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Beware Of These Social Media Mistakes When Promoting Your Business

In dropshipping, most entrepreneurs can’t do without social networks because they serve as great platforms for promotion. At the same time, people tend to make the same social media mistakes in marketing. Today we are going to discuss the most common among them.

42% of the world’s population uses social media. Just think about it. Almost half of humanity! That’s 3.2 billion people. That’s why social media serve as important marketing platforms, especially for a small business like dropshipping.

However, many entrepreneurs do not fully understand how to benefit from social networks to promote their companies and brands. So let’s explore the most common social media mistakes they make.

General social media marketing mistakes

a picture previewing one of the most frequent social media mistakes

  • Posting ads only

It’s obvious that all promotion channels have one and the same goal – it’s to turn people into customers. And social media are no exception. Therefore, people often start advertising the brand, which is the right thing to do, but the problem is the quantity of ads.

Don’t treat social networks as virtual billboards. They work best for content marketing, so focus 80% of your marketing efforts on valuable content and only 20% on direct advertising.

  • Having no strategy and objectives

This is a common problem for any business type and marketing method. Before doing something, one needs to decide what to do. In SMM, you should set a clear goal, think of how you can achieve it (what social media to use, what type of content, etc.) and… how to measure the results.

  • Not tracking analytics

In order to understand whether your strategy worked or not, you need to measure the results. Promoting a brand is not a goal because there’s no clear line that could show that you’re done. So, use statistics such as the number of followers/unfollowers, number of leads or sales, etc.

And don’t forget: attracting followers and engaging them is great, but if all this doesn’t influence your sales, it’s still a failure meaning you’ll have to change your strategy.

  • Not defining a target audience

When you promote your business, it’s essential to know who your customers are. You need to know their age, sex, place of residence, level of education, etc. All these aspects are necessary to create ads that convert like crazy. Otherwise, if you’re not going to define your target audience, you risk ending up with nothing.

  • Arguing with your target audience

Social media allow you to communicate with the audience directly. However, some marketers fail to make use of it. They tend to oppose their customers instead of admitting mistakes and fails, apologizing, and trying to improve.

  • Choosing the wrong tone

We’ve already mentioned that you need to know your target audience well, especially your customers’ level of education. You say, why? You have to choose the tone to use for communication. In practice, the most important issue is to understand whether your customers are young guys you need to use hype expressions for, or they’re aged people you will look pale in front of them with such a communication style.

  • Selling a product, not a lifestyle

Nowadays customers tend to buy not a product, but emotions it provides them with. Don’t forget that when you promote the products you sell. So describe what it is in detail, tell them how it will make their lives easier or more glorious, show it in use, etc.

  • Buying fake followers

While it’s very tempting to pay for fake followers in order to increase numbers, this method will not improve your actual social media presence. A fake audience is an empty and inactive audience. Besides, social networks today keep an eye on such acts and can delete fake accounts, thus causing serious reputational loss: everyone will see that more than half of your subscribers were actually fake!

  • Hide people behind the brand

Customers prefer to see whom they deal with. So if you have a whole team working on your project, feel free to introduce them to your staff. In case you’re the one who maintains your business, it’s a great idea to show your daily routine. Be sure, they will adore that!

  • Not optimizing for particular social media

One of the most common social media mistakes is to use the same approach when dealing with different networks. My guess is that people find it easier that way. However, all the channels have specific features and require different methods and strategies because they have different audiences and mechanics.

Here’s an obvious example: you can post a text on Facebook but you can’t do that on YouTube. You’ll have to repurpose your content and turn the text into a video. Similar differences apply to other networks as well.

  • Registering 5+ social media accounts at once

That’s how it happens. A person decides to promote a business via social networks. He finds out which of them are the most popular and registers in each of them hoping to engage the maximum number of users.

However, very soon, the person realizes that managing all of them is simply impossible. Moreover, only one or two actually bring sales. The advice here is to focus on one, two, or three social networks. Though you can still try other channels to see how efficient they are.

  • Misusing hashtags

Another common mistake is to neglect the promotional opportunities offers by hashtags. They are very helpful when you treat them wisely – check out this article to learn more on how to use Instagram hashtags for likes and profit.

  • Posting too often

The more doesn’t necessarily mean the merrier. One may think that more posts will make the brand more popular, but there’s a limit to how much your audience can ‘swallow’ without unfollowing. So, post regularly but don’t spam.

  • Delete negative comments

This is great when your customers share their feedback with you. Yet, there’re situations when a client is not satisfied with your products or service, and they leave negative comments. The point is that it’s not a good idea to delete them. Try to find a solution for each client who has a negative experience with your business. As a result, you’ll benefit from that a lot: you’ll show your customers that you not only sell high-quality goods, but you also provide 5-star client service paying attention to each customer in your store.

  • Not proofreading

The last mistake may seem minor, and people actually don’t really care about spelling on the Internet – but not when it comes to serious companies. It’s alright to misspell on your personal Facebook page, but not when you post on behalf of your brand. So proofread each of them.

Social media mistakes: common Facebook marketing mistakes

a screenshot demonstrating a situation when Facebook doesn't approve your ad

A lot of social media mistakes fall at Facebook as one of the most popular networks and most efficient tools for digital marketing. Here are the most dangerous of them.

  • Focusing on likes too much

Certainly, the number of likes is one of those indicators that can tell you how well you’re performing. However, shares are much more important because they reflect how many people advocate your brand.

  • Touching on questionable topics

When trying to engage audiences, brands often bring up complex subjects such as politics, gender equality, disasters, accidents, etc. However, such type of content requires the most careful approach, otherwise, you risk hurting someone’s feelings and driving the audience mad. Think twice before bringing it up.

  • Not paying for advertising

Like it or not, but Facebook’s algorithms will probably lose your post among many others, and few people will see it in their feeds. If you want to promote an account, you will have to dip it into your pocket. It doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune, but hoping that promotion will work for free is a mistake.

  • Not sticking to your theme

I already mentioned that a brand should focus on content related to a certain theme or niche. But often companies publish posts that have little or nothing to do with it – only because everyone is talking about it right now. Such posts look weird and puzzling.

  • Making long posts

People don’t like reading, especially if it’s one of many posts in their feeds. So, make your messages short even if it means omitting important information. Just place a link leading to your blog so that people could learn more, instead of copying the whole text, because some users will not even look at what the text says after seeing how long it is.

Boost your Facebook marketing efforts with our Facebook Business add-on. It saves you time, helps run advertising campaigns on FB, and more.

Social media mistakes: common Instagram marketing mistakes

a picture showing how not to promote your products on Instagram

Instagram is another social network often used to promote businesses, especially those dealing with visually appealing products like clothing. Besides the typical social media mistakes mentioned above, people often make these too.

  • Posting low-quality photos

Although it seems obvious that Instagram followers want high-definition pictures, some marketers publish photos that could be much, much better. Don’t do that. In a best-case scenario, people will simply skip your post, but they may also associate such photos with the quality of your products.

  • Not following your followers

It’s always a good idea to follow your subscribers because it helps you better understand the target audience. Knowing what makes your followers happy and sad, what they like, and what they expect allows you to adjust your social media marketing strategy.

  • Stealing posts

While following subscribers is a good idea, stealing their photos and videos should be considered a taboo because it’ll hurt your reputation. But you can still ask followers for permission to repost their content (with due credit of course) or even ask them to share photos with your product as a part of a giveaway.

  • Publishing the same posts over and over

Another common mistake (actually made on all social media platforms) is posting the same things again and again. Sometimes you may have a good reason to do it, but experienced marketers recommend avoiding it at all costs. After all, most of your followers want unique content.

  • Paying no attention to the bio

The Instagram bio contains all the information followers need to understand what your business is and how to get to your website. Yet, many entrepreneurs neglect this section. So, make sure your Instagram bio looks appealing and informative and contains a link to your online store.

Social media mistakes: common Twitter marketing mistakes

  • Underestimating the profile importance

Such social media mistakes can actually refer to any platform, but on Twitter, it’s even more important. The network is very limiting when it comes to the length of your texts. That’s why one must get the most out of the profile including the header image, bio, and so on. Remember: this is what gives your audience all the information about the brand.

