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Dropship Lingerie: How To Build A Profitable Online Store?

Do you think of starting your own ecommerce business? Are you looking for a niche that is going to become your stable source of high income? Don’t you want to build a ‘trivial’ online store? If so, start to dropship lingerie!

In challenging times, it’s important not to lose your opportunity to make a fortune. In 2020, due to a number of reasons, it has become extremely popular to work from home and run an ecommerce business. That’s why, if you want to have a business with 100% ownership, it’s high time to start your dropshipping journey right now!

But what niche is one of the most promising this year? What should you sell in order to get as maximum potential customers as possible? Are there any evergreen products that can be unavailable in offline stores now? The answer is clear – start to dropship lingerie!

Is it profitable to dropship lingerie?

In view of recent events, people from different countries prefer purchasing basic necessities online to a trip to a store. Meanwhile, some people have no option but to order these goods from online stores. That’s why, the demand for lingerie is going to increase significantly!

Just look at how popular an ‘lingerie’ search request is nowadays!

As you can see from Google Trends, the audience’s interest in underwear has been consistently high for over the years. So this is your chance to make a mint!

Moreover, according to Statista, the underwear segment accounted for almost 20% of the Apparel revenue! It’s about US $272 billion and it’s going to rise considerably!

Beyond this, starting to dropship lingerie is a promising idea for your ecommerce business since, in most cases, lingerie doesn’t cost a lot! Pay attention to the fact that, typically, bras, panties, robes, and so on, cost $3-20. What does it mean? You may certainly count on lots of impulse purchase in your online store!

However, in order to succeed in running your lingerie store, you should know how to do this in the right way. So stay tuned!

Benefits of dropshipping lingerie

Here are the main benefits of using the dropshipping strategy selling lingerie products online.

  • Low startup costs

Since you’ll be working with a lingerie dropshipping supplier to run your dropshipping business, you won’t need to spend large amounts of money on the inventory or hiring staff.

In the dropshipping business model, the supplier takes care of the product inventory and shipment. You won’t need to pay for the lingerie products until customers place an online order.

  • Save time on shipping and packing

You won’t have to waste your time on product manufacturing, quality checking, packing, and shipping the orders – your dropshipping supplier will be the one responsible for these measures.

  • Wide lingerie product selection 

The lingerie product is a pretty larger market with hundreds of thousands of suppliers. Through them, you can access tons of trendy underwear products to dropship.

Many suppliers offer both bulk lingerie and single intimate apparel dropshipping – perfect for small businesses.

  • Low-cost product expansion

The dropshipping business model offers the flexibility to test new products and expand your intimate apparel business. For instance, you can start dropshipping bra sets with new colors, styles, textures, or sizes on your website. Using this method, you can easily keep up with the newest trends.

How to dropship lingerie in the right way?

Tell me 3 main components that are necessary to build a successful ecommerce business?

Apart from the technical core of your online store, the most important aspects are an efficient strategy, reliable suppliers, and trending products to sell.

Efficient strategy

Let’s start with the strategy that suits dropshipping lingerie. So what should you know to dropship lingerie in the right way and get the maximum benefits from this?

First of all, pay attention to the fact that lingerie is not only bras and panties. In fact, there are lots of product categories for you to sell in your online store: bras, panties, bra & brief sets, corsets, robes, etc.

What’s more, lingerie stores always sell sleepwear: sleep bottoms, pyjamas, nightgowns, and so on. So that means it’s a good idea for you to build an online store with a wide range of products!

Then, when considering your online store’s product range, note that prices start at US $2-3, that we cannot but welcome. It’s great news for you as a dropshipping store owner since you can count on lots of impulse purchases on your website. However, we recommend that you deal with trusted and time-tested suppliers only.

So try to focus on low-cost but high-quality products, since you’re highly likely to benefit from them!

Finally, when your customer is on the verge of making a purchase, it’s reasonable to offer them to buy some extra stuff at a special price. You can easily do this by means of an IT solution from AliDropship – it’s the Product Bundle!

That’s how you should run your lingerie store. But where to find reliable suppliers for your business?

Reliable suppliers

When looking for trusted sellers, you have several options.

Firstly, you can use the ‘trial and fail’ method. However, in most cases, this can really cost you a fortune.

Secondly, you can look at some paid databases of reliable suppliers. This looks like a more logical decision. But at the third option!

Thirdly, AliDropship is happy to provide you with an opportunity to use its database of the BEST suppliers, trending products to sell, and the most promising niches FOR FREE! Meet Insights from AliDropship!

Here are several time-tested lingerie suppliers for you to use when running your online store.

Trending products to sell

And now here are the most promising and trending products to sell in your online store!

As we have already mentioned, there are lots of products categories for you to choose products from.

  • Bras

  • Panties

  • Bra & brief sets

  • Active bras

  • Night gowns


  • Pyjamas


  • Robes


  • Corsets

lingerie dropshipping corsets

  • Garters

  • Sleep bottoms

resell underwear

  • Tube tops

  • Long johns

Final thoughts on dropshipping lingerie

Under the present circumstances, it’s definitely a good idea to dropship lingerie since nowadays basic necessities are in strong demand worldwide. Meanwhile, due to a number of reasons, lots of people have no option but to order underwear online.

Don’t forget that in order to succeed with your ecommerce business and dropship lingerie effortlessly, you should choose the most efficient strategy, find time-tested suppliers, and define the most promising products to sell.

Fortunately, AliDropship is glad to provide you with all you need to run your dropshipping business with ease!

Don’t you have your own profitable business yet? Then, start your dropshipping journey with AliDropship and dropship lingerie since it’s one of the most promising niche ideas for your online store!

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How To Create A Cool Online Store: Best Tech Under 5 Dollars

Are you interested in dropshipping? Do you want to create a cool online store? Are you eager to sell only the most demanded low-cost products? If so, the article about the best tech under 5 dollars is a must-read for you!

To date, AliDropship is happy to offer you several options to start your own dropshipping business with ease. One of these options is creating an absolutely unique custom online store for you by our highly qualified specialists who deal with building dropshipping stores 24/7 for several years. So this is clear, but what niche to choose?

What if you dream of something special? And if you don’t want to sell clothes or something like that? What if it’s necessary for you to stand out in the crowd and offer your potential customers interesting and extremely useful products at low prices from reliable and time-tested suppliers?

So do you believe that your online store should be exceptional, and you want your customers to come back to you regularly since there is always something unique, simple, and worthwhile in your store? Then, we have prepared for you a compilation of the most interesting, promising, and demanded products at low prices. Meet the best tech under 5 dollars!

Why is it a great business idea to sell low-cost but demanded products?

Although high ticket dropshipping is also a promising business idea, we recommend that our clients focus on low-cost products. Why? Let’s find it out.

Firstly, the demand for lost-cost products is always higher. Since people from all over the world have absolutely different income rates, not all of them can afford to buy products that cost, for example, $2,000. Meanwhile, if you spend $5 on a useful device, you are highly unlikely to go bankrupt. That’s why the order number of cheap products is a lot higher.

Secondly, you can always count on impulse purchases. The products you are going to sell will not cost a fortune, so it will be easier for you to convince a potential customer to make a purchase.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! And now imagine that there will not be only trending products to sell, but also useful and unique electronics.

Best tech under 5 dollars: how to dropship?

So you are going to deal with electronics and accessories. But how to dropship them in the right way? What should a business owner have in order to dropship electronics?

First of all, you are supposed to be interested in the products you sell. It’s a common rule for each product category: if you are keen on the products you provide Internet users within your online store, it’s going to be a great advantage.

What’s more, it is great if you have knowledge of electronics. It’s one more advantage if you know which products are going to be more useful and reliable for your customers.

Moreover, it’s important to understand which products are trending to sell, and which are ever-green.

In fact, it’s very easy to start dropshipping best tech under 5 dollars. Even in case of no skills in electronics, it will not take you much time and effort to put your own ecommerce business on autopilot.

