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Product Assortment: How Many Goods Does A Dropshipping Store Need

The success or failure of any business depends on its service or product assortment in the first place. But how many products do you really need to start an online store?

What is a product assortment?

A product assortment is the variety of services and goods a company or an entrepreneur offers to customers. In simple terms, it’s both what and how many products one offers.

Why is it important? You have probably heard many times how a company brags about its wide selection of products in an ad. It’s because consumers like to have a choice, especially when it comes to certain types of products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, etc.

Be it individuality or functionality, by offering a wider range of goods than competitors, one can attract and convert more customers.

In addition, different products behave differently on the market. For example, goods of prime necessity usually sell fast but cost relatively little while spoils of affluence sell slowly but can bring more profit.

It works the same way in dropshipping.

But hold on! You can’t just grab random goods from AliExpress in hundreds and call it a good product assortment. Remember, it’s how ‘many’ and ‘what’. A product assortment is the combination of two basic parameters.

What is a product assortment width/breadth?

Assortment width, or breadth, is the number of product types a retail store offers. Simply speaking it’s how many categories and models you’ve got. For a dropshipping store, it could mean the number of product pages: with at least one product page within five categories, you get an assortment width of five product types.

What is a product assortment depth?

This parameter reflects how deep you go with the variety of products by adding new variations. Each type of product can have sizes, colors, or styles. With each new color available for a given product, your assortment becomes deeper.

Thus, a product assortment is made up of how many product types and variations you have to offer, i.e. the depth and breadth of your inventory.

How many products should a dropshipping store have?

In most cases, you’ll need about 3-30 products to start dropshipping. However, this amount depends heavily on what type of store you’re going to build – a niche or a general shop.

Number of products for a niche store

A niche store is an ecommerce website with products related to one and the same niche. Theoretically, it can contain both several dozens of goods and several hundred. Even if you sell thousands, it’s still a niche store as long as they’re all related.

If you’re a beginner, you’re going to need about 50 products to start. Why not 3 as I suggested above? Because it’s really hard to predict which goods are going to sell well.

The idea here is to pick the 10 most promising products which you will treat as the flagships of the store. Before the website grows famous enough, you’re going to promote these items through social media, PPC, or other channels. Often entrepreneurs try out each of them until they find the best-selling product.

The other 40 or so products are required for three purposes. First of all, they may sell even if right now the store attracts very few customers. So, having these products in the inventory won’t hurt.

Second, clients like it when you offer a wide variety of products because it gives more choice. Of course, 50 goods doesn’t sound so great, but it’s not bad for a start.

Finally, you can use related products for upsells.

Check out our add-ons that will increase the average order value on your dropshipping store – Product Bundle and Upsell.

In addition, customers tend to trust shops with a more or less wide product assortment.

As you keep promoting the business and get more and more traffic from different sources (especially organic traffic), you can add new goods to the inventory. You’re not limited to a certain number of products, but remember that each item you import from AliExpress requires editing. So, the process will take hours and days if you do that manually.

When your store starts getting sales, you can import more products either directly from AliExpress or from AliDropship’s database of pre-edited goods. Or, you can try using Sellvia and get direct access to one of the most prosperous markets in the world along with all the tools you need to build a successful business.

Number of products for a general store

General stores require a different approach. Unlike niche websites, they contain goods from categories unrelated to each other such as clothes, accessories, merchandise, art, books, garden supplies, smartphone cases, etc.

Consequently, if you try to fill each category with at least a dozen products, you’ll end up with more than a hundred right away. And that’s just the minimum you need! Ideally, a general store should offer hundreds and thousands of products.

However, there are two things to keep in mind. First, you still have to import new products from AliExpress manually. Second, promoting a general store is much harder compared to a niche website.

Single product stores

As the name suggests, such websites can only have one product, be it a flagship you want to highlight or the only item your business sells.

On the one hand,   of other shop types. On the other hand, it allows you to focus all your attention on this particular item. So, if the quality is high enough, such businesses can succeed.

Besides, one can launch new single product stores, thus increasing their overall revenue. In other words, it’s possible to start a dropshipping business with just one product.

Product assortment tips

To get the most out of your online store you must build a product assortment that generates interest and brings value to your customers. So, to help you with this we’ve compiled a list of tips for creating and managing your product inventory.

  • Observe shoppers behavior

Building a habit of researching visitors’ website browsing habits, especially their on-site search. Take note of what people are typing into your site’s search box. Are there any specific search queries for certain product types or items? Use that information to decide what items you should stock up on. In addition, run various surveys to see how satisfied your customers are with the product choice, watch their buying patterns to help you build the right product assortment strategy.

  • Follow local and global trends

At any given moment a new trend can appear right out of nowhere. And certain trends can help your product assortment, so pay special attention to what’s going on inside and outside your market.

For example, look at the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many retail stores and even ecommerce stores had to upgrade their selling strategies to take advantage of the situation. Sellers who have successfully adapted and came up with assortments based on the needs of shoppers were able to capitalize on consumer demand.

The conclusion? Look closer into current events, trends, and be prepared to update your product depth.

  • Consider seasonal products

While establishing your assortment strategy, you need to consider the seasonality. Depending on the time of the year, you may need to adjust your breadth of product line for certain categories while narrowing down others.

Moreover, attracting the attention of new potential customers with seasonal products can be a very good way to tempt them into buying from you for the first time.


As you can see, one can start a business with only a few products in the inventory without having to build a really deep assortment. Later on, you can add more goods and increase their number to hundreds and thousands.

But make sure to distribute them among corresponding categories and subcategories to make finding them easier. It’s especially important for general stores that can contain thousands of all possible goods.

AliDropship plugin can help you easily find and import products from AliExpress to your dropshipping site, thus saving the time you need to optimize the product assortment.

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7 Signs You’re Ready To Start High Ticket Dropshipping 

Is it true that high ticket dropshipping is a business model for everyone? And what does it mean, exactly? Let’s find it out together! 

High ticket dropshipping – what is it?

You have probably seen articles and video tutorials with titles like “This is how you can benefit from a high ticket dropshipping store”, or with quite the opposite ones – “Here’s why you should never try high ticket dropshipping!”

And I’m quite sure it made you a bit confused 🙂

What are these bloggers and dropshipping gurus talking about?

High ticket dropshipping means that you’re reselling costly items with the original seller’s price of $200+

So, there’s no real mystery behind this term. It simply means reselling expensive products. And there isn’t even a single opinion on these items’ initial price! Some people say they should cost more than $200. Others talk about at least $500. And someone even suggests the $1,000 mark…

In any case, you got it. It’s not your regular dropshipping store where you sell a $2 soap holder for $3.99 and make your profit from tiny yet buyer-friendly price markup. It’s a larger venture with posh products and a much, much higher potential profit margin!

High-ticket dropshipping products to sell can be found in such high ticket niches as fine jewelry, art, furniture, hi-tech consumer electronics, etc.

