discount coupon to brighten up their mood 🙂

To summarize, if you know that you’re doing it right, always remain calm and composed. Deliver the same message directly to the customer and try to compensate for the problem with coupons and free gifts.

Do you have any memorable customer stories?

You can always run into some buyers who apparently start wondering about their package from the very next day they place their order. Such a thing happened to me, too. One of the customers started complaining about the slow delivery of their order even though it had been just 3 days since they placed their order. I always maintained an air of calm and politeness with them assuring them that their product will be delivered soon. But, even that didn’t help! Eventually they raised it to a refund claim with PayPal, the payment provider I was using. Finally, the product got delivered in time and the claim was settled in my favor.

There also was a funny story with my Facebook ads. Under one of my Facebook posts, a brother-sister duo had a kind of a funny heated discussion. They were arguing over who would buy the product as a gift for the other. It was funny to read, plus it was also increasing the engagement rate of my ad – and thereby, its relevance. So after a while, when the argument was getting nowhere, I decided to step up as the Facebook Page admin. I commented and pointed out that the 50% off sale would last only today. Moments after that I got a PayPal notification from the elder sister who made the purchase… instant happiness, right there ! 🙂

Did you register your business officially? What are the requirements in your country?

Yes, I did, as this will also help me with taxes spent on Facebook and Google ads. Here in India, you need to have a proper Identification document like the Passport, PAN or Aadhar Card, as it’s called here. Any citizen can apply for a business registration, it’s a fairly simple process and can be done online.

How has your life changed? What are your plans for the future?

This business has made me self-reliant. My friends and family are happy and see this promising turnkey ecommerce website as a great achievement. That means a lot to me.

Although I am on my path and yet not there, I do feel great to have a side hustle which can generate me a passive income. It feels awesome to be a business owner knowing that you can drive it to success and it is in your hands completely. I feel a sense of satisfaction. The journey doesn’t end 🙂

I plan to further create a series of stores belonging to different niches that can all work at the same and generate streams of income. I plan to tap into one-product stores of my winning products and scale them to their maximum potential.

What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who didn’t start the business yet?

For those who’re already running their stores, you know what it takes to take it off the ground. Being customer-centric is the essence of ecommerce. You can probably take a hit with shipping and better quality of products than going with cheaper alternatives, because in the end it’s the customer who has put in that trust in you to send them their product. Also, keep scoping the markets for new hot products that can sell, ride the trend wave for maximum profits and then decide which ones to continue with further.

For those who have not yet started with dropshipping, I would like to state an old Chinese proverb…The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is “right now”! If you have raised your hand for entrepreneurship, fear is no more an option…Take the leap of faith and start on your journey as soon as possible. No one has all the knowledge to begin with, it’s more about the journey than the destination, enjoy it! Dropshipping allows you to be a business owner with minimal initial investments. Start today!

That’s a powerful message! So, what’s the outcome? By getting a turnkey ecommerce website, Faraz saved countless hours on his business setup and performance testing… and got straight to promotional experiments that are already bringing rewards! With a wide range of Premium stores to copy and put into operation right away, everyone can do the same – and start their ecommerce journeys with ease, too.

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25 Best Passive Income Ideas In 2021 For You To Explore And Enjoy

Do you already have a 9-to-5 job that you don’t want to give up even though it leaves you unsatisfied with the earnings? Or don’t you have enough time to get a regular job even though you’d like to have a passive income? Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of ways to get a stable source of earnings that doesn’t require your constant control and monitoring. So check up the list of 25 best passive income ideas in 2021 we have prepared for you!

Why is it a good idea to generate passive income?

It’s not a secret that passive income ideas always help. Consequently, people from all over the world look for new passive income streams more and more frequently.

a picture showing how often people search for passive income streams

So what’s passive income?

Passive income is a source of income that either does not imply your active involvement or requires little effort that won’t interfere with, for example, a 9-to-5 job, travelling, etc.

In fact, it’s also a good idea to consider passive income ideas in 2021 if you want to start a profitable business that goes without large-scale startup costs and complicated legal procedures.

In our experience, the dropshipping business model suits such people perfectly. It’s due to the fact it does not oblige you to invest thousands of dollars and months of your free time into a store launch and management. However, to give you more options, we have prepared an extended list of 25 best passive income ideas in 2021. Let’s check all of them so you could choose the most suitable one and make a fortune the next year!

25 best passive income ideas in 2021

Here are 25 best passive income ideas for you to experiment with various sources of extra income in 2021. Enjoy!

Go online

It’s a great idea to go online in order to get passive income in 2021. With the advent of the Internet, it became a lot easier to run a business and make money online. But which passive income options are the most promising in 2021? So let’s get this sorted out!

Think of blogging

Blogging is, actually, one of the most popular business opportunities to get passive income in 2021. In practice, there are lots of ways to benefit from your own blog.

To date, almost every respectable company has a blog. For example, look at Forbes. Above all, Forbes has a blog that lets their influencers share their wealth of experience with their subscribers. By the way, AliDropship has also joined the list of Forbes’ contributors: you are welcome to read these top-level expert entries!

Some people start a blog for personal use. As a rule, when such a personal blog gains popularity, it provides its owner with different opportunities to benefit from it. So they begin to place shoutouts, join affiliate programs, etc.

So starting a blog is a 100% passive income idea. Beyond this, it can become your own hobby and your opportunity to find your personal fulfilment. And there is nothing difficult about running a blog since even lots of children do this every day!

Launch a dropshipping business

Starting a dropshipping business is, surely, one of the best options to get passive income nowadays.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows reselling goods without keeping them in stock.

If you are an ecommerce newcomer and wish to learn more about dropshipping, we suggest you to watch a detailed video guide on how dropshipping works.

Nowadays more and more people are interested in starting a dropshipping business. See for yourself.

a picture showing the number of dropshipping business search request

So why is a dropshipping business going to be one of the passive income ideas you should definitely pay attention to in 2021? Well, it’s due to the following.

  • Dropshipping does not require large long-term investment (even $150 is enough to get a smooth start in dropshipping)
  • With dropshipping, you don’t need to take any actions offline (rent an office or a warehouse, hire people, etc.)
  • It’s not necessary to spend lots of time on your dropshipping business: due to several IT solutions, your business participation can be reduced by several clicks a day)

Beyond this, you are going to become a 100% owner of your profitable and promising business. Isn’t this great? What’s more, if you’re worried about the technical challenges of starting a dropshipping business, in 2021, you can start an online store from scratch easily! A number of IT solutions that help you start and run your ecommerce venture – AliDropship Plugin, Social Rabbit, Sellika, Premium Products, etc. – are always there at your service.

Buy a dropshipping business

If you don’t want to create an online store from scratch by yourself due to the lack of technical experience or free time, AliDropship is happy to provide you with another option – you have an opportunity to buy a ready-to-go online store!

To date, there are two options to get a ready-made online store AliDropship can offer.

  • Creating a custom dropshipping store

Our experienced team is going to create a custom dropshipping store for you with your individual preferences in mind. As a result, you get a dropshipping business that you can start promoting and benefiting from right after the store handover.