  • No optimization

As I already said, you should optimize content for each of your social media channels. And again, since Twitter limits you to 280 characters only, this task becomes even more crucial here.

  • Ignoring visual content

Some account owners can afford simple text tweets, and people will read them anyway. But most of them are celebrities, video game designers, and politics saying what’s considered important by millions of people. Small businesses have to fight over their audience, and visuals work best here.

  • Not using Twitter lists

Using analytics and various tools is crucial for any digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, Twitter has lists to help you find groups of people with similar interests. So, make sure to use them.

  • Not using the search function

Surprisingly, many companies don’t use the ‘@’ handle in tweets, which means they can’t monitor what people say about their brand.

Social media mistakes: Pinterest marketing mistakes

a picture showing what social media mistakes on Pinterest are

  • Posting low-quality images

Since Pinterest focuses on visual content, neglecting the quality here is inappropriate just like on Instagram.

  • Not showing prices

On Pinterest, you can include prices in your pins, and it’s super important for online stores. However, some marketers don’t do that, which results in fewer likes and engagement.

  • Placing no link to product pages

If you advertise a certain product on Pinterest and even show the price, your followers may share the pin. But those who see this pin after them may not visit your Pinterest homepage where all your information is listed. So, including links in such posts is a must.

  • Not using descriptions

Some people leave their boards with no descriptions at all! In the meanwhile, they actually allow you to type up to 500 characters, which you can use both for search engine optimization and promotion.

  • Posting too few pins

Posting too much is a common social media mistake, but posting too little isn’t good either. Some marketers or small business owners start promoting on Pinterest with just a couple of photos, and everyone can see their empty boards. This shows your potential audience that this profile is probably a lazy spammer who’s going to post purely commercial pins once a month at best. Don’t be like them.

Final thoughts on social media mistakes

Experience comes with practice, and to err is natural. However, some of them may cost you reputation and potential customers. So, learn from this list and avoid the most common social media mistakes.

Many people make these social media mistakes because managing both the business and the accounts isn’t easy. To help you with it, we’ve created Social Rabbit plugin that automates posting, manages files, and gathers statistics.

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Is Dropshipping Dead In 2021?

Is dropshipping dead? Does dropshipping work? Is dropshipping worth it? The answers to these questions are obvious – still, for some reason, they continue to bug thousands of people all over the globe.

When you are standing at the doorstep of your first dropshipping journey ever, most likely, you don’t know much about this type of business and its prospects.

This is why you go online in hopes to see dropshipping explanation for beginners, or a checklist of must-have things at the beginning, or the advantages of the dropshipping business model, or the opportunities for your future growth, or something like this, encouraging and helpful.

Instead, on your search results page, you see some terrifying things:

Is dropshipping dead?' search in Google


Surfing the Web side by side with 90+ colleagues who develop, test and improve this business-related solution, I personally giggle at all the hysteric Internet posts that pronounce dropshipping dead and claim it has no future.

And you know what? I strongly advise you to do the same and not to take any of these statements seriously.

Dropshipping will outlive us all, and here is why.

Why the answer to the ‘Is dropshipping dead?’ question is NO

Surely, there’s nothing funny about actual people’s worries and concerns: it’s natural to be anxious about the things you don’t fully understand or know yet.

People go online to learn more about the business they’re planning to launch, and obviously, they look for the advice of more experienced entrepreneurs.

This is why Quora and Reddit, the forums aimed on solving the most pressing everyday issues, are filled with questions like these:

is dropshipping worth it is dropshipping worth it

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these questions: they simply show that dropshippers-to-be are genuinely interested in the financial prospects of this business, and (unfortunately) lack information on the topic.

The sad part, however, is that the yellow press takes advantage of this public interest and speculates on it in the most misleading way possible.

So, let’s go through the most common arguments these ‘experts’ use while talking about the future of dropshipping.

‘Dropshipping is dead because its hype years are gone’

Oh, I beg your pardon.

Here’s a Google Trends graph showing the frequency of searching for the ‘dropshipping’ term in the last 5 years.

The 'dropshipping' search results in Google Trends

Can anyone seriously insist that the ‘golden era’ of dropshipping has already ended?

Is it even logical and sensible to say that ‘dropshipping was hot in the 2010s, but it’s all over now’?

This graph clearly demonstrates that the number of business persons interested in the dropshipping model is growing steadily no matter what. No political turmoils, wars, economic crises, etc. can stop people from pursuing their dream.

Plus, a considerable surge in public interest towards dropshipping started less than five years ago. It lets us assume that this whole business scheme is currently in its early growth stage, and the best is yet to come.

These assumptions are proven statistically. According to Statista, in 2020, the whole e-commerce industry accounted for only 18% of all retail sales worldwide.

It’s only 18%! And for dropshipping business in particular, the number is even lower because clearly, not all of the e-commerce transactions can be classified as dropshipping-related actions (and we will talk about it further).

To sum up, dropshipping business has incredible room for growth. On the global scale, its operations now account for a small yet promising percentage of all the acts of purchase and sale.

Interestingly, as this industry develops at the speed of light, some observers think that its newest ‘branches’ have a better potential – and can eventually outperform dropshipping itself. And here’s what they think…

‘Dropshipping will be dead after dropsurfing replaces it’

About dropshipping and dropsurfing

I don’t even know how to comment on this because technically, there isn’t such thing as dropsurfing.

The authors of the ‘dropsurfing’ term explain that it basically means sourcing best-priced products to fulfill the incoming clients’ orders.

But wait… isn’t that what we’re all doing already?

Whether you realize it or not, you are ‘dropsurfing’ when you are looking through AliExpress products to find the items with the best value for money. You’re ‘dropsurfing’ when you’re using AliDropship Google Chrome Extension to compare the product options offered by multiple sellers.

AliDropship Google Chrome Extension to find products on AliExpress

So, there isn’t much practical sense behind the ‘dropsurfing’ term. It’s not an alternative way to import products to your store. And definitely, it’s not a revolutionary strategy of generating and processing orders. It’s just a fancy way of describing one small component of your dropshipping business, and there’s nothing groundbreaking about it.

What myth to cover next?

‘Dropshipping is dead because of extreme competition’

About competition in dropshipping

This is quite a common business fear: if something gets insanely popular in a short time period, all the related spheres instantly get overly saturated with entrepreneurs making profit from it.

In other words, the more demanded something becomes, the more intense the competition gets. So, if you’re not already in, you won’t have a chance to succeed.

Sounds slightly reasonable, but let’s take a quick look at the industry statistics.

As Statista researchers report, only in the United States, there will be 278.33 million digital shoppers by 2024.

Can you imagine the number of enterprises that is necessary to satisfy the needs of all these shoppers?

And don’t forget: it’s only the data for the United States! Take a look at other geographic markets, and you’ll see that it’s nearly impossible to create an ‘excessive’ online store. With due marketing efforts, there will be enough buyers for everyone. Southeast Asia’s Internet economy, for example, is predicted to reach $309 billion by 2025.

So, it’s possible for a dropshipping store owner to successfully target any geographic market and reap the rewards of the business flexibility: its specific mechanism makes it easy for everyone to dropship from any country on the globe.

Still, the availability and affordability of launching a self-owned dropshipping store leads to the mass creation of the following myth…

‘Dropshipping is dead because you can make no money of it’

Can you make money with dropshipping?

This is my favorite part.

Dropshipping opponents dare to say that a business that is so quick to start and so easy to run can’t bring the owner any considerable returns.

To clear these doubts and get a full picture of what’s happening, again, let’s consider the global e-commerce trend.

Judging by the Statista data, the expected volume of retail e-commerce sales in 2022 is due to be around $5.4 trillion.

As for the dropshipping market, it was valued at $162.44 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $591.77 billion by 2027.

Aren’t these numbers impressive enough?

Don’t they showcase a thrilling opportunity to get a fair share of this jaw-dropping amount of money?

Surely, you might say – ‘Nah, it’s all about large-scale businesses, it has nothing to do with me, a mere mortal”.