Earlier, we have already reviewed the case study of reselling expensive dropshipping items. Judging by the experience of the store owners we were talking about, high ticket dropshipping opens up really awesome opportunities for entrepreneurs 😉 And if you’re curious to give it a try, let’s see what it takes to sell high ticket products in your online store!

Pros and cons of high ticket dropshipping: how is it different from the regular one?

a picture showing an example of high ticket items to sell

To begin with, we’ll take a look at the 3 major factors that come into play when you start offering high-priced products to your audience.

  • High ticket dropshipping: no impulse buying

Impulse buying, basically, is the core reason why dropshipping business model exists and thrives.

Ideally, it works like this: you look for adorable, unusual, or really helpful low-cost items, and add them to your website. Your store visitor gets excited and emotional about your products. He or she places the order with no second thought.

This strategy is perfect for regular ‘undemanding’ items that are easy to afford with any kind of budget. But what about the expensive ones? Let’s refer to YOUR first-hand experience.

What do you do when you need to buy a diamond pendant, or a treadmill, or a cupboard for your own personal use?

That’s right – you start researching. You want to find an item with the best value for money. And your approach is absolutely rational. It’s a large-scale investment of your hard-earned cash, and there’s no room for emotions!

This is why you don’t simply buy the first product you see just because of its beauty or uniqueness. You have a whole set of criteria in your head, and you look for an item that matches them all. And here’s what happens next…

  • High ticket dropshipping: harsh competition

Getting back to your personal experience, consider the following. What’s the first store that comes to mind when you think about buying furniture? Expensive jewelry? High performance laptops?…

I bet you’ve easily remembered well-established brands or stores that offer these high ticket items in your area or even worldwide. And here’s the deal: everybody else knows and trusts them, too!

So, your high ticket dropshipping business will have to compete with long performing enterprises that have a recognizable brand, a great reputation, and a steady position on the first page of Google search results. Besides, there is something else…

  • High ticket dropshipping: great expectations

What do people expect when they make purchases from ecommerce stores selling high ticket items? They count on getting much more than just a top quality product meeting their requirements.

Posh stores are traditionally associated with first-class customer support and availability of extra services. Therefore, buying from them, clients want to freely ask any questions about the high ticket products’ details or purchasing terms, easily get prompt and polite guidance from the support team, or even request a customized product with a more favorable shipping time.

And why wouldn’t they?

When it comes to rationally justified purchases, customers are only ready to spend a lot of money when they are 100% sure it’s totally worth it. So, naturally, they strongly believe that if there’s anything wrong with the shopping experience they get before or during the order placement, there’s no reason to complete this purchase at all.

So, basically, these are the 3 most important things you need to keep in mind if you want to try yourself in high ticket dropshipping.

  • It won’t be easy to trigger impulse purchases
  • You will compete with well-established, known, and reputable brands
  • Clients’ expectations from your high ticket products and customer service will be really high

Challenging? Yes. Impossible? Nope!

Actually, you can succeed in this tricky business area with a bit of practice, knowledge, and luck 🙂 Here’s a handy checklist for you. Go through it and see if you’re ready to dropship expensive items!

Am I ready to start high ticket dropshipping? [Checklist]

a picture previewing a check list for high ticket dropshipping

#1 I have a 3+ years of experience in dropshipping

Well, this one is pretty obvious, right?

With an actual first-hand experience in dropshipping, you perfectly understand how this business works, and know all the managerial processes step by step.

This way, it’s quite easy for you to accept and transfer an incoming order, import new products, and launch an advertising campaign. Maybe, you’re even bored with the regular dropshipping routine 🙂 It’s a clear sign that it’s time to take on a new challenge!

#2 In the last year, no more than 10% of orders from my store ended in refunds

In dropshipping, returns and refunds aren’t a big deal (especially if you’re working with low-cost items). But still, the best scenario is to have no refunds at all.

It’s not only about money, of course. If you have a low refund rate, it means you’re good at choosing products and selecting dropshipping suppliers. Plus, it proves your expertise in rendering a first-class customer service, and shows that you’re ready to up your game.

#3 I have at least $500 in savings

Why would that be necessary?

Well, it will be important for you to cut down the order processing time and speed up all the following actions. It’s necessary to improve the clients’ shopping experience.

It means that you’ll probably need to pay the supplier for the ordered products before you have the buyer’s money processed by the payment system. It’s not a common situation. Yet it may happen. And it’s vital to be ready for it.

Plus, you still might need to arrange refunds (ugh!) or to buy sample items for yourself to check their quality and the suppliers’ business practices. So it’s important to know well how to find a realiable high ticket supplier. And, in any of these cases, a spare fund is a must-have.

#4 I know how to create a business brand

You’ll have to compete with top-class industry players, remember?

What’s your experience of building a vibrant community of your store followers on social media? Do you understand how to make all the numerous elements – from your store name to its design – work together to create a winning image?

It takes time and patience to build a brand that speaks for itself. Yet as long as you have one, you’re unstoppable!

#5 I know what an optimized store means and how to make one

What kind of a website do you need to dropship high ticket products?

Surely, it must have a professional and trustworthy appearance, a convenient navigation, a user-friendly layout, the right set of payment gateways integrated, a proper loading speed… All these aspects are crucial if you want to motivate your store visitors to stay longer on the website, and to convert them into buyers. And actually, we can help you with this 🙂

#6 I know how to advertise a store on a pro level

Even if you have an absolutely stunning website with a unique and memorable brand, it might take you quite a lot of time to bring it to the first page of Google. It’s already taken by the industry giants, right?

So, most likely, you’ll need to look for other ways to make your store known and interesting to your target audience. Any ideas?

#7 I know what I’ll be selling online

If you want to launch a high ticket dropshipping store, you need to fill it with expensive high-quality products. They need to that have a limited availability in other online and offline stores. Otherwise, what will be the client’s reason to order these high ticket items from you, and not from your long-standing and well-reputed competitor?

Did you agree with at least 5 statements from this checklist? Great! It means that you’re ready to try yourself in the new and fascinating area of high ticket dropshipping. And if you didn’t, don’t worry: you have huge growth opportunities, and we’ll be happy to show you how to master your dropshipping skills!

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How To Use Google Trends To Increase Your Dropshipping Store Profits

When it comes to starting your online business, the first step is always the hardest. Fortunately, if you know how to use Google Trends, you can make it much easier to make up your mind and put your worries and fears to rest.

If not, this article is going to let you figure it out!

Why you should use Google Trends

google trends

What is necessary for your business success? Breakthrough marketing? Great customer service? Of course, but… Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google founders, know it better than anyone else. It’s being tuned in to people’s needs.

Let’s wind back the clock to the 1990s when the Internet was an untapped goldmine nobody knew how to exploit. What would you do then? Right, you should go and place your flag there. In other words, you’d need to take the Internet and make it useful for people.

So, companies like Yahoo and Excite were the pioneers that had a hand in it. They worked on organizing the Internet so that people could easily find whatever was necessary for them.

However, the approach those companies took was aimed at keeping users on their own websites as long as possible rather than providing them with the relevant content.