However, since AliDropship is always glad to share with you the most essential business tips for you to run your online store wisely, we have prepared for you a compilation of the best tech under 5 dollars!

Want to turn your passion into profit? Try Sellvia! It is a whole Ecommerce Ecosystem where you will find always in-demand high-quality products form a reliable supplier, with all the benefits an ecommerce business needs to start its journey towards success!

Best tech under 5 dollars for your online store

Traditionally, we have analyzed the global market and found the the 50 best tech products under 5 dollars. Here they are!

Fitness trackers

best tech under 5 dollars

TWS earphones

best tech under 5 dollars

Smart LED bulbs

best tech under 5 dollars

Smart plugs

best devices

Smartphone projectors

interesting products to sell


dropship speakers

Bluetooth receivers for earphones

unique products to sell

Car bluetooth receivers

best tech under 5 dollars

Night light

best tech under 5 dollars


interesting products to sell

Car MP3 players

best tech under 5 dollars

Remote control tools

best tech under 5 dollars

Final thoughts on best tech under 5 dollars

So are you interested in electronics? Do you want to build a business that lets your hobby bring you profit? Have you decided to create your own online store but you want to make it special? Are you eager to sell only the most interesting and useful devices which are supposed to draw maximum attention?

Then, this is high time for you to start a dropshipping business and create a store where Internet users will be able to find the best tech at low prices. So we recommend you sell the most trending products and absolute novelties which can let your customers make their lives a bit easier and more interesting. And since these products relate to the low-cost ones, success is imminent!

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? If so, go and get your own unique online store, consider this list of the best tech under 5 dollars, and let it become your stable source of high income!

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How To Use Google Trends To Increase Your Dropshipping Store Profits

When it comes to starting your online business, the first step is always the hardest. Fortunately, if you know how to use Google Trends, you can make it much easier to make up your mind and put your worries and fears to rest.

If not, this article is going to let you figure it out!

Why you should use Google Trends

google trends

What is necessary for your business success? Breakthrough marketing? Great customer service? Of course, but… Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google founders, know it better than anyone else. It’s being tuned in to people’s needs.

Let’s wind back the clock to the 1990s when the Internet was an untapped goldmine nobody knew how to exploit. What would you do then? Right, you should go and place your flag there. In other words, you’d need to take the Internet and make it useful for people.

So, companies like Yahoo and Excite were the pioneers that had a hand in it. They worked on organizing the Internet so that people could easily find whatever was necessary for them.

However, the approach those companies took was aimed at keeping users on their own websites as long as possible rather than providing them with the relevant content.

Thus, the algorithms their search engines used weren’t really efficient. The results people got were often a bit strange and kind of useless.

So, when a Stanford student Larry Page woke up at night due to a dream he had, he was destined to succeed. The dream gave him an idea for the search engine algorithm. It was based on examining the links between the websites – backlinks – so that people could get the most relevant search results.

Page called his algorithm PageRank. And in 1998 along with Sergey Brin, they launched a website that employed it – Google.

A fun fact: if you type “Google in 1998” in the search field and click on “Search”, Google will change its layout to the one it used in 1998.

Page and Brin’s search engine easily won hearts and minds of Internet users and swept Yahoo and the other competitors aside.

The reason is simple. Google is the number one website because it gives people what they really want.

Indeed, if you know people’s needs, you can easily make your dropshipping business thrive. This way, you could find the best ideas for your store, pick out the best items and so on. But… how?

Google provides people with the most relevant information, but how could online entrepreneurs read customer mind and find out their needs? Actually, the answer is in the question! If you need information – go to Google. There, you can find a special tool that is going to help you out. It’s called Google Trends. By using this tool, you can make a reasonable decision about the niche for your online store, find the most demanded products to sell and discover the necessary keywords to refine your SEO.

So, let’s figure out how to use Google Trends and make your success closer.

How to choose a niche with Google Trends

The right niche for your online store is one of the most essential things for your business future. It defines the product range of your online store, the audiences you should target, and many other crucial things. But what is more important, your profit depends on the niche you choose. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll have to wind down your store, find a new niche and do everything all over again.

Since dropshipping is not an expensive business to run, it’s not a big problem. Yet, who likes to spend their time and effort in vain?

So, what’s the solution? You should go to Google Trends. This way, you can make sure that you won’t spit in the wind while choosing your niche. Let’s say you want to start an online store that is focused on art materials. You go to Google Trends and type in the search field “art materials”.

google words search statistics art materials

The result you see shows that it’s been a pretty stable and demanded niche for the last 12 months, with only minor falls in interest. If you want to see the bigger picture, you should zoom out and change the span from 12 months to 5 years or to the period from 2004 to the present day.

google niches art materials for past 5 years

Now, you can see that the graph has its ups and downs. That means that this niche has its seasonal surges and dips in demand. So, you should be ready for this. The graph you see covers the whole world. And it can be enough for you to win customers from the USA, or Australia, or Spain, etc.

Use Google Trends to zero in on the United States, Canada, Brazil, or whatever country you’re planning to target. Compare the results and decide which market to focus on.

USA google trends results for art materials

So, art materials could be a good option to choose for your niche. However, you may have some other ideas for your future store. Let’s say, it’s sportswear.

Which one is better?

Google Trends can easily give you the answer. Just type “sportswear” in the compare field on your right and hit “Enter” button.

Now, it’s as clear as day that sportswear is more trending in the USA. You can even see that it outperforms art materials in every state if you scroll down a bit.

But… does it mean that you should choose sportswear over art materials?

If you decide to sell sport clothing, you’re going to come up against Nike, Adidas and other famous brands. Whereas you won’t face such competition if you choose art materials.

So, when looking for a suitable niche, you need to bear in mind such a thing as the presence of powerful rivals. It could be tricky to beat them.

How to use Google Trends to research the products

Google Trends could also be useful to find trending products to sell.

Let’s say, you’ve decided to open up an online store dedicated to cosplay. What products may do the trick?

Obviously, it must be the costumes people like dressing up in. And Google Trends can easily give you a clue on it.

When researching your niche potential, you should scroll down a bit to “Related queries”.

There, you can find what cosplayers have been looking for so far. Click on “fortnite cosplay”, for example.

So, you see that this query reached the peak of its popularity in September 2018. Since then, the interest has been going down with some small seasonal surges in demand.

This graph casts some doubt on the prospects of this product.

But, if you go through the other related queries and click on “nezuko cosplay”, you’ll see a way more promising picture.

You can add this type of products to your store without a shadow of doubt.

How Google Trends can help you improve your SEO

When you know what niche to choose and what products to add, it’s not difficult to find them.

You go to AliExpress and look for the items you need. Then, thanks to AliDropship plugin, you just press “Import” button and it’s in the bag.

However, after importing the necessary products to your store, you should work on your product pages. If you leave them as they are on AliExpress, customers are unlikely to come across them while exploring Google. Besides, it will look weird and put off your potential buyers.

The most vital part of this task is to find the best keywords. And again, Google Trends can give a hand in it.

If you’ve chosen handbags as a product for your store, just write it in Google Trends search field and go to “Related queries”. There, you can see what people type when searching for handbags.

Change “Rising” to “Top” like in the picture below and you’ll get the possible keywords you should work into the titles and descriptions of your products.

How Google Trends can help identify seasonal trends

When it comes to promoting your online business, most marketing specialists plan out their content plan well in advance. With Google Trends, you can plan out your content calendar and find the most popular keywords for certain time periods throughout the year.

Knowing upcoming trends can help you produce the most effective content plan that connects with the most highly searched topics during the most desired times of the year, such as the holidays. This will be a key aspect that will help your promotional campaign succeed during the right calendar window.

Once you’ve discovered the existing trends that relate to your niche, the next step is to create a marketing plan around those trends. This means optimizing your online store, promotional materials, social media, SEO, etc. according to those trends.

Use Google Trends to avoid temporarily popular keywords

Ecommerce entrepreneurs can face an often appearing dilemma: using words that are popular for a brief period of time. Using Google Trends, you can easily avoid this common mistake in a few simple steps.