But how, in your opinion, have all these multibillion-dollar empires started?

The incredibly inspiring example of Zappos shows that it only takes the first step to embark on this breathtaking journey.

Zappos, in the same manner as Amazon, has started from humble beginnings – but look what both of them managed to achieve in the course of time.

Each and every person proudly sharing their first dropshipping achievements, whether it be $600 revenue in the first two months or $3,000+ in sales daily, has the chance to build a mind-blowing e-commerce venture – and you can do the same, too.

On a $162 billion market, there’s a place for everyone!

Why are some stores thriving while others are not?

If everything looks so great, then why do so many dropshipping entrepreneurs fail?

There are plenty of possible reasons why one person succeeds where another one fails. If we talk about dropshipping, here are some of the most common reasons.

  • Picking the wrong niche

Experts often recommend launching an ecommerce business in a niche you really like and know very well. But what if the niche you like is very small, so the competition there is too strong and the audience is too small?

Another option is to pick a niche with high potential. But if you know little about it or if you hate it, sooner or later you’ll start making mistakes.

One must find a balance between what he likes and what can bring profit. Unfortunately, people often realize it when it’s too late.

  • Giving up too soon

Many beginner entrepreneurs think they’ll start making money with dropshipping in just a few days. But in reality, dropshipping won’t make you rich quickly. It takes weeks and months to set up your store properly, find and test products to sell, define your audience, learn how to create converting ads, etc.

Yes, there are ways to accelerate this process. For example, you can buy a ready-made store with pre-tested goods and professional design. But even in this case, one will have to learn how to run a dropshipping store properly before it starts making money.

  • Not enough investments

Launching a dropshipping store isn’t expensive. Same goes for the inventory: you don’t have to buy products beforehand. Nevertheless, one needs money for advertising, and I’m not talking about a few bucks. Depending on how fast you want to attract customers and how good you were in your analysis, you may need from a few hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars.

Some entrepreneurs don’t expect that much or aren’t ready to pay such sums of money.

  • Poor customer support

Today your relationships with customers are as important as your prices, shipping time, and the quality of your goods. One has to stay in touch with a client even after the purchase. Those who don’t understand it or just can’t figure out how to communicate with the audience eventually fail.

  • Poor website design

It’s especially common for people who decided to build a website themselves. The problem is even if your ads are great, they’re useless unless you have a good-looking website. Low-quality images, descriptions that explain nothing or contain grammar mistakes, broken links, colors that make your eyes bleed – such things scare away potential buyers.

These are just several reasons why a dropshipping business owner may fail. But those, who have patience, keep learning and getting better at each aspect of this business. Their first wins are small, but they grow every day. And today such entrepreneurs make thousands of dollars with dropshipping.

Maybe, the next dropshipping success story will be written by you?…

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This Is Why AliExpress Shipping Time Won’t Hurt Your Dropshipping Business

AliExpress can be a great dropshipping supplier. However, AliExpress shipping time often scares away people who want to launch their own dropshipping business. Of course, long shipping isn’t good for an ecommerce store. But in this article, I’m going to prove that it’s not a critical problem.

Future store owners worry that people won’t buy anything from them because of the delivery time. Typically, online stores deliver your orders in about 7-14 days, while with AliExpress shipping time mostly takes 15-45 days.

But why do you think that it makes a difference?

Here are 5 reasons why shipping time shouldn’t EVER be your worry!

1. Hot items are worth the wait

Did you make enough effort while choosing the best products for your store? If they are highly demanded and have great value for your target audience, your store visitors won’t mind the delivery time. It is especially true for unusual products that are not so easy to find in other places!

If a person orders a truly unique item, he or she will most likely agree to wait even if takes up to 60 days!

2. These are not life-critical products

The whole idea of dropshipping stores is to generate impulse purchases driven by emotions. You’re not selling prime necessity items like food or medicines, and your customers don’t have an urgent need when they buy from you. They are not placing orders because of a burning reason. They just (ideally) fall in love with your items, and make a quick and easy purchase simply because they liked something. In other words, they CAN AFFORD to wait.

3. You can always put a disclaimer

To be honest, this is absolutely necessary. Write the shipping time information in a visible place for your customers’ convenience – and for your own safety! If the product description starts with a phrase like ‘Please note: the average shipping time is 30 days’, the page viewer will know what to expect from the purchase.

4. Customer support is your ultimate advantage

Upset clients start to storm you with letters when they think that their item is lost and the whole thing was a fraud. Keep calm and be patient! You can sort this issue out in 3 simple steps:

  1. When you send your client the confirmation email, include the shipping times in it ONCE AGAIN – not everyone is attentive enough to read even basic information in the product description. When you congratulate your customers on making their purchases, it’s appropriate to remind them about the expected delivery period. For your own convenience, you can safely use the AliDropship Plugin: it automatically notifies your buyers that the order was processed and the package was shipped.
  2. As soon as you get the tracking code from your AliExpress supplier, email this code to the buyer and explain how to use this information to learn about the current location of the package. Again, the AliDropship plugin will do this automatically, so if you have the plugin installed, you won’t waste your time and energy doing these tasks manually.
  3. Make your refund policy very clear: kindly explain that you will surely make a 100% refund IF the item is not delivered AFTER the end of the delivery period you’ve promised. If you wrote it on your product page that the item will be delivered in 30-45 days, the buyer will ONLY get a refund from you in case the package is not there by the 46th day!

5. Find AliExpress products with fast shipping

As you probably know, AliExpress free shipping is usually the longest one. Other shipping methods are not an option since they cost several times more than the product itself. However, AliExpress delivery time depends on the location of the warehouse.

Where does AliExpress ship from? Most goods come from different locations in China. But some sellers keep some of their products in warehouses located in European countries and the US. If you order products from one of them, shipping can take just 5-15 days.

So, if you want to dropship goods to America, try looking for products with cheap or free shipping from a US warehouse.

6. Use alternative suppliers

Some entrepreneurs who are not happy with AliExpress shipping time may want to try other dropshipping suppliers with faster delivery. If you own an AliDropship or WooCommerce store, consider trying Sellvia.

Sellvia is an ecommerce wholesaler with hundreds of products belonging to broad niches. Some of them come from AliExpress, some are made by American manufacturers. But most importantly, Sellvia’s warehouse is located in California. As a result, your customers can get their packages in 1-3 business days after the order was processed!

Sellvia is fully compatible with the AliDropship plugin and suitable for dropshipping.

As you can see, long AliExpress shipping times can’t actually hurt your business when you have all the processes smoothly organized. So, if it was the only thing holding you back from getting your own dropshipping store, put the worries aside and go on the adventure!

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Can I Dropship From My Country?

Lots of our clients have the same question: they ask us if they can dropship from their home country. We have the same answer for all of them.

Yes, you can do it!

We’d like to make it clear once and for all: you can dropship from ANY destination on the globe.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Belgrade or in Kuala Lumpur or in Manila or anywhere else.

Does it make any difference if you are located in Singapore or the United States in case you’re doing all your business activities through a website? Basically, all you need to run a dropshipping store is a stable Internet connection.

Can you go online effortlessly?

If yes, then there’s nothing that can actually stop you from becoming a dropshipper.

Let’s go over the whole process again so you could see it more clearly!

Dropshipping business explained

So, let’s suppose you’ve picked your perfect dropshipping niche.

Next, to start your business, you need to get a website. You can either create it yourself or get a ready-made one – it’s up to you!

In any case, your own location makes absolutely no difference. Internet is global, so all the online works can be done from any place worldwide.

As soon as the website is ready, you need to fill it with items. These are not your own products; they don’t belong to you, you don’t manufacture them, and you don’t store them in a warehouse. You don’t even see these items – you just post pictures and descriptions of them on your website.

Easy, right? You don’t deal with storage facilities or manage manufacturing processes. You just find a reputable online seller with quality items, and add these product pages to your own website. Obviously, you need to make the product pages look perfect, but as it is all done online, your physical location doesn’t matter.

So, your website is fully operational, and one day you see that someone has just placed an order.

