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10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Dropshipping Business

Are you thinking about starting a dropshipping business? Don’t jump the gun!

In dropshipping, like in every other venture, those who are better prepared show the better results. In this article we’re going to outline 10 necessary things everyone should know before starting a dropshipping business!

When you’re going on a trip abroad, isn’t it better to book a hotel in advance?

For sure.

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, trying to find a decent lodging, café to eat, etc. Aside from wasting time and energy, you might be overcharged, get food poisoning, or face other unnecessary problems.

Not the best vacation, isn’t it?

That’s why you need to sort out some things before setting out. It makes your journey pleasing and predictable.

Similarly, mapping out your dropshipping journey could save your money and time, as well as ensure your success.

Here are 10 necessary things that may help you draw up your business plan!


How does the dropshipping business model work?

Dropshipping is a business model which you can use to run your store without ever holding any inventory. Once you’ve made a sale your supplier will ship your products from their warehouse, straight to your customer’s doorstep. You’ll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

Is dropshipping really profitable?

Yes, dropshipping can be a profitable business model for merchants even in 2022 because you are not responsible for shipping or manufacturing. It’s a low-risk business model that doesn’t incur huge costs like a wholesaler would normally have and you can earn a good profit margin with the right suppliers.

Simple things you need to know before starting a dropshipping business.

1. A niche store is always better than a general store

Where would you rather buy sportswear?

At a Nike store that is focused on selling it? Or at a store that sells, let’s say, light bulbs and pencil cases along with clothes?

The answer is pretty clear.

If you choose a narrow range of products for your online store, your chances to succeed in dropshipping increases significantly!

Let’s look at the advantages you get from launching a niche store:

  • You get around competing with Amazon, eBay, and offline supermarkets which offer the same goods

Large-scale stores often lack the flexibility and customer-friendly attitude. You, in turn, can take the, on board and therefore, secure a huge competitive advantage!

  • It’s easier to find your audience and target it

It’s hard to come up with a marketing strategy when you run a general store. For that, you need to know the websites and communities your potential clients visit.

Something comes to you mind?

Right, it could be anything.

Narrowing down the range of products you sell lets you draw up a clear marketing plan. And marketing is vital in dropshipping business!

  • SEO tasks become much easier

We’re sure, you want people to easily come across your online store while shopping on the Internet.

That means you should make your site and product pages SEO-friendly. This task is almost impossible in the case of general store. At the same time, taking a niche allows you to conveniently pick the necessary keywords and make your website come up on the top of Google search results.

Most AliDropship clients choose to start a niche store rather than a general one. So, make a point of doing so!

2. There are some products you shouldn’t dropship

It’s true that dropshipping rids you of the tiring and complicated process of storing and shipping products. In other words, it makes running your business easy and quick.

Yet, a wrong choice of products might turn it into a pain in your neck. Dealing with angry and disappointed customers is not the most pleasing thing in the world, is it?

To avoid this letdown, we urge you not to sell the next types of products:

  • Copyrighted products

Of course, it seems tempting to sell products marked with a famous brand. People are eager to buy them.

However, it will certainly blow up in your face.

Such items are knock-offs. And that might mean serious legal problems for you. Not to mention that these actions might harm your reputation which will be difficult to claw back from.

  • Fragile products

Nobody wants to get a ruined purchase, right?

Due to a complex delivery process, there is a high risk of damaging items on their way to customers.

  • Heavy products

Heavy items are not only hard to lift.

They’re going to make the delivery process more difficult and expensive. Besides, their weight makes them easy to get damage during shipping.

  • Technically complex products

When you’re buying a PC at an offline store, you can easily check whether everything is normal.

Your clients also expect to receive a fully functioning product. During online shopping, it is impossible to make sure the product is of a perfectly fine quality. So, it’s better to avoid the products that require a careful checkup before the purchase.

If you want to learn how to pick the best products to dropship, please, read this article.

3. Rely on Google Trends to pick your niche

Would you buy a slide projector?

Only for a museum exhibition, maybe…

Here’s the thing: your products should be in demand! Otherwise, your business doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately, there is a free tool to research the market: Google Trends.

Choose a product you’d like to sell, pick a time period, and the tool will show you how many people were googling this item or a related topic. You will be able to see all the ups and downs in products’ demand depending on the season, location, etc.

Then it’s up to you to decide whether or not this product is worth adding to your online store.

As you can see, slide projectors won’t bring you much money.

At the same time, GPS trackers, for example, should do the trick.

4. A research is necessary to choose a reliable supplier

Your suppliers may either ruin your dropshipping business or help it take off.

Keep it in mind!

You, not the suppliers, will be in charge of solving problems and dealing with annoyed customers if something goes wrong with product quality or delivery.

There could be dozens of suppliers selling the same type of items on AliExpress. However, you have to find the business partners you could actually lean on.

You may be wondering how to pull it off. How to figure out whether a supplier is reliable or not?

Stay calm, there is no rocket science!

Here are the simple steps:

  • Go to AliExpress
  • Type the title of a product you need
  • Tick the “4* &Up” box
  • Sort the results by the number of orders
  • Look into the suppliers’ stats (time of their activity, feedback score, etc.)
  • Read the customer reviews
  • Make sure the suppliers offer free shipping options

Now, you’re good to go. Examine the data, put it all together and make your choice.

The best option is to choose one supplier who is focused on a narrow range of products that matches your niche. It will make your service brilliant. Imagine customers buying various items from your store and receiving them all together at the same time. Wouldn’t they be pleased?

5. Choose your domain name carefully

Before starting your dropshipping business, you need to choose a domain name for your website.

Many beginners take it lightly. Meanwhile, it’s an essential part for your future success. A properly chosen domain name may take you to a higher position in Google search results and inspire customers’ trust.

The right approach is choosing a domain based on your niche keywords.

Yet, it shouldn’t contain a bunch of them, or it will not seem secure and reliable. In all likelihood, customers will avoid visiting such a website.

On the other hand, your domain name should be quite short and roll off the tongue. This way, it will be easy for customers to memorize and use it.

You need to consider both sides of the issue. Choose something in between!

Keep it in mind that the most SEO-friendly and trustworthy domain names go with “.com”. It’s not easy to find such ones though. Go to and check if it’s available.

Once you’ve chosen a domain, you can find a hosting provider to build your dropshipping store.

6. Use a proper ecommerce platform for your dropshipping store

Before building your website, you should make up your mind about an eCommerce platform you’re going to use.

Most of these platforms charge their clients monthly fees. Apart from that, they keep entrepreneurs on a tight leash by limiting their ownership. For newcomers it may turn out to be the reason to back out.

Luckily, there is a key to solving this problem.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that lets you create a convenient and user-friendly website. It’s free and quite easy to use. Building a website on this platform doesn’t require deep knowledge of the subject – here, you can read more about it.

Then, you can use AliDropship plugin to easily convert a WordPress-based site into a fully functional dropshipping store. This tool was developed by the people having their own first-hand experience of managing a dropshipping business. So, they considered the interests of like-minded entrepreneurs and built a software that takes care of the most difficult tasks in this business.

So, if you want to save your money and gain independence – you’re welcome to follow this advice!

7. Think of your payment gateways in advance

Trust is the most precious thing nowadays.

Your customers need to be sure that they’re safe while buying from your store. Setting a secure payment gateways is crucial for that.

But before doing so, you should consider some essential things:

  • Check if the gateway is accessible in your country and in the countries of your target audience residence.
  • Compare the transaction fees. Of course, it’s tempting to choose the option  with the lowest costs. But hold on! Take your time! There is something more to consider.
  • Find out if the gateway has a multi-currency support. Don’t forget that you’re going to work with the international audience.
  • Make sure your gateways accept all the major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, etc.).
  • Don’t forget that your store should accept PayPal payments.

Now, make your choice. We recommend you using Stripe and 2Checkout payment providers. You can learn more about the gateways supported by AliDropship plugin here.

8. SEO is a key to success

We’ve already mentioned SEO as an important part of building a successful online business.

Yet, many entrepreneurs underestimate the role SEO plays in their success.

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the cheapest and the most efficient way to drive traffic to your online store. Thus, every eCommerce business’ owner should learn as much as possible about this promotional instrument.

It’s natural that nowadays people turn to the Internet in search of the necessary information.

Therefore, you need to optimize your site so that the customers could easily come across your store.

Write appealing titles and descriptions to your product pages. And don’t forget to include the keywords in these texts. Fill your site with interesting content and you will bring in more customers!

9. Your reputation precedes you

What do you do when you see a tempting offer to buy something on the Internet?

Right! You start searching for the info about the seller and the real-life product quality. To be more precise, you start looking for the customer reviews.

People trust people – the same consumers as they are.

According to a research that took place in 2015, about 70% of customers check online reviews before buying something.

The simplest way to check others’ feedback is to type the store name in Google search field and click on the search button. In the right part of the screen, there will be buyers’ reviews and even the store rating.

Facebook and are two other popular sources that people use to learn about an online store reliability.

Your reputation shouldn’t cast any doubts!

Every time when the happy customers thank you for your service in an email, ask them to also leave their comments on some of the sources mentioned above.

If somebody writes a negative review about your store, sort it out as soon as possible. Then, ask the client to remove or change the comment.

Reply to every comment, no matter if it’s positive or negative.

Your reputation drives your sales! Cherish and protect it!

10. Don’t give up if there are little or no sales at the beginning

I know you imagine tons of money pouring in on the next day after the launch of your dropshipping store.

I hope it will be so.

But the real-life examples show that some time passes before your business starts bringing you profits.

The most impatient entrepreneurs could even quit due to the delay. That’s a mistake.

First, before putting your dropshipping store into operation, you need to make sure that everything is OK. Your website design, product pages, descriptions, product images – everything – should be appealing, informative and of a good quality.

Second, if you have a few sales in the first several weeks, review your PPC campaigns. Maybe, you’re paying your attention to markets that aren’t attractive for this business, and you should shift your focus a little.