  • Purchasing a premium dropshipping store

Premium dropshipping stores from AliDropship are the exact copies of best-performing online stores that can boast $2,000,000+ annual revenue. After purchasing a premium dropshipping store, you become an owner of an online store that you need only to upload to your website. Moreover, you can also get installation and marketing packages as well.

Both options constitute a ready-to-go business that will require you to run ad campaigns only. Don’t you know how to do this for the maximum benefit? Well, we have already discussed in detail how to create product pages, how to create landing pages, how to make Facebook ad creatives, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Here is one more passive income idea in our list – it’s social media marketing or SMM. The point is that the demand for SMM specialists is rising considerably. And business owners need both staff members and outsourcing specialists.

a picture that shows the rising demand for smm

So if you are fond of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., here is a reason for you to convert your hobby into profit. You, actually, have an opportunity to surf the Internet and make money on that! Meantime, this can really help your part-time employers boost their businesses considerably.

Run a YouTube channel

This is all the same about YouTube. Lots of people are now using YouTube as a source of extra income.

a picture showing a passive income idea in 2021 to gain from

You can definitely try to make money on YouTube if you:

  • Really love spending tons of time watching videos on YouTube
  • Have ever considered starting a YouTube channel since you know more than others and see the way to share your experience in a more appropriate or creative way

In these cases, starting a YouTube channel is a must!

Eventually, your channel on YouTube will collect enough followers so you will get an opportunity to benefit from that by placing ads, joining affiliate programs, etc.

Start a podcast

Starting a podcast is also one more passive income idea in 2021.

a picture showing an option to get passive income in 2021

If you are keen on talking on different subjects and you feel comfortable about public speaking, starting a podcast is exactly what you need!

Participate in online surveys

One more passive income idea is to participate in online surveys. In fact, if you like to be interviewed, share your opinion with others, etc., – online surveys are what you can benefit from a lot.

On the Internet, there are lots of websites that offer passive income for participating in such surveys. Certainly, it’s necessary to finish lots of surveys in order to get a substantial sum. However, each survey can take you just several minutes, so why not?

Create paid posts on Instagram

It’s also no longer a secret that you can benefit from your account on Instagram. And all you need is to have strong interest in a hype issue.

For instance, do you have pets? Do you often take pictures of them to share with friends? If so, this is a good idea to share this with a wider audience since you are highly likely to gain from that. That’s cool, isn’t it?

The point is that when you collect enough followers (10,000+), you will be able to make money on paid posts. So, it means you will place some ads in your account, meantime, your partners will provide you with a bunch of their product samples. Profit!

For example, here is a person who created an Instagram account for their cat. Over time, their audience had grown, and they started to place ads. So why not?


Write an ebook

Creating an ebook is another passive income idea in 2021. The most interesting aspect of this activity is that you need to do your best once, and you will be able to benefit from this on a permanent basis later. Isn’t this great?

Create an online course

If you believe that you have a wealth of experience in some area, and you are anxious to share it with others, you can try to create an online course. Basically, it’s almost the same as writing in ebook. You will work hard on it for some time, but then it will easily bring passive income.

Try copywriting

Nowadays experienced copywriters can earn a lot since there is strict demand for different types of content. And this is one more perfect passive income idea in 2021. However, please note that copywriting can take you more time if compared with the other options.

Furthermore, if you have never dealt with copywriting before, it can be challenging for you to start creating texts. Fortunately, there are lots of training courses that can help you a lot.

Consider proofreading

There is a group of people who make money on proofreading. This is really a great passive income idea since it can really bring you a lot.

a picture showing the rise of demand for proofreading

However, you should understand that in order to deal with proofreading, you should be a native speaker.

The point is that proofreading is not an easy prey since each language has its own nuances. And basically, only native speakers with linguistics degrees really make a fortune. However, there are lots of job offers for untrained proofreaders.

Learn more about affiliate marketing

Millions of people worldwide have already benefited from affiliate marketing. It’s due to the fact that it’s really a great passive income idea!

an image that proves the rise of popularity for affiliate marketing in 2021

In fact, there’s nothing challenging about affiliate marketing. All you need is to find the affiliate program with the most favorable terms and start promoting your partner’s business. Each purchase that happens through your efforts brings you a commission. In some cases, this is really a considerable sum.

So if you’re interested in earning passive income from affiliate marketing, we would recommend that you pay your particular attention to the AliDropship Affiliate Program. Please note that AliDropship lets you earn up to $869 from each purchase!

a screenshot of AliDropship affiliate program homepage

Take stock pictures

Are you fond of photographing, but doing this mainly for yourself only? Well, this is a very interesting pastime. But have you ever thought about how much time people making stock photos earn?

Well, review the story of Tony and Chelsea from the US, and how they started their stock photo project. Now they are extremely popular in photographing and, actually, made a fortune on that.

a picture showing how to get passive income from stock photos

Consider web development

If you learned programming languages and the stuff like that, it’s a great idea to consider web development and similar activities as a source of passive income.

Create and boost online stores

First of all, you can try your hand at creating and boosting online stores. Since few people are ready to spend their free time on creating an online store from scratch, you can help them with this. All you need for this is the AliDropship Plugin and basic skills in creating online stores. When it comes to boosting online stores, you can use other IT solutions from AliDropship for business automation and customization.

Develop mobile apps

Every day lots of apps appear in the App Store and Google Play. See for yourself.

statistics that prove that developing mobile apps is extremely promising for the years to come

Can you just imagine that last year there were more than 200 billion mobile apps on the Internet?

But all you need to know about this is how much money their developers make. Actually, these are significant sums.

a picture showing worldwide mobile app revenues

As you can see, it’s predicted that in 2023 mobile app revenues will amount to almost a trillion of US dollars. Sounds convincing, right?

So if you have ever dealt with developing mobile apps for third-party companies, you can try to do this yourself and make a fortune!

a picture of a man that made a fortune on developing mobile apps

Just try to learn more about Chad Mureta who eventually got an idea of creating the Fingerprint Security Pro app and started to make more than $100,000 a month. Isn’t this a passive income idea that deserves your attention?

Create plugins and add-ons for business management

Besides ready-to-go business solutions such as custom or premium dropshipping stores, AliDropship is actively developing add-ons and plugins for you to easily start and run your dropshipping businesses.

If you’re running a dropshipping business and you want to automate it in order to reduce your business participation, this is the high time to look at AliDropship Plugin, Social Rabbit, Sellika, etc.

a picture that shows the homepage of AI product description generator from AliDropship

If you are good at developing software, all you need to know is that IT solutions for business are in strong demand nowadays!

Make investments

As before, right investments can really let you make a fortune. But this is extremely important to figure out the options that are the most promising in terms of getting a stable source of high passive income.

Invest in growing businesses

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, but you’re concerned with the issue of how to make them work for you, you can consider investing in growing businesses.

a picture that shows an option to get passive income

It is, surely, profitable to buy and run a dropshipping store or investing in an offline outlet, etc. So evaluate how promising the business you are going to invest is, and, then, take a decision!

Buy real estate

Investing in rental property is, probably, one of the most lucrative options to get passive income.