Your further actions are really simple: you contact the owner of the store where you’ve taken this particular product description, pay them the item price, and ask them to deliver the item to the address of your own customer.

You see?

Your physical actions are not required. You simply write an electronic message to the actual seller to place your own order, and you don’t have to do anything else. All the product issues and delivery tasks are the seller’s responsibility. You only need to write a couple of messages, and this can be done from any point on the globe that has Internet connection.

Still unsure you can dropship from your own country?

Are there any shipping limitations meaning that you can’t dropship from specific countries?

You’re not asking the original seller to ship the item to YOUR country.

You’re asking the original seller to ship the item to the country of your buyer.

See the difference?

Your place of residence doesn’t matter at all. Yes, you need to check the delivery terms of the seller you’re working with, but you only do this for the convenience of your clients. Your place of living has nothing to do with it.

Are there any legal limitations when you dropship from your country?

As a dropshipper, you are free to partner with any sellers at your choice.

Most likely, you’ll be teaming up with AliExpress or Sellvia. It’s all because you won’t need to make any formal agreements with these platforms, and you definitely won’t have to sign any contracts with the sellers. You won’t have any paperwork, and you’ll see the sellers are really friendly and open to communication with dropshippers.

For example, this is quite a typical notification you can see on AliExpress:

An example of an AliExpress seller description confirming the opportunity of dropshipping

And the Sellvia offering, in turn, is specifically created for dropshipping business owners! It’s optimized for their convenience and covers plenty of dropshipping tasks from enabling 1-3-day US shipping to providing profitable marketing campaign materials. Naturally, its team does its best to adapt to specific dropshipping needs of the community.

Of course, the sellers don’t really care where exactly do you live. As long as you order items from them and make your payments as agreed, they are more than happy to communicate with you.

And speaking about money, let’s also answer a highly popular question in the next paragraph!

Are there any payment limitations?

Whether you’re dropshipping with AliExpress or Sellvia, you can select the payment method that is the most convenient for you.

The platforms offer a number of secure ways to check out, so whatever country you live in, you are most likely to find at least one way to make a safe payment.

And of course, it’s important to make sure that you can accept payments from your customers (otherwise, the whole business has no point, right?)

This is why we typically recommend to integrate multiple payment options into your website: you need to be able to accept both credit card payments and PayPal payments.

The reason is, you’re targeting customers from very different parts of the world, and they may have various preferences and limitations in terms of online payment methods. For example, PayPal doesn’t accept payments originating from several countries. So, if you provide your potential customers with an additional way of making a payment (for example, with a credit card), you have it all sorted out.

As you can see, you’re unstoppable.

Quite a nice reason to start your own dropshipping journey, right?

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Facing Any Dropshipping Issues? Let Sellvia Solve Them!

Despite the fact that dropshipping is quite a simple business model almost anyone in the world can start easily without large investments, some entrepreneurs face a number of challenges that complicate dropshipping business management. This is the key aspect of why the Sellvia solution was introduced. So how does Sellvia solve your typical problems with dropshipping? Let’s find it out right now!

How was Sellvia started?

Have you already heard about Sellvia, a brand new 5-in-1 solution for dropshipping? If not, this is a high time for you to read more about Sellvia that can be a brilliant alternative to AliExpress if you’re dropshipping to the United States.

And don’t keep it back: it’s Sellvia that is highly likely to let you bring your dropshipping business to a whole new level, make your online store many times more popular, and finally build your own financial empire. In fact, Sellvia is supposed to provide entrepreneurs with almost unlimited business opportunities.

Don’t you believe this? In this case, we recommend you move to Sellvia’s website and see it yourselves. BTW, Sellvia has its own blog that is permanently updated. You will be able to find a lot of industry tips that can turn out to be useful for you as a business owner.

Well, one of the key factors why Sellvia was started is the idea of making a dropshipping business model perfect without any rough edges so all the business owners could be sure they make the most of their businesses at every stage.

Originally, Sellvia was supposed to become your #1 US dropshipping supplier. But now it becomes clear that Sellvia is an entire network of trending products, marketing materials, and options of problem solving.

So what are the problems with dropshipping Sellvia helps you avoid? Well, first things first.

How does Sellvia solve the problems with dropshipping you may face?

Now you know that Sellvia’s aim is to become your most reliable dropshipping solution with fast shipping, high-quality trending products only, and marketing materials available. So how can you benefit from teaming up with Sellvia?

When you’ve already launched your business, created a store, started to drive traffic, you are likely to face the following difficulties:

  • Payment gateway bans
  • Social media account bans
  • Low customer loyalty and low amount of repeat purchases

Let’s find out if Sellvia is able to eliminate the possibility of arising of such problems.

1. Payment gateway bans

a picture showing how payment gateways are important for ecommerce business

If you’re an experienced dropshippier, you are well aware of what payment gateways are. But if you’re an ecommerce newcomer or if you’re only about to start a dropshipping business, read an article about payment gateways for dropshipping.

In a nutshell, what challenges are you likely to face with already registered payment gateways? The point is that payment providers like Visa or MasterCard, for example, tend to closely monitor businesses’ chargeback rate. In case it’s a lot higher than 1%, they can restrict your operations or access to money or even ban you!

It means the more refunds you have, the more attention from payment systems’ managers you draw. Actually, you risk getting your accounts banned. But this is not the outcome you seek, right?

If you want to stay away from the close attention of payment gateways’ managers, all you need is to achieve the minimum level of returns in your online store. Returns and refunds, in their turn, are asked due to the following reasons:

  • Customers received products of poor-quality
  • Extremely long delivery times
  • Customers received products that don’t match the descriptions

And these are the very issues Sellvia can help you fight against. Please note that in Sellvia’s catalog, there are only high-quality, pretested, hype products with accurate, high-converting descriptions, high-res photos to let the potential customers get a good look at the items and make an informed decision whether to buy them or not.

Conclusion: you are a lot more likely to avoid raising the above-mentioned problems with dropshipping if you team up with Sellvia, but not with AliExpress. It’s due to top-quality products, most of which are of US origin, fast shipping, precise descriptions, etc.

2. Social media account bans

a picture showing why smm is crucial for online business and solves problems with dropshipping

There’s no secret that a social network page is a must have for all the online stores.

However, the administrations of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) tend to interfere with the process of business account management and sometimes even impose sanctions if they believe you post unacceptable content.

In most cases, they ban you because of the following:

  • You sell products of poor quality
  • The products provided don’t match the descriptions, or you don’t provide any descriptions at all
  • Your social media activity is considered as spam (too many posts a day, and so on).
  • You post offensive or useless content

So how can Sellvia help you with this?

The point is that one of the key features of Sellvia is to provide high-converting descriptions and marketing materials for each product in Sellvia’s catalogue.

What does it mean for you if you collaborate with Sellvia?

  • Each product has a detailed description based on the specifications provided by its manufacturer that eliminates the possibility of mismatch.
  • All the items are provided with high-res photos made by the team of Sellvia specifically for product and landing pages.

If you team up with Sellvia, managers of social media platforms will consider your online store as a trustworthy supplier with top-quality products and satisfied customers.

What’s more, it’s time to remember that Sellvia ensures a lightning-fast shipping, so the number of unhappy clients is supposed to be kept to a minimum. And these are the very aspects that influence the decision whether your accounts will be banned or not.

Conclusion: are you eager to avoid bans from social media platforms? Team up with Sellvia!

3. Low customer loyalty & few repeat purchases

a picture demonstrating why you need to increase customer loyalty

Here is a common business misconception: if you want to succeed with your business, you should always seek new clients and only. In fact, there is a much easier road to success: try to increase customer loyalty and do your utmost to create a positive customer’s atmosphere to make them come back for repeat purchases.

Why is it a good idea to increase customer loyalty?

  • Loyal customers buy more
  • They cost less
  • Loyal customers = free promotion

So how to increase customer loyalty?

In practice, there are lots of measures to increase customer loyalty: it’s email marketing, social media marketing, different loyalty programs, etc. However they make no sense if you sell products nobody will be eager to come back for.

And this is one more issue Sellvia will easily help with: in Sellvia’s catalogue, you can find only top-quality products with detailed information, high-grade photos, etc.