Thus, the algorithms their search engines used weren’t really efficient. The results people got were often a bit strange and kind of useless.

So, when a Stanford student Larry Page woke up at night due to a dream he had, he was destined to succeed. The dream gave him an idea for the search engine algorithm. It was based on examining the links between the websites – backlinks – so that people could get the most relevant search results.

Page called his algorithm PageRank. And in 1998 along with Sergey Brin, they launched a website that employed it – Google.

A fun fact: if you type “Google in 1998” in the search field and click on “Search”, Google will change its layout to the one it used in 1998.

Page and Brin’s search engine easily won hearts and minds of Internet users and swept Yahoo and the other competitors aside.

The reason is simple. Google is the number one website because it gives people what they really want.

Indeed, if you know people’s needs, you can easily make your dropshipping business thrive. This way, you could find the best ideas for your store, pick out the best items and so on. But… how?

Google provides people with the most relevant information, but how could online entrepreneurs read customer mind and find out their needs? Actually, the answer is in the question! If you need information – go to Google. There, you can find a special tool that is going to help you out. It’s called Google Trends. By using this tool, you can make a reasonable decision about the niche for your online store, find the most demanded products to sell and discover the necessary keywords to refine your SEO.

So, let’s figure out how to use Google Trends and make your success closer.

How to choose a niche with Google Trends

The right niche for your online store is one of the most essential things for your business future. It defines the product range of your online store, the audiences you should target, and many other crucial things. But what is more important, your profit depends on the niche you choose. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll have to wind down your store, find a new niche and do everything all over again.

Since dropshipping is not an expensive business to run, it’s not a big problem. Yet, who likes to spend their time and effort in vain?

So, what’s the solution? You should go to Google Trends. This way, you can make sure that you won’t spit in the wind while choosing your niche. Let’s say you want to start an online store that is focused on art materials. You go to Google Trends and type in the search field “art materials”.

google words search statistics art materials

The result you see shows that it’s been a pretty stable and demanded niche for the last 12 months, with only minor falls in interest. If you want to see the bigger picture, you should zoom out and change the span from 12 months to 5 years or to the period from 2004 to the present day.

google niches art materials for past 5 years

Now, you can see that the graph has its ups and downs. That means that this niche has its seasonal surges and dips in demand. So, you should be ready for this. The graph you see covers the whole world. And it can be enough for you to win customers from the USA, or Australia, or Spain, etc.

Use Google Trends to zero in on the United States, Canada, Brazil, or whatever country you’re planning to target. Compare the results and decide which market to focus on.

USA google trends results for art materials

So, art materials could be a good option to choose for your niche. However, you may have some other ideas for your future store. Let’s say, it’s sportswear.

Which one is better?

Google Trends can easily give you the answer. Just type “sportswear” in the compare field on your right and hit “Enter” button.

Now, it’s as clear as day that sportswear is more trending in the USA. You can even see that it outperforms art materials in every state if you scroll down a bit.

But… does it mean that you should choose sportswear over art materials?

If you decide to sell sport clothing, you’re going to come up against Nike, Adidas and other famous brands. Whereas you won’t face such competition if you choose art materials.

So, when looking for a suitable niche, you need to bear in mind such a thing as the presence of powerful rivals. It could be tricky to beat them.

How to use Google Trends to research the products

Google Trends could also be useful to find trending products to sell.

Let’s say, you’ve decided to open up an online store dedicated to cosplay. What products may do the trick?

Obviously, it must be the costumes people like dressing up in. And Google Trends can easily give you a clue on it.

When researching your niche potential, you should scroll down a bit to “Related queries”.

There, you can find what cosplayers have been looking for so far. Click on “fortnite cosplay”, for example.

So, you see that this query reached the peak of its popularity in September 2018. Since then, the interest has been going down with some small seasonal surges in demand.

This graph casts some doubt on the prospects of this product.

But, if you go through the other related queries and click on “nezuko cosplay”, you’ll see a way more promising picture.

You can add this type of products to your store without a shadow of doubt.

How Google Trends can help you improve your SEO

When you know what niche to choose and what products to add, it’s not difficult to find them.

You go to AliExpress and look for the items you need. Then, thanks to AliDropship plugin, you just press “Import” button and it’s in the bag.

However, after importing the necessary products to your store, you should work on your product pages. If you leave them as they are on AliExpress, customers are unlikely to come across them while exploring Google. Besides, it will look weird and put off your potential buyers.

The most vital part of this task is to find the best keywords. And again, Google Trends can give a hand in it.

If you’ve chosen handbags as a product for your store, just write it in Google Trends search field and go to “Related queries”. There, you can see what people type when searching for handbags.

Change “Rising” to “Top” like in the picture below and you’ll get the possible keywords you should work into the titles and descriptions of your products.

How Google Trends can help identify seasonal trends

When it comes to promoting your online business, most marketing specialists plan out their content plan well in advance. With Google Trends, you can plan out your content calendar and find the most popular keywords for certain time periods throughout the year.

Knowing upcoming trends can help you produce the most effective content plan that connects with the most highly searched topics during the most desired times of the year, such as the holidays. This will be a key aspect that will help your promotional campaign succeed during the right calendar window.

Once you’ve discovered the existing trends that relate to your niche, the next step is to create a marketing plan around those trends. This means optimizing your online store, promotional materials, social media, SEO, etc. according to those trends.

Use Google Trends to avoid temporarily popular keywords

Ecommerce entrepreneurs can face an often appearing dilemma: using words that are popular for a brief period of time. Using Google Trends, you can easily avoid this common mistake in a few simple steps.

Google Trends lift sidebar shows a “Year in searches” tab where you can search for the topic’s search interest within a specific time period. To find out if the word is popular momentarily or is a clear trend, set the time period to 12 months.

By setting this specific time period, you’ll be able to easily see certain spikes on the Google Trends graphic.

A great example is “fidget spinners”. The toy became popular in 2017, and by the end of the year, it quickly faded away. On the Google trends graphic, you can clearly see the time when it was at the peak of popularity.

If you want your online business to flourish, the connection between you and your customers is a must. Now, when you know how to use Google Trends, you can find out their needs and make a great leap forward in achieving success.

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Alibaba 2021 Super Sale For Dropshippers: Save Up To 40%

Haven’t you ever heard about Alibaba dropshipping? If so, this is high time to start a dropshipping business with Alibaba: in September, due to Alibaba sales, you’re able to save up to 40% on products you offer in your store.

Why start dropshipping with Alibaba

Ecommerce entrepreneurs mainly dropship goods from AliExpress. Recently, lots of options for dropshippers have started to appear.

Business owners who target the US market can team up with Sellvia, for example, and dropship goods on quite favorable terms.

Sellvia is a whole network of trending dropshipping products, the fast shipping option, high-converting product pages, time-tested marketing materials, etc. Sellvia offers products physically located in the California-based fulfillment center. This is the reason Sellvia is ready to ensure fast shipping (1-3 business days).