Definitely, if you buy a house for rent, it will bring you a tidy sum on a permanent basis.

a screenshot that proves that you can get passive income from buying real estate

However, this option also has the flip side of the coin: if you want to make money on renting out estates, first of all, you need to buy such estate. And, unfortunately, this requires huge sums of money.

Think about peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is also a good passive income idea not only in 2021 but always. However, it’s almost the same as purchasing real estate. It requires you having enough funds.

Use saving accounts

Depositing your own money with a bank is a pretty close thing to peer-to-peer lending. However, this is a safer option. It can really bring you lots of funds. That is why it’s so popular nowadays.

a picture that shows one of the best passive income ideas in 2021

However, it suits only those people who have enough personal finance.

Place ads on your car

Have you ever noticed cars with ads on their bodies, windows, etc.? Of course, lots of them are company’s cars and used by the staff. However, it becomes more and more popular to place ads on personal vehicles.

And here are several reasons for that. Some companies pay such car owners commission for placing the ads. Others provide them with a discount on the company’s products or services. So it remains for you only to choose the most tempting offer and start benefiting from that!

Licensing music

If your hobby is related to music, it’s a good idea to think about creating and licensing music. At the beginning, it won’t make you a fortune. However, in time, you are likely to get a stable source of passive income. But don’t forget that this area requires both talent and zeal.

Rent out cars

If you have enough funds, you can try your hand at car rental. So you can either rent a car or create a car sharing service. And this is one of the best passive income ideas, meanwhile, you need huge investment to fit into this business.

a picture showing the demand for car sharing

Become a brand ambassador

Besides placing ads on your vehicle, in your social media accounts, and so on, you can also think of becoming a brand ambassador since this is also a perfect way to get passive income in 2021.

How does it differ from regular advertising? Well, you contact your potential partners and arrange to use and promote their products only.

However, you should understand that if you want to become a brand ambassador, you need to be known in certain circles, have extremely popular social media accounts, etc. For example, look at this cat.


Here is the list of best passive income ideas in 2021 we could manage to find for you to benefit from next year. We hope this info is going to be extremely useful for you and will let you easily start your own profitable business and make a fortune in the forthcoming year. So let your dreams come true since this is almost Christmas time!

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How To Build A Successful Home-Based Business From Scratch?

What does it take to create a successful home-based business? Rene, our today’s guest from sunny Spain, kindly shared his own experience and even uncovered a couple of entrepreneur secrets!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Rene, an entrepreneur currently living in Spain and working from home.

Earlier in my career, I was active in the hotel industry, restaurants and cafes. I have lived and been in business in New Zealand, USA, and in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, I live in the South of Spain and run a B&B and organize yoga retreats for international guests together with my wife.

Rene and Kay, spouses running a successful home-based business

Combining it with an online business, we are looking for new opportunities and love new challenges!

Have you previously thought about launching a successful home-based business online?

Yes, about 15 years ago I started to experiment with 2 online stores.

There wasn’t a well-developed and widely known dropshipping business strategy at that time, so instead, I had to go to France, Paris, to buy wholesale at auctions and negotiate with clothing brands to get their surplus stock. I remember a lot of work for small margins and a lot of trouble with shipping.

Furthermore, I had an experience of building websites with WordPress. I know a lot about the online tourist industry worldwide which helped me figure out the Internet world.

With such a diverse experience, why did you eventually choose the dropshipping model for your new business?

Living in the south of Spain is great with its 300 sunny days, and running a B&B is very rewarding, no doubts! However, it also gets a bit boring for an entrepreneur…. 🙂

I wanted to do something without leaving my beautiful home. Dropshipping came to mind: a friend of mine was selling cutlery in Ukraine with dropshipping while living in Germany. That got my attention.

So I did my research on this business model, and with all my experience, I thought I would give it a go. I simply asked my friend Google what is the best dropshipping platform… and that’s how I bought a Premium Store from AliDropship.

What happened next?

Legally speaking, I registered this business as an autonomo in Spain: to do that, you need to have your business registered for VAT, and have a physical address.

To set the store in motion, I put in a lot of hard work. There were lots of extra solutions I added to make it top-notch: Social Rabbit, Abandoned Cart, Facebook Business, Upsell, Urgency, GA Enhanced Ecommerce, Gift Box, Purchase Upsell... You see, when I do something, I do it all the way! Only then you can be sure you will be successful.

After a couple of trials and errors, I started to get the hang of it. Eventually, all my effort – tuning the website, getting the right products, making the store look trustworthy and making the product descriptions unique, reading about Facebook ads and learning while doing it – paid off!

5 weeks after the start, I had 4 product ads running and no sales. but then late at night 1 single purchase for $89 and it wasn’t even any of the advertised products. But still I was very happy. It gave me hope.

Would you already say you’re running a successful home-based business? What’s the secret?

Even though there is no consistency yet, I already have some really good sales!

A screenshot showing the performance of a successful home-based business with $4,434.14 in total monthly sales

The store is doing well, and I keep experimenting with products and niches. As an entrepreneur, I am already looking for an opportunity to launch a new one. I like the changes it has brought into my life: I am busy and learning new things! I would love to grow my niche and become the biggest industry player in the world 🙂

One of the niches I am trying now is something I am passionate about and know well. This makes it easier to understand what the target audience is and what it is looking for. Thanks to my life experience and huge online research I conducted, I have a clearer idea of my potential buyers.

Keeping in mind what your target audience wants is essential, as well as analyzing every aspect of a product. I use AliExpress as the source of products and I’d say that at the moment, the marketing side is even more important to me than supplier-related tasks. This will change as the sales pick up, though!

Which marketing strategy are you using to make your home-based business successful?

I mostly work with paid ads: Instagram has proven to be the most efficient marketing channel for me. On average, promotions cost me about $750 per month.

Knowing upfront how much I’m going to spend on marketing, I understand what the right product price should be to compensate for the expenses. I believe a lot of dropshippers have no idea what it costs to make a sale. But if you want to be successful, you will need to know. Exchange rates, PayPal costs, purchase costs, VAT, shipping fees – they all play a part, too!

What can you say about the managerial routine?

It takes me about 4 hours every day to manage the store. Fine tuning the store and the ads is the most time-consuming part, and getting the marketing right is the ultimate challenge. So, I Iearn learn learn, and then learn again – that’s the only way to deal with it!

Things happen, of course. Once, I closed my store and was not aware of it for some time… Yes, even old entrepreneurs can make stupid mistakes 🙂

Thankfully, I don’t experience serious customer service issues. I found out that if you deal with the incoming requests straight away and directly, the buyers are more open to you and willing to understand the situation. So, don’t be afraid, just call or write them back!

Summing up your experience of launching and running a successful home-based business, what can you advise our readers?

It is mostly about the Facebook/Instagram marketing that you need to get right and this takes time, money and patience.

One thing I learned as an entrepreneur: there is never a sale without having costs. This is SO true for the dropshipping business: you have to be willing to spend money to make money. There are a lot of success stories out there, but they all had their failures and have spent more than they thought they would.