Still, you should consider incorporating customer acquisition strategies to improve your online store’s performance. So, here are some customer acquisition strategies for you to consider

Customer acquisition is the art of persuasion. You can think of it as advertising and marketing. Sounds expensive, right? But it doesn’t have to be. You can take the fast path or the slow path to gaining new customers. Let’s take a look at both strategies in more depth.

Paid advertising for fast results

  • Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. It’s a great place to advertise your products as you can tap into a huge audience. This is how Facebook makes its money, so every customer you acquire through this method comes at a cost. Facebook ads are a good option for the following reasons:

  • It’s easy to get started
  • You control how much you spend each day
  • You can target highly-specific demographics (location, interests, relationship status etc)
  • It can yield fast results
  • It helps to increase brand awareness
  • A good ad or boosted post can go viral
  • Google Ads for ecommerce

Google is the world’s most popular search engine by far. If you have an online store, you want it to rank on the first page of Google. You can achieve this organically, or you can buy ads for your store to appear at the top of the page for the keywords you want to rank for. Google ads are a good option for the following reasons:

  • You can achieve great exposure in search results
  • It’s the largest advertising platform in the world (Google search, Youtube, Gmail)
  • You can target highly-specific demographics (location, language, device etc.)
  • Maximize exposure to your ads with high volume keywords related to your niche
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a huge part of customer acquisition for retail brands in recent years. It could play an important part of any customer acquisition strategy in 2022. It can be particularly effective if you are in a trendy niche. The cost of influencer marketing depends on how famous the influencer is. A post from an account with millions of subscribers might cost several hundred thousand dollars, while a post from an influencer with a few thousand followers might only cost a few hundred dollars.

Free advertising for slow results

  • Blog or Forum Marketing

This involves finding blogs or forums that are related to your product/niche and actively participating in discussions. By positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and including a link to your website, you can increase traffic and acquire new customers.

  • Content Marketing

This most commonly takes the form of a blog on your store website, a Youtube channel, trendy Instagram posts, or posts on Twitter. Content marketing is meant to involve the creation of valuable content that helps to build an audience that you can then convert into customers. It’s not as explicit as advertising and should always be more about serving your audience than your brand.

Lots of successful ecommerce stores have a blog section on their website nowadays.

  • Social Media Marketing

Some channels to think about are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. It’s almost a given these days that businesses and organizations are on at least one of these platforms. Pick one and be consistent and eventually, you’ll build a following, which you can then convert into customers.

  • Email Marketing

Building an email list is still one of the most effective ways of acquiring customers. You need a way of capturing email addresses, such as a request to sign-up at checkout, or an offer or competition that requires an email address. Once you have a decent list of email addresses you have a way of reaching a large group of people regularly, for free.

Now, you’re fully prepared to make your dreams come true. We hope this article will let you avoid the major problems dropshipping entrepreneurs face while starting their business. We are looking forward to your feedback and are always eager to reply!

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How We Achieved Profit Margin 66% Bigger Than The Product Cost [Case Study]

Did you know that you can get more profit from a single order? Keep reading to learn how to increase profit margin by improving the average order value in your online store.

As an entrepreneur, you should try to improve your profits whenever possible, but how do you do that?

You could increase your prices, which may seem to be an obvious solution, but in this case, you may lose to competitors who offer similar goods. You could invest more in advertising, but after reaching a certain level, the ROI drops significantly.

One of the most efficient and affordable ways to increase profit margin is to improve your average order value.

Look at the screenshot below.

Learn how to increase profit margin of your online store by improving the average order value

The “Items” column indicates the number of orders we got. After a little math, we get the average order value on these types of offer equaling to $39.7.

However, the price for this product is $24. How did we do that? By increasing the average order value.

What is an average order value?

Average order value (AOV) is the amount of money business owners make per each order placed by a customer.

For example, let’s assume my store got 5 orders in the past week. The value of these orders equaled $50, $45, $25, $60 and $14. To know the average order value, I need to put these numbers together and divide the sum by the number of orders.

It means the average revenue of each order placed with my online store is $38.8.

Note that the number of orders is not the same as the number of customers. One and the same client can buy twice from me, and that’ll be two orders. The term AOV refers to how much people usually spend on one purchase at your store. Most ecommerce businesses track this metric on a monthly basis to understand clients’ purchasing habits.

How to increase profit margin by improving AOV?

By improving your average order value, you can increase profit margin since you save up on a variety of expenditures.

1. Cost of shipment

If you dropship from AliExpress, you want to find sellers that provide either free shipment options or ePacket delivery which is fast and relatively cheap. But money is still money, right?

Let’s suppose I get 10 orders from 10 different people. Each time, I’ll have to pay for the shipment. But what if these 10 orders come from 5 customers, with each purchasing two items? In this case, I’ll have to pay for delivery of only 5 packages.

2. Cost of conversion

All ecommerce businesses have to attract customers from social media, Google search and other channels, but in most cases, you have to pay for it. The amount of money one spends on converting people into buyers is called the cost of conversion.

For the dropshipping business, it is typical to attract customers by advertising a product on Facebook or Instagram. So, whenever somebody clicks on your ad, visits the site and buys a product, you want him or her to buy as many as possible – because you’ve already paid for this conversion and you don’t want to pay again.

Strictly speaking, you can’t actually cut the cost of conversion by increasing the average order value, but you make these conversions more profitable.

3. Cost of goods

Just like the price of raw materials determines the self-cost of manufactured products, the latter determines the minimum price you have to ask as a retailer. Being able to purchase goods at lower prices from your wholesaler allows you to either cut prices and become more competitive or increase profit margin.

How can you profit from higher order value from this perspective? You see, some stores on AliExpress sell products at a lower price in case you buy two or three at once. It means that when someone buys two or three of such items from your dropshipping store, you can buy them from the AliExpress seller at a lower price.

What we do to improve average order value and increase profit margin

Method #1: Discounts on larger orders

This method utilizes what I described previously. With each additional product a customer puts in the cart, the overall cost of the order gets down. Like this:

As you can see, customers can save up to $18. It may seem that offering such a discount is a bit too much, but don’t forget about all the things we save on. If somebody orders three jars, it’ll cost us only one conversion and one shipment.

Method #2: Bundling

Bundling is a marketing method of selling a group of different products at a lower price than they would cost separately. For example, along with the beewax, we also offer a microfiber towel:

Note that a towel is not just some random, unrelated product. Whoever is going to buy the beewax will also need a towel, so why not buy one right away? Additional products should always be somehow related to the main one.

To make the most tempting bundle offers, use AliDropship’s Product Bundle add-on. Learn how it works from this article.

Method #3: Sell what people need in quantities

When you buy a car, you probably need just one. Same goes for a sofa or a chair. But people tend to buy certain types of products in pairs or in threes, which can be used to increase profit margin. Take a look at this:

This car seat organizer is one of such goods. You can install a right-handed one or a left-handed one… or you can buy both.

Sometimes, whether a product can be sold in quantities depends on the culture buyers belong to. For example, our experience has proven that customers living in the United States tend to buy toilet brushes in pairs. The explanation is simple: they tend to have several bathrooms and prefer having identical brushes in each.

Method #4: Free shipment

This is a relatively standard way to increase the average order value widely used by restaurants with food delivery. The idea is to make shipping free if the order price exceeds a certain level.

Shipment on most of our stores is free, but some of our managers experiment with this method, and it works quite well.

Method #5: Paid shipment

This is the opposite of the previous method. You simply increase the shipment price (or set up one if previously you offered it for free) to increase your average order value. Although this isn’t the best possible way to increase profit margin (since there’s no benefits for buyers), it can still work.

Method #6: Cross-selling

Lastly, you can offer additional products to buyers after they purchased something from you. This method works best with items that cost less than the first purchase.

For example, if you ordered something at $50, it’s much easier to buy something that costs only $12 as well.

To cross-sell efficiently, use our Purchase Upsell add-on which is capable of creating tempting offers right after customer buy something to lead them back to the catalog.

Method #7: Be creative with your price increases

You may also want to consider implementing creative or psychological tactics when coming up with your prices, to make them more appealing. You can, for instance, incorporate tiered pricing into your strategy.

Method #8: Focus on customer retention

Acquiring customers is considerably more expensive than retaining them.

Customer retention is all about the ability of a business to keep customers on board over time that can also help improve your profit margins.

So, consider looking at your already existing customer base if you want to generate more revenue. Start by creating clear and reasonable expectations that your customers know from the very beginning of your relationship. Make sure that your customer service provides top notch customer support. Ask for your customers’ feedback and act on it.

Show them you care, and take any other possible steps to serve your customers while letting them know they’re getting serious mileage out of your offering.

Bottom line

Being able to improve the average order value allows you to adjust your pricing policy, create tempting offers, raise the total amount of sales, and ultimately increase your gross profit margin. By implementing these methods, one can make sales more efficient. Besides, unlike advertising or boosting posts on social media, they cost you almost nothing. At the same time, the results can surprise you.

Read more of our articles, case studies and success stories to learn more on how to increase profit margin. Or check out one of our ready solutions – Premium Dropshipping Stores. By purchasing one of them, you get a precise copy of AliDropship’s own websites with carefully selected goods and can try out these methods.

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How To Increase An Average Conversion Rate In Ecommerce?

What’s the average conversion rate in ecommerce? Which parameters to pay attention to when running an online store? How to boost a website conversion rate? This is what we are going to talk about right now!

When running an online store, there are several parameters that can help you track the results of your store’s performance. One of the most important is, definitely, the conversion rate.

Those business owners who want to make the most of their online stores pay attention to this indicator and look for ways to improve it. In fact, they are absolutely right.

But how to assess the average conversion rate of your online store? What is the average ecommerce conversion rate? And how to boost the average conversion rate of your ecommerce business?

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. So don’t miss a piece of exceptionally valuable information. We are starting right now!

What is the average conversion rate in ecommerce?

Many people are eager to know what a conversion rate is. So let’s figure it out!

In ecommerce, the conversion rate is a proportion of the total number of your website visitors to the number of those who meet targets (subscribe, add to cart, make a purchase, etc).