Google Trends lift sidebar shows a “Year in searches” tab where you can search for the topic’s search interest within a specific time period. To find out if the word is popular momentarily or is a clear trend, set the time period to 12 months.

By setting this specific time period, you’ll be able to easily see certain spikes on the Google Trends graphic.

A great example is “fidget spinners”. The toy became popular in 2017, and by the end of the year, it quickly faded away. On the Google trends graphic, you can clearly see the time when it was at the peak of popularity.

If you want your online business to flourish, the connection between you and your customers is a must. Now, when you know how to use Google Trends, you can find out their needs and make a great leap forward in achieving success.

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All You Need to Know About Print On Demand Dropshipping With AliExpress

Are you looking to build an additional source of income? If you’re a creative person and enjoy an approach to work that requires at least some originality, then print on demand dropshipping is what you’re looking for. Let’s find out what print on demand means! Is it profitable? We’ll look at all the peculiarities you need to be aware of to create a successful online business.

What is print on demand?

what is print on demand

Selling print on demand products is an easy way to start a business. Print on demand is an ecommerce business model where you work with a supplier to sell white-label products with your custom design. The supplier is responsible for making and distributing the customized products, while you promote and sell them in your online store.

What does the process of print-on-demand dropshipping with AliExpress look like?

The process is a simple one. First, you need to find a reliable supplier on AliExpress that deals print on demand goods and cooperate with them. Once you’ve found a reliable supplier, you can import their products to your online store.

Then the real fun begins. When a customer stumbles upon your store and finds a product they want to buy, they will place an order for that product. You receive the customers’ text or image via email, or live chat, and then resend it to the supplier via their AliExpress chat. It’s easy and free if you just use AliDropship+AliExpress. This way, you order this product from your supplier, and simply wait till it’s processed. When everything is ready, the supplier will send the package directly to your buyer.

It’s that simple! No need to order in bulk and maintain a stock of products. You don’t need to buy any equipment. Work with all kinds of products and easily customize them how you like.

3 advantages of the print on demand business with AliExpress

print on demand advantages

#1. Easy start

Starting a print on demand business doesn’t require a lot of investments: all you need is an idea and some enthusiasm to get started. If you decide to start a print on demand dropshipping business with AliDropship, you can get lots of tools to start your business with a bang. Custom and ready-made professional stores, promotional tools, etc. — you can find almost anything you need for a quick start.

#2. No inventory management

Since you will be working with the dropshipping business model, your supplier will handle the production side and the logistics. You will not need to store or keep any inventory. Instead,  you’ll devote your time to other tasks.

#3. Time convenience

Since we’re on the topic of time, compared to other business models, your main tasks will consist of creating attractive designs and increasing your sales, and developing new promotional strategies.

Moreover, thanks to this business model, you can easily add or remove products and test which ones work out best.

What print on demand services other than AliExpress can I use?

print on demand services

Besides AliExpress, there are other options to start a print on demand business. But how do they compare with AliExpress? Let’s look at the most popular print on demand services you can use.

  • Printful

With Printful, a white-label service, you can easily start selling all kinds of products, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, backpacks, mugs, and many others with your own logo and branding features.

Moreover, it is very similar to dropshipping in the sense that you don’t need to purchase any products upfront and you can sell the products with all the manufacturer tags completely removed. Furthermore, you can have the products shipped with your own branding packaging and logo.

However, even though there is a major upside, there are also downsides you need to consider.

You still need to create your online store on an ecommerce platform or marketplace on your own and connect it with Printful. Then, you’ll create your custom products and fill your store with them. After that, all you have to do is promote your store and wait for your customers to come to you.

What’s the downside, you may ask? Well, the downside of this service is that you have to pay for fulfillment (the base price of the product and shipping) each time an order is made in your store. Additionally, you pay for all the branding elements separately if you want them to be printed on the products — $2.49 per label and $2.95 per embroidered label.

  • Printify

Similar to Printiful, this is a white-label service, so the Printify brand won’t be featured on any of the products that will be shipped out.

However, it differs in the sense that there are lots of different options to choose who will be printing and sending out your products.

Each print provider offers a different product variety in terms of materials, the printing methods they use, the shipping rates, shipping process, and packaging.

What about the pricing?

Printify is unique in this regard and offers a monthly subscription plan for its users. There are several plans to choose from, a Free plan, a Premium plan for $24.99 a month, and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Every plan has its own perks and benefits. For example, the Free plan offers to connect 5 unique stores per account and sell an unlimited number of Printify products. However, an upgraded plan allows to add more stores (up to 10) and offers additional discounts on the Printify products (up to 20%).

Keep in mind that you still have to create an online store separately from Printify and connect it.

Now that we’ve covered the main alternatives to starting a print on demand business, let’s go over AliExpress and what you can expect to find there.

Best print on demand product categories on AliExpress

AliExpress print on demand product caregories

AliExpress is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. It is well known for its wide range of products. There are literally hundreds of thousands of products from different categories for you to choose from and build your online store around. That’s especially helpful if you’re looking to build an online dropshipping store.

Let’s look at the best products you can integrate into your online store to use as a print on demand products.

  • The home niche

Some items you may include in your store are custom reusable bags, key hangers, carpets, towels, shower curtains, blankets, pillows, and even bedding sets. Some of the most popular products are custom-painted canvases and paintings in general.

  • Drinkware and mugs

Another classic option for print on demand stores is drinkware and more specifically, mugs. The best part is that there are plenty of custom mugs suppliers on AliExpress.

  • Embroidery patches

Another item that’s in demand is clothing embroidery patches. Or how about a simple custom stamp?

Have a special occasion coming up? How about a custom wax seal stamp?

There are even customizable wooden crafts. For example, you can order a customized wood wine stopper. There are also different types of custom wooden decorations you can order for any occasion.

  • Kitchen products and essentials

There are lots of people who like to customize the look of their kitchen and all of the essentials. For this category of people, you can list custom wooden or rubber coasters. You can even find suppliers who sell customizable tableware with engravings. How about custom cooking aprons?

  • Pet products

A very popular niche category is pets. There are literally millions of pet lovers among online consumers. Among the most popular goods you can find are custom dog harnesses, pet tags, personalized engraved collars, personalized toy storage, custom dog hoodies and coats, custom pet bed mats, personalized feeding bowls, custom car seat covers, etc.

  • Clothing and apparel

Want to sell custom clothing? On AliExpress, you can find a variety of suppliers who offer products with your design: T-shirts, hoodies, caps, hats, etc.

Want personalized hangers? You can find them on AliExpress!

  • Jewelry and accessories

How about personalized jewelry and accessories? Bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. are a great choice. There are thousands of items listed on AliExpress you can seamlessly import to your online store.

  • Neon signs

A unique category of items we would like to highlight is custom neon signs. They are very popular among online shoppers.

How to start a print on demand business?

starting a print on demand business

With such a vast range of products, it can be difficult to choose what exactly it is you want to sell. How do you start a print on demand business? First, you need to focus on what products you want to sell.

You might be thinking: “Do I import several categories of products?” or “Should I focus on one niche-specific product category?” Don’t worry, we have the answer!

Based on our experience in the ecommerce industry and our time-tested ideas, we recommend you to focus on one niche-specific category of products. Here is why.

  • Much easier to find the necessary products

Having a store with a wide variety of products is not always good. Even though it offers lots of options, some online consumers are less likely to search for what they are looking for. However, in a niche-specific store, the search is much easier, faster, and doesn’t require much effort to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why in some cases customers prefer a store dedicated to a specific niche where they can effortlessly find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Niche stores provide a better customer experience

If you’re dealing with a wide range of products, you’re required to have extensive knowledge and know the specifics and details of each product offer.

However, dealing with a limited category of products, especially one you’re passionate about, you can offer a better customer experience, thus creating a special customer-friendly atmosphere.

Furthermore, having a store focused on a single niche category creates a more trustworthy appearance for online consumers.