So, keep your head down and work at it! It takes patience, learning and just doing it to make things happen. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

It would seem that creating a successful home-based business is a challenge worth winning! Thank you, Rene, for the detailed feedback and practical advice you shared, and may your store flourish and prosper!

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Running A Low-Investment Business While Working Full Time: Marco’s Experience

Choosing between different options of a low-investment business startup, new entrepreneurs typically end up launching ecommerce ventures of different kinds. Marco, our today’s guest, is following the same path. Thrilled with the opportunity to run an online store without inventory, he tried up the dropshipping business model. Let’s see how it’s working out for him!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Marco Silva from Portugal, currently living in the UK. I have worked in a university in Portugal for 11 years, and then moved to Venezuela in 2011. There, I have worked as a Math and English private tutor, and eventually relocated to the UK in 2015.

In England, I have been working as a postman, and in April, 2020, I launched a part-time dropshipping business.

Why did you decide to get into dropshipping?

I was looking up different options of starting an online business. The dropshipping model seemed attractive to me for two main reasons. First, it does not require a big investment of money to start. Secondly, I really liked the idea of selling a product before I had even bought it.

Researching the providers of low-investment business startup options, I found AliDropship’s YouTube channel and got interested in their concept. I contacted the support team and asked for more information about the options. When I realized that I could start a business for $300, I decided to go ahead with it.

How did your low-investment business journey begin?

I have started dropshipping with AliExpress by buying a Premium Store from AliDropship. I’ve chosen the Buy It Carl store to be copied for me.

Three days after I had the store running, my first sale happened. Earlier, together with my wife, we have posted some of our products on our store’s Facebook page. After that, we began inviting our friends from our personal Facebook pages to like our Facebook Business page. My wife’s workmate was one of the many who accepted the invitation. She liked the product shown in one of these posts, a selfie ring light, and bought it! I felt extremely motivated about the future of the business.

How is your business performing now?

I have made US $1,304.98 with this only store, and I believe this will increase in the future.

A performance screenshot of a low-investment business

What is your product strategy?

My niche is quite wide as the store originally had a variety of products. Still, I keep adding more: I try to see what is new that can be interesting for my customers. And obviously, when it comes to seasonal products, I always import them to have them available for buyers.

When adding new products, I follow AliDropship’s guidance to see the items’ potential. I always check the number of sales the product has had, the shipping cost, customer reviews, and the sellers’ rating.

And also, I’m using several more product-related solutions that are heavily automated and save me a lot of time. So far, I have been using the Import List Products and also have tried the AliDropship Premium Products. I liked the Premium Products more, however, as they seem to be more complete. Their descriptions have more content, which helps you get a better SEO ranking (I check and improve it with Yoast SEO).

How do you promote your store?

Mainly, I run Facebook ads and advertise the winning products I was offered by AliDropship when I bought the Premium store.

Interestingly, there is a different customer segment for every product I am advertising. I had purchases from male teenagers for a certain product, as I had from 35-50 year old women for another kind of product. As my store has a wide variety of products, ads targeting gets really crucial.

What can you say about managing your low-investment business on a daily basis and planning your further strategy?

It’s a part-time project, as I already mentioned, so I spend about 3 hours a day on the business. The most time-consuming task for me is creating unique product descriptions, and I view the creation of attractive content for product pages as my most difficult challenge. To deal with it, I search for similar products in other stores, and use them as an inspiration.

I am keen to register my business officially: it seems to be easy, even though I don’t know all the legal requirements yet. My next goal is to increase my sales and launch another store as I would like to make a living from this business. I am supported by my friends and relatives who like the products, the prices, and the look of the website in general.

Overall, even though my life hasn’t changed a lot yet, I am sure this enterprise is worth trying. It is a low-investment business and once you find the path, you become successful!

Turns out, even a low-investment business can yield quite promising results! With the right set of tools at hand and a careful approach to crafting a product strategy, Marco is simply bound to succeed – and so can you! Choosing your own Premium Store from the multiple versions available (just like Marco did!), you can skip the business setup stage and only work on driving visitors to your store. How would you like that?

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How We Make Money With Facebook Ads For Our Best-Performing Premium Store

AliDropship’s Premium and Established Stores mostly make money with Facebook ads. In this article, you will find a detailed marketing strategy used by the team for our most successful Premium Store, The Auto Merch.

Most businesses using digital marketing advertise products or services on social media. As Facebook remains one of the most efficient platforms for advertising and selling products, it’s very important to learn how to make money on Facebook ads.

Here you will find a detailed, step-by-step guide on advertising and remarketing methods used by the AliDropship team to promote The Auto Merch, our most successful Premium Store.

How to make money with Facebook ads: The Auto Merch’s advertising strategy

Promoting an online business on Facebook starts with setting up Facebook Pixel which tracks users’ activity. Read this article to learn how to install Facebook Pixel.

Step 1: Preparing a product and a product page

First, the team chooses a product for advertising. No matter how many goods you have on the site, you can’t promote all of them at once. It’ll be too expensive. When picking a product to advertise, the team of The Auto Merch uses the following criteria:

  • The product must be popular. Even if you haven’t sold a single item, there are more or less reliable ways to tell whether it’s popular on the market. We’ve discussed a great method of finding dropshipping goods earlier, but the idea is to check how many likes, comments and shares similar products get on social media or how many sales they make on AliExpress or Amazon.
  • The price must be affordable. Don’t forget that running Facebook ads and advertising on other platforms costs money. According to our own experience, the average cost of conversion on Facebook varies from $15 to $30. Since you’ll have to include this figure into the price, the product will get more expensive. So, make sure the final price won’t scare away potential customers.
  • The product must be useful and valuable to a buyer. The Auto Merch is built around practical car accessories for a reason. Such goods are much easier to advertise.
  • The original product on AliExpress must have suitable video materials. In most campaigns, our team uses video ads since this format shows much better results. It’s also important to find videos that demonstrate how this particular product can solve the buyer’s problem.

Screenshot of a video ad that show how a product solve a problem

After that, the team prepares the corresponding product page. They add customer reviews with photos of the item, write a description with GIFs (if possible), improve the page’s loading speed, etc. The idea is to make a perfect product page that won’t disappoint visitors who come after seeing the ads.

Step 2: Creating video posts

Next, the team creates a number of video posts and publishes them on the store’s page. We usually make 7 video variations and 3 text and thumbnail variations for each of them. As a result, we end up with 21 post variations in total.

Nine video files uploaded for creating Facebook ads

Why so many? At this moment, we don’t know which of them will attract more attention, which is why we need to test them first. Besides, we are not going to turn off this campaign completely. As it keeps running, the posts will get more likes, comments and shares, thus becoming more noticeable in the feed and getting more reviews.

We use posts instead of standard ads because Facebook users tend to click more often on ad posts with a high number of likes and comments. Everything these posts earn during this PPE campaign will work for our conversion campaigns later.

Step 3: Launching a PPE campaign

Now the team launches a Page Post Engagement campaign to promote these posts. Such campaigns cost cheaper than conversion campaigns and are great for testing ads. We set the budget to $10-15 for each ad (post).