For those who target other regions or the whole world, it’s a great idea to consider Alibaba dropshipping.

Alibaba dropshipping: pros and cons

Despite the fact that Alibaba mainly deals with the B2B segment, they’ve decided to collaborate with dropshippers. On Alibaba, you can now find a wide range of products specifically for dropshipping.

Although Alibaba is a wholesale platform, these products don’t imply MOQ (minimum order quantity). So you get an opportunity to supply from Alibaba at wholesale prices, meanwhile, you don’t need to buy them in bulk. Profit!

Besides, there’s a long list of benefits you get if you team up with Alibaba.

  • You gain access to over a million dropshipping products that you can sell from your online store
  • There are more than 10,000 top-rated manufacturers you can supply from
  • All the orders are protected with Alibaba Trade Assurance program

How to start dropshipping with Alibaba

a picture showing how to gain profit from Alibaba in 2021

In fact, there’s nothing difficult about starting a dropshipping business with Alibaba. The most convenient way to dropship from Alibaba is using Sezam.

Sezam is the first official Woo plugin for dropshipping with Alibaba. It’s designed to automate your dropshipping business with Alibaba as much as possible and free you from the most boring and time-consuming tasks a computer is able to easily perform for you.

All you need to start Alibaba dropshipping is to install Sezam on your website and add the Alibaba products you like to the product range of your store. Actually, that’s it. Sezam will do all the rest for you!

Each time an Internet user places an order in your store, Sezam transmits the order information to your Alibaba suppliers, and they start preparing packages to ship to your customers. It remains for you only to keep the profit from the wholesale price!

In case you haven’t launched your own profitable business yet, it’s time to order a custom dropshipping store that will be made with your preferences only. Beyond this, you can get a premium dropshipping store that is ready to sell from day one.

Note: if you order a custom store, you get one that is already filled with products. However, you have an opportunity to sell products from Alibaba easily by adding Sezam to your website and importing products from Alibaba.

Do you still have any questions? Feel free to read FAQ on Alibaba dropshipping and Sezam itself.

Why is it a good time to start Alibaba dropshipping: Alibaba sales

a picture showing Alibaba's product range for dropshippers in 2021

If you still don’t have your own profitable business yet, or you’re looking for an option to expand your venture, we recommend you start Alibaba dropshipping right now. What’s the reason?

Although Alibaba offers dropshippers cooperation on favorable terms, recently they have started a September super sale for dropshippers. The point is that they give 10% OFF or more on the dropshipping products they offer. In fact, there’re lots of items with really impressive discounts.

What’s more, this sale applies not only to products themselves. In September, Alibaba is ready to cut the shipping fees up to $20 OFF. On-time delivery is, of course, guaranteed.

By the way, since Alibaba has firmly decided to collaborate with dropshippers, they are glad to provide your online stores with ready-to-ship products with fast customization.

Alibaba dropshipping & Sezam

As you can see, Alibaba now offers quite favorable terms to start Alibaba dropshipping. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re an ecommerce newcomer who doesn’t have an online store yet or you’d like to expand the product range of your current store and enhance its capacity.

Alibaba looks like a great opportunity for anyone to unleash the potential of a successful business owner and get a stable source of income. This is really important not only nowadays but always.

For our part, AliDropship has done its best to ease the process of running a business and make your store work on autopilot.

Would you like to get a smooth start in dropshipping with Alibaba sales? Get Sezam and benefit from a fully automated ecommerce business!

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How To Dropship Fashion Accessories With Fast Shipping Across The US?

Fashion accessories are quite popular in many markets including the United States which is one of the largest markets in this industry. So, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories as long as you can offer high-quality products and fast shipping. Let’s take a look at this niche and analyze its potential.

Why dropship fashion accessories?

We’ve already talked about beauty products and apparel as potential products for your online store. Both these niches are related to the fashion industry, but there’s another category of products we haven’t mentioned. I’m talking about fashion accessories.

It’s a broad niche that includes such goods as watches, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, gloves, scarves, hair accessories, headwear, and more. Although some of these goods aren’t really suitable for a dropshipping business, many still feature the qualities of a profitable product.

  • They generate impulse purchases

Being fashionable items designed to complement one’s outfit, accessories tend to generate impulse purchases. In other words, people tend to buy such goods simply because they liked them the moment they saw them. And as long as there’s nothing stopping them from this impulse (such as too high prices or a complicated purchase process), shoppers will buy the item right away.

  • They are easy to ship

Another important quality of fashion accessories is the fact that they’re easy to transport. Most accessories are small and weigh little, which is why delivering them will hardly cost a lot of money.

Besides, there’s little chance a belt, or a bracelet, or even a pair of glasses won’t survive transportation. With proper packaging, everything will be delivered undamaged.

  • Low prices

Of course, some accessories can cost a lot. I mean jewelry made of precious metals or handbags from popular brands. But people rarely buy such products online.

At the same time, most accessories don’t have to cost a fortune. A simple and cheap yet good-looking accessory can do the job well enough – especially if you’re selling something unique that’s difficult to find in a brick-and-mortar store.

  • Stable demand

And finally, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories because it’s an evergreen niche. Yes, a particular piece of fashion jewelry or a handbag can go into and out of fashion. But the overall demand for this category of goods is stable. Therefore, a customer who liked your offer will most likely come back after a while to check new offers and trends.

The United States is one of the world’s largest fashion accessories markets which also features a highly developed ecommerce segment. According to Statista, the revenue in the US accessories market is expected to grow annually by 2.57% in 2021-2025 (from $94.3 billion in 2021). And 17% of total revenue in this market will be generated through online sales in 2021!

Moreover, by joining Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center and product supplier), you can provide US customers with super-fast shipping. Sellvia offers hundreds of goods including fashion accessories that you can dropship to US customers. And it’ll take just 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing), so you can compete even with huge businesses.

So, does it sound like a highly profitable market? Would you like to benefit from this niche? But first, you’re going to need an online store!

How to dropship fashion accessories: building an online store

One may think that building an ecommerce website isn’t a big deal. As long as it showcases your products and can process payments, any kind of website will do. However, today it’s not enough to make a working website to attract customers.

Every little detail matters! The site’s structure influences web usability and how long it takes visitors to get to certain pages. The choice of colors and banners defines whether visitors will trust your business or not. The quality of product images, the urgency elements you use, and the time it takes to place an order will either make a visitor buy something or leave your site.

If you possess the required knowledge and experience, you can build a WordPress-based dropshipping website on your own by using the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. Both these solutions work as site-building tools.

If you want to dropship fashion accessories to the US with Sellvia, you can simply subscribe to it after building your store as it’s compatible with both AliDropship stores and WooCommerce shops.

Alternatively, you can order a Custom Store from Sellvia. In this case, the team will create a website according to your vision, fill it with Sellvia products (from the niche you’ve chosen), set up payment gateways, and do everything you need to launch the store.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or time to build an ecommerce website on your own, this is your best choice.

But let’s get back to our niche and talk about what kind of products you can sell to potential customers.