For any online consumer, it’s important to know that the seller is an expert in his field of work and can provide knowledge about his product offerings. Especially if you have chosen a niche you are very familiar with and passionate about. Then you quickly answer any questions from your potential customers.

  • It’s more enjoyable to navigate through a niche store

Niche-specific stores usually create a special atmosphere around their theme of products. In return, this attracts potential customers and provides them with a much more enjoyable experience navigating through the store.

A huge role for these kinds of online stores plays the layout and the overall design. They can easily motivate customers to make a purchase and return for future purchases.

Once you’ve chosen what products you’re going to sell, what should you do next?

How to find a reliable print on demand supplier on AliExpress

trustworthy print on demand supplier

Since we’re incorporating the dropshipping business model, a lot of responsibilities and work in general is going to lay on your supplier. So, here are the things you need to pay special attention to if you want to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

  • Store rating

The first thing you want to point your attention to is the supplier’s store rating or its positive feedback. The rating can tell a lot about how professionally the supplier works with their customers. In general, it’s better to look at a rating that’s more than 90%.

A high rating is a clear sign that the supplier is worth working with.

  • How long the supplier has been active on AliExpress

AliExpress allows users to see how long the seller has been actively doing business on this platform.

The longer the seller has been active, the more reliable they are.

  • The customer feedback

There’s nothing that can be more trustworthy than the feedback of the customers that have previously purchased something from the seller.

To view customer feedback, simply click on the reviews under the page of the product to learn more about the product. To learn more about the feedback about the supplier, go to the store page and click on the Feedback tab. There, you’ll be able to become familiar with the feedback about the supplier during a recent time period.

How do I contact the supplier?

contacting the print on demand supplier

We have received lots of questions about how to properly contact the supplier and when is the best time to do it.

It’s actually much easier to do than many think.

Most print on demand suppliers have a “contact” button. By pressing this button, you will contact the supplier directly and will be able to upload or specify the design of the product.

Another question we get is what is the best time to contact the supplier.

The best time to contact the supplier is only when a product has already been ordered from your online store. This way, you do not have to pre-order any products beforehand or keep any products in stock.

Is white labeling available on AliExpress?

white label on AliExpress

First, let’s clear up what white labeling is. White labeling is when a product is made by one company but sold by other companies under their own brands. So, is it possible to white-label products on AliExpress? Technically speaking, yes.

There is an abundance of AliExpress suppliers who offer to put your design on their clothing products.

However, most AliExpress suppliers only allow you to publish your custom prints on their products, without allowing you to put any brand labels on them.

To answer your question, yes, white labeling is allowed on AliExpress. However, do not expect the suppliers to attach any branding material to the products.

So, let’s go into more detail: how will the print on demand process with AliExpress look like exactly?

How print on demand dropshipping works with AliExpress

First and foremost, it’s important to make it clear what kind of print on demand business you will start.

The first option of print on demand business you can start is the creation of your own unique designs on various products. If you’re going to start this kind of business, you need to be aware of how to create your own designs or use other applications to purchase ready-made designs and use them on the products.

The second way to utilize the print on demand model is to list the products that are offered on the seller’s page on AliExpress. This way, your customers will be choosing the ready designs that the supplier can do.

If you’re going with the second option, then you shouldn’t experience any problems importing the products of your supplier, since the AliDropship plugin allows you to seamlessly transfer products from AliExpress directly to your online store.

However, how do you upload your own custom products to your online store?

In all actuality, it all depends on the owner of the store. If you have ready designs for your products, then you can just upload them to your online store. Or you can upload the supplier’s basic images.

Start promoting your print on demand store

print on demand promtion

When your store is filled with products, now is the time to start promoting it. First and foremost, it is important to note that the majority of your target audience is active online. That means that your promotional campaigns will all be held on various online platforms.

Therefore, here are some essential steps you need to follow to promote your store online.

  • Social media promotions

The best way to find your target audience is through different social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — you have to build a presence on all the big platforms to successfully reach your audience and promote your product offers.

What’s more, is that Facebook and Instagram will serve as your primary advertising destinations where you will create various ad campaigns and promote your online store.

  • SEO optimization

SEO optimization remains one of the most common strategies in ecommerce. To make sure your store is ranked higher in the search engine, you must implement all the SEO strategies, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and so on, to optimize your online store and attract more traffic.

  • Influencer marketing

If you’re a social media enthusiast, you should consider influencer marketing. To put it simply, it is when you find and reach out to an influencer with a large number of followers to promote your products. This way you’ll be able to boost the recognition of your online store and get a strong word of mouth.

  • Find related forums and groups

Many many different types of groups and forums can be related to your specific niche. There you can find your target audience, interact with potential buyers, and advertise your products.

How to process a purchase of a print on demand product on your online store

processing a purchase on a print on demand store

When you attract customers to your online store, you need to understand how to handle the purchase process.

Regardless of the way you handle your print on demand business, to make sure the process goes smoothly every time, you have to get busy and write the supplier yourself. Let’s break it down in an example.

Let’s say you get a purchase request for one of the products listed on your website. Your next step is to contact the AliExpress supplier.

Go to the supplier’s AliExpress page and click on the “Contact Seller” tab. There, make sure you’ve selected the right product and upload a picture of your design. Then send the message to your supplier.

After that, the rest of the job is on the supplier. He will be responsible for making the custom product and sending it to the customer. You, on the other hand, will be responsible for customer service.

Print on demand dropshipping: conclusion 

A print on demand business allows you to easily build your own online business with minimal investments. Much like dropshipping, you only need a website and a reliable supplier.

This business model is great for people who want to showcase their creative side and want to build an income on it.

It has lots of benefits, low investment, and thus, low risk. Once you have a design, the products are easy to create, and their making, shipping, and storage processes are taken care of. All you have to do is create the designs, find a target audience, and promote your products.

So, what are you waiting for? Get our AliDropship plugin and start creating your own online business! Partner up with AliDropship and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

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Dropshipping Baby Products: Great Niche For Work-From-Home Parents

Do you have children? If you do, you probably know what kind of challenges any parent goes through when a baby is born. And today, you can transform this knowledge into a profitable business by dropshipping baby products.

Why dropship baby products?

Today you don’t need a large start-up budget to launch an ecommerce business. You don’t even have to quit your 9-to-5 job. In dropshipping, one can devote just a couple of hours to their new business every day.

That’s why this business model can suit many people including work-from-home moms and dads. Moreover, if you know what it’s like to take care of babies and kids, why not dropship baby products to other parents? Besides, there are other reasons to build your business around this niche.

  • Stable demand

Sometimes a new product can sparkle considerable interest. That’s what we call hype products. An entrepreneur entering the market at the right time can make a lot of money with such a product. Nevertheless, this hype will end sooner or later, and the demand will drop eventually.

On the other hand, there are products the demand for which always remains stable. We call such niches evergreen. And baby products are one of such niches.

People always give birth to children. So, there are always going to be parents with kids ready to purchase such products.

Although the birth rate in developed countries tends to decrease, the disposable income there is higher compared to countries with high birth rates. So, selling products for children to developed countries is more profitable, especially if you want to sell them online. After all, online shopping is much more popular in developed countries.

The United States is one of the market’s leading segments, so it’s a good idea to sell baby products to American customers – especially if you can deliver these goods in 1-3 business days.

  • Useful products and goods with emotional value

A good dropshipping product belongs to one of these two types.

One option is to sell products with useful features, goods that can solve a problem. In this case, you don’t even have to prove anything to potential buyers. Just show them how the product works, and they’ll buy it immediately.

Another option is to offer items with emotional value. Although such goods often have no useful features, they evoke strong emotions that stimulate impulse purchases.

And that’s another reason to dropship baby products. Some of these goods are designed to help parents cope with the challenges of parenthood. But there are also cute toys and accessories, so you can also expect a lot of impulse purchases.

  • High average order value

As some of you may know, AliDropship runs its own dropshipping stores where the team tests new solutions, products, and marketing techniques. One of these shops, which you can find in the list of AliDropship’s Established Stores, is devoted to products for kids, babies, and their parents.