To make money with Facebook ads, our team first launches a PPE campaign

The budget may seem like too large, but as you will see, we are going to turn off many of these ads within less than 24 hours. So Facebook won’t have enough time to spend all this sum.

As for audience targeting, the team of The Auto Merch uses the following settings:

  • Countries: The US (as of now, the team focuses on the US only, but generally we also advertise in the UK, Canada and Australia)
  • Language: English
  • Placement: Automatic

At this stage, you can ignore target audience demographics unless you’re absolutely sure about your customer’s age and gender. For some product types such parameters are obvious even without any tests or analyses. But we usually specify demographics later when we collect more data from this and other campaigns.

Since PPE campaigns raise engagement, your posts are going to get lots of comments. Make sure you reply to all of them (or at least as much as you can) and answer personal messages as well. It goes to all your campaigns (not only PPEs). Don’t forget that social media are places where users communicate!

Step 4: Testing video posts

The team usually launches the PPE campaign at midnight and checks the results in the morning. The choice of time depends on when your Facebook Ad Manager starts working.

We analyze the posts’ Click Through Rate, their Average Play Time and Cost Per 1,000 Impressions and shut off 1 or 2 worst-performing ads from each group of 3 variations.

I mean those text and thumbnail variations we created for each of the 7 videos. So after this we should have 1 or 2 variations left.

After that the team runs the campaign till evening and turns off every post that didn’t perform well enough. We end up with a maximum of 3 or 4 best-performing ads no matter what variations they are.

Screenshot of four best-performing video posts in a Facebook PPE campaign after testing

Now that we have winning video posts, it’s time to start a Facebook ad campaign aimed at conversions. But as I mentioned before, the team keeps the PPE campaign running so that the posts could keep raising their engagement level. Only now we increase the budget to $15-20 per each post to gather data as well as likes, shares and comments faster.

It’ll help us make money with Facebook ads later.

Step 5: Launching a conversion campaign

The team uses 1-3 best-performing ads to launch a conversion campaign. This one is going to lead Facebook users to our product page in order to sell them the item being advertised. Still, at this point we don’t expect a lot of sales and want to test the audience by interests.

The team uses Facebook interests for targeting. We discussed how to find and test Facebook interests for targeting in one of our previous articles.

Each conversion campaign initially targets at least 5 interests. Later we can add more interests to test them. So, the team creates a corresponding number of ad sets, with each containing at least one video ad and targeted at one interest. We choose countries to target based on the destinations’ CTR in our PPE campaign, but targeting the US is a must.

Five winning ads in a Facebook conversion campaign that uses interests for targeting

The team sets the budget for each ad set to half of the product’s price but not less than $10. For example, if the product costs $40 on The Auto Merch, the daily budget of each ad set should equal $20.

You can set a different budget for your PPE and conversion campaigns. Just remember that you can’t make money with Facebook ads unless you pay for them. Campaigns with a small budget collect data slowly while a big budget boosts the tempo. So, if you want to get results faster, feel free to pay more. These are just average numbers.

Just like we do with our Page Post Engagement campaign, we launch the first conversion campaigns at midnight.

In the morning, the team turns off the ads and ad sets that show terrible results. As for the remaining ad sets, we keep them running for several days even if their performance seems to be not so good. Such campaigns (which we use for testing Facebook interests) often take up to 7 days before you get reliable results. Of course, the team monitors their performance.

A few tips related to checking your Facebook ads

Ideally, you should test your ad sets for at least 3 days. Making conclusions based on shorter periods is often premature because sales always come in peaks. Sometimes you’re simply having bad days.

If an ad set behaves clearly worse than others during all this period, there’s no doubt you should either turn it off or experiment with ads within the set. Sometimes one and the same ad works great with one audience but doesn’t work at all with another one.

Audiences and ads also tend to “fade away”, become less effective as time passes. After a while, they simply stop converting users as well as they used to. In this case, the team changes the ads’ texts and/or featured images/thumbnails. Ideally, you should edit the existing creative or make a completely new ad.

Step 6: Collecting demographic data

The conversion campaign keeps running. At this stage, we leave it alone for a while. Two or three days after we launched our PPE campaign, it’s time to check the demographic data both our campaigns have collected so far.

To see these data, we break-down the audiences of all the existing campaigns including PPE into age and gender segments.

Screenshot of the audience of a Facebook PPE campaign broken down into age and gender segments

The team uses the new data to optimize the targeting settings of the existing campaigns – both the PPE and conversion campaigns. We simply duplicate the existing ad sets and use the new targeting settings.

Sometimes, when the initial targeting happens to be completely wrong, we turn off the original ad sets. If not, they keep running along with the duplicated versions.

Step 7: Creating a lookalike audience

Now it’s time to get back to our conversion campaign that tests Facebook interests. In order to make money with Facebook ads, we are going to create custom audiences based on these results and use them to generate lookalikes.

First, the team creates a custom audience consisting of users who watched 95% of the video ads for the last 7 days. These data come from all the videos that advertise one particular product. To make this work, we need at least 2,000 users. Depending on your budget, 3-7 days is usually enough to collect this many.

Creating a custom audience to make money with Facebook ads

If the video is very long (about 40 seconds or longer), it’s Ok to select users who watched at least 75% of the video. People usually don’t watch long files till the end.

Now that we have more than 2,000 users who seem interested in the product, we create a lookalike Facebook audience and break it down into six audience size segments: 1%, 1-2%, 2-3%, 3-4%, 4-5% and 5-6%.

Creating a lookalike audience to make money with Facebook ads

Creating Facebook lookalike audiences by size segments

Step 8: Launching a conversion campaign targeted at the lookalike audience

Now the team uses this lookalike audience to create a new conversion campaign. We create one ad set per each size segment I mentioned above. The budget is set to half of the product’s price per ad set just like previously.

Creating Facebook conversion campaigns targeted at size segments of a lookalike audience

The team places not one but three or even four best-performing video posts from the PPE campaign in each ad set. By this time, they usually gather quite a number of likes and comments.

The campaign usually runs for 2-3 days before we check the results and turn off the worst-performing ads. When the campaign gets at least 20 add-to-carts, checkouts or purchases, the team moves on to creating another range of custom and lookalike audiences.

Step 9: Creating new lookalike audiences

As our campaigns collect data, we can use it to create new lookalike audiences for another conversion campaign.

First, the team starts making custom audiences consisting of the following categories of users (these are the abbreviations the team uses to name these audience segments):

  • 95% VV7 (95% video views, 7 days): users who watched 95% of our video posts over the last 7 days;
  • 75% VV7 (75% video views, 7 days): users who watched 75% of our video posts over the last 7 days; used for long videos;
  • WV 7 (website visitors, 7 days): users who visited the website over the last 7 days no matter how long they stayed;
  • VC 7 (view content, 7 days): users who visited the website over the last 7 days; it’s different from the previous segment in that these users spent more time there;
  • VTS 25/10/5 7 (visitors by time spent, top 25, 7 days): top 25/10/5 users who stayed on the site longer than anyone else over the last 7 days;
  • ATC 7 (add to cart, 7 days): site visitors who added the product to the shopping cart over the last 7 days:
  • IC 7 (initiate checkout, 7 days): site visitors who initiated the checkout process over the last 7 days;
  • PUR 7 (purchase, 7 days): site visitors who purchase the product over the last 7 days.