According to this definition, the conversion rate is the very indicator you can use to easily track the performance of your online store, realize how to adjust your business strategy, etc. But how to use it correctly?

When people start business journeys, most of them ask what a good conversion rate is. But that’s not as simple. Actually, a good conversion rate can vary depending on the scope of activities.

If we are talking about online stores, the average conversion rate is about 2-5% and it depends on the country you’re dealing with.

However, please note that the average conversion rate in ecommerce can provide you with limited data on your business performance.

You will be able to look at the tip of the iceberg, meanwhile, it can’t get you a deep understanding of what’s going on with your online store. What’s more, if there is a low conversion rate of your business, you will not be able to define the weak point and take measures in order to improve this indicator.

Well, would you like to learn more about the parameters you should definitely pay attention to? Is it interesting to you how to boost the conversion rate of your business? If so, stay tuned!

What is the mean conversion rate for ecommerce websites

There are significant differences in conversion rates across sectors, countries, devices, seasons, marketing strategies, and more.

It’s important to develop your key ecommerce performance indicators (KPIs) as well as to take into account market-specific nuances while analyzing the average ecommerce conversion rate of your industry.

If you’re comparing the conversion rate of your company with competitors, be mindful that no two businesses can have the same conversion rate. Several factors come into play – your targeted audience, geographic areas of business, products or services sold, penetration in the market, and more.

Conversion rate by various factors 


It can be particularly useful to come up with country-specific KPIs for segments of your customer base. It might also be necessary to amend KPIs based on industry benchmarks if you’re catering to a market with a lower overall conversion rate.

  • Ireland – 1.8%
  • United Kingdom – 1.8%
  • Spain 1.5 -%
  • Italy – 1.2%
  • Portugal – 1.3%
  • Germany – 1.4%
  • Netherlands – 1.4%
  • Belgium – 1.2%
  • Sweden – 1.3%
  • Norway – 1.3%
  • Denmark – 1.4%
  • United States – 1.4%

Knowing the country’s conversion rate serves well, especially when you’re planning to expand your market. This kind of information helps make necessary changes to your KPIs and prepare winning business strategies for sure wins.


Here’s the average conversion rate of various ecommerce industries:

  • Agricultural suppliers – 1.41%
  • Arts and crafts – 4.01%
  • Baby & child – 0.71%
  • Cars & motorcycles – 1.36%
  • Electrical & commercial equipment – 2.70%
  • Fashion clothing & accessories – 1.41%
  • Food & drink – 0.9%
  • Health & wellbeing – 2.02%
  • Home accessories – 1.45%
  • Kitchen & home appliances – 1.61%
  • Pet care – 2.51%


Besides the industry and country-specific conversion rates, differentiating the conversions based on traffic source is important. These figures help define channel-specific goals while helping to identify the best-performing and most promising traffic sources.

  • Direct – 2.2%
  • Email – 5.3%
  • Organic – 2.1%
  • Facebook – 0.9%
  • AdWords – 1.4%
  • Referral – 5.4%
  • Social – 0.7%


What you eventually set as an ecommerce conversion rate benchmark also depends on your products’ market and your target audience’s preferred device.

For instance:

The average desktop conversion rate is about 2.1% against 3.32 % on tablets.

In the US, the average conversion rate for ecommerce shoppers on their mobile phones is 2.2 percent, while that for desktop is higher at 3.7 percent.

Which parameters should you pay attention to?

We have already found out that the average conversion rate of your online store can reflect how efficiently it works. However, if this parameter is low, or you are looking for ways to improve it, you should assess several parameters of your ecommerce business.

Well, now we are going to talk about the most important parameters for you as an online store owner. So do you want to benefit from your business as much as you can? Then, this is exactly what you need!

Purchase rate

The purchase rate is a parameter that indicates the number of buyers to visitors.

In practice, this is one of the basic but most important metrics you should pay attention to. Due to the purchase rate, you can understand what percentage of people decide to buy something from you.

The conversion rate of online shoppers worldwide is 2.17 as of the third quarter of 2020.

average conversion rate in ecommerce

What should you know about the purchase rate? One of the most interesting and significant facts for you as a business owner is that there is a correlation between time on a website and purchases. As a rule, the longer your site visitors surf your website, the lower probability of making a purchase is.

What does this mean? If your website has a user-friendly interface, transparent offers, and so on, internet users are not supposed to think twice, but make an immediate purchase. But in case of some challenges when completing an order in your store or finding necessary information, they are likely to leave the website.

How to get a higher purchase rate of your online store?

  • Provide a user-friendly design
  • Make detailed single product pages
  • Reduce the number of clicks to complete the purchase

Add-to-cart rate

Add-to-cart rate is a parameter that indicates the percentage of visitors that clicked on the ‘Add to cart’ button.

It’s important for you to note that the add-to-cart rate doesn’t reflect the percentage of people who buy something from you, but only those who add something to their shopping cart. Consequently, the main goal of this metric is to show an intent to buy a product from your online store. And, in most cases, this indicator is a lot higher than the average purchase rate.

The average add-to-cart rate in the United Kingdom is about 16%.

average add-to-cart rate

So we believe it’s not necessary to tell you that the add-to-cart rate has a direct impact on the purchase one? The more people add something to their shopping cart, the more potential customers finally complete the purchase.

And since this metric is essential for your business, let’s figure out how to boost the add-to-cart rate.

  • Create urgent single-product pages
  • Highlight the ‘Add to cart’ button
  • Avoid all the website elements that can distract a visitor from making a purchase

Abandonment cart rate

The abandonment cart rate is an indicator that tells you how many people add something to the shopping cart, but later abandon the idea to complete the purchase.

In 2020, the abandonment cart rate was about 69%.

average conversion rate in ecommerce

So how to work with this metric? In case of the low abandonment cart rate, it’s necessary to understand at what stage website visitors leave your online store. In fact, there can be lots of them.

For example, it can seem to the visitors that it’s quite challenging to complete the purchase in your store, or your checkout does not inspire confidence, etc.

Then, how to increase the abandonment cart rate?

  • Provide your potential customers with a simple and short process of completing the purchase
  • Place trust banners at the checkout
  • Use timers that create a sense of urgency

The average conversion rate in ecommerce: final thoughts

As a business owner, if you want to succeed with your online store, you should definitely track its performance.

First of all, it’s a good idea to check the purchase conversion rate. It can provide you with basic data on how efficient your online store is.

However, if this metric doesn’t seem high enough to you, it’s high time to further analyze your store activity and look at more specific parameters: add-to-cart rate, abandonment cart rate, etc. According to them, it will be a lot easier for you to find a weak point and take measures in order to make the most of your online store.

Now you know well what the average conversion rate in ecommerce is and which particular metrics to pay attention to when assessing your business performance. And if you don’t have your own profitable business yet, it’s high time to start your dropshipping journey with AliDropship!

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Dropshipping Process: How To Build Your Own Ecommerce Empire From Home

Are you sick of your 9-to-5 job? Do you need a stable source of high income? Are you eager to start your own business, but you don’t have seed capital? Take a look at dropshipping process and see how easy you can handle it even as a newcomer!

Why might you become interested in the dropshipping process?

what dropshipping process look like

Only some decades ago, a 9-to-5 job seemed to be the only way to make money and achieve something. That’s why people left their strength on such workplaces. What’s more, many of them had several jobs.

You’d think that if you don’t want to go to a regular job, you can start your own business. In fact, this is a pretty good idea! However, in most cases, it’s not that simple.

Starting your business often requires at least seed capital. And due to this very reason, most people have to give up this idea and get back to their regular jobs.

Fortunately, there is a way out for them now – starting a dropshipping business!

Dropshipping process: how does it work?

how dropshipping works

First of all, let’s talk about what dropshipping means.

Dropshipping is a business model which means that you resell the products at low retail prices in your online store on a long-term basis.

Dropshipping is a business model which means that you resell the products at low retail prices in your online store on a long-term basis.

And how does this model differ from a regular offline store? Actually, it differs a lot.

Dropshipping implies that you don’t have to keep products in stock. Great, isn’t it?

So what does the dropshipping process look like?

1) You create an online store and fill this website up with products from reliable suppliers.

2) When a customer orders something from your store, you contact your supplier and order the particular product for your customer from the supplier.

That’s it! The difference between your and your supplier’s prices is your profit!

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about the dropshipping process and making money with it.

The question remains, how to choose a dropshipping supplier?

How to choose a supplier for your dropshipping business?

Depending on what supplier you choose to deal with will determine your path to success in your dropshipping process. So, you need to do your due diligence in the selection phase.

When you’re setting everything up, you should arrange everything to go through the manufacturer of the products. The fewer middlemen are included in the process, the bigger your profits will be.

Fortunately, by dealing with a supplier on AliExpress, you can find a reliable manufacturer that will offer high-quality products at low prices.

Looking for a supplier to target the US market? Have you heard of Sellvia? Sellvia is a groundbreaking ecommerce ecosystem. It’s aimed at covering plenty of online business areas – from product sourcing, storing, and packaging to branding and promotion.So, what exactly should you take into account when choosing a dropshipping supplier?

  • The store rating

In the online space, it is considerably more difficult to hide all the flaws an online supplier has, especially on such a major marketplace as AliExpress.

If an online store has a poor reputation on the Internet, it is widely known by internet users. So, first and foremost, look at the supplier’s reputation and store rating.

  • How long has the supplier been active

Reputation is built over time, so, the longer the supplier has been doing business supplying products, the more reliable he appears to be.

The combination of quality products and the longevity of the supplier should instill more confidence in the choice.

  • The number of followers/subscribers

Who would you trust more, a seller with five thousand followers or a seller with a few hundred?

It’s obvious, but still should be mentioned that the more followers/subscribers an online supplier has, the more trustworthy he is.

  • The feedback

If you’re dealing with a supplier from a major marketplace, such as AliExpress, there’s usually a feedback section. There you can thoroughly examine what have the customers have to say about the suppliers’ products and services.

  • The quality of visuals

The quality of the visual materials can tell a lot about the services of a dropshipping supplier. If the supplier’s product offering includes great product pictures then you’re on the right track.