Our team’s experience shows that customers buying kids’ products tend to buy more than one product when they visit the shop. Whether customers are looking for useful items to make their lives easier or are fascinated by something cute, they often put several products into the shopping cart, which raises the store’s average order value.

As a rule, when it comes to buying something for their beloved children, people spare no expense.

Another detail our team noticed is the fact that one can target not only parents with baby products. Grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives as well family friends also buy babies’ products online. So, you can target a somewhat broader audience when advertising your goods.

Choose your target market

One of the benefits of dropshipping is that you can sell products to any country as long as your supplier can ship these goods there. That’s why it’s a good idea to dropship baby products from AliExpress: the platform can send goods to more than 250 countries.

So, if you like this option, I recommend using the AliDropship plugin to build your own web store and fill it with products. However, keep in mind that shipping goods from AliExpress to certain developed countries (especially the US) can take several weeks.

Alternatively, you can use Sellvia – a US-based supplier and fulfillment center with hundreds of products in different categories including goods for babies and kids. Subscribing to Sellvia lets you dropship these goods to any US address in just 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing) because the center has a warehouse in California.

Although Sellvia cannot deliver goods to other countries except the US, the fast shipping within the country is a huge benefit that lets you compete even with large local and international retailers.

The Sellvia plugin, that lets you import the goods along with their descriptions, images, and even marketing materials, is compatible with AliDropship and WooCommerce stores alike.

Moreover, you can order a Custom Dropshipping Store from Sellvia if you want to save time or don’t have the necessary skills to create a web store on your own.

What baby products can you dropship?

Now, let’s take a look at the product range you can offer your customers.

Baby feeding products

Although many parents buy baby food online, one has to be absolutely sure it’s safe before selling. If you want to sell baby stuff from AliExpress, I would recommend staying away from consumables. Nevertheless, you can find lots of other products in this category.

For example, in Sellvia’s catalog, there are plenty of tableware items for babies and kids of different ages that will make eating full of fun!

Cute silicone plate for kids

Nursery goods

It’s also a good idea to create a standalone product category on your website devoted to infant products only. It’ll make finding such goods much easier. Here you can offer various products from pacifiers and teethers to night lights, diaper cream applicators, and products for bathing.

Baby products for dropshipping: banana-shaped teether


What kind of store that sells kids’ products can do without toys? Moreover, the United States is the leading importer in the global toy industry. In 2020, the value of imported toys and games amounted to about $36.37 billion. This product type is one of those that can trigger strong emotions leading to a purchase.

Baby products for dropshipping: Plush radish rattle

Activity & entertainment

It’s also a good idea to dropship products for different activities such as drawing, painting, clay modeling, cardboard crafting, and of course outdoor activities. Did you know that outdoor and sports toys were the leading toys and games category in the US in 2020?

Earth paints

Traveling with kids

44% of Americans aged 18-35 travel with their children. Why not! It’s a great idea to spend time with your kids outside of your hometown. But, as you can guess, such journeys can be quite challenging if you travel with little kids.

In this category, you can offer a number of goods designed to make journeys more comfortable or safer. For example, parents of a newborn baby will definitely appreciate this shoulder bag for diapers.

Diaper shoulder bag for traveling with babies

Accessories for kids and babies

And finally, why not offer your customers various accessories designed for both babies and older children. Here you will find cute costumes as well as accessories and wristwatches to complement the kids’ outfits.

Pink digital wristwatch for girls

So, what are you waiting for? Start your dropshipping business right now with the AliDropship plugin or order a Sellvia’s Custom Store if you want to focus on the US market and benefit from 1-3 business days shipping!

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How To Dropship Fashion Accessories With Fast Shipping Across The US?

Fashion accessories are quite popular in many markets including the United States which is one of the largest markets in this industry. So, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories as long as you can offer high-quality products and fast shipping. Let’s take a look at this niche and analyze its potential.

Why dropship fashion accessories?

We’ve already talked about beauty products and apparel as potential products for your online store. Both these niches are related to the fashion industry, but there’s another category of products we haven’t mentioned. I’m talking about fashion accessories.

It’s a broad niche that includes such goods as watches, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, gloves, scarves, hair accessories, headwear, and more. Although some of these goods aren’t really suitable for a dropshipping business, many still feature the qualities of a profitable product.

  • They generate impulse purchases

Being fashionable items designed to complement one’s outfit, accessories tend to generate impulse purchases. In other words, people tend to buy such goods simply because they liked them the moment they saw them. And as long as there’s nothing stopping them from this impulse (such as too high prices or a complicated purchase process), shoppers will buy the item right away.

  • They are easy to ship

Another important quality of fashion accessories is the fact that they’re easy to transport. Most accessories are small and weigh little, which is why delivering them will hardly cost a lot of money.

Besides, there’s little chance a belt, or a bracelet, or even a pair of glasses won’t survive transportation. With proper packaging, everything will be delivered undamaged.

  • Low prices

Of course, some accessories can cost a lot. I mean jewelry made of precious metals or handbags from popular brands. But people rarely buy such products online.

At the same time, most accessories don’t have to cost a fortune. A simple and cheap yet good-looking accessory can do the job well enough – especially if you’re selling something unique that’s difficult to find in a brick-and-mortar store.

  • Stable demand

And finally, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories because it’s an evergreen niche. Yes, a particular piece of fashion jewelry or a handbag can go into and out of fashion. But the overall demand for this category of goods is stable. Therefore, a customer who liked your offer will most likely come back after a while to check new offers and trends.

The United States is one of the world’s largest fashion accessories markets which also features a highly developed ecommerce segment. According to Statista, the revenue in the US accessories market is expected to grow annually by 2.57% in 2021-2025 (from $94.3 billion in 2021). And 17% of total revenue in this market will be generated through online sales in 2021!

Moreover, by joining Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center and product supplier), you can provide US customers with super-fast shipping. Sellvia offers hundreds of goods including fashion accessories that you can dropship to US customers. And it’ll take just 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing), so you can compete even with huge businesses.

So, does it sound like a highly profitable market? Would you like to benefit from this niche? But first, you’re going to need an online store!

How to dropship fashion accessories: building an online store

One may think that building an ecommerce website isn’t a big deal. As long as it showcases your products and can process payments, any kind of website will do. However, today it’s not enough to make a working website to attract customers.

Every little detail matters! The site’s structure influences web usability and how long it takes visitors to get to certain pages. The choice of colors and banners defines whether visitors will trust your business or not. The quality of product images, the urgency elements you use, and the time it takes to place an order will either make a visitor buy something or leave your site.

If you possess the required knowledge and experience, you can build a WordPress-based dropshipping website on your own by using the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. Both these solutions work as site-building tools.

If you want to dropship fashion accessories to the US with Sellvia, you can simply subscribe to it after building your store as it’s compatible with both AliDropship stores and WooCommerce shops.

Alternatively, you can order a Custom Store from Sellvia. In this case, the team will create a website according to your vision, fill it with Sellvia products (from the niche you’ve chosen), set up payment gateways, and do everything you need to launch the store.

If you don’t have the necessary skills or time to build an ecommerce website on your own, this is your best choice.

But let’s get back to our niche and talk about what kind of products you can sell to potential customers.

How to dropship fashion accessories: selecting products


In this category, you will find a wide range of products including such accessories as scarves, belts, ponchos, wristwatches, and more. For example, a wristwatch is just an accessory today when we all can check the time with our smartphones. Nevertheless, according to a 2018 Statista report, 62% of Americans who came from households with an annual income of less than $50,000 regularly wear wristwatches. As the level of income rises, so does the percentage of people who regularly wear watches!

White sports wristwatch as an example of fashion accessories

Bags and wallets

The North-American handbag market was estimated at $10.34 billion in 2020. By 2028, it will reach $17.91 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. Thanks to the high disposable income and the increasing influence of the fashion industry, the demand for this product type is going to grow in the nearest future.