How to dropship fashion accessories: selecting products


In this category, you will find a wide range of products including such accessories as scarves, belts, ponchos, wristwatches, and more. For example, a wristwatch is just an accessory today when we all can check the time with our smartphones. Nevertheless, according to a 2018 Statista report, 62% of Americans who came from households with an annual income of less than $50,000 regularly wear wristwatches. As the level of income rises, so does the percentage of people who regularly wear watches!

White sports wristwatch as an example of fashion accessories

Bags and wallets

The North-American handbag market was estimated at $10.34 billion in 2020. By 2028, it will reach $17.91 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. Thanks to the high disposable income and the increasing influence of the fashion industry, the demand for this product type is going to grow in the nearest future.

A black crossbody bag - a popular accessory

Fashion jewelry

If you want to dropship fashion accessories, you simply cannot do without fashion jewelry. Many such products are very affordable and easy to ship, which makes them ideal for dropshipping. Besides, they are easy to buy online as you don’t need to try them on. As of 2019, the US fashion jewelry market’s size was estimated at $15.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% (2019-2027).

A golden necklace featuring two hearts bound together

Hats & hair accessories

Also, don’t forget about another popular segment in this niche – hair accessories. In many ways, such products are similar to fashion jewelry, except they can be not only nice but also useful accessories for people with long hair. Various hats will make your offer even more interesting.

A shell-shaped hair claw


And finally, consider selling sunglasses to American customers as most revenue in this segment is generated in the United States ($4.14 billion as of 2021) and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.66% in 2021-2025 according to Statista. Here you can offer various models for both men and women as well as related products.

Dropshipping fashion accessories: half-frame sunglasses

So, why dropship fashion accessories? Such products perfectly suit the dropshipping business model as they are mostly affordable, stimulate impulse purchases, and are easy to deliver. Moreover, with Sellvia’s fast shipping across the US, you can expect more thankful and loyal customers.

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How To Dropship Health & Beauty Products To The Word’s Most Profitable Market?

If you’re looking for a niche with a huge number of highly demanded goods, you can dropship health and beauty products. Strong demand is one of the undoubted advantages of this niche. On top of that, you can benefit from fast shipping across the US to make your offer even more tempting.

Why dropship health and beauty products?

Despite a 3.3% decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the global beauty and personal care market is entering the recovery phase according to Euromonitor.

According to Statista, the US health and beauty industry (that generates most revenues in the market) is expected to grow annually by 4.06% in 2021-2025. Moreover, experts believe that 32% of total revenue will be generated through online sales!

In other words, by launching an online store in this niche, you’re not just entering the market at its recovery phase but also benefit from the new trend.

What’s so exciting about health and beauty goods?

  • Evergreen niche

Go to your bathroom and look around. You’ll see a wide range of products such as skincare goods, cosmetics, health supplements, haircare tools, etc. Everyone buys this kind of products! And we do it regularly too, which makes them evergreen goods that enjoy stable demand over decades.

  • Bulk purchases and repeat customers

Moreover, when it comes to health and beauty products, consumers tend to buy such supplies in bulk and make repeat purchases. A man who needs a disposable razor will probably buy a few of them while he’s at it. And if a woman likes the new nail polish she got from that store, she will probably come back to buy it again!

  • The shift towards online sales

As I mentioned before, nowadays more customers prefer buying health and beauty products online, so it’s a good idea to start a dropshipping store in this niche. It also means that one can use social media to promote these goods, especially the ones focusing on visual content – Instagram and Pinterest above all.

Moreover, if you want to target the United States (the market’s largest segment), you can also benefit from fast shipping across this country.

Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center) owns a warehouse located in California. It offers a wide range of products, including health and beauty goods, and dropshipping services. So, when you order a product from Sellvia, the team will pack and send the item directly to your customer. The buyer will receive the product within 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing).

Build a website to dropship health and beauty products

To dropship beauty products or health goods, one needs a website designed as an online store. Those who like the idea of dropshipping products to the US in 1-3 business days have two options.

Order a Custom Store

First of all, you can order a Custom Dropshipping Store from Sellvia. In this case, you get a turnkey website, ready to be launched right after it’s finished, as well as Sellvia subscription.

The most important benefit of this option is that you don’t have to do anything on your own. Building a website takes a lot of time and certain knowledge of IT. However, when ordering a Custom Store, you don’t have to buy a domain name, set up payment gateways, customize the site design, etc. The team will take care of it!

On the other hand, all the decisions will be made only after your approval. So, if you have particular ideas but have no knowledge of site-building, this option is for you.

Build an online store on your own

But if you have experience in site-building and have time, then you can try building the store on your own. You can create the site on WordPress with the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. In this case, it’s you who’s going to choose each element of the design.

After the site is ready, you only need to subscribe to Sellvia which is compatible with both AliDropship and WooCommerce websites.

After installing the Sellvia plugin, you’ll be able to import any product from its catalog. Now, let’s take a look at health and beauty products you can dropship.

How to dropship health and beauty products: product choice

Haircare & styling tools

According to Statista, the revenue of the US haircare market amounts to $14.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow annually by 2.55% in 2021-2025. To benefit from this growth, one can offer potential buyers various styling tools, brushes, and shampoos.

Ceramic hair curler - useful styling tool to dropship

Health care products

Here you can offer customers a wide range of product types designed for health care. They include personal care products, various massagers, mineral bath salts, goods related to fitness, etc.

How to dropship health and beauty products? Sell massagers!

Makeup products

Of course, a store that dropships health and beauty products cannot do without cosmetics. According to Statista, in 2020, the US eye cosmetics segment generated around $1.96 billion; facial cosmetics became the second most profitable segment with sales revenue equaling $1.9 billion. So, presenting this segment in the inventory of your dropshipping store is a must. Offer your clients makeup brushes, face sponges, eyelash curlers, makeup palettes, etc.

Blending sponge kit containing 8 egg-shaped sponges

Skincare products

Another important part of the health and beauty market is the skincare products segment. And again, the United States generate most revenues here which amounts to $18.7 billion (as of 2021). Creams and lotions, balms and anti-aging sprayers, oils, facial masks, and other products are what you can offer in your store.

Derma roller as an example of popular health and beauty products to sell

Men’s grooming products

Although men generally spend less on personal care products compared to women, it’s still a huge sum. American men spend about $29 a month on beauty and grooming services. As for the US male grooming products market, it is currently witnessing strong growth. After all, beards have been in fashion for some time now, so it’s no wonder men buy grooming tools, beard shampoos and balms, oils, beard shaping combs, and similar products.

Want to dropship health and beauty products? Don't forget about goods for men - for example, beard shaping combs.

Final thoughts on dropshipping health and beauty products

Despite quite strong competition, this niche remains one of the most popular compared to others. The reason is simple: we buy health and beauty products every week or every month. It’s something you can’t do without.

Moreover, buyers in this niche tend to purchase products in numbers and often come back to the same seller for more. All these facts make it a very promising niche.