In addition, if they have great photos, images, and even videos of the products, you can include them in your future marketing campaigns.

How do you benefit from a well-managed dropshipping process?

start business without investment

In practice, dropshipping has lots of benefits when compared with typical business models. To prove the point, let’s name the most important ones.

So, if you want to start your business, dropshipping is going to be a perfect decision because it is characterized by the following:

1) Requires no investments

Don’t you have enough money to start your business? Here is good news for you: dropshipping doesn’t require start-up capital because due to this business model you don’t have to keep items in stock. What’s more, you don’t risk anything since you don’t pay for products in advance, but only after a potential customer makes a purchase in your online store.

2) Requires no experience

Don’t you know anything about ecommerce? Haven’t you created an ecommerce store before? In fact, it absolutely doesn’t matter! AliDropship is happy to provide you with a free ultimate guide on how to start a dropshipping business! What’s more, you can order a custom dropshipping store or an established store.

3) Lets you make all the decisions

Are you tired of having a boss? Does it seem to you that you are ready to take responsibility for all the decisions? Due to the dropshipping business model, you will forget about bureaucracy! It’s only you who determines your business direction.

4) Requires no extra staff besides you

Have you ever heard the proverb ‘Self-help is the best help’? In dropshipping, you don’t need extra people to manage your ecommerce store, fulfill orders, provide customer support service, etc. Due to the high level of dropshipping automation, you have an opportunity to have your business journey with ease!

5) Can be combined with a regular job

Don’t you want to quit your 9-to-5 job? So you will be glad to know that dropshipping doesn’t require a lot of time, so you can easily combine your regular job and ecommerce business. If your online store still takes you a lot of time, AliDropship is ready to provide you with products and services with significantly facilitate your business. So you can get the AliDropship plugin, services, add-ons, etc.

6) Puts no limits on your profit

In fact, nothing is able to limit your business. You can expand the product range, increase the number of your online stores, etc. You can even find new suppliers with lower prices to make your supply chain more profitable for you.

7) Has lots of ways to promote

If you think that it is going to be challenging to promote your online stores, it’s definitely not true. In practice, your business will have lots of promotion ways. You can advertise it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Speaking about Instagram, you may use Instagram shoutouts since it can be a lot more profitable for you. By the way, if you have no opportunity to spend time on advertising, you may use Facebook & Instagram ads service.

As you can see, a dropshipping business model has lots of advantages, let you easily make money without leaving your place of comfort, and doesn’t require you to quit your regular job. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Dropshipping process: how to start a profitable ecommerce business from home – a step-by-step guide

start ecommerce business

1) Perform business analysis

First of all, it’s necessary to analyze the market you’re going to come in. Then, choose a niche that seems the most promising for you. Please, don’t forget that it would be a great idea to start a business that is more than familiar to you. In that case, you are more likely to succeed in your ecommerce journey since you know what you provide your customers with.

After you have chosen a niche, it’s high time to look for reliable suppliers and high-quality products in order to add them to your online store. Fortunately, AliDropship is ready to give you an irreplaceable dropshipping tool – AliDropship Insights which lets you easily find trusted suppliers, promising products, etc. By the way, this database includes several thousand top-performing items for you to dropship. And it’s absolutely free!

When performing a business analysis, it’s essential to write a dropshipping business plan. You need to find your target audience, determine the ways to stand out from other online stores, and so on.

So pay as much attention as possible to this step, and this will double your chances of success!

2) Create a website for your online store

At this stage, you have already analyzed the market and prepared a business plan. So it’s time to create a website for your online store! What should a newcomer know about this?

At first, you need to buy a domain name and hosting. If you want to evaluate how much a particular domain name will cost, you can go to GoDaddy and feel free to choose the name you like more. That’s clear, but what about hosting? Actually, you need to get hosting in order to make your website visible to Internet users.

Creating an online store is not a challenging task. However, if you don’t want to deal with any technicalities, you may order a custom store from a team of AliDropship experts. They will do their best to build an online store in accordance with your preferences.

Moreover, if you don’t want to spend your free time customizing your store and so on, now you have a chance to purchase established stores with income. These are online stores that have been working for a particular period of time and bring money to their owners.

By the way, when thinking of an ecommerce business, some users want to get a WooCommerce online store. This is going to be a bit complex to build a store on Woo, though it can give you several benefits.

Don’t forget that you need to apply a theme to your online store. So in order to get a theme for your store, you can also go visit AliDropship because we are glad to present to you our wide variety of themes. On that page, you can also find themes for WooCommerce stores.

Well, as soon as you have created your online store, you can start filling it up with products.

3) Promote your store

Then, your store is actually ready. Some potential customers visited your website and even made several purchases. However, if you want to make a fortune with dropshipping, you need to generate leads. So think of how to promote your online store!

In fact, dropshipping lets you use almost any promotional channels you want. So you can create accounts for your online store on the most promising social media platforms. Then, consider creating a blog on your website. An affiliate program is also going to be extremely profitable too in terms of generating leads.

And so on, and so forth! There are so many ways to make your business more profitable!

4) Expand your business

If you have successfully started your online business, and this business model brings you money, what should you do next? Well, nothing but expand your business!

In fact, you don’t have any limits for your business at all. Does your online store work great and serve as a stable source of high income for you? So, try to extend your product list, think of related niches, etc. Finally, create one more store!

Dropshipping FAQ’s for beginners

  • Is the dropshipping process legal?

Yes, dropshipping is completely legal. However, dropshippers should keep in mind the suppliers they are dealing with, and pay attention to various trademarks and intellectual property.

  • Is dropshipping profitable?

Dropshipping is definitely profitable. However, just like any other business it all depends on a number of factors.

It doesn’t require a lot of investments to get started in dropshipping. All you need to do is find high-quality products, a reliable supplier, an online store where you can showcase your products, and that’s basically it. Once you have all of that, you simply need to establish an advertising strategy to showcase your products on various online platforms.

  • How do I create an online store?

Starting a dropshipping business you obviously require an online store. This ponders the question of how does one creates an online store? Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn any specific skills or have any background knowledge.

Now you can find lots of online solutions that offer their services to create an online store. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find this. AliDropship offers to create a top-notch online store made specifically for you.

Final thoughts

benefit from dropshipping process

As you can see, starting a dropshipping business is going to be a perfect decision for those who wish to make a fortune with his own ecommerce business. Just imagine that you have an opportunity to make money online without leaving your place of comfort.

What’s more, with dropshipping, you can work from anywhere in the world. And it’s coupled with no investments, no extra staff, and so on. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

When thinking of starting a dropshipping business, you should remember that it doesn’t require any special skills or experience in ecommerce. Meanwhile, this business can provide you with a high-profit margin.

Finally, you will be engaged in meaningful work. You are to provide people from all over the world with an opportunity to purchase high-quality goods at wholesale prices – that is extremely low if compared with the retail ones in an offline store.

So, if you want to build your own financial empire, this is high time to start a dropshipping business! And AliDropship is going to help you make your business journey as convenient and profitable as possible!

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How To Reduce Ecommerce Website Cost And Launch An Online Business For $0

Have you ever googled how much does it cost to start an online business? You’ve probably read that an ecommerce website cost can vary from $5,000 to $55,000. But is there a way to reduce these startup expenses somehow?

I have to admit: to me, these numbers are pretty scary.

That’s why I’d love to share a couple of tips on reducing the development costs with no damage to the store functionality and appearance!

Shall we begin?

What are the 100% must-haves that an ecommerce website cost needs to cover?

What are the 100% must-haves that an ecommerce website cost needs to cover?

For a start, let’s first of all make a list of the essential website elements. Here, we will talk about the absolute basics. Without this stuff, your dropshipping store won’t operate at all, or will work in a really bad and inefficient way.

  • Hosting cost

Without hosting, you can’t make your website data visible to Internet users. Simply speaking, no one will be able to see and access your store, which obviously means that your business won’t exist.

So, an inevitable expense that you will have as a website owner is a hosting fee. It is paid every year, and it depends on the hosting provider and the volume of data you need to process. The hosting plans provided by AliDropship, for example, vary from $48 per year to $220 per year.

  • Domain name

Domain is the main part of your store’s URL address: similarly to a real-life building, a website doesn’t exist in a void. The address identifies the exact location of a site, and gives Internet users the opportunity to find and access it.

The amount of payment for a domain can also vary greatly: it depends on the overall domain appeal and its probable demand. Plus, the registrars (the services selling domain names) set their own prices for the available domains even though they all have the same database.

  • CMS

CMS, or a content management system, is a platform that forms the basis of your website. Simply speaking, it defines the appearance, layout, and functionality of your store.

Sometimes, inexperienced dropshipping newcomers register within specialized website building platforms. They use their capacity to create a store within this particular exommerce system. In this case, they play by the rules of this service and never become 100% owners of their stores. Technically, these sites belong to this platform which has the right to put specific limits on the entrepreneurs’ activity.

As an alternative, if you want to run a totally independent business, you can either install an already existing CMS on your site (there even exist awesome free options like WordPress), or develop a completely new one. Obviously, the development will require a solid technical background or a considerable sum of money to pay to skilled developers.

  • Website planning and development

So, you have a domain, a hosting, and a CMS. In other words, you have already built the ultimately necessary foundation for your future dropshipping business.

Still, at this moment, it is not a store yet: it is just an empty shell of a website that you need to fill with the necessary content.

There are lots of things to do at this stage as you need to:

  • Install a theme that defines the visual side of your store
  • Create a product base
  • Structure the items into convenient categories
  • Make information-rich pages like Terms and Conditions
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Make sure that the site is responsive enough to be correctly displayed on any type of device
  • Optimize the site for search engines, etc.

If you’re going to outsource these tasks, don’t forget to include them in your list of future expenses, or take your time to learn how to do it all yourself.

What should preferably be included in an ecommerce website cost as well?

What should preferably be included in an ecommerce website cost as an addition?

Now, let’s talk about the online store elements that are desirable, but not obligatory. Without them, your store will work anyway, but with their help, you can achieve much greater results.