A black crossbody bag - a popular accessory

Fashion jewelry

If you want to dropship fashion accessories, you simply cannot do without fashion jewelry. Many such products are very affordable and easy to ship, which makes them ideal for dropshipping. Besides, they are easy to buy online as you don’t need to try them on. As of 2019, the US fashion jewelry market’s size was estimated at $15.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% (2019-2027).

A golden necklace featuring two hearts bound together

Hats & hair accessories

Also, don’t forget about another popular segment in this niche – hair accessories. In many ways, such products are similar to fashion jewelry, except they can be not only nice but also useful accessories for people with long hair. Various hats will make your offer even more interesting.

A shell-shaped hair claw


And finally, consider selling sunglasses to American customers as most revenue in this segment is generated in the United States ($4.14 billion as of 2021) and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.66% in 2021-2025 according to Statista. Here you can offer various models for both men and women as well as related products.

Dropshipping fashion accessories: half-frame sunglasses

So, why dropship fashion accessories? Such products perfectly suit the dropshipping business model as they are mostly affordable, stimulate impulse purchases, and are easy to deliver. Moreover, with Sellvia’s fast shipping across the US, you can expect more thankful and loyal customers.

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How To Dropship Health & Beauty Products To The Word’s Most Profitable Market?

If you’re looking for a niche with a huge number of highly demanded goods, you can dropship health and beauty products. Strong demand is one of the undoubted advantages of this niche. On top of that, you can benefit from fast shipping across the US to make your offer even more tempting.

Why dropship health and beauty products?

Despite a 3.3% decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the global beauty and personal care market is entering the recovery phase according to Euromonitor.

According to Statista, the US health and beauty industry (that generates most revenues in the market) is expected to grow annually by 4.06% in 2021-2025. Moreover, experts believe that 32% of total revenue will be generated through online sales!

In other words, by launching an online store in this niche, you’re not just entering the market at its recovery phase but also benefit from the new trend.

What’s so exciting about health and beauty goods?

  • Evergreen niche

Go to your bathroom and look around. You’ll see a wide range of products such as skincare goods, cosmetics, health supplements, haircare tools, etc. Everyone buys this kind of products! And we do it regularly too, which makes them evergreen goods that enjoy stable demand over decades.

  • Bulk purchases and repeat customers

Moreover, when it comes to health and beauty products, consumers tend to buy such supplies in bulk and make repeat purchases. A man who needs a disposable razor will probably buy a few of them while he’s at it. And if a woman likes the new nail polish she got from that store, she will probably come back to buy it again!

  • The shift towards online sales

As I mentioned before, nowadays more customers prefer buying health and beauty products online, so it’s a good idea to start a dropshipping store in this niche. It also means that one can use social media to promote these goods, especially the ones focusing on visual content – Instagram and Pinterest above all.

Moreover, if you want to target the United States (the market’s largest segment), you can also benefit from fast shipping across this country.

Sellvia (a US-based fulfillment center) owns a warehouse located in California. It offers a wide range of products, including health and beauty goods, and dropshipping services. So, when you order a product from Sellvia, the team will pack and send the item directly to your customer. The buyer will receive the product within 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing).

Build a website to dropship health and beauty products

To dropship beauty products or health goods, one needs a website designed as an online store. Those who like the idea of dropshipping products to the US in 1-3 business days have two options.

Order a Custom Store

First of all, you can order a Custom Dropshipping Store from Sellvia. In this case, you get a turnkey website, ready to be launched right after it’s finished, as well as Sellvia subscription.

The most important benefit of this option is that you don’t have to do anything on your own. Building a website takes a lot of time and certain knowledge of IT. However, when ordering a Custom Store, you don’t have to buy a domain name, set up payment gateways, customize the site design, etc. The team will take care of it!

On the other hand, all the decisions will be made only after your approval. So, if you have particular ideas but have no knowledge of site-building, this option is for you.

Build an online store on your own

But if you have experience in site-building and have time, then you can try building the store on your own. You can create the site on WordPress with the AliDropship plugin or the WooCommerce plugin. In this case, it’s you who’s going to choose each element of the design.

After the site is ready, you only need to subscribe to Sellvia which is compatible with both AliDropship and WooCommerce websites.

After installing the Sellvia plugin, you’ll be able to import any product from its catalog. Now, let’s take a look at health and beauty products you can dropship.

How to dropship health and beauty products: product choice

Haircare & styling tools

According to Statista, the revenue of the US haircare market amounts to $14.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow annually by 2.55% in 2021-2025. To benefit from this growth, one can offer potential buyers various styling tools, brushes, and shampoos.

Ceramic hair curler - useful styling tool to dropship

Health care products

Here you can offer customers a wide range of product types designed for health care. They include personal care products, various massagers, mineral bath salts, goods related to fitness, etc.

How to dropship health and beauty products? Sell massagers!

Makeup products

Of course, a store that dropships health and beauty products cannot do without cosmetics. According to Statista, in 2020, the US eye cosmetics segment generated around $1.96 billion; facial cosmetics became the second most profitable segment with sales revenue equaling $1.9 billion. So, presenting this segment in the inventory of your dropshipping store is a must. Offer your clients makeup brushes, face sponges, eyelash curlers, makeup palettes, etc.

Blending sponge kit containing 8 egg-shaped sponges

Skincare products

Another important part of the health and beauty market is the skincare products segment. And again, the United States generate most revenues here which amounts to $18.7 billion (as of 2021). Creams and lotions, balms and anti-aging sprayers, oils, facial masks, and other products are what you can offer in your store.

Derma roller as an example of popular health and beauty products to sell

Men’s grooming products

Although men generally spend less on personal care products compared to women, it’s still a huge sum. American men spend about $29 a month on beauty and grooming services. As for the US male grooming products market, it is currently witnessing strong growth. After all, beards have been in fashion for some time now, so it’s no wonder men buy grooming tools, beard shampoos and balms, oils, beard shaping combs, and similar products.

Want to dropship health and beauty products? Don't forget about goods for men - for example, beard shaping combs.

Final thoughts on dropshipping health and beauty products

Despite quite strong competition, this niche remains one of the most popular compared to others. The reason is simple: we buy health and beauty products every week or every month. It’s something you can’t do without.

Moreover, buyers in this niche tend to purchase products in numbers and often come back to the same seller for more. All these facts make it a very promising niche.

Since the United States is the world’s largest segment of this market, it’s a good idea to dropship health and beauty products to American customers – especially if you can deliver your dropshipping goods in 1-3 business days after subscribing to Sellvia!

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Should Your Online General Store Be Similar To AliExpress?

If we compare general stores vs. niche stores, we will see that niche dropshipping stores have lots of advantages. That’s what AliDropship’s experience shows. However, some beginners insist on creating an online general store with a wide range of goods. Moreover, they also want to make it look just like AliExpress. From this article, you’ll find out what’s the best approach to making a proper online general store!

What is a general store?

It’s a store selling products from different categories and niches. Most of these goods have little or nothing in common. Unlike a general shop, a niche store sells only products related to a common niche.

When creating a general dropshipping store, some entrepreneurs try to copy as much as possible from AliExpress. This includes copying product categories, banners and design, certain functionality aspects and so on.

However, in most (if not all) cases, such an approach will bring no use. Moreover, copying AliExpress can and will cause troubles of different sorts.

In this article, I will show you why entrepreneurs should always build unique online stores – and what are the best ways to do it.

Let’s start with the basics!

Is it wise to copy AliExpress design?

In short, the result of duplicating AliExpress’ design elements looks just like the picture below.

Abibas - a fake brand that tries to copy Adidas

When dropshipping from AliExpress, one simply resells goods at a higher price. So, buyers can purchase the same goods directly from AliExpress without having to overpay. Then why do people prefer dropshipping stores to AliExpress? There are two general reasons.

First, some of them don’t know about the existence of AliExpress. Second, some of them do know about this platform… but don’t trust it.

Since any business wants to attract as many clients as possible, these people are a part of your target audience, too. But can you really expect them to buy from an online general store that looks very similar to AliExpress – but has higher prices?