Since the United States is the world’s largest segment of this market, it’s a good idea to dropship health and beauty products to American customers – especially if you can deliver your dropshipping goods in 1-3 business days after subscribing to Sellvia!

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How To Start Home & Garden Dropshipping With Sellvia?

Are you looking for a profitable ecommerce niche? Then how about selling items for improving people’s living environment? I’m talking about home and garden dropshipping! Keep reading to learn what potential this niche has, what products you can offer, and how to provide super-fast shipping across the United States.

Home and garden dropshipping: market forecast

One of the secrets to building a successful business is to find a niche of products that enjoys stable demand over long periods of time. Of course, one can make money with hype products as well. But the risks here are higher, and predicting the market dynamics is harder. It’s much safer to invest in a niche with millions of products sold to a broad audience every day.

Home and garden supplies are one of such niches.

Decorating one’s house can be both a necessity and a hobby. Four walls and a roof isn’t enough to make the building your home! So, it’s no wonder people buy all kinds of home and garden products to make their life more comfortable or simply to decorate their place.

During 2020-2024, the global home and garden ecommerce market is expected to grow by $101.65 billion progressing at a compound annual growth rate of 9%.

As for the US home and garden retailing market, it was valued at $841.9 billion in 2020. By 2025, it will reach $1,022 billion. But what’s more interesting, the online sector sales grew by 17.7% in 2020, which clearly indicates a shift towards ecommerce.

To a great extent, this trend resulted from the COVID-19 breakout which made Americans focus on their homes. On the other hand, according to Statista, 228.73 million Americans owned lawn and garden equipment in 2020, not to mention every family decorates their homes.

Statista: number of Americans owning lawn and garden equipment

Moreover, by subscribing to Sellvia (a US-based ecommerce fulfillment center), you can ship home and garden products to US customers in 1-3 business days, which will let you successfully compete with large market players.

In other words, with millions of potential customers, this niche has striking potential. But to dropship garden supplies and home products, one needs an ecommerce store.

Home and garden dropshipping: building an online store

There are several ways to start a dropshipping store and sell home and garden products. Some of these options will suit people with no experience in IT while others will suit those who are ready to put more effort into building a unique online store.

Building a dropshipping store from scratch

Those, who have some knowledge of site-building and using the WordPress content management system, can create a dropshipping site on their own. There are many digital solutions that let you sell goods from different dropshipping suppliers.

One of such solutions is the AliDropship plugin designed for dropshipping products from AliExpress. The plugin lets you build a dropshipping store on WordPress and is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

The AliDropship plugin is also compatible with Sellvia. So, if you want to dropship garden supplies and home products to the US and benefit from Sellvia’s fast shipping, it’s a good choice. Sellvia is also compatible with WooCommerce online stores. So, if you own one, you can simply subscribe to Sellvia to get access to its wide range of products.

Ordering a Custom Store

Another option is to order a dropshipping store from a team of professionals. In this case, you get a professionally made website created with your own design ideas in mind.

This option is perfect for people who have little knowledge of site-building or have little time. For a reasonable sum of money, you get a website with everything installed (including payment gateways), a number of products already imported, and ready to be launched right away.

Buying a Premium Store

Those, who don’t want a unique online store but would rather like to launch their new business as soon as possible, can benefit from AliDropship’s Premium Stores. These are copies of AliDropship’s own dropshipping websites. When you purchase one, you get a copy of this site along with a number of pre-tested products that have proved to be in-demand.

Some of these websites are built around the home and gardening niche. And, like all AliDropship stores, they’re compatible with Sellvia. All you have to do is to subscribe to Sellvia when buying a Premium Store.

Home and garden dropshipping: products to sell

Gardening equipment and supplies

When it comes to picking products to sell in your store, first of all, consider various garden supplies and tools. As mentioned above, lots of Americans spend time taking care of their gardens and lawns. The total nationwide spend on gardening in the US is $2.5 billion. So, there are many potential buyers in this segment.

Retractable Spraying Rod as an example of gardening products

Home décor products

The second thing that comes to mind when talking about this niche is, of course, home décor products. The US home décor market was valued at $190.96 billion in 2020. By the end of 2026, it will reach $283 billion. Moreover, the industry’s ecommerce segment has also started generating good sales. Generation Z and Millennials even purchase décor products on social media.

Coconut Macrame Hanging Planter as an example of home decor products

Home storage and organization products

Another important part of decorating your house is solving the storage issue. Many families today have so many things that storing them can become a problem. Fortunately, the industry manufacturers offer lots of solutions. According to Freedonia Group, the US sales of home organization goods will rise by 3.8% annually through 2021 to $11.8 billion.

Creative Shaped Storage Hook - popular home organization product

Home improvement goods

Modern houses and apartments require not only decorations but also minor improvements. Moreover, Millennials who are now rapidly becoming homeowners tend to spend more on home improvement than the previous generations. On average, Millennial households spend or plan on spending almost $10,000 on such projects. And that includes home improvement tools and equipment.

Contour Gauge Profile Tool as an example of home improvement products

Household cleaning products

Cleaning is a tiresome yet necessary chore. No matter how cruel it sounds, this fact makes household cleaning products a good choice for a dropshipper because the demand for them originates from necessity.

Home & garden dropshipping products: Multi-purpose bottle brush

Kitchen and dining products

And finally, consider dropshipping kitchen tools, cookware equipment, and dinnerware. After all, such products both are useful and serve as décor items. The North American cookware market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.8% in 2021-2028.

Home & garden dropshipping products: salt & pepper set

Home and garden dropshipping has high potential due to the nature of such products. On the one hand, most of them are absolutely necessary. On the other hand, every consumer has their own idea on how to decorate their house. So, here you can also expect a lot of impulse purchases. And if you’re able to deliver these goods in 1-3 business days with the help of Sellvia, your customers will be more than happy to come back for more!

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How To Find AliExpress Trending Products For Dropshipping?

What are the basics of selecting AliExpress trending products for your store? Let’s learn how to filter and evaluate AliExpress items for this purpose!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

The financial success of your eCommerce business heavily depends on the product offer you choose for your store.

By modifying your product strategy, you can raise your venture to new heights and boost the store performance significantly.

In order to do that, you need to ensure that the items you select and import from AliExpress meet a wide range of relevant criteria, and appeal to a wide customer audience.

So, how can you choose AliExpress hot products to sell that will make your business thrive?

Before going to AliExpress

Before you start searching for top-selling products on AliExpress, you must have a clear idea of what kind of goods are in demand. How do you come up with product ideas and check them? Well, there are at least four methods.

  • Check out social media

On social networks and similar platforms, people talk about different stuff including shopping. They discuss the problems they face and products that solve these problems. Therefore, if you manage to find groups and threads like this, you can get a clear idea of what kind of goods can sell well.

Visit social media, Quora and Reddit to find discussions related to the niche of your store.

  • Check out other online platforms

Another way to get an idea or two is to visit popular marketplaces – and first of all, Amazon. To find hot goods, simply sort offers in particular product categories. Also, check the customer reviews to see if these items really solve customers’ problems.