Conclusion: Sellvia can help you increase the customer loyalty of your online store and let you pay less to attract customers. Those who already placed an order on your website will come back for more purchases!

Summing it up: Sellvia solves your problems with dropshipping in no time

In the beginning of the article we have mentioned that Sellvia is not only a regular dropshipping supplier. This is not all about dropshipping or ecommerce. Sellvia is something new. It’s something more than dropshipping, ecommerce, or trade.

Sellvia was started to let all the dropshippers and ecommerce business owners avoid most of the dropshipping problems they are likely to face. So if you want your business to grow fast, please check what Sellvia offers. You’re likely to miss your  #1 dropshipping supplier for your online store.

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How Can A Foreigner Register A Business In The UK And Benefit From It

Do you live in the EU or elsewhere in the world? Are you eager to start a business, but you have no idea where it’s more advantageous? Or are you already a business, but you can’t get approval from the payment gateway administration? If so, we recommend you to learn more on how to register a business in the UK even if you’re a foreigner. Don’t miss a piece of really valuable information!

In some cases, business owners from around the world have to find the most promising options to register their business. We have already discussed how to register your business in the US and gain from this.

However, there is one more country that is extremely tempting in terms of setting up a business in the view of many entrepreneurs. This is all about the United Kingdom.

Today we’re going to shed some light on this topic so you will learn the following:

1) in which cases it’s a great idea for you to register a business in the UK

2) how to register a business in the UK if you’re a foreigner

3) if it’s worth starting a business in the UK and how you can benefit from this

Actually, the British government provides business newbies from all over the world with extremely favorable terms to start their business in the UK. WHATEVER country you live in, you’re welcome to do business in the UK.

So let’s find out if you should consider registering a business in the UK right now and what you can get from this.

Disclaimer: Please note that the process of so-called Brexit (UK leaving the EU) finished only in 2020. There still can be some changes related to your particular place of residence or British law amendments because of Brexit.

Why register a business in the UK if you’re a foreigner?

a picture showing the companies house in the UK

Nowadays it’s really tempting to register a business in the UK for both UK residents and foreigners. And this is reasonable.

The United Kingdom is one of the recognized business and cultural centers. This is why it’s extremely prestigious to have a business registered in the UK: this can make you a desirable business partner for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Here is one of the most important thing entrepreneurs worldwide wish to register a business in the UK, especially online business: while business owners from lots of other regions suffer from the main worldwide payment gateway rejections, those who register their businesses in the UK get the Stripe’s approval and run their business in a lot more convenient way.

In case you’re running a dropshipping business, there are a lot more benefits you can count on: a set of British laws can provide British entrepreneurs with unprecedented business opportunities if they register a business in the UK.

Some important features of the corporate law and taxation system of Great Britain allow considerable savings on taxes and other contributions.

  • The process of registering your business is simple, convenient, and it doesn’t take you tons of time. You can register your business in the UK even online.
  • The UK is characterized by the low level of the corporate tax.
  • Due to the British law, a set of tax deductions and tax benefits are available to you.
  • The UK government doesn’t interfere in the business sector.
  • In some cases, governmental backing is available.

And so on, and so forth. Conditions look so tempting as you’re ready to register a small business in the UK right now? Wait a minute. First of all, let’s learn more on how to apply for this and who is able to do this.

Can a foreigner register a business in Great Britain?

So, are you able to register a business in Great Britain if you’re not a UK-resident? In a nutshell, yes, you are! The United Kingdom hospitably opens the doors for entrepreneurs from around the world.

Whatever country you live in, you can appeal for registering a business in the UK. You don’t need residential status or even to be living in the country. The only stipulation is that the company must be registered to a UK address.

How much does it cost to register a business in the UK?

a picture showing a person getting visa

Here comes the next key question: is it worth registering a business in the UK? How much does it cost to register a business in the UK? Actually, it’s really worth registering a business in the UK since it lets entrepreneurs from around the world get a number of advantages. But how much money are we talking about?

According to an official UK government website, it will cost you only £12. It’s highlighted that it can be paid by debit or credit card or PayPal account. A company is usually registered within 24 hours.

You should understand that this is the minimum expenses registering a business in the UK will take you. In this case, you will have to go through a registration process on your own.

Do I have to register my business in the UK on my own?

If you feel uncomfortable about doing it by yourself, or you worry it’s too difficult and time-consuming for you, you can always appeal to companies that specialize in registering business in the UK. For a relatively low fee, they will move through all the stages of your business registration for you.

Just put a keyword ‘register a business in the UK’ to your browser’s search bar and choose the option you like more. Some companies promise to register a business for you within 24 hours at a reasonable cost.

Please note that AliDropship itself doesn’t apply to such companies and we don’t provide business registration services.

Since nowadays there are lots of fraudsters working in the area, please be careful when choosing a company that will help you register your business in the UK. We recommend you deal only with trustworthy companies.

5 easy steps for a foreigner to register a business in the UK

a picture demonstrating there's nothing challenging to register a business in the UK

So if you finally decide to bring your business to a whole new level, meantime, get some tax benefits, we’ve prepared a checklist to register a business in the UK.

Here are 7 easy steps for a foreigner to register a business in the UK!

1. Resolve the visa issue

Firstly, you need to consider obtaining a visa. If you live in the UK on a work or other visa or you’re a UK citizen and you would like to start a business in the UK, no problem! You need to skip this stage.

If you’re a EU citizen and you’re eager to register a business in the UK, here is what you should know: Brexit finally ended in 2020, and this means that in 2021, there are no privileges EU citizens may count on when appealing for a visa.

By the way, please note that a few years earlier the process of obtaining a visa changed significantly. Due to Brexit, the UK government has established a new procedure for obtaining a visa. An entrepreneur visa is no more available to appeal for!

At the moment, there are other visas available for people who want to register their business in the UK:

If you want to learn more about them, feel free to move to the Official UK Government guidance. It remains for us only to point out that your business needs to have some unique features and be beneficial for the UK citizens if you count on getting a visa.

By the way, we recommend you to pay attention to the fact that the UK government has established a list of rules for entrepreneurs who are going to sell products or services online. Feel free to learn more about them on the UK government website.

2. Consider your business legal structure

After you get a visa, it’s completely legal for you to register a business in the UK. The next stage is to choose your business legal structure. Please note that it’s the amount of tax you will have to pay on your income that will depend on the choice of your business legal structure.

If you’re going to put your business under your name and you are not eager to engage third parties in your business management, a perfect option for you is to set up as a Sole Trader or create a Limited company.

3. Choose a name for your business

In accordance with the UK government, you can name a company in a way you want. It’s highlighted that you don’t actually need to register a company name.

Your company name may be required for invoices, business letters, etc.

When choosing a name for your company, pay particular attention to the fact that in case you set up as a Sole Trader, you must not include ‘Limited’, ‘LTD’, ‘LLP’, and ‘PLC’, be offensive, choose a name similar to an existing trade mark.

4. Open a bank account

To successfully run your business registered in the UK, you need to open a bank account.

If you are targeting not only the UK or US citizens only, we would recommend you open a multi-currency bank account for convenient currency exchange at favorable terms.

5. Register your business for tax

Here is one more measure you need to take in order to register your business in the UK and let it flourish: it’s a registration in the Tax Inspection.

As soon as you register a business in the UK, the government agency responsible for handling the national register of companies – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs HMRC will instruct you what you need to do if your business relates to tax matters, and you’re supposed to pay taxes.

NOTE: After you get a smooth start with your dropshipping business, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Keep records of your business’s sales and expenses
  • Send a Self Assessment tax return every year
  • Pay Income Tax on your profits and Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance – use HMRC’s calculator to help you budget for this

In fact, that’s it! As soon as you get through all these stages, your new business is supposed to receive a boost through lots of barriers, tax deductions, brand awareness issues, etc.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re going to target, It’s really a good idea to register a business in the UK in a pursuit of favorable tax conditions, governmental backing, and other benefits the British government is ready to offer. Moreover, it’s not supposed to take you lots of time and effort to appeal for registering a business in the UK: you’re only 5 steps away from getting a smooth start in dropshipping and creating a company in the UK 🙂

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Why Do Customers Buy From Niche Stores Instead of AliExpress?