  • Good-looking product pages

Captivating product photos and descriptions don’t simply give your store an attractive appearance. They inspire visitors’ trust, stimulate more active shopping, and improve your store rankings in Google search results.

  • Branding elements

Various design elements, such as logos and promotional banners placed within your online store, play a crucial role in your brand image creation. They make it easier for your current and prospective buyers to associate themselves with the brand message, remember your store, and differentiate it from competitors’ sites.

  • Marketing tools

By integrating social networks’ widgets on your website, you provide your store visitors with highly valuable social proof. Therefore, you make it easier for your potential buyers to make up their minds and place their orders more quickly.

By setting up email notifications, you get the opportunity to reach your buyers via emails and notify them about the latest changes in their orders’ status.

These and other marketing-related additions to your site can radically change the principles of the buyer-to-seller communication, and heavily improve your conversion rate. So, if you want to enjoy a higher volume of profit, you should definitely give them a try.

  • Support

High-quality maintenance is a really important aspect of your store functioning. In order to make your store secure and protect it from the actions of hackers and malware, you should at least update all the tech pieces (CMS, themes, plugins, extensions, etc.) as soon as their newest versions get announced, and create backup copies of your website to get back to them if something happens to your store.

How to cut down an ecommerce website cost?

How to cut down an ecommerce website cost?

Even with such a long list of necessary and desired elements, a dropshipping store can still be quite inexpensive to launch. Here are some tips for you to consider!

  • Don’t overpay for the domain

As I have already mentioned it, domain names can be bought from several different providers, and each of these services has their own pricing strategy. Read this article to learn more about the most reliable registrars, and to find out how to scan them in a smart way when you’re looking for a specific name.

  • Don’t overpay for the CMS

Certainly, you want your store to be awesome, super functional, and unique in its appearance. Still, it doesn’t mean that you need to pay extreme sums of money for custom development. Instead, use WordPress as your core platform (read here why this free CMS is your #1 choice), and complement it with any additional plugins and extensions at your choice.

  • Read what you’re buying

If you ever decide to launch your store on a platform provided by a website building service (it’s your choice, after all), read it super carefully what exactly you’re agreeing on. Does it require a one-time payment or a recurring monthly/yearly fee? Can the amount of these payments change depending on the number of orders you process or the volume of profit you get? Will you need this platform owner’s approval for any of your business actions? Can the platform’s owner coordinate your product choice and promotional activities?

  • Check what’s included in the package deals’ cost

Again, when ordering a service from an external specialist, read it twice what you will get for your money, and try to evaluate how beneficial this purchase will be for you. For example, the already mentioned hosting solution from AliDropship doesn’t include a domain price (which is fairly logical because no one can predict how much will YOUR domain cost), but, at the same time, it goes with a free SSL certificate. Simply speaking, this certificate is visually displayed on your website, and proves that this store guarantees the security of the buyers’ payments processed on this site. Do you think it is a valuable addition to your store?

Zero ecommerce website cost: how to get an online store for $0?

Zero ecommerce website cost: how to get an online store for $0?

Did you know that’s possible?

For $0, you can get your ready-to-run online business that includes:

  • The perfect website

Made for you exclusively in up to 1 business day, it has everything: payment gateways, catchy product pages, domain, hosting,… The site is tailored to your specific business goals and is professionally set up by a team that has already built thousands dropshipping stores for entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Products ready to sell

Already stocked in a Fulfillment Center in California, these products will reach any US address in 1-3 business days! Their info is on your website already — no need to create product catalog from scratch! — so you can just go straight to selling.

  • Profitable ads

Launch your winning campaigns in a click! No more guesswork and costly ad experiments: use the ad materials already proven to sell! These are made for you by a digital marketers’ team, and are free to use.

  • User manuals and marketing roadmaps

There’s no need to spend months and years trying to learn how this business works and how to make the most of it. With the ready tutorials and webinars that go together with your store, you’ll be running a successful online business in no time.

  • Lifelong support

Your personal manager’s assistance is part of the deal, too! You can count on professional guidance at any step of your business journey.

A full-scale, well-operating online business that doesn’t cost you a penny! Isn’t that a generous offering to explore?

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your online business up and running. It’s possible to cut your ecommerce website cost down to zero — and start your online business for $0! Wouldn’t you love to give it a try?

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My First Dropshipping Order: 9 Practical Tips To Manage It Properly

Oh, you’ve got your first dropshipping order! Somebody visited your store and bought one or many of your great products. All your efforts really paid off and you have every right to be proud of yourself!

The question is: what’s next?

What do you have to do after making your first sale?

Here are our 9 tips that will help you process your first dropshipping order and build a positive image of your ecommerce store.


#1 Check all the shipping details

First of all, we strongly advise you to check the information your customers write before you start filling in the contact form.

Sometimes they make mistakes when writing the names of their countries or cities, add unnecessary information or forget to mention some important things.

In this case, you will have to edit their personal details on your own or get in touch with this customer to receive more information. Although it takes you some time, you’ll have less problems in the future.

#2 Make sure that you don’t deal with frauds

We often face buyers who place lots of orders at once and pay for their purchases by different credit cards or PayPal accounts. These buyers are most likely frauds who got access to other people’s credit cards.

We recommend you not to process such orders because they may easily become your bad headache in a while. To make sure that your customers are not frauds, ask them to send you the photo of the last four digits of their card numbers.

As a rule, fair customers send photos without any trouble, whereas frauds stop answering emails or block your messages. In this case, it’s better to give these people a full refund and to forget about them, even if it’s been your first dropshipping order.

#3 Don’t procrastinate to process the dropshipping order!

After getting your first order you’re most likely over the moon and want to share your excitement with everyone in the world.

I can totally understand your feelings and how happy you are, but you actually don’t have a minute to lose!

AliExpress suppliers need some time to process your dropshipping order and send the product. Usually, it takes them up to 7 days in the off-season and more than 7 days during the holiday season.

So if you dawdle over your order, you’ll have a great chance that it won’t be shipped in time. As a result, you may get lots of negative emails or reviews from your customers and a bad reputation 🙁

Thus, get your skates on and start processing your first dropshipping order right after you make sure everything is fine with it!

#4 Check your order fulfillment settings

AliDropship Plugin allows you to make the process of order fulfillment automated. However, you need to make sure that these options are activated.

Go to your WordPress admin panel, choose the AliExpress button and click on Settings. You will see the following window.

If you want your products to be processed automatically, you need to activate the following options:

  • Mark orders as “Processed”
  • Mark orders as “Shipped”

They will automatically change the status of your dropshipping orders, so you’ll have more time to focus on developing your marketing strategy or any other important things for your dropshipping business.

For example, once you placed an order on AliExpress, the plugin changes the status of your order from “Paid” to “Processed”. After getting the Tracking ID, it will automatically change the status from “Processed” to “Shipped”.

#5 Check if you registered with a mailing service

To send your customers email notifications when they place orders on your store or when you change the order status, you need to be registered with a mailing service.

AliDropship plugin supports the most popular mailing services, the list of which you can find in our knowledge base.

Choose the service you like the most, create an account and follow our instructions on how to connect this account with your plugin. We have detailed articles on it in our knowledge base, so feel free to read them.

#6 Think up a message for your suppliers

The AliDropship plugin has a great feature that allows you to leave a message for your supplier. It will be sent automatically when placing an order on AliExpress.

In this message, you can write your suppliers that you’re doing dropshipping and ask them not to add any promotional materials to your orders or not to mention their return address on the package.

Thus, you will have fewer chances to be associated with AliExpress.

#7 Think up message templates for your clients

Make sure that you have created message templates that your clients will get after changing the status of their orders.

For your customers, it’s very important to know what happens to their orders – whether they are on their way or stuck in somewhere.

If you don’t notify people, you will have a great chance to get tons of emails, which include questions and hateful comments.

That’s why we recommend you to create message templates in advance to automatically notify your buyers of the order progress. It’s a guaranteed way to make your dropshipping journey more pleasant both for you and for your customers!

#8 Don’t forget to regularly track your traffic

It may happen that your first dropshipping order is placed by a person who doesn’t actually represent your target audience.

For example, an old woman from Brazil bought an expensive high tech gadget from your store.

Of course, this woman can be interested in science and tech devices but it doesn’t mean that all old women in Brazil are keen on buying these things. If you start advertising on this audience, you’ll have a great chance to go out of business.

That’s why you need to regularly monitor your website’s visitors and buyers to get a sense of them.

#9 Constantly improve your website and refresh your marketing strategy

As you know, having a strong marketing campaign is a key to success in dropshipping business. If you can’t get your first dropshipping order, it most likely means that you do something wrong.

Make sure that your niche is popular and you offer your clients the best products. Check if your website is unique or looks professional enough to attract visitors and make them buy from you. Use new marketing tricks and do SEO to improve your website’s performance and refresh your marketing strategy.

Don’t worry: your efforts will be paid off and you will definitely get results!

Has your store already got its first dropshipping order? How were you feeling at that moment? Leave your answers in the comments section below!

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100% Business Independence In Ecommerce: Why Is It Vital And How To Achieve It?

Have you always dreamed of becoming an independent entrepreneur? What’s the key to choosing the right solutions that would help you make it happen? We’re discussing these life-changing questions today!

Here’s the thing. We’re living in a dynamic, ever-changing, fast-paced world where everyone wants the best for themselves and their families.

People all over the world are looking for safe and proven ways to secure a higher quality of life for their loved ones. Of course, they have lots of questions in front of them.

What can they really do to achieve the desired financial independence? Which business (and life) lessons can they learn from other beginner entrepreneurs? Where should they search for the options, answers, and guidance?

Comparing the alternatives and assessing their own resources, these explorers commonly choose to start some kind of an ecommerce business – and here is why.

Why are ecommerce models suitable for an independent entrepreneur?

Indeed, there are numerous reasons for internet users all over the globe to view ecommerce enterprises as their way to financial independence – and, in fact, business freedom. Here’s just a handful of benefits and opportunities that online businesses offer to newcomers:

  • Easy start

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses require huge time and money investments, as you can imagine. But when you’re starting an ecommerce venture, you don’t need to buy and stock products, rent facilities, hire staff, etc. In other words, your startup costs are much lower.