  • Use Google Trends

One can also check the demand for a particular product type with the help of Google Trends. It shows how the search volumes change over time, which can tell you if the interest is rising or dropping.

  • Do keyword research

And finally, one can use any keyword planner to check search volumes of different queries. A large number of queries clearly indicates high interest in a particular product type or category.

If you already know what product types you’re looking for, then it’s time to search for top-selling items on AliExpress.

How to use AliExpress to look for trending products to sell

Earlier, we’ve already provided you with an insight into AliExpress and its specific features. This blog entry will tell you more about the reasons why AliExpress is a great place to look for products.

How can you narrow down the choice of products available on AliExpress? First of all, you need to enter the focus keyword into the search bar.

Searching for best-selling dropshipping products on AliExpress.

The number of items you’ll get will be quite significant. It all depends on the niche, of course, but anyway, you will need to narrow your choice down further.

To do that, first of all tick the following boxes:

  • Free Shipping

You will only see the items that can be shipped to any destination worldwide with no additional charges. Many AliExpress sellers offer free shipping, and that’s the best option for a dropshipping business.

  • 4* and up

When you tick this box, you will see the items that have a high AliExpress customer rating.

Looking for AliExpress products with free shipping and a rating of 4+ stars.

Often, after this, you will still see too many items. So, one may find it too complicated to browse all the options. In this case, simply change the sorting parameters. Normally, the system shows you the best matching results first, but you can amend these settings, and look through alternatives you didn’t see before.

Filtering AliExpress search results.

  • If you click the ‘Orders’ button, you will first of all see the items that are most frequently bought by AliExpress visitors. Most typically, these items are quite cheap. Normally, they come with a wide variety of customer reviews, and we will further explain why this is important.
  • If you click the ‘Newest’ button, you will first of all see the items that appeared on the platform most recently. This feature is exceptionally important for those who have already added items to their store some time before. There is no doubt that you should renew your product offering from time to time. This is why it is convenient to monitor only the fresh offers.
  • If you click the ‘Seller rating’ button, you will first of all see the items that got the highest recognition from customers.
  • Finally, if you click the ‘Price’ button, you will be able to sort the results by price: either from low to high, or from high to low.

Please note that you can narrow down the choices even more! To do this, adjust some additional search settings: price range, the opportunity to purchase a single product only, etc. Apart from this, you can modify the search query itself in order to look for a very specific product type.

Sorting AliExpress search results by novelty.

The best products to sell: what features do they have?

Long story short, you have narrowed down the product options. Now you’re ready to browse through the available offers and choose the perfect dropshipping products to sell in your store. What are the most important product parameters to pay attention to?

  • Product description

Your store visitors will surely be interested in various consumer properties of the items you offer. Therefore, you need to ensure that each and every particular product you are going to add to your store has an exhaustive description that covers all the necessary aspects: size, color, weight, material, etc. Imagine your potential customers asking you the most typical questions about this product’s features. Will you be able to answer them?

  • Product photos

Bright and clear pictures are an integral part of a satisfactory product description. Ideally, it’s best to only pick the products that have enough high quality photos in their description. Take a look at this article to learn more about pictures and other elements of product descriptions that give additional value to your store.

  • Customer reviews

It is possible to import customer reviews on your product page along with the description and pictures. These reviews will have an exceptional value for your potential buyers, so pay attention to their quantity and content.

Also, note that you shouldn’t focus on 5-star reviews only. It’s Ok to have a couple of 4-star reviews either as it looks more realistic. Just make sure the complaints in these reviews are not critical.

  • Product rating

Along with seller rating, this parameter will let you know if previous customers highly valued this particular offer. In other words, you can estimate whether this product will enjoy high demand from your target audience.

  • The number of orders

The products you add to your store should have a commercial appeal to you. Therefore, you need to estimate in advance whether the profit you will get from this particular item will be satisfactory for you.

How to choose the right trending products on AliExpress quickly and easily?

No matter what search criteria you set, you need to always remember that you don’t necessarily have to browse all the available options manually. Imagine looking through thousands of closely similar items!

Modern and convenient technical solutions help you set some specific search criteria, use them to find trending products on AliExpress, and then automatically add these items to your store. Such an effortless import has an additional advantage. The auto-updating system integrates with AliExpress easily. It amends the product info in case the original seller decided to change something.

In other words, you won’t have to systematically visit all the AliExpress product pages and carefully check whether there is something new.

Now, you know how to choose AliExpress trending products and sell them in your store. Benefit from automated dropshipping solutions to make this task even easier, and enjoy your fruitful business!

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No Dropshipping Product Research Needed If You Import Goods From Sellvia!

Despite the huge number of products one can find on AliExprerss, not all of them can become popular and bring you lots of sales. One needs to conduct thorough dropshipping product research before deciding whether to import something to their online store or not. That is unless you import a product that was already tested!

Products are different in many ways. It’s not just their price or niche they belong to. Certain items get extremely popular for a short period of time, while others enjoy stable demand for decades. Some are easy to promote, while others can be very difficult to advertise. And that’s why a dropshipping business owner must analyze product ideas thoroughly.

But what if I tell you that you don’t need to conduct dropshipping product research?

Meet Sellvia – an ecommerce wholesale platform where you will find hundreds of goods suitable for dropshipping. You can import these goods to your AliDropship or WooCommerce store and sell them to customers just like you do with AliExpress products.

While AliExpress has hundreds of thousands of items (which is clearly a huge advantage for certain businesses), Sellvia offers a number of alternative benefits. One of them is the fact that all the goods on Sellvia were picked after a thorough analysis.

Now, let’s take a look at how such research is conducted.

[content title=”Table Of Contents”]

Checking product ideas with AdSpy

AdSpy and similar platforms are great dropshipping product research tools. They’re especially useful in the early stages of the analysis when you want to check a product idea or are looking for inspiration.

AdSpy lets you browse ads published on Facebook and Instagram. Based on how popular these ads are and when they were created, one can estimate the popularity of the products advertised. Besides, the platform lets you use a number of filters to narrow down the search to a certain social media, location, age, gender, etc.

AdSpy search results - a tool for dropshipping product research

Here you can read more about how to find the best ecommerce products with AdSpy.

As a rule, if an ad generates thousands of likes and remains popular for a long time, it means the product is really popular. Nevertheless, the team looks for products that meet the following criteria.

  • Evergreen products

Trending products may look tempting. And a good dropshipper knows how to benefit from such goods. But Sellvia’s team prioritizes products that enjoy stable demand over decades.

Evergreen goods are products that people buy every day. These are some examples of such items: sports apparel, car cleaning tools, laptop stands, makeup applicators, kitchen tools. The demand for these and similar items will hardly ever go down.

Examples of evergreen dropshipping products that never lose popularity

  • Usefulness

Today we consume an enormous amount of products and services most of which we don’t really need. Advertising such goods and services is not a simple task. But a useful item that solves a particular problem is another story!

Such products are easy to promote, and the demand for them is usually higher.