As you probably know, AliDropship creates ready-to-go dropshipping stores for our customers and provides all the necessary support. However, did you know that we also run our very own dropshipping niche stores?

Seeing and managing this process from the inside gives us an incredible advantage. This allows us to experience all the steps of this operating process – the same as our customers do. And this, in turn, gives us a brilliant opportunity to work with our clients much more effectively as we have a clear and detailed understanding of the whole dropshipping routine.

One of the questions we hear from our customers quite often is “Why would I get a specialized dropshipping niche store if all these items are already available on AliExpress?” Why would people make their purchase from my store when they can purchase from a globally renowned platform?

In this article, we’ll share the reasons of niche stores being more appealing for buyers than AliExpress.

Let’s start with an informative video!


Top 5 reasons why customers prefer niche stores to AliExpress

1. It’s easier to find the necessary product

AliExpress gained itself the reputation of an immensely huge online trading platform where you can find practically anything. The platform hosts lots of sellers, and the number of products they offer far exceeds 100 million items. This means it is possible to source almost any kind of product regardless of its category and special features. But interestingly, that’s not always a benefit!

Browsing a niche store with a limited amount of categories, you can find the necessary product quickly and effortlessly.

That’s what industry analysis shows! Customers looking for a particular product with specific features are much more likely to visit a niche store than AliExpress.

There is a valid reason for this, as you can guess. It’s not easy to look through thousands of product options to find the one that fully suits your needs. This is why potential buyers might avoid a website of an enormous marketplace where they can easily get lost. Instead, they prefer a dedicated website with a limited amount of product categories that is clear and convenient to navigate. Apart from that, a store that focuses on a particular niche or category is likely to have highly specialized products instead of some generic items.

2. It’s more convenient to place an order

The simplicity of placing an order is crucial for the purchasing process. AliExpress requires buyers to register, which is a distracting factor for many online shoppers. At the same time, AliDropship niche stores allow customers to place their orders simply and effortlessly. Thanks to this, buyers enjoy an unmatched shopping experience that surely motivates them to come back for more. Even if customers don’t have previous experience in online shopping, they can easily buy from such stores without any issues.

Niche stores don’t require visitors to register, and it facilitates impulse buying.

When users visit such stores, they can get immediately interested in some of the products. Thus, the simplicity of the shopping process will surely encourage them to make a purchase without any second thoughts.

3. Niche stores provide a nicer customer experience

It is typical for sellers placing their offers on AliExpress to work with a wide range of product categories. Ideally, that would require a store owner to have extensive knowledge covering all the specifications of the offerings. Unfortunately, quite often this is not the case, and it makes potential purchasers turn to smaller niche stores.

Niche stores are notable for the friendly atmosphere created by passionate and enthusiastic sellers.

What’s special about people who create narrowly focused online stores and deal with a limited amount of items? Typically, they are deeply interested in this particular area and have a true passion for this certain product range. Therefore, they are enthusiastic to create a friendly and favorable atmosphere in the store. You can imagine how important it is for an online business: take a look at this success story that happened all thanks to an engaged followers’ community! The better client service you provide to these niche fans, the higher are the odds to see them and their friends again soon.

4. It’s much easier to get help

Anyone who purchased something online knows how important it is for the seller to be knowledgeable about his product offering. And what happens if a dropshipping store owner works with multiple product niches and dozens of hundreds of products? Potentially, there can be some difficulties with providing accurate and relevant data on clients’ inquiries. From the point of view of a seller, this can easily be understood. Naturally, managing such a store is quite a demanding task requiring an enormous effort. Still, from the point of view of a buyer, it can cause a great inconvenience.

Well-informed experts can provide quick and complete answers to any niche-related questions.

On the contrary, niche stores with a smaller product range have everything it takes to provide high-quality customer support. Since these stores employ well-informed experts with a deep passion for the products on offer, customers can safely count on quick and full answers to any niche-related questions that can potentially come up. These sellers can also help buyers with the technical aspects of placing an order, making a payment, or dealing with a return or refund if necessary (Kitty’s dropshipping story is a great example!). This is not always the case with AliExpress purchases – the wait for an answer from the platform’s technical support can take a significant amount of time.

5. It’s more pleasant to navigate niche stores

Due to the technical features of the platform, all of the AliExpress stores have the same layout. As a result, it is really difficult for a store owner to create a memorable and recognizable marketplace.

For the customer, it’s going to be difficult to remember the exact store where they saw this or that item. This will result in them buying the product elsewhere. Furthermore, the store layout can’t be changed, even if it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient for either the buyer or seller.

A convenient customized layout and professional design turn niche stores into user-friendly and memorable marketplaces.

In turn, nicely and professionally designed niche stores can easily prompt visitors to make a purchase – the previously-mentioned impulse buying heavily depends on store usability. Additionally, the layout of these stores can be customized in a way that is clear and understandable for any kind of buyer. What is also important, due to their unusual design, such stores have their own spirit and atmosphere, and it certainly motivates customers to come again for more.

Now that you know why online shoppers might choose a niche store instead of AliExpress, it’s high time for you to start your own dropshipping journey. Choose the store that suits you best and start earning in no time!

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Is It A Good Idea To Start A Dropshipping Business In 2021?

Are there any valid reasons to start a dropshipping business in 2021? Let’s find it out!

When people start complaining about how little money they make at work, I usually suggest that they start something new.

A dropshipping business, for example.

And some of these people immediately bail out…

Rather than doing market research and searching for the most profitable niches, they start looking for the reasons why starting a dropshipping business is a bad idea.

Some say that having successful dropshipping stores is impossible without secret knowledge or skills. Others are 100 percent sure that the market is saturated and it’s useless to compete with the big fish.

Finally, they all come to the conclusion that it’s hard enough to start a dropshipping business in 2021 (and at any other point of time) and it’s better to give up this idea.

Are these people right? Has the ship really sailed?

Let’s look into the matter together!

6 reasons why starting a dropshipping business in 2021 is a pretty good idea

1. Huge dropshipping knowledge base

People who started their dropshipping businesses some years ago didn’t have so much useful information as you have. They were pathfinders and had to learn what is what the hard way. Nobody sent them emails with the lists of the most promising dropshipping products or gave them any tips on how to manage their stores. They had to begin from scratch.

These days everyone who wants to start a dropshipping business can just google the word “dropshipping” and get tons of articles, guides, educational videos and even special forums where people share their experience in dropshipping. It’s an easy way to learn how to find products, make efficient Facebook ads or properly edit product pages.

As a rule, most of these materials are free, so everything you need to do is just to put a bit of effort into studying the content. That’s it!

2. Lots of special technical tools for dropshipping

Let’s suppose that there is no fridge in your apartment. In this case, you will regularly have lots of problems with keeping your food fresh.

Or imagine that humanity didn’t invent a car and we all need to use horses or other animals to move from one place to another. It would really take lots of your time and effort.

Historically, when people first set up their dropshipping businesses, they didn’t have all these tools that are making your dropshipping journey easier now.

Seriously, you have much more opportunities than ecommerce entrepreneurs had, let’s say, 5 years ago.

You don’t need to import your products manually or spend long hours looking for the ePacket delivery option. You just need to install a plugin on your website and enjoy the process of running your own business.

Besides that, nowadays, there are tons of add-ons and services designed specifically for dropshipping. With their help, you can safely forget about many technical things and dedicate your time to your business promotion.

3. Constantly growing ecommerce market

I guess that now you’re thinking: “OK, nowadays, there are many tools and lots of valuable information that can help me out with a dropshipping business. But what about niches? All the profitable ones were occupied many years ago, so starting a dropshipping business in 2021 is useless.”

This is not entirely true.

Of course, the more people know about something, the higher the competition in this field is. And it is true for any business, not only ecommerce.

How many cafés and restaurants are there in the place you live? How many brick and mortar stores do you have on your street? I have counted more than 5 regular clothing shops near me. Actually, they don’t sell anything highly specific, but still, they exist and bring money, otherwise they would be closed.