In contrast, a unique design can easily earn customers’ trust. As we recommend focusing on more or less narrow niches, an individual choice of colors, banners and logos can emphasize the theme of your store, thus adding emotional value to the shopping experience.

What should your domain name look like?

A typical mistake of online general store owners is to use a domain name that contains references to AliExpress. These domain names can look something like alibaba-online, or your-aliexpress, or aliexpress-store, etc.

First of all, such names clearly show that all the products come from AliExpress, which doesn’t help you create a memorable brand identity.

Second, using a domain name very similar to the one used by a famous brand may be considered a scam.

Some fraudsters create a website identical to the original one except for its domain name – which also looks similar. For example, the original name ‘myonlinebank’ is replaced with ‘myonlimebank’. The idea is to convince visitors that this is the site they were looking for.

If you follow the same pattern, people will most likely think that this is some kind of scam.

Besides, choosing such a domain name will definitely hurt your search engine optimization efforts. Ideally, the names of the store and the niche should be identical (or at least related) to the domain name. It makes SEO much easier. From this point of view, general store names can’t really reflect one particular niche because they sell all kinds of goods. But referring to AliExpress in the domain name makes things even worse.

If the domain contains the word AliExpress or Alibaba, you’ll have to compete with these sites. Guess who’s going to win this fight!

4 main rules to run your online general stores successfully

And now, we’ll go over the 4 most important business aspects for a general store owner. Here they are!

#1 Create your product offer thoughtfully

In most cases, you need about 50 products to begin your dropshipping journey. Later on, as your business progresses,  you will be able to broaden your product range depending on the market situation, your buyers’ preferences, etc.

A common issue here is that some entrepreneurs import not just dozens, but thousands of goods. It’s just as if they were trying to import the whole AliExpress to their store thinking that the more the better. 🙂

Still, you need to remember that an excessive amount of items in your store can influence its technical performance.

To make sure your site works smoothly, quickly, and correctly, import not more than 400-500 products to a WooCommerce-based store, and up to 10,000 products to a WordPress-based store.

#2 Don’t forget to edit the newly imported products!

This issue often originates from the previous one. When you import hundreds of goods at a time, you simply have no time to edit them all. As a result, you leave product titles, descriptions, and images as they are – exactly like the ones on AliExpress!

The original product title on an AliExpress page that requires editing

Such titles don’t simply look confusing to a store visitor. They also make it perfectly clear you’ve taken this product from AliExpress, and inspire your potential customers to just go there and find the original item. So, if your aim is to trigger impulse purchases and make the store visitor add your offers to the cart immediately, work on your product pages.

Always follow these recommendations to edit your newly imported products! Or, take them from this database of pre-edited items if you want to start promoting and selling them as soon as possible 🙂

#3 Identify the highest profit margin products

Let’s say there are 350 products in your store. Does it mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars promoting each and every one of them through paid ads?

It wouldn’t be a wise investment, of course. As an owner of an online general store, you need to single out the most hype, trendy, demanded products out of your product range – and focus on them in your promo campaigns.

For this purpose, feel free to use Google Trends – a free instrument showing the change of interest towards this or that Google query. Besides, keep an eye on our product selection articles: as soon as something promising appears on the market, you’ll be the first one to know!

#4 Experiment with your promo campaigns

The best promotion channels for online general store owners are social media like Facebook and Instagram. They allow you to create and launch paid ad campaigns in a very flexible way. You’re the one to determine the product you’ll be promoting, the campaign duration and budget, and the audience settings. It gives you unlimited opportunities to discover a unique marketing mix that works best for you – most likely, it will be slightly different for every product you’re advertising!

If you need assistance with your promo campaigns on social media, check out this Facebook & Instagram Ads service! You’ll get more than just catchy texts and visuals for your ads: your package will also include the best target audience settings and detailed guides on launching the prepared campaign.


The whole point of creating a dropshipping store is to offer appealing, purchase-provoking products through your website and encourage impulse buying. The best way to do it is to create a memorable brand identity and be inventive in your promotional efforts.

Obviously, you won’t achieve it by copying AliExpress’ design elements, functionality and domain name. And thankfully, you have plenty of alternative options to consider!

If you’re looking for winning online general store ideas, check out Premium dropshipping stores. These are long-running dropshipping websites with a verifiable track record, steady profits and stable traffic numbers. What would you say about the opportunity to benefit from THEIR success?

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How To Dropship Car Accessories And Benefit From Sellvia?

If you want to launch an online store and are considering selling products to American customers, it’s a good idea to dropship car accessories. Furthermore, those who want to target the US market can benefit from Sellvia’s super-fast shipping that takes just 1-3 business days!

Why dropship car accessories?

When picking a niche for your dropshipping business, you should consider numerous factors including the peculiarities of the target market.

Owning a car in America isn’t a privilege but a necessity. According to the US Department of Transportation, there are 276 million vehicles registered in the country. That’s 91% of all American households! Therefore, it’s a good idea to sell car parts and accessories to all these drivers.

But wait a minute! A small dropshipping store can hardly sell auto parts. Such products are expensive, technically complex, and probably require a license. Besides, what kind of driver would buy a car part from a no-name online shop?

True. And that’s why, instead of selling auto parts, you should dropship car accessories!

There are plenty of things a car driver may need both during a long journey and everyday commuting. Smartphone holders, essential oil diffusers, USB-charger ports, leather repair gel – these are just several examples of car accessories to dropship.

Such products are perfect for dropshipping for a few reasons.

  • Car accessories are useful

Most of these items are designed for particular functions – to make driving more comfortable or safe or to help drivers clean or repair their vehicles. A product with a clear function is easy to advertise because there’s no need to convince potential buyers that they need it. Showing how easily a tool removes ice and snow from car windows is enough to get people interested.

  • Car accessories are not technically complex products

As you probably know, it’s a bad idea to dropship fragile or technically complex goods since they can break easily. As for car accessories, even if it’s an electronic device, such accessories are quite simple and can hardly break during transportation.

  • They are small and lightweight

Such items don’t weigh much, so shipping them won’t cost much.

  • Rich choice of goods

And finally, when it comes to car accessories, there’s a wide range of products to sell online. Moreover, with so many useful tools in stock, it’s relatively easy to raise your average order value by offering related goods.

Therefore, if you want to sell to the United States, car accessories are a very promising niche. After all, one of AliDropship’s most successful dropshipping stores was built around it, and now it makes over $500,000 per month!

Building a dropshipping website

Dropshipping is a great alternative to launching a brick-and-mortar store or a traditional ecommerce shop. In dropshipping, one doesn’t have to purchase goods in advance or take care of packaging and shipping. You simply place product information on your site, get orders from clients, redirect them to your supplier, and he sends the item directly to the buyer.

Nevertheless, you still need an ecommerce website to start a dropshipping business. And here you’ve got two options.

  • Building a site on your own

Those who have at least some IT skills or the time to study a little can build a website on their own. You can do it with the AliDropship plugin.

The AliDropship plugin

First of all, this plugin works as a site-building tool. With a bunch of available store themes and a wide range of customization options, you can create a good-looking and easy-to-navigate website designed for a particular niche.

Second, it’s also a dropshipping tool that will help you run your online store and process orders with ease.

  • Ordering a custom store

Another option is to order a custom store created according to your liking by Sellvia’s team. In this case, you’ll get a professionally made online store with a number of products already imported to your catalog. The team will also take care of all the technical issues like buying a domain and hosting, setting up payment gateways, etc.

In both cases, you can benefit from Sellvia’s fast delivery across the United States. The plugin is compatible with AliDropship and WooCommerce stores and lets you ship products to American customers in 1-3 business days.

Products to choose for dropshipping car accessories

Now that your website is ready, it’s time to fill it with products. An ideal product is a high-quality item that solves an issue and doesn’t cost much. Fast shipping will also be a pleasant surprise for customers and a serious advantage for your business.

The products available on Sellvia have all these traits. So, let’s take a look at what kind of products you can dropship from Sellvia.