Creating a Facebook custom audience consisting of site visitors

To generate a really useful lookalike audience, Facebook needs examples. The larger your customer audience the better.

For lookalikes based on “video views”, it needs at least 2,000 users and at least 200 for “website visitors” and “view content”. “Add-to-carts”, “initiate checkout” and “purchases” require at least 20 users, but it’s best to have about 50. Otherwise, Facebook will have too little information for finding similar users.

The time period is also important. While it’s Ok to set it to 7 days for most of these audiences, ATC, IC and PUR require a different approach.

At first, we recommend creating these three audiences based on users who performed the corresponding actions over the last 30 days instead of 7. Only after they start generating at least 100 purchases, add-to-carts and checkouts within a 7 days period, we change the period to 7 days.

As the campaigns keep gathering more users, we create these audiences one by one.

Step 10: Creating value-based audiences

It’s also a good idea to experiment with value-based lookalike audiences to make money with Facebook ads. Let me explain what they are in simple words.

Facebook generates standard lookalikes based on a custom audience. It analyzes their behavior and interests to find people who act in a similar manner.

When Facebook generates value-based audiences, it also takes into account how much money these people tend to spend. In other words, it tries to find users who will most likely spend more money on your store.

Such audiences can be based on custom audiences that consist of users who viewed the site’s product pages, added something to the shopping cart, initiated checkouts and purchased something. Facebook algorithm analyzes the prices of the products they viewed, added to the cart, tried to purchase or purchased and looks for people who are ready to spend similar sums.

Now the team creates value-based lookalikes (based on the custom audiences I just mentioned) and breaks them down into size segments like we did with our previous lookalike audience.

Step 11: Launching and running a SANDBOX conversion campaign to make money with Facebook ads

The team launches another conversion campaign targeted at the audiences I have listed above. The team uses one campaign, but if you find it more comfortable, you can launch several campaigns.

We call this the SANDBOX campaign because it’s going to be our main testing arena.

Each ad set is targeted at one size segment of one of the listed lookalike audiences. The budget is set to half of the product’s price in the store but not less than $10 per each ad set. Also, the team excludes the custom audience users who have already purchased the product over the last 180 days from each ad set.

Next, the final testing begins. We give the ad sets at least two days before making any decisions.

Any ad sets in the SANDBOX campaign that perform badly can be turned off. If it performs well, the team duplicates the ad set into a new campaign and doubles the budget. If this new ad set performs well, we duplicate it and increase the budget again.

For example, if the budget for an ad set in the SANDBOX campaign was set to $15, we duplicate it into a new campaign with the budget set to $30. If everything is good, we make another copy with a budget of $60 and so on.

Why duplicate the ad sets each time they perform well instead of just raising their budgets? There’s an ideal budget for each ad set which generates the maximum ROAS. You simply need to find it.

But each time you change the budget, Facebook has to start over, so to speak. On the other hand, if you duplicate the ad set, your “previous” ad set keeps running. If the copy performs worse than it, you simply turn it off in one click.

How to make money with Facebook ads: The Auto Merch’s remarketing strategy

As you can see, the advertising strategy we use on The Auto Merch starts with targeting huge audiences of random people. It lets Facebook define which audiences convert better on its own, which is really useful for broad niches we use in our Premium Stores.

As we test different settings and ads, we collect more data and narrow down the audience. Facebook also manages to find people more interested in our products, thus improving the quality of its audiences. As a result, we target people who are more likely to buy.

The more money you spend on advertising, the faster you can collect the data and the more people will become actual buyers.

The warm part of this audience who didn’t purchase anything can be retargeted with remarketing campaigns. And that’s another way to make money with Facebook ads.

Remarketing is another important part of The Auto Merch’s promotion strategy. While the standard ads are targeted at cold audiences, unfamiliar with our store, remarketing targets people who have already interacted with the website or our ads. This makes remarketing much more effective.

Here is the strategy the team uses to retarget audiences.

Step 1: Creating custom audiences

The work usually begins 7 days after launching the initial PPE campaign. By this time, we should have enough users who have interacted with the ads or the website to start remarketing.

The team creates two custom audiences from all users who got into our previous campaigns.

The first audience are Facebook users who watched 95% of the video posts over the last 7 days. Remember: if the video is about 40 seconds long, it’s Ok to set the limit to 75%.

The second audience are users who visited the product page (“viewed content”).

Step 2: Launching a remarketing campaign and making exclusions 

When the audiences are ready, the team makes another set of ads. For users who watched 75-95% of our previous video posts (“video views”), we can use the same videos. But we also create new ones designed specifically for retargeting. Sometimes the team also adds coupons or photo reviews from customers in remarketing ads.

In addition, our team creates image ads. We recommend adding the images in 3 formats – vertical, horizontal and square for each group of placements. We also make up to 5 text variations for each ad and let Facebook define which one performs better.

Then the team launches a conversion campaign and sets up exclusions.

For “video viewers”, we exclude the users who visited the product page (“viewed content”) and the ones who have already purchased the product. For “content viewers”, we exclude only the ones who have purchased the product.

Setting up exclusions for a Facebook audience we are going to use for remarketing

In theory, you don’t have to exclude “buyers” from the first audience because people can’t buy anything unless they visit your store. Excluding “content views” should be enough. However, sometimes Facebook doesn’t mark buyers as site visitors, and they get into the audience. That’s why we recommend excluding buyers “manually” – just in case.

The team creates one ad set per each of the two audiences. As for the overall remarketing budget, we recommend setting it to 10-20% of the budget you spend on advertising. For example, if you spend $1,000 on advertising, set your remarketing budget to $100-200. Thus, the more you spend on advertising the more you should spend on remarketing.

If you’re not sure how to split the money between the two remarketing audiences, use Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization. This function sets the budget for the whole campaign and allows the algorithm to make the decisions based on how the ad sets perform.

If you want to do it manually, set the initial budget to $10-15 per each ad set. As the budget of other campaigns keeps growing, you should also spend more on remarketing.

Step 3: Start making money with Facebook remarketing ads and monitor the campaign’s performance

After the campaign is launched, the team monitors the “Frequency” metrics. It reflects how often a user sees your remarketing ads. It should be between 2.5 and 5 as long as it brings sales. We also monitor Click Through Rate and Cost Per Click.

If a creative or ad set performs well, the team raises its budget by 50% of the current value at a time until its revenue stops growing. If the ad set’s performance starts to get worse, we cut the budget.

In this case or if a creative or ad set performs not well enough from the very beginning, the team cuts the budgets by 33% of the current value at a time. If the performance doesn’t get better, we keep decreasing the budget until we have to turn off the ad set completely and try something new. The team usually shuts off the creatives with the lowest CTR and highest Cost Per Click.

Results of a Facebook remarketing campaign

Clicks here are more expensive compared to our previous campaigns, but don’t worry. Click Through Rates and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) in remarketing campaigns are always higher, so you can make money with Facebook ads despite the cost of remarketing.