Besides, it’s not always even necessary to have background knowledge or first-hand experience in the area. Thanks to free video tutorials and detailed step-by-step instructions, any newcomer to ecommerce can make first guided steps to launching a potentially successful business.

  • Semi-automatic maintenance

What if a person with a regular 9 to 5 job wants to try out some business model? In fact, it won’t be challenging to dedicate a couple of hours per day to deal with routine ecommerce tasks. With the right software at hand, even work-at-home moms and full-time business owners manage their online stores successfully. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for wage workers to become self-employed as independent entrepreneurs and make their living thanks to the newly launched online businesses.

  • Unlimited growth perspectives

That’s exactly the thing that attracts so many people to the exciting world of ecommerce. Realizing that ecommerce lets them basically be their own bosses, they freely launch and run multiple online stores, target various customer segments, and even sell their enterprises to new owners at their own will.

But do all online business models allow 100% business ownership to an independent entrepreneur?

We can’t speak for everyone – but there’s at least one specific online business type we fully trust 😉

Tips for independent entrepreneurs

So, by now you have an understanding of what it means to be an independent entrepreneur. But, where do you go from here?

To make sure you won’t get lost on your entrepreneurial path we’ve prepared a list of tips for independent entrepreneurs.

  • Set goals (daily, weekly, annual)

Since you’re an independent entrepreneur, most likely you won’t have anyone to answer to, besides yourself. So, in order to grow your business, you must set short, medium, and long-term goals.

This is a highly productive practical activity that’s incorporated by many modern workplaces to ensure their workers grow and develop as professionals.

So, to set effective goals, look over your previous achievements and failures in the past (for example in the previous year) and set some realistic goals within a specific time frame i.e. within 12 months. For example, increase your revenue by 10%, or grow your number of customers by a certain percentage. Shorter-term goals can be defined by something smaller, for example, sending out a set number of emails, launching a specific set of ad campaigns, etc. Daily goals can be a set of objectives written down as a schedule: “9 am to 11 am: Come up with 10 post ideas for the next 5 days”, or “1 pm to 4 pm: write a sequence of emails”.

  • Promote your business

Make sure to let everyone know about you by creating a social media profile. Be sure to separate your personal account from the one you’re going to promote. Let your personal account be the place for your personal posts, and keep the updates about your business on your business profile.

For many independent entrepreneurs, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be the perfect place for their promotional activities.

However, depending on your specialty, other social media platforms will work as well. For instance, if your business specifies on some kind of visual features, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will also work well.

If you really want to showcase your business to the fullest and possess a promotional budget – you can try paid search advertising. These ads are typically sold through a bidding process and the cost varies depending on the competition of your niche market.

  • Invest in a high-quality website

If you’re an independent entrepreneur, you want to separate yourself from the competition, and having a high-quality website should be one of your top priorities.

Your website should be user-friendly easy to navigate. After all, you don’t want your customers getting lost in your store and simply closing the tab. They should understand what they need to do to go to a certain page in a blink of an eye.

If you don’t have a website or the necessary skills to build one, you can always turn to the services of third-party developers or freelancers.

However, there is also another option. You can simply click here and get your own online store created by professionals according to your preferences.

But, what if you want to take a step even further. What if there was a way for you to have all the ecommerce and marketing features you need to seamlessly start and grow your business in one spot? Achieve your financial independence with Sellvia! Access to a lucrative market, top-selling products, lightning-fast delivery, and a dream online store. Sounds like a recipe for success. 

7 reasons for an independent entrepreneur to choose dropshipping with AliDropship

Around the globe, AliDropship is chosen by thousands of people regardless of their level of technical knowledge and previous experience in digital marketing. To them, it’s beginner-friendly software that can turn even a basic blog into a fully functional dropshipping store. Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Making entrepreneurs’ life so much easier, AliDropship solutions are famous for their outstanding features.

AliDropship solutions guarantee 100% business ownership and the owners’ full ecommerce independence.

Here’s where it shows!

#1 Transactional/regular fees

Whether you’re buying the plugin to create your store by yourself or are ordering a ready-made store from the team, you only need to pay once. That’s right: all AliDropship offers, including services and themes, require a one-time payment only.

There are no monthly or yearly fees to pay for the right to use your AliDropship solution. Plus, no matter how many orders you processed in your store, how much money you made with it, or how many new products you imported, you won’t be charged anything. Isn’t that a nice contrast to the ecommerce solutions requiring transactional and operational fees?

#2 Niche choice

If you need any help while choosing the right niche for your dropshipping store, the AliDropship team is there for you. You can use our free Dropshipping Niche Guide and Niche Research Tool, check out the most profitable niches’ selection, and even get free access to our database of handpicked niches with the highest potential.

When you order a custom store, your personal manager advises you on the most promising niches for you to take. Nevertheless, the ultimate choice is always up to you. Our goal is to give you a range of options and never limit you in your business decisions.

#3 Products choice

The same principle is true for the way you choose products to add to your store. Running a business powered by AliDropship, you are free to import any amount of any items at any moment. Again, the decision is all yours!

Of course, we’re providing guidance to anyone who needs it. There is a database of professionally pre-edited products we created for you, guidelines on choosing the most dropshipping-friendly items, and numerous trending products selections to check out. Still, we’re not commanding you what to sell: you’re your own boss!

#4 Sales volume

We are always encouraged and excited to receive great news from our customers who keep opening new dropshipping stores and enjoy overwhelming profit levels.

However, we don’t track our clients’ business performance on purpose. There is simply no reason for us to do this! Indeed, we don’t charge sales fees and don’t oblige our users to meet any ‘sales targets’. Whether you just made your first sale ever or have been in this business for years, it’s fine with us: every entrepreneur develops their venture at their comfortable speed.

#5 Business logistics and partners’ choice

Different types of online businesses require different ways of organizing the working process. For example, in some types of ecommerce, entrepreneurs need to buy products in advance, stock them in a secure and organized location, and ship them to customers by their own effort.

To deal with these tasks, business owners commonly partner with different service providers. One of the programs making these entrepreneurs’ life easier is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It lets entrepreneurs store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and delegate packing and shipping tasks to Amazon employees.

However, since recently, FBA has been partially suspended. As a measure to help battle the global coronavirus outbreak, Amazon announced it is now prioritizing shipment of household items, medical supplies, and essential goods highly demanded by quarantined online shoppers worldwide. Unfortunately, this socially responsible measure means that FBA members and retail vendors can’t create new inbound shipments until further notice. Obviously, it takes a toll on their businesses.

When you’re running a dropshipping store, you have a much higher level of independence while organizing your business procedures. Still, you rely on multiple partners who help your website function. Hosting providers help your website stay connected to the internet, payment providers accept and process money transfers made by your clients, and suppliers manufacture products and arrange their delivery.

However, with a dropshipping store based on AliDropship solutions, you don’t have any restrictions or obligations when it comes to your choice of partners. We offer you a business-friendly hosting solution, a range of globally accepted payment gateways to connect to your website, and a free database of trusted AliExpress suppliers to import products from. Still, the choice is all yours and no one is forcing you to take one specific, ‘dictated’ option only.

#6 Advertising strategies

Promoting your store is absolutely necessary if you want it to be visible on Google, to attract visitors, and to generate sales.

We have detailed recommendations on planning your advertising expenses depending on your budget, and can share numerous free marketing tips and case studies we’re experienced ourselves. Besides, you can request our expert assistance if necessary and order any of the marketing services tailored to your business individually.

And whether you’re promoting your store by yourself or with someone else’s help, it’s fine! We don’t monitor our clients’ independent marketing campaigns and don’t ban or restrict them in any way. You’re the one to decide what to write and show in your ad, where to place it, and which audience to target. It’s your business, and we put no limits on its presentation.

#7 Business growth strategies

What will you do to your AliDropship store after you launch and try it? Will you start promoting it on social media and elsewhere, encouraging more and more people to visit? Or, will you redesign and rebrand the store, filling it with a completely new product range? Maybe, you’ll even resell it for profit in some time and start a new store in another niche?

We don’t know, honestly. 😉 But whatever decision you make, we’ll support you – and help you with it if you want us to.

As a 100% owner of your AliDropship business, you are free to keep, grow, and use it in any way you fancy. Acting as an independent entrepreneur, you can even close your store down or resell if you feel like it. Unlike some other ecommerce solutions providers, we don’t force our customers to make business decisions they don’t approve of themselves.

Summing it up, AliDropship provides and guarantees full business independence to its clients, without limiting or controlling them in any way. We respect our customers’ desire to run their businesses on their own and are truly happy to assist them upon request – but they always are and will be their own bosses!

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Established Businesses For Sale: Make Your Ecommerce Investment Today!

Why can an entrepreneur be interested in an established business for sale? How to make this ecommerce investment, and what benefits to expect? We’re covering these issues in our today’s article!

Let’s be honest: when it comes to launching a business, no one wants to wait.

Every newcomer to an online business wants to get a website that brings income from day 1. Such long-term tasks as gaining a high Google ranking, creating a strong brand, building a loyal audience of social media followers, etc. are commonly viewed as something irritating and even unnecessary. “Why can’t my store just start making money RIGHT NOW?”

For years, we’ve been helping people all over the globe minimize their time and energy spending, and get a ready-to-operate store with no effort from their side.

But today, we’re want to showcase something more than this. Meet our established businesses for sale – a mind-blowing AliDropship project!

What does an established business for sale mean?

To begin with, let’s see what makes this project different from our custom stores creation service.

Our established stores are already operating dropshipping websites. We only put them on sale after they prove their money-making potential and achieve a specific level of monthly traffic and profit.

So, simply speaking, buying an established store, you’re making an investment into a fully functional dropshipping business with a proven track record!

Sounds tempting?

Let’s see what exactly we’re offering you!