In the ecommerce business, the situation is the same. Yes, there are many online stores selling clothing, for example, but they all are different! Some stores have a wider range of products, others offer their clients higher discounts, and some other stores spend lots of money on advertising to pop up in your social media feed or in search engines all the time… They compete with each other and you can compete with them, too. Nobody limits you!

In your store, you will have your own design, a unique set of products, a self-made marketing strategy, etc. That’s what will define you – and that’s where your competitive advantage lies.

The ecommerce market is huge and there is always a place there for you, too! Particularly, the dropshipping market was valued at $162.44 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 18.3% every year by 2027. Remember, the ball is in your court!

4. There’s a shift from traditional shopping to ecommerce

Another reason to start a dropshipping business in 2021 is to capitalize on the changes that analytics expect in the nearest future. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a shift in demand from traditional shopping to ecommerce.

On the one hand, the virus outbreak seriously hurt the global economy. For example, global retail sales are expected to fall by 5.7% in 2020. Of course, the virus was one of the main reasons for this (although not the only one).

Because of the pandemic, consumers are now spending less and saving more – even those who haven’t lost their jobs. On the other hand, there’s also a shift in what they buy and where.

The number of sales via mail orders or the internet in the European Union countries increased by 30% in April 2020 compared to April 2019. You can see a similar situation in the US. The share of ecommerce in total retail spiked to 16.1% between the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2020.

In other words, people now prefer ordering stuff from an ecommerce store rather than going to a brick-and-mortar shop. And analytics think this is going to be long-lasting trend. If this prognosis comes true, we are going to see more businesses selling online rather than via traditional channels.

So, is it too late to start a business in ecommerce? The competition in this sphere is definitely going to rise, but so is the demand for online shopping. That’s why it’s a good idea to start a dropshipping business now.

5. Improved terms of delivery

Some years ago, the delivery time was a soft spot of dropshipping business.

Most customers were forced to wait up to 2-3 months for their orders because the products purchased from China were shipped by sea. Of course, it was inconvenient and caused lots of problems for both the customers and the sellers.

Everything changed when ePacket delivery became available for Chinese sellers. With this shipping option, they were able to deliver products much faster than earlier, which helped them quickly earn people’s love.

These days, lots of AliExpress sellers offer ePacket delivery to their buyers, and deliver products in 10-20 days. Most customers are comfortable with that and buy cheap products from China with great pleasure.

Besides that, nowadays many Chinese suppliers have their own warehouses in the USA where they store their goods. It allows them to ship products to American buyers as quickly as possible, and therefore, get positive reviews even from the pickiest audience!

So, from the point of view of delivery, starting a dropshipping business in 2021 has a better chance of success.

6. Lots of opportunities for marketing

Do you remember how Facebook looked like ten years ago and how many options it had?

In fact, it was a platform which people used to make friends and slowly exchange messages with them. At that time, no one thought that in several years the terms ‘Facebook’ and ‘online advertising’ would be connected so closely.

In 2021, there are lots of marketing opportunities that weren’t available to the first eCommerce entrepreneurs:

As you can see, you have a wide range of opportunities to make a name for yourself and for your store as well. Just use them and you’ll make your dropshipping business flourish!

Dropshipping business in 2021: the bottom line

Does dropshipping still work in 2021? Is dropshipping still profitable? Yes and yes! And it won’t be late at any moment in your life if you’re ready to work hard and put some effort into running it.

Remember, there are no magic pills that will help you get ahead in the ecommerce business. There are just modern technical and marketing solutions which you can use to your advantage, and your strong desire to change your life!

Starting a dropshipping business in 2021 is a great way to get financial freedom and open up new opportunities for you! Don’t let your fears stand in the way of your dreams and hold you back! Everything is in your hands!

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How To Manage Your Business In 2021: COVID-19 Perspectives

What to expect from 2021 in terms of the COVID-19 outbreak? Should we wait for the third wave and get ready for it? And how to manage your business in order not only to keep it afloat during the next year, but also to give it a boost?

This is the end of 2020. Unfortunately, this year will surely long be remembered as the period when COVID-19 pandemic took off. Certainly, at the moment, these are global safety and health issues that are of paramount importance. This is why we are all waiting till physicians create a safe COVID-19 vaccine.

However, besides the global epidemiological situation, lots of entrepreneurs worldwide are extremely concerned about the impact the COVID-19 outbreak can have on their ventures in 2021. In fact, 2020 is controversial for business owners. Lots of them have to limit their company performance or even close their companies down. Others, in turn, use the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic as the foundation of their long-term growth.

So what should ecommerce business owners expect in 2021? What do analysts say about COVID-19 in 2021? And how to adapt your venture to the new business environment and the shift in the users’ behavior? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss!

[content title=”Table Of Contents”]

COVID-19 in 2021: what do we have by the end of 2020?

Since the moment the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, 50,000,000 cases have been recorded in 210 countries. However, 37,000,000 of them account for people who already recovered from the coronavirus.

a picture showing the number of covid-19 cases in the world

Global epidemiological situation is, certainly, tough. Even after a person recovers from COVID-19, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of becoming infected again. That’s why physicians count on an effective vaccine that ensures global safety and health. At the moment, there are about 500 vaccines that are being tested or even registered.

statistics showing the number of covid-19 vaccines in development

It’s also worth mentioning that more and more COVID-19 test methods are constantly introduced by scientists. Nowadays, it’s even possible to use mobile testing units that provide easier and quicker access to testing. This is great news, isn’t it?

Scenarios for the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2021: how will the situation evolve?

Well, let scientists do their job. It remains for us only to think in advance about how to manage the business right in order to rule out the COVID-19 negative effect on online enterprises.

So what are the factors ecommerce business owners should pay their attention to if they want to get an easy start in dropshipping and make the most of their online stores in 2021?

  • COVID-19 cases don’t cease to decrease
  • Worldwide lockdowns are not a novelty anymore
  • Wearing masks and social distancing are compulsory in public places
  • Companies’ offices, educational institutions, malls, cinemas are being closed
  • Students and staff are relocated to work-from-home

So what is this all about? Right, these aspects let us assume that we are not likely to get back to pre-covid living conditions in the near future. And we are not ready now to speak when we will fully recover from the COVID-19 outbreak and get the economy back on track.

However, sometimes the same circumstances that are able to get some people cornered, can provide you with unexpected opportunities for growth. And this is exactly about ecommerce entrepreneurs and COVID-19 in 2021.

How to save your business during the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2021?

While offline business is going through a really tough time, ecommerce entrepreneurs are definitely on a roll. This is due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult now for people to get access to several product groups including necessities. Some of them don’t have an opportunity to leave their homes because of recurring lockdowns. Others are willing to avoid visiting crowded malls and so on.

That’s why the spread of COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to ecommerce by several years to come. See for yourself, if you compare January 2019 and June 2020, you will probably be surprised by the fact that retail websites generated 5 billion more global visits this June. Moreover, this year can boast several months that collected more traffic than last year holiday season traffic peaks. If we speak more specifically, here’s what Forbes report highlights.

  • Ecommerce sales jumped over $50 billion
  • Holiday season sales got a 75% rise
  • Mobile shopping increased slightly

So what measures should ecommerce entrepreneurs and newcomers take in order to make the most of their ventures during the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2021?

  • Start an ecommerce business

a picture showing growing interest in ecommerce business

First of all, if you still don’t have your own venture, this is a high time to start a profitable ecommerce business. This has always been a promising option, but nowadays it’s a lot more tempting due to the circumstances of COVID-19. Leading analysts believe that COVID-19 provided ecommerce with a boost for several years.

  • Consider the product range

a picture showing rising demand for home clothing

Regardless of what niche you deal with, we would like to recommend you consider the product range of your store for 2021 and the period of the pandemic. Don’t forget that it’s difficult now for people to get the products they need because of lockdowns. And basic necessities are among the most affected items.