Note that you shouldn’t change the ad sets’ budget more often than every two days as Facebook needs time to complete its learning phase and optimize its performance.

Since retargeting people who have interacted with your store is more efficient than targeting people unfamiliar with it, the remarketing campaign keeps running all the time. However, we still experiment with new creatives and audiences with different time periods.

For example, if one of your initial ad sets was targeted at people who watched 95% of the video ad over the last 7 days, you can create an ad set targeted at the same segment but collected over the last 14 days. We also recommend launching ad sets targeted at the same audience collected over the last 30 days as soon as enough time passes. Also, don’t forget to exclude all previous segments from new audiences.

The team always uses new ad creatives for these new ad sets.

This is the basic method used by our team for Facebook advertising. However, there are more nuances and secrets, which you can learn from AliDropship’s free bonus course available after purchasing any Premium Dropshipping Store as well as from upcoming blog articles and YouTube videos. So stay tuned!

Having these insights on how to make money with Facebook ads, you can easily start your own successful dropshipping business by purchasing a copy of any Premium Store and putting your marketing knowledge into practice!

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How To Grow A Profitable Online Store That Makes Over $1M/Year

Product strategy is one of the most important aspects you should pay attention to when you run an ecommerce business. So, how to plan and execute it if you want to grow a profitable online store?

If your goal is to grow a really profitable online store, you need to pay particular attention to several crucial aspects of your business management. One of them is certainly developing a perfect product strategy for your online store that lets you make, let’s say, over $1M a year. But how to do this in real life? Well, let’s consider the example of our $1,000,000+ online store!

The backstory of The Auto Merch

the homepage of the profitable online store that makes over one million dollars a year

Today we are going to talk to you about a profitable online store run by two AliDropship employees staying on maternity leave – it’s The Auto Merch. By the way, recently, the creators of The Auto Merch gave a long interview about their success story. But we need to learn which product strategy they pursued in order to reach $1,000,000+/year, right?

Originally, this online store had nothing to do with dropshipping car products. It was created within a niche that later was found unpromising. You may ask a logical question: why did our experienced and well-qualified staff manage to rely on a niche that turned out to be prospectless for dropshipping?

The answer is clear: we test all the niches in order to provide you with promising Premium Stores only. So, you don’t need to spend your own money on this quest because we have already done this for you!

This is how The Auto Merch story began. BTW, here is an interesting fact: both store creators had no previous experience in dealing with car accessories, but managed to start a dropshipping business from scratch within the automobile industry.

What’s the secret?

Well, they began with importing several car products that seemed to be promising. And these very products have proved that the automobile industry is an extremely lucrative niche that can let you easily earn a lot. Still, at that time, they couldn’t imagine that they would be able to reach a point of over $1M/year!

How to grow a profitable online store: working out a strategy to make $1,000,000+ a year

The creators of The Auto Merch have developed a strategy that let them achieve these results. So what have they paid particular attention to? Let’s figure that out!

On what basis should you choose products for your profitable online store?

Here is an age-old question: how to choose products to sell online and which strategy to pursue?

The selection of products for your online store should be carried out after you’ve carefully examined what’s trending on Facebook, Amazon, AliExpress, and competitors’ stores. Then, it’s necessary to confirm your business ideas by means of Google Trends.

By the way, store creators introduce new items in our store on a regular basis. And these are our customers and website visitors who help us with this by their search requests on our website.

There are also a number of crucial factors you should consider when you select the product for your online store.

So focus on the products that meet the following criteria:

  • One-size-fits-all 📌
  • Perfect appearance 📌
  • Useful 📌

Actually, the story of The Auto Merch starts with a limited number of items that could have a high ecommerce potential. One of the products the store creators have chosen is this very car charger.


What’s so special about it? Well, it meets all the requirements mentioned above.

  • Handy ✅

Car charger cup is a must-have for all the car owners. It can not only charge your gadgets by means of the wireless charging system, but wired charging is also possible. Meanwhile, the device is able to charge several gadgets at once.

  • All-round ✅

This car charger looks like a cup. Actually, the majority of cars have several cupholders. That’s why we can easily treat it as one-size-fits-all and it suit almost all car owners. Please note that this charger cup suits iPhones perfectly.

In fact, most people in the US prefer smartphones from Apple. We have proved this fact by means of Google Analytics. And since our target audience is mainly the US population, this is a perfect item for The Auto Merch.

  • Classy ✅

A cup charger is not, actually, able to surprise anybody nowadays. However, with this device, you don’t need to look for a place for your smartphone, and you will not be caught in wires anymore! This is really impressive. So you can not only solve the problem with charging, but also let your car interior look as it should.

This is how our managers choose the items for online stores. Only the ultimate products that will certainly solve your long-standing issues are picked!

Which products to promote?

Creating a winning product range for your online store is not enough. It’s also essential to promote it!

Definitely, when promoting your online store, you don’t need to advertise all the products you sell. You should focus on advertising a limited number of products that seem to be the most promising. When our managers were considering how to promote a store, they decided to focus on products that can solve drivers’ most burning issues. One of such products is this car seat organizer.


The point is that car producers still ignore the importance of providing standard space for smartphones and other gadgets. Definitely, you can always put them somewhere on the front panel, but their safety remains in question.

That’s why car owners have to look for a solution, and here it comes! This car seat organizer provides space for your gadgets and cups, meanwhile, guarantees that they will be safe.

Beyond this, the organizer is one-size-fits-all, and you will easily install it in two seconds. It is also of premium quality, so it won’t look as a foreign body in your car’s interior. You don’t need to worry about where to put your smartphone or something else!

If you concentrate on the products designed to solve the most burning issues, your ads are highly likely to work well and bring lots of potential customers to your ecommerce website.

How to increase the average order value?

Despite the fact that the initial prices of most car accessories are low enough and let you make a high markup, you should always make the most of your business. So what are the ways to increase the average order value?

Well, actually, there are lots of methods to increase the average check in your ecommerce store. You can create combos, combine products in sets, etc. By the way, AliDropship has designed an add-on that is going to help you with this – it’s Product Bundle Add-on!

What exactly had the store creators used to reach the results they get? In fact, as it turned out to be, one of the most useful tools that helped a lot is Bulk Discounts Add-on. It lets you offer your customers irresistible discounts for buying several pieces of the same product. So the store creators have been encouraging their customers to buy more on extremely favourable terms.

Well, Bulk Discounts Add-on itself is able to ensure a huge sale boost. However, the store creators have found the way to make the most of it. They have been using it together with the landing page on which by means of a pop-up potential customers get such an offer.

a screenshot that shows how to attract customers by means of bulk discounts and pop-up

And do you know what? It really paid off and let them increase the average order value in The Auto Merch considerably!

How to choose the pricing formula?

Pricing formula is, probably, one of the issues that ecommerce newbies are concerned with most of all. So our managers use the following scheme:

  • It’s supposed that an item has to return the conversion cost up to $30
  • An item has to bring profit that is about $20-100 that depends on product type

For the products the store creators are not going to advertise, they use a basic pricing formula AliDropship Plugin provides. Yes, AliDropship Plugin is able to change the prices of imported products automatically in accordance with the default pricing formula or the one you’ve specified!