AliDropship established stores in detail

Take a look at this example of an established business for sale to see what we’re talking about.

example of a ready business

On this established store page, you can see:

  • The store name, URL, and niche
  • Its average monthly profit ($49,000) and other performance indicators such as the number of visitors (21,831/month) and social media followers (100)
  • The overall store appearance, its core benefits, and statistics screenshot (highlighted in the image gallery)

What is more, scrolling down this page, you can see the summarized information on this store performance and its scope of action:

And what is EVEN more, the store profile also contains detailed data on its target audience and promotional strategies!


Isn’t it impressive?

As the creators and marketers of this store, we are open about its performance record. And of course, we are more than happy to provide the future store buyers with as many business-relevant details as we can.

And of course, it’s not the only established business for sale we’ve prepared for you – there are plenty of options to choose from on the official established stores page!

So, what do you get as an established store owner?

The benefits of investing in such a business are pretty obvious – but let’s go over them anyway!

  • Passive income from a riskless business

Established stores are based on a business model with a proven efficiency and have a trackable history of successful performance. Therefore, they give you the perfect opportunity to make a wise investment decision and enjoy steady profits.

  • 100% ownership of a store with a reliable business model

By buying an established store, you become a full owner of this successfully operating dropshipping business. We pass the access details and management rights on to you, enabling you to run the store as you want, with no limitations or control from our side.

  • Fully set up website

Not every business owner is excited about setting up an online store from scratch. The good news is, with established stores, you won’t even have to do that. We complete all the steps of this process, from getting a domain name and hosting to installing WordPress and helpful software such as AliDropship plugin, Social Rabbit plugin, Facebook Business add-on, Google Merchant add-on, etc. As a result, you get a fully operational website that deals with most of vital managerial tasks automatically.

  • Operation in a winning niche

We pay close attention to niche choice while creating established businesses for sale. Completing an in-depth market research and product trend analysis, we pick niches that see a consistent public interest. This is why you can be sure of a strong demand for the products we import to our stores.

  • High Google ranking potential

To make it easier for Internet users to stumble upon these stores, we dedicate a lot of our time and energy to SEO efforts. We make sure that the chosen niche and domain name are SEO-friendly, and work on driving free traffic to newly created stores by means of achieving proper Google indexing.

  • Pre-edited product pages

As we have already mentioned, the products offered in our established stores are in great demand. And what’s more, their product pages are attractive, informative, and purchase-stimulating. The thing is, we manually edit the product’s titles and descriptions to make them both SEO-friendly and client-oriented. Besides, we create good-looking picture galleries of high-quality product photos and provide the visitors with all the product details necessary to make the purchasing decision.

  • Strong social media presence

These established stores go with well-maintained social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. While we develop the stores, we keep filling their social media feeds with exciting content interesting to the potential customers. This is why by the moment of being put up for sale our established stores already have 5,000-10,000 followers on social media.

  • Great branding opportunity

Look through the established stores listed for sale: as you can clearly see, we’re taking a special care of giving them a unique, catchy, and audience-relevant appearance. Each of these stores has its own brand identity in terms of business-specific design elements such as logo, favicon, color scheme, Homepage banners, etc. which helps these websites stand out from competition.

Wouldn’t you love to get yourself an easy to run, risk-free business that already makes money?

How to become an owner of an established business?

Here’s what you need to do to become an owner od an established business!

  1. Go to the established stores page and look at the stores that are listed for sale right now. Click on the ‘More details’ button to take a closer look at these stores’ profiles and visit their websites!
  2. Have an interest in some particular store? Feel free to hit the ‘Get personal offer’ button!
  3. Want to know more? Request free consultation from our dedicated team and get all your questions answered!

That’s it! If you’ve always wanted to proudly own a profitable time-tested ecommerce business with a recognizable brand and strong social media presence, our collection of established businesses for sale most certainly won’t leave you cold!

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Dropshipping In 2022

A new year is approaching and many people who dream of launching their own business are wondering whether they should start dropshipping in 2022. As some ecommerce “experts” like to warn others, the hype for it has already worn off. Do their claims have a ground? Let’s figure it out!

What usually kindles people’s passion to follow their dreams?

Right, the same thing that could prevent them from doing so. The stories of other people’s success or failure. The first ones could inspire. The second – rid you of “illusions”.

A lot of time has passed since companies like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba broke the mold and established new rules.

Before that, most people could only dream of having their own businesses. Whereas getting access to the international audience was an unaffordable luxury which only the richest companies could brag about.

Then things changed.

Instead of putting money into big offices and warehouses and hiring a lot of staff to manage the process, entrepreneurs discovered they could run their business with a PC or laptop.

Since then, the trend of less staff and inventory in business has been affecting almost every industry. As a result, we’ve got Uber, Airbnb, and thousands of dropshipping entrepreneurs launching their online stores every year.

Some people like to paint a black picture of a dropshipping future. But should you really take their word for it?

Is there any sign of dropshipping playing itself out? Nope.

Actually, there are at least 7 strong reasons to start a dropshipping business in 2022. Here they are!

Reason #1 to start dropshipping in 2022: Stable ecommerce growth

Image courtesy: 451 Research

Ecommerce reached $612.86 billion, up 16.4% from $526.72 billion in the first three quarters of 2020.

Besides, according to 451 Research, a leading technology, and advisory firm, global ecommerce transactions will grow at more than a 20% rate. Their total amount is predicted to exceed $5.5 trillion by 2022.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, even well-established and rich brick and mortar giants have made a point of selling their products online. For them, it’s a remedy to reduce their spending on staff and inventory for avoiding bankruptcy.

And it leads us to the second reason why you should start dropshipping in 2022.

Reason #2: Brick and mortar retail crisis provides new opportunities

The traditional model of retail business is undergoing irretrievable changes. The huge investments in staff, warehouses, and stores put a strain on brick and mortar companies. As a result, plenty of them have gone belly-up, and many are expected to do so.

According to CNBC Lauren Thomas’s report, 80,000 stores will close in the U.S. by 2026. 

Big retail companies were compelled to move out of business due to the huge maintenance cost that brick and mortar business requires.

While these unfortunate companies are going bankrupt, they’re leaving a gap in the market – and dozens of their ex-clients.

Why wouldn’t you fill the gap and win the abandoned market share?

Since dropshipping is free from the burden dragging down brick and mortar retailers, it seems to be a great chance to succeed!

Reason #3: An increase in the use of mobile devices and social media pushes online shopping up


Does your grandpa have an account on Facebook?

If not, he may have it soon.

According to a Statista report, 99% of adults ages 18 to 29 use the internet, people ages 30 to 49 -98%, people ages 50 to 64 – 96%, 65 and above – 75%.

Compare that to the number of people who use smartphones on a daily basis, and you won’t even be surprised why the online shopping space is expanding so rapidly.

So what’s the point?

As technological progress keeps advancing, mobile devices are becoming more and more widespread among people. Even older generations following the example of the younger generations deepen their dependence from their smartphones and tablets for dealing with everyday problems.

Another great sign that looks promising for online entrepreneurs is the increase in time the average internet user spends on social media. This time equals a bit more than 2 hours.

Image courtesy: GlobalWebIndex

Social networks have always been useful marketing tools for online stores owners. They have always been serving as a bridge between customers and sellers.

Social media users can get to a necessary online store in one-click with the help of Facebook or Instagram ads or direct links within social communities.

And there is more good news!

Social networks promise to bring online shopping to a new level. Following Facebook, Instagram will allow its users to register their credit cards as part of their accounts. That will let them make a purchase right on the social network. As a result, it will reduce the process of checking out to one click and increase online sales.

Reason #4: Lack of trust in big famous companies

One challenge every business is going to face in 2022 is overcoming the lack of customer trust.

It’s never been so hard to win the trust and so easy to lose it as it is today. Believing anyone becomes difficult if you’re surrounded by “fake news”, cunning criminals, and hackers.

But it starts getting worse when you bring a global scale fraud to light.

Everyone remembers the infamous “Dieselgate”. Volkswagen, a company that is supposed to cherish its customers, puts money before the clients. The company deliberately rigged its cars’ anti-pollution system in order to meet the US regulations. In other words, they betrayed customer trust for the sake of profit.

By the way, this scandal caused an examination of other carmakers. And it revealed that they had been cheating as well.

Even the richest company in the world, Amazon, has feet of clay.

A report of United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that 43% of goods sold on Amazon and eBay were counterfeit!

Of course, all these facts erode the reputation of well-established companies and institutions and deepen customer distrust.

However, while big companies and authorities are losing their credibility, small online businesses might get some benefits.

People tend to trust people who have the same way of thinking and share the same interests. At the same time, big firms and corporations look too distant and alien for them.

If you start a niche dropshipping store that matches customers’ passions, you have all the chances to win their trust.

The current generation of consumers is hungry for information about products they’re interested in. Therefore, you need to fill your online store with interesting and useful content, high-quality images, and descriptions.

This way, your clients will treat you like someone from their circle. They are going to be in for a treat while visiting your website.

Reason #5: Reduction in delivery time from AliExpress

short delivery times in dropshipping in 2022

Some time ago, it took up to 2 months to get your purchase from AliExpress, most people were ready to wait patiently for it due to the low prices.

However, now, it’s a whole different story. Online consumers are impatient and want to receive their orders quickly.

Nevertheless, there is a solution for this issue. Many AliExpress suppliers have warehouses located in European countries and even in the US. By ordering a product from these suppliers, shipping can take only 5-15 days.

That’s a significant step up, from the regular months of delivery. Now, even the most impatient buyers can have a sigh of relief.

Many people who wanted to start dropshipping with AliExpress used to be scared that they could lose customers due to the waiting time. With this option, buyers can receive their packages in a short period of time!

Reason #6: More and more people prefer to shop online

the preference to shop online dropshipping in 2022

It’s really striking how the world has changed in the last 30 years!

30 years ago, nobody could imagine buying anything without leaving their homes. Yes, the Internet and technological progress have definitely made our life different!

Recent research conducted by EmpathyBroker in the UK reveals that 51% of consumers prefer to shop online rather than going to a physical shop. Another survey done by Periscope by McKinsey shows even the items of daily use are more and more commonly bought online!