What is more, lots of companies all over the world have to let their staff work from home. This also triggered the growth of demand for home office supplies and multiple other types of products that make staying at home more comfortable. Children’s products, indoor sport supplies, kitchen utensils – this is far not the full list of products that are in a strong demand nowadays and highly likely to be popular during the next year.

By the way, we have already mentioned that there are growing and declining groups of products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond them, feel free to read the article that offers you 78 product ideas to sell online during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Increase social media presence

an image proving the rise of social network usage

Note that social media accounts are crucial for any business since they can help you generate lots of leads. And now the importance of social media presence is over the roof!

Just think that hundreds of millions of people have to remain at self-isolation restricting contact with friends and relatives. And how do they spend their free time? Right, analysts claim that during the COVID-19 pandemic people have started to use social networks more to get in touch with their closest ones.

So use this for your benefit. Simply increase your social media presence and don’t leave Internet users a chance to get past your accounts on social media!

  • Optimize your ads

Well, it’s time to increase not only your social media presence, but advertising activity as well. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have to spend more time surfing the Internet and looking for an opportunity to purchase different products at favorable terms.

Wondering how to make the most of your Facebook ads? In this case, you should learn more about The Auto Merch. This is an online store that makes over $2,000,000/year.

Monthly performance of The Auto Merch store with 167,010.31 in total sales

Inspired by the results our employees achieved, we have created a number of articles explaining how to design Facebook ads, how to create product pages that sell, etc. – you’re welcome to check them out!

  • Find regional suppliers

an image showing covid-19 in 2021 affecting the interest in regional suppliers

In fact, in early 2020, we already mentioned that it’s a good idea to look for regional suppliers. This really mattered because lots of producers had to limit their performance, shipping companies faced delivery delays, and so on, and so forth. Besides this, at the period COVID-19 was circulating inside China only, people from other countries were afraid of virus transmission through parcels.

As of now, the general understanding is that the virus can’t be transmitted through parcels. Meantime, the virus has long gone from China and spread worldwide. Furthermore, Chinese suppliers have already recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak. Now they go on sending parcels around the world.

However, if there are other suppliers that can provide your customers with the same products from your region, it’s a chance for you to make the supply chains shorter и reduce the delivery time.

  • Make sure your website is user-friendly and looks great

a picture that shows a brand new smart theme for online stores

In the context of increased interest in online shopping, we would recommend that you pay particular attention to such aspects of your website as appearance and usability. So make sure if the theme applied to your website is user-friendly and has the perfect layout in order to ensure the highest conversion rate.

Where to find the best themes for your online store? Well, it’s a good idea to get one of the themes AliDropship develops on a consistent basis. We offer both single-product themes and the ones for a wide range of products.

All themes from AliDropship include all the necessary elements to build a fully functional online store. Moreover, they are optimized for the highest conversion rate. Please also note that AliDropship offers both free-of-charge themes and premium solutions for advanced dropshippers.

Summing it up: COVID-19 in 2021

We all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic goes down as soon as possible. Fortunately, people worldwide rally and do their best in order to put an end to the coronavirus outbreak.

As for business, you need to understand that it takes time to fully recover from the COVID-19 consequences anyway. And even if the coronavirus backs down tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that the next day the things return to the way they were.

To date, scientists and analysts predict that the world is highly likely to bounce back from COVID-19 in 2022. So it remains for us only to make plans for the future since. Luckily, ecommerce has not got hurt much, but provided ecommerce entrepreneurs with extraordinary potential for business growth.

AliDropship, in its turn, wishes you good luck and goes on developing IT solutions for you to easily start a profitable dropshipping business and make the most of it against the impact of COVID-19 in 2021!

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Supporting Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic: Finding Balance In 2020

How have you been holding up this year? Today, let’s talk about supporting our mental health during COVID-19 pandemic. We believe it’s an essential topic to discuss with our dropshipping community!

2020 has been a curveball for all of us, an unpredictable roller coaster that started at a peak in January and unfortunately has just been plummeting downhill since March. The effects of COVID-19 continue to affect our everyday lives. Many people are still working from home, large social gatherings are limited, and thousands of students keep learning remotely. And although life has resumed to some normalcy in parts of the world, economies have tanked, case numbers are rising again in some countries, millions worldwide are out of a job (especially in the United States), and the spirit, morale, and mental health of people in general is in danger.

How can we overcome something that isn’t even near its tail end? Here are several strategies you can follow to adapt and adjust to the new environment, and find balance.

6 ways to take care of your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

Start journaling

Journaling as a way to support your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

What? A journal? Didn’t those things die in the late 90s? Maybe, but listen — writing down your daily thoughts and feelings can help, at least according to Journaling is a great way to see your goals, realize your thoughts and ideas, and help anticipate and plan events — which in turn can lower your stress and anxiety. For a year as wild as 2020, journaling will also help you look back on this crazy year someday in the future and see where you were then and where you are now.

Take online classes

Online learning as a way to support your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

A popular pastime among young professionals and curious homemakers alike, take to the Internet to learn something new. In the year of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, many have turned to online learning to better their professional skill set, fitness game, or home-cooking skills. Popular destinations such as Skillshare, YouTube, and Coursera have become go-tos for learning at home — from coding to how to bake the perfect porkchop to how to sew — everything is online. Note many institutions provide free trials that eventually require a membership. But paid or free, there’s no better way to make downtime productive time than with learning something new online.

Clean up your closet

Cleaning up your closet as a way to find balance in 2020

Yes, that dreaded chore your mom always told you to do growing up is something we suggest you start doing. And there’s a good reason (besides cleaning up your space): Psychology Today states that decluttering has been shown to boost levels of confidence and energy while lowering anxiety. When you tackle clutter, you are also freeing up your space for other storage or decor possibilities, which can open up the mental space for creativity. It’s like a physical-mirrors-mental kind of thing, and a great way to find mental balance in 2020.

Count your successes

Counting your successes as a way to find balance in 2020

In a global pandemic with unnerving news everyday, it can be hard to stay positive about the future. So go back to basics and make the little things count. For example, did you manage to knock out most of your assignments at work for the day? Did you have a meaningful Zoom one-and-one with your boss? Or did you actually complete that 10-minute workout today? Folded your laundry finally? It’s all about putting the small accomplishments into perspective and marking the smallest of victories. This over time can help you feel a sense of progress and accomplishment, which can in turn help you feel better in control of things despite what’s going on in the world.

Give in to self-care

Giving in to self-care as a way to find balance in 2020

In a time where emotions and moods can change day by day, we can only be beside ourselves at the end of the day. With the ever-changing demands of remote work, house chores, errands, and financial stresses, you can feel worn-out and defeated sometimes. That’s why we advocate self-care, which can be great for mental health. From a weekly face mask to soothe your skin to a daily meditation in the morning to find your zen, take time to care for yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Take an extra 30 minutes for lunch. Treat yourself to that Starbucks if you’re out running errands. Make the little things count to feel better about yourself and your day.

Connect regularly with family and friends

Connecting with family and friends as a way to support your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

You may already be doing this, but do it regularly. Facetime your parents. Check in on your friend you still keep in touch with from your last job. Schedule dinner with some friends at a place where outdoor dining is available. Or plan to watch a Netflix show together through Facetime with your bestie. All of us have been limited in our social lives in some way due to the pandemic this year, but you can still find mental wellness in 2020 with regular interaction with loved ones.

With some patience and determination, you (and all of us) can make this rocky year a bit better. You can be more productive with your downtime to better your skills or mindset or use it to connect with friends or take time for yourself. It’s hard to be living through a pandemic, but you can always find ways to achieve a better sense of “normal.” We hope these tips can help uplift your spirits and help you find a better mental balance during this time.

Supporting your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic: final takeaways

This year hasn’t been easy on anyone. There’s a lot of stress financially and emotionally for a lot of people. Sometimes, it just seems like you can’t be in control of everything.

Still, there are numerous proven techniques to find mental balance in 2020! Whether it’s bettering yourself through online classes or documenting your thoughts everyday or taking an extra 10 minutes for yourself to relax everyday, there are ways for everyone to stay sane during this rocky pandemic. Let us know what’s working best for you personally in the comments section below!

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