How to boost sales (and therefore, profit) and grow a profitable online store?

What’s more, the store creators have managed to increase the average order value by 2 times. How did they achieve this? Well, one of the instruments they have used is Purchase Upsell Add-on. This add-on lets you offer additional products at the stage right after the checkout.

If you want to find the perfect item for the post purchase upsell, you need to test some of them. This is exactly what the managers of The Auto Merch were doing before they found the ones that work best. Initially, they tested those products that, in their opinion, had higher potential. Then, they found the most attractive ones in the view of customers.

BTW, you can also use follow-ups in order to boost your sales. Follow-ups are the emails that are sent to your ecommerce website visitors who have made a purchase.

What’s so special about this online marketing tool? Well, people from your email list have a chance to learn about a range of products that are available to them on favorable terms. So, this is mutual benefit!

Creating a really profitable online store: final takeaway

a picture showing how to start a profitable online store and make one million dollars a year

All the above-mentioned points indicate that it’s extremely important for you as a business owner to develop a right and efficient product strategy. And our employees proved this in practice by taking The Auto Merch to over $1M/year within the shortest period of time.

And now you don’t need to spend your own free time, effort, and money in order to test different product solutions and look for a perfect product strategy by trial and efforts. It remains for you only to pay particular attention to the measures that let us achieve such impressive performance, and make the most of your business plan!

Are you ready to replicate the success of our managers or even surpass it? With the tips we are happy to give, this doesn’t seem as challenging as it used to. Moreover, now you have an exceptional opportunity to get The Auto Merch as a Premium Store and start your $1,000,000+ dropshipping journey RIGHT NOW!

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How To Make 1 Million Dollars A Year: The Auto Merch Store

Wondering how to make 1 million dollars a year? Then how about buying a copy of our dropshipping store that already makes more than a million a year? Introducing The Auto Merch store!

Everyone wants to have a million dollars on their bank account. But working full time can hardly make this dream true even if you try to save money every time you get paid. Even finding a side hustle to make some extra cash won’t change the situation.

One of the most realistic options is to start a business. However, traditional business models require a lot of investments and a large start-up budget, which few can afford. Besides, even if you do find enough money for a start-up, most businesses go bankrupt a year or two after they were launched

That’s why today many people consider starting a dropshipping business. Unlike traditional business models, dropshipping doesn’t require a lot of money to start. It carries less risks. But, at the same time, lets you gain valuable experience in ecommerce. And of course, with enough persistency, one can expect to enjoy additional income.

Sometimes dropshipping store owners are happy to have a source of some extra money. But those who put more effort into their business can achieve more impressive results and even turn dropshipping into a source of passive income. You can read about such dropshippers in a number of our success stories.

Recently one of our self-owned stores, The Auto Merch, exceeded the 1 million dollars annual revenue threshold and became our best-performing Premium Store. Over the period of 30 days, the store’s revenue exceeded $120,000!

Screenshot of The Auto Merch shop's revenue which makes more than 1 million dollars a year

The best part is that you can purchase an exact copy of this website along with all the imported products, marketing materials and even promotion recommendations from our experts! And before you go and get it, let’s analyze the website to see how it makes so much profit – and how you can repeat its strategy.

How to make 1 million dollars a year: pick the right niche and products

It’s no secret that finding a profitable niche is one of the keys to success. Our team has been running different dropshipping stores for many years. We have also tested a lot of products and niches. Our experience shows that there are two kinds of products that sell really well.

The first type is products with emotional value that can trigger impulse purchases. But for The Auto Merch, the team chose useful products.

Most of the store’s inventory consists of car accessories. They’re designed to make driving more comfortable or help car owners with cleaning and repair. Such goods as car seat organizers, mini garbage bins or leather repair paste offer distinctive functional value.

Advertising such goods is much easier since you don’t even have to explain why a particular product is worth buying. A simple demonstration of how a product works (with a video, GIF or a picture) simultaneously shows a problem and how the product solves it. And that’s it!

These products don’t require picturesque descriptions or unrealistic promises. Their usefulness is obvious and undeniable, which allows you to advertise them in a plain and straightforward way.

Another reason why the team chose this niche is that its target audience is quite broad. We advertise these products to both men and women of different ages. Anyone who has a car or knows a person who has a car can potentially buy these products for themselves or as gifts for friends and relatives.

And of course, the team prioritizes suppliers who offer free or affordable shipping. This way more money could be spent on advertising.

How to make 1 million dollars a year: work on the product pages

We have already talked about the importance of product pages in our blog. And on The Auto Merch, the team did their best to improve them as much as possible.

It goes without saying that all product pages feature high-quality images as well as GIFs and videos when possible. The best-selling goods have at least 35 customer reviews. Most of them also provide customer-made photos. The latter is extremely important for social proof.

Screenshot of customer reviews on a product page that contain customer-made photos

Moreover, each product page was chosen after testing multiple variants. So, what you can see now on the site are the variants that provide the highest conversion rate.

The team uses AliDropship’s Split Test add-on to try out different product page designs and pick the best-performing one.

The team also pays attention to page loading speed. After all, a lot of potential customers may leave your site if it takes too long to load. Therefore, all the product pages on the site are properly optimized.

A website page report showing that the page was properly optimized in terms of loading speed

The site’s structure also plays an important role in its success. Products are spread between categories in such a manner that visitors tend to buy more than one item at a time. When browsing any product category, potential buyers can see different goods that complement each other, which increases the average order value on the site.

A dropshipping store page demonstrating car accessories with similar functions to motivate clients to buy more

How to make 1 million dollars a year: polish the marketing strategy

Another important part of the store’s success comes from the marketing strategy in use.

As of now, the team mostly targets customers living in the US. As mentioned above, the audience spans a wide range of ages. Pretty much every car owner can be interested in these products.

We advertise mostly on Facebook but also use email marketing and other social media. The team also plans to launch campaigns on Google, Pinterest and TikTok.

Just like with all our self-owned dropshipping stores, we mostly use video ads because this format converts the audience better than anything else. The average ROAS of our ads exceeds 2.

Facebook ads with the average ROAS exceeding 2, which lets us make 1 million dollars a year

When choosing products for advertising, the team prioritizes items that have more chances to be purchased in quantities. People often buy more than one item because they want to give another one as a present to a relative or a friend.

Additionally, we often offer attractive discounts to those who want to purchase several products, which is an important part of our marketing strategy.

The same approach is used on the site. We have a number of bundles offering sets of goods that solve similar problems and have similar designs. And of course, such bundles go with a good discount. The team also uses AliDropship’s Purchase Upsell plugin to raise the store’s average order value.

Thanks to this strategy, the average order value on the site exceeds $50.

As you can see, the team pays due attention to all business aspects from choosing products and suppliers to designing ads. More detailed case studies on each of them are on the way, so stay tuned! And if you’re wondering how to make 1 million dollars a year, consider purchasing a copy of The Auto Merch along with its product inventory, list of suppliers, advertising materials and target audience recommendations: you’re in for a treat!

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