Car electronics

Smartphones always run out of power at an awkward moment – for example, when you drive to work in the morning. So, having a USB charger port or a wireless smartphone charger will solve this. And if you’re going on a trip, such devices are a must!

Car wireless charger cup as an example of car accessories for dropshipping

Car safety

Safety is another issue that worries many drivers, especially those who have children. Car accidents cause over 5,000 permanent injuries every day! That’s why we tend to choose safer cars, drive carefully, and stick to speed limits. But if an accident happens, getting out of the car can be difficult or even impossible without the help of emergency response groups. Or without this emergency tool with a glass window breaker and other useful functions.

Emergency car escape tool as an example of car safety products

Car wash & maintenance

Most car owners take good care of their vehicles. Everyone wants his or her car to look shiny. Besides, good care extends a car’s life cycle, so products for cleaning and maintenance enjoy high demand. The global car care products market is expected to grow from an estimated $4.2 billion in 2021 to $5.5 billion in 2027.

So, compact cleaning tools will make a good offer in a car accessories store.

Compact car vacuum cleaner as an example of car care products

Goods for comfortable driving

Today car manufacturers make vehicles as comfortable as possible. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to keep pace with all the devices and trends that emerge every year. Besides, often comfort is a private matter.

Therefore, if you want to dropship car accessories, it’s a good idea to offer various items for comfortable driving.

Essential oil diffuser for comfortable driving

Car interior accessories

Along with useful products that make driving safer or more comfortable, one can also offer a range of decorative accessories. Goods like magnets and charms can evoke strong emotions and lead to impulse purchases.

How to dropship car accessories: An amusing car magnet

Travel & roadway products

And finally, those who travel a lot and cover long distances by car can benefit from various products that will make such trips more comfortable. After all, more Americans go on road trips lately, and they can make use of trash bins for cars, tablet holders, dog seat covers, pillows for your neck, etc.

How to dropship car accessories: U-shaped neck pillow for driving

Final thoughts on dropshipping car accessories

Car accessories are a very interesting and promising niche. Its products are relatively affordable and mostly useful, which makes it fairly easy to advertise them. On top of that, the sheer number of car owners in the United States guarantees high demand for such goods in this country.

The only problem one can face is delivery time. American consumers are used to getting orders in a day or two, so they often find waiting for two, three, or even four weeks unacceptable. And this is where Sellvia can help your business.

Since Sellvia’s warehouse is located in the US, this wholesaler can deliver goods to American customers within 1-3 business days (+1 day for order processing). So, if you want to dropship car accessories to the United States, launching the business with Sellvia will bring you unquestionable advantages!

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How To Start A Gadgets Business? Check What Sellvia Offers!

Are you a techy person? Do you think of starting a profitable business? Would you like to avoid large investments and lots of skills that are required? In this case, it’s time to check how to start a gadgets business with Sellvia!

Why is it promising to start a gadgets business?

There’s no secret that it’s always better to build a business in a niche you have strong interest in. It means if you are fond of gadgets, electronics, and stuff like that, it’s a great idea to be involved in a gadgets business.

Are there any doubts that the gadgets business has great potential? Actually, due to an extremely wide product range and the myriad of customers’ problems your products can solve, different gadgets are one of the most demanded items on the market.

Don’t you believe it? Well, just take at the Google Trends report on ‘electronics’.

a picture showing electronics has a stable and high rate of demand on the market

It becomes clear that electronics have been in strong demand over years.

Financially, this business niche also has increasingly high potential. According to Statista, the revenue from the ecommerce consumer electronics market in the United States amounts to about 70 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Plus, the Statista Digital Market Outlook believes this figure will achieve a 88.4 billion dollars point in the nearest future.

As you can see, starting a gadgets business is an extremely lucrative option of launching your own company. However, if you are eager to make a fortune with a gadgets business, you need to take care of several aspects such as the product range to offer, suppliers to deal with, marketing strategy to use, and so on. But first of all, you need to build up a store.

How to start a gadgets business and resell for profit: building up a store

a picture showing that electronics are an integral part of a human life

Creating a store is one of the first measures you need to take to launch a gadgets business. And while building up a brick-and-mortar store is surely too risky and time/money consuming, here’s a much more promising option to get a smooth start with your business: it’s getting an online store!

Since online shopping continues to flourish and сompetes directly with the conventional model, starting an online business is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get a stable source of income.

Right, this is a lot easier to get your online business started and begin to gain profit. You’re able to build an online store from scratch. However, there’s one more feature you can benefit from if you decide to launch an online venture: there are ready-to-go solutions with no efforts required from you!

If you want to get a ready-made business, we recommend you to pay particular attention to one remarkable turnkey solution: a custom dropshipping store from Sellvia.

Sellvia will assume primary responsibility for building you a perfect custom store that will work on autopilot and bring you profit for the years to come. Plus, this store will be filled up with high-quality products that are physically located in the fulfillment center in California. This is why you will be able to supply your US customers with these items within 1-3 business days.

How to start a gadgets business wisely: choose products to sell

After you’ve finished with your website, you need to consider the product range of your store properly. So what should you sell in your gadgets store for the maximum profit?

Computer accessories

a picture showing an example of products to start a gadgets business with and supply from Sellvia

The point is, computers are always around us. The majority of people in the world have a PC at home and in the office. This is the reason why computer parts and accessories are always in strict demand on the market.

If you’re willing to build a really profitable gadgets online store, computer accessories are a must-have for your product range. They will provide your website with a stable source of traffic, impulse purchases, etc.

Accessories for smartphones and wearable devices

a picture showing how wisely to start a gadgets business with Sellvia

Each and every business owner wishes to find a niche with an extremely wide target audience to deal with. So have you ever thought about the target audience you can get if you sell smartphone and wearable device accessories?

At the end of 2020, there were almost 5 billion phone users in the world. Do you still think your gadgets business will be missed?

Domestic electronics

a picture showing home accessories to sell in your gadgets online store for profit

Are you looking for ecommerce products that can ensure a high profit margin? If so, you should definitely pay your particular attention to home accessories. And here’s why:

  • Low initial prices
  • Wide variety of products
  • Product usefulness
  • Impulse purchases

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Therefore, home goods and accessories are a must-have for the product range of your gadgets online store!

Headphones and audio accessories

a picture showing where to find audio equipment at low initial prices to resell for profit

Actually, there are some product groups that are as popular on the market as accessories for smartphones and wearable devices. And this is all about audio equipment.

It’s definitely a great idea to consider selling headphones and other audio accessories due to the fact that you can find worthwhile products at low initial prices. Consequently, it will let you increase the profit margin considerably.

Hair accessories

a screenshot of Sellvia that is happy to supply you with trending hair accessories at low prices and with fast shipping

Hair care is an integral part of people’s everyday life. This is exactly why the demand for hair accessories is always through the roof! What’s more, new accessories become available on the market day by day.

So this is an additional opportunity for you to enrich your product range with new items!

Emergency tools

an image showing what useful stuff you can sell in your store for profit and supply from Sellvia

Are you eager to sell really useful stuff? If so, take a look at emergency tools! What’s the benefit of having such products in your store? The point is that customers are more willing to buy products that solve their thorny issues.

For you as an entrepreneur, it means it’s extremely easy to promote such items. Moreover, impulse purchases are very likely! Now you see the ecommerce potential of emergency tools?

To sum up: why it’s a great idea to start a gadgets business with Sellvia

As you can see, starting a gadgets business is going to be a very lucrative option. It doesn’t require huge investments, specific skills, and a lot of effort. However, if you want to get a smooth start with your ecommerce business and succeed with it, you have to approach this issue right.

Are you interested in starting a gadgets business? Well, we recommend you consider the Sellvia offering. Sellvia is a whole ecommerce network that offers only trending products at low prices, with lightning-fast US shipping and product descriptions that prove to be high-converting.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? In fact, there’s more. So feel free to check the gadgets Sellvia is happy to supply you/your customers with within 1-3 business days over the US.

Launch a gadgets business with Sellvia to get a smooth start with no efforts and minimum investments, and make the most of it!

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