Examples of useful dropshipping goods that are always easy to advertise

  • Products with emotional value

Alternatively, instead of offering a useful tool, an ecommerce entrepreneur can make money with products that evoke strong emotions. Although goods with emotional value are less predictable in terms of demand, they can easily trigger impulse purchases.

Examples of goods with string emotional value that can trigger impulse purchases

  • Lightweight items

For a dropshipping entrepreneur, the most important advantage of joining Sellvia is probably the platform’s fast US shipping. However, the heavier a parcel the costlier the delivery. That’s why Sellvia’s team avoids heavy products.

  • Products sold in quantities

And finally, if you’re not new to dropshipping, you probably know how important it is to raise your store’s average order value. Since bringing a potential customer to the site costs money, you want the client to purchase as many goods as possible. That’s why you want products that are often purchased in quantities.

For example, people often buy car seat organizers in pairs – for both front seats in their cars.

Examples of dropshipping products that are often bought in quantities

All products in Sellvia’s catalog meet at least three of these criteria, which, along with fast shipping across the US, makes Sellvia one of the best ecommerce suppliers.

But the research doesn’t end with finding potentially profitable products!

Analyzing the potential of the products

At this stage of the dropshipping product research, the team analyzes the products’ demand level, customers’ satisfaction, and the profitability of the goods.

Google Trends analysis

To understand whether a product is popular, the team uses Google Trends. This simple yet extremely useful tool shows you how the amount of search engine queries changes over time. For example, you can see if a particular query has been rising or falling over the last 5 years.

Google Trends graphic - a useful dropshipping product research tool

However, if there’s demand for a device or an item, it doesn’t necessarily mean shoppers are happy with what retailers have to offer. So, the team’s next move is to check customer reviews.

Customer feedback analysis

The team visits popular online stores and retail platforms (first of all, Amazon) and looks for products similar to the ones they discovered at the previous stage of the analysis. Then, they start reading customer reviews.

The goal here isn’t just to understand if the clients are happy with their purchases. They want to understand whether the items can really solve the customers’ problems, how efficient they are, what exactly the buyers liked or disliked about them, and whether the shoppers tend to buy these goods in quantities.

Analyzing customer reviews on Amazon is another way to conduct dropshipping product research

The information the team gathers here is also used to write attractive and informative product descriptions for Sellvia’s goods.

Price comparison

And finally, the team analyzes the prices for similar products asked by retailers, wholesale platforms, and popular dropshipping suppliers. The goal here is to make sure Sellvia can bring these goods to its US warehouse and still offer competitive prices that will let online shop owners make money.

Note that in certain cases, you will notice that the total price of the products and shipping is higher than that on AliExpress (where many dropshippers buy their goods). However, unlike AliExpress sellers, Sellvia lets you deliver goods to customers within 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing). If you look at AliExpress shipping options that offer similar speed, you will see that Sellvia’s offer is much cheaper.

As you can see, joining Sellvia offers a number of important advantages for a dropshipping store owner. First of all, you don’t have to conduct dropshipping product research every time you find interesting goods. And second, if you work in the US market (as many dropshippers do), Sellvia’s fast delivery will be a huge advantage.

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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell NOW: This Week’s Best Seller

Wondering what to sell to start making profits ASAP? Looking for best dropshipping products that are trending right now? Here’s what we can recommend this week!

Jun 14-20, 2021: Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

One of the best dropshipping products to sell this week: multifunctional car organizer

Our best dropshipping products recommendation for this week is this simple yet impressive car seat organizer.

For everyone spending hours in their vehicle, a convenient organizer is no less than a blessing.

Thanks to this little helper, its user – your potential customer! – can:

  • Keep all travelling essentials, from smartphones to snacks, stored neatly in a single place
  • Remove all distractions and drive safely with their attention focused on the road only
  • Enjoy their clean, non-messy car interior, and keep chaos under control

With so many benefits and real value for the user, no wonder the demand for car seat organizers is skyrocketing! Just take a look at the graph below:

Internet users' interest in car organizers as seen from Google Trends

People look car organizers up on Google more and more, and you can expect the interest for this kind of product to keep growing this year.

The reason for this is fairly simple. With the pandemic restrictions, personal vehicles are becoming the main means of transportation for people worldwide. Naturally, as the owners start spending more time in their cars, they grow more interested in keeping their cabins neat and tidy – and look for easy and accessible solutions. That’s when all sorts of car space organizers come into play!

To put it simply, the timing is perfect to start selling this product in your store today!

Start selling this multifunctional car organizer with Sellvia

Let’s look into details, shall we?

Where to begin?

So, where can you get this awesome car organizer to import it to your dropshipping store?

Of course, you can look for it on AliExpress… and deal with the usual lengthy routine:

  • Look through all the matching offerings to find all the sellers listing this or similar item
  • Check the stores’ ratings to filter out the most reputable sellers
  • Review the shipping methods offered by the sellers to see if the shipping fees and delivery times are appealing to customers
  • Read the buyers’ feedback to make sure the seller is trustworthy and the item matches the description
  • Edit the imported product page heavily by shortening the title, rewriting the description, polishing the picture gallery, and importing real-life buyer reviews


OR, you can skip all these tiring steps and go straight to selling! All you need to make it happen is to get the ready-to-promote car organizer from Sellvia.

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

What’s Sellvia, you might be wondering?

Sellvia is your next-level ecommerce solution that covers plenty of online business areas – from product sourcing, storing, and packaging to branding and promotion. In fact, it even has the hottest, most demanded products from multiple niches in its physical stock, and keeps them in a US-based Fulfillment Center.

That’s right: ordering a Sellvia-provided item from your dropshipping store, your client won’t have to wait for the package for weeks and months. In just 1 business day after receiving your order, the Fulfillment Center staff will assemble the package and hand it over to UPS or USPS. And these highly reputable postal services will make sure the order gets delivered to any US residing customer in 1-3 business days.

Doesn’t fast US shipping sound like a dream come true for dropshipping business owners? But wait, there’s more!

With Sellvia, you can start selling this highly popular car organizer to your customers in a matter of seconds! Go here to add its beautifully designed, informative, purchase-stimulating product page to your store: it goes with the perfect description that you don’t have to review or edit!

When you import this (or any other!) product to your online store from Sellvia, you receive:

  • A beautifully designed product page: carefully taken professional photos and unique descriptions (BEST ones in the industry!) catch your visitors’ attention and don’t let them leave the store empty-handed!
  • Product bundle recommendations: pre-made sets of products that are most commonly bought together will give you an idea on how to increase your average order value and boost your profit per customer.
  • Ready marketing campaigns proven to drive sales: expertly made visual materials, texts, and audience settings for Instagram and Facebook paid ads will be yours to use and profit from.


The price for the Sellvia-provided multifunctional car organizer is $3.99. You can add any markup you want to its price. We recommend selling it for $28.99: it will give you a profit of $25 and still keep you competitive! This final price will be comparable to the ones on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. – and really appealing to your customers.

Why wait?

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