Indeed, what could in-store shopping offer consumers? Limited choice, high prices, staying in line? Doesn’t seem to be a great pleasure.

People choose convenience. Online shopping gives it to them.

Want to save even more of your time and benefit from happy customers? Try Sellvia! You’ll get access to a catalog of trending products, fast shipping, professionally-made product descriptions and much more! All the products are kept in a California-based warehouse and will reach your US buyers in 1-3 business days only. Enjoy more repeat purchases and higher customer satisfaction with this huge game-changer.

Reason #7: It’s easy to start dropshipping now due to the development of automated tools in 2022

tools for dropshipping in 2022

Dropshipping is definitely a great business model. It allows people to avoid taking great risks related to huge investments as well as managing complicated processes of storing and shipping goods.

But would it be so easy and time-saving to run a dropshipping business without any automated software?

Hardly. Imagine receiving each customer order, sending the necessary information to your supplier, and tracking the package. How can you handle all these tasks manually?

If you have two, five, or even ten clients a week, it seems to be bearable then. However, it’s easy to confuse something, in our view.

Anyway, what if you’ve got more customers? What then? In all likelihood, you’ll mess something up.

Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists! Our team runs several self-owned dropshipping stores and knows all the obstacles and difficulties that entrepreneurs could face.

Thus, we’ve developed software for dropshipping business based on our own experience. With its help, the process of running your shop will turn into plain sailing.

The AliDropship plugin automatically manages the most complicated tasks of your business process. So, you will be able to take your time to think of scaling your business.

Why Start Dropshipping in 2022: Conclusion

We’ve listed seven reasons why it’s worth starting dropshipping in 2022. Now, it’s up to you to weigh the risks you take and the opportunities you may get. We have no doubt you’ll make the right decision. Good luck with your online business in 2022!

Our team always strives to help people overcome any obstacles on their way to gain financial independence. We hope this article was useful and helpful for those who had their doubts about starting dropshipping in 2022. If you have any questions left, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

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7 Dropshipping Secrets Everyone Must Know

Every area of work has its secrets and insights, no matter how easy or hard it may be. Dropshipping is no exception! But do not worry, we are here and ready to help you uncover the 7 dropshipping secrets every entrepreneur has to know!

No matter who you are, what you have achieved, and what you aspire to achieve, you must have hesitated before doing something. And let us tell you, it’s completely normal! It’s hard to find a person that has always been confident and sure in their actions.

It’d be nice to have some guidance or literal examples of what to do and not to do. If you want to start dropshipping and you’re hesitant or fearful, we got you covered. We analyzed the success stories of our customers and made a list of dropshipping secrets that work for everyone!

No matter if you’re an experienced dropshipper, novice, or you’re just thinking about it – stay with us! You can never be too thorough!

#1. Dropshipping secrets: choose a niche that you’re interested in

dropshipping secretes from a student entrepreneur from Morocco

Yes, yes, we bet you’ve heard it before. But even if you did, it’s an undeniable truth everyone should remember like the back of their hands! When you’re invested and genuinely interested in what you do, you’ll be able to put in high-quality work, and therefore, get much greater results compared to taking something you don’t like and not enjoying a single second of the process.

Every prominent entrepreneur that achieved great heights will tell you that they LOVE what they do, and we can clearly see that in the quality of their services and products they provide. They put their soul into their craft and it paid off.

“I had that desire to just do what I am good at,” says Anas, a student entrepreneur from Morocco. “Influenced by my love for everything special, I decided to make a business that provides clothing for unique people (gamers, otakus, geeks, …). Seeing the beauty in them, I began working on ideas to sell apparel for these special buyers.”

This business idea has served him well: in just 1.5 years in ecommerce, Anas made $64K+ in sales with his impressive store!

When you have love for your work it will make all the possible difficulties on your path to success seem like little bumps on a road.

#2. Dropshipping secrets: know your customers and your products

dropshipping secretes from Rene And Kay Running A Successful Home-Based Business

Making $3,000 a month – and even more – is much easier when you know your product and your customer.

Rene, whose store brings him on average $3,000 in profit says this: “One of the niches I am trying now is something I am passionate about and know well. This makes it easier to understand what the target audience is and what it is looking for. Thanks to my life experience and huge online research I conducted, I have a clearer idea of my potential buyers.”

And his words are 100% true! To get the most out of your business and scale it, you need to know who your target audience is and what products they need. You can try selling an amazing product that has great potential to become a best seller and bring you a ton of profit, but if you promote it to the wrong audience, you won’t get a single penny. Or even worse, you might get some undesired heat from people that won’t like what you have to offer.

With that being said, you need to know who your customers are: demographics, location, age, gender, interests, their wants, and fears, what they need, from what devices they usually go on the internet, and so on. There’s no such thing as too much info about customers! When you know people, you can find the best approach to them.

#3. Dropshipping secrets: cherry-pick products and suppliers

dropshipping secretes from Anne, a single mom running a part-time online business from home

Another dropshipping secret is finding the best products from the best suppliers – you need to give your customers the very best products and good value for money.

But what to look at, what to take into consideration, what are the green and red flags? How do you find the very best supplier?

Anne, one of our clients from France, suggests that when looking at suppliers and choosing the products from them, dropshippers need to look for high-quality products that have positive customer reviews and 4.5+ stars ratings.

Some dropshippers even place test orders to view the products for themselves before deciding whether or not they are worth selling!

You can try it too, especially if you like the product but you’re not so sure about the supplier and/or the product and want to see if you should continue working on that idea.

And when you choose suppliers, check out their rating, the reviews left by the previous buyers, and most importantly, shipping time to your target country. Because even if the product will be great, long shipping time can cloud the overall customer experience.

Read this article to find THE BEST supplier out there!

#4. Dropshipping secrets: maintain a good relationship with your suppliers

dropshipping secretes from Tony, a successful online business owner from Mexico

After you find your suppliers, we advise you to keep a good relationship with them. Business is business, but people are people!

If you prove yourself as a reliable partner and you will be able to keep a trustful, respectful, and positive relationship with your suppliers, you might be able to get REALLY nice and interesting offers from them, offers you wouldn’t get otherwise.

“Having a good working relationship with my providers has helped me get the latest products. They always inform me when they have a new release,” mentioned Tony, one of our clients, who runs a store that made more than $42,000 in revenue! “Also, if I place a large order they sometimes upgrade the shipping option depending on the country, free of charge.”

Even if you drop the idea about getting profitable deals, having a strong relationship with your suppliers will make your life a lot easier – there will be less hassle when resolving issues, you’ll have access to the latest supplies, and so on.

And isn’t it nice to work with someone you have good relationships and enjoyable interactions with?

#5. Dropshipping secrets: give your customers a great experience

Mary, an entrepreneurial-minded owner of 3 successful stores

Customers can either make you or break you, and your connection with them is detrimental to your prosperity and success. Make sure they get the best experience possible, and they will want to go back to YOU!

Try to minimize waiting time, make your website easy to navigate around, and make every step of their interaction with you enjoyable, or at least, not disappointing. You’re not protected from making mistakes, and you will make them (everybody does), but it’s how you respond to them that matters.

Mary owns 3 successful dropshipping stores, and she takes customer service very seriously: “Connecting with customers is key and if you are successful in that, then your business future is bright since they will keep on returning.”

You’re not a telepath and you can’t read people’s thoughts (even though it would be great), so collect feedback from your customers regularly and put the information collected to use. Don’t wait until you receive complaints and disappointed messages – prevention is the best protection.

#6. Dropshipping secrets: make sure your product pages are top-notch

Marco, a newcomer to ecommerce

Imagine that you’re browsing on a website, you find a nice product you like, but the page is mediocre, there’s no info about the product, and the product pictures look atrocious. Would you buy from this store? Most probably not, because if a business doesn’t have nice product pages it would seem shady, and you and everyone else will most likely think that people behind it don’t really care about it.

If you went to a brick-and-mortar store, you wouldn’t buy stuff in a bad-looking, dull, and low-quality packaging that has nothing on it except the name of the product, right? The same logic applies to online stores. Think of product pages as the packaging of a kind, because it creates an image of your brand and an image of the product itself.

To make people want to buy your products, their pages have to have high-quality pictures, informative descriptions, and even better, engaging texts. It would require some effort to make your pages look pleasant, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

“The most time-consuming task for me is creating unique product descriptions, and I view the creation of attractive content for product pages as my challenge,” says Marco, a beginner dropshipper. Often products from AliExpress have not-so-good product descriptions, and editing them is a must.

And don’t forget to list all the benefits your visitors will get if they buy this product – this does magic!

#7. Dropshipping secrets: use social media for marketing

Angel, a successful online store owner from Bulgaria

Another dropshipping secret makes some shiver in fear is social media marketing. But it’s not as scary as people paint it to be.

Find a brand that doesn’t have an account on at least one social media platform. Considering everyone uses social media nowadays – it’s almost impossible! So don’t underestimate its power to draw attention and sales. If you market properly, you’ll enjoy a ton of orders and customers!

Angel, an owner of a prosperous baby products store doesn’t pay for advertisements at all – all his sales come organically thanks to his social media pages! Just 20-30 minutes a day and that’s all!

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t be afraid. There are many guides and resources where you can learn pretty much anything. With a little bit of dedication, you will make this work to your advantage.

Alright, you might think, “but what should I do when I’ll be learning all of this? Who’s going to do the marketing?” Well, don’t worry! Check out the Social Rabbit plugin – it’ll be your personal social media marketing assistant 24/7! It helped hundreds of our customers to make their social media accounts bring buyers. For some people, their accounts even became their main source of traffic!

It’ll be a great headstart for your business, especially if you don’t know much about social media marketing. Or you simply want to ease the process of running your own online business.

Many beginner dropshippers wonder – what secrets are there to this game? The truth is – there aren’t many secrets, just some rules to follow. Don’t skimp on marketing, do what you love, and put some effort into creating the store of your dreams. This formula has never let anyone down, and the same goes for you.

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