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VAT Explained: What Is VAT And Do Dropshippers Have To Pay It?

Sooner or later anyone who’s thinking about launching a business faces an issue that causes severe headache – taxes! In this particular article, we are going to talk about value added tax (VAT).

What is VAT?

Value added tax, or VAT, is a type of tax that is levied on the value of goods or services added at each stage of production, distribution, or sale to the end customer (consumer). Also known as the goods and services tax in some countries, it’s a consumption tax that is paid by the final consumer who ‘consumes’ products and services, but in practice, VAT is paid at each stage of the supply chain.

Sounds too complicated? Let me explain it in simple terms.

How does VAT work?

Let’s imagine a supply chain that consists of three stages: a farmer who grows apples, a food-manufacturing plant that makes apple juice, and a retail store that sells the juice to end customers. Now let’s get to numbers.

For simplicity, let’s suppose the farmer only puts his own efforts into growing apples. He doesn’t buy anything from other businesses. In this case, he has no expenses and his added value equals the price at which he sells the apples to the plant. So, if he sells the apples for $100, the VAT is applied to this sum.

If the value added tax rate is 20%, the farmer will have to pay $20 to the government. But he doesn’t want to lose money and includes this sum into his final price which increases to $120.

The food-manufacturing plant buys the apples from the farmer and pays him $100 + $20 that goes to the government. The plant makes apple juice and wants to earn $200 as profit (added value). In this case, the plant will have to pay $40 as VAT.

But the plant has already paid $20 to the farmer, so it sells the juice for $360: the cost of apples ($100) + the farmer’s VAT ($20) + the profit ($200) + the plant’s VAT ($40). In this case, $40 goes to the government, while $20 goes to the plant as compensation for the farmer’s VAT.

Next, the retail store pays $360 for the juice and wants to make a profit of $400. But it has to pay $80 to the government as VAT and wants compensation for the plant’s VAT. So, it sells the juice to an end customer for a total of $840: the cost of juice ($300) + the plant’s VAT ($60) + the store’s profit ($400) + the store’s VAT ($80).

As for the end buyer, he or she pays $840 for all the juice bottles including $140 as VAT, but he or she cannot get this sum back.

So, as a result, the customer doesn’t pay the money to the government. Instead, the businesses in the chain do it. But the end consumer pays the tax to businesses so that they could hand the money to the government. The VAT that the customer must pay equals $140. It is the sum of the VAT the businesses have already paid to the government: $20 + $40 + $80 = $140.

A drawing explaining how value added tax works

But what about dropshipping? Do you have to pay value added tax? In most cases, you do.

When you purchase a product from a supplier, the price already contains VAT he/she pays to its government. So you don’t have to worry about it. But you must also collect VAT from your customers to compensate for your expenses and hand the tax to the government.

The AliDropship plugin lets you include taxes in the total price of your products. You can set the tax name and rate, apply it to the price alone or to the cost of shipping as well, and even bind the settings to countries, regions, or cities. Here you can learn more about tax settings in the AliDropship plugin.

Let’s take a look at tax systems in the most popular countries for dropshipping – the UK, the US, and the EU.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as legal advice on any subject matter. We strongly recommend consulting a professional tax advisor before taking any action.

Value added tax in the United Kingdom

After the UK left the European Union, its tax regulations changed. Here’s what you need to know.

If you want to sell products in the UK from overseas, you have two options. You can either use an online marketplace or sell goods from your own website.

And since this is the case for dropshipping, you have to register your business for VAT in HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). You can do it online or by post. After that, you’ll get a 9-digit VAT number.

If the cost of the consignment of goods doesn’t exceed £135, VAT is calculated based on the price at which you sell products to customers. If the cost exceeds £135, VAT is calculated at the point where the products cross the border.

The standard VAT rate in the UK equals 20%. But for some categories of goods, the government applies the reduced rate (5%). Some product categories are VAT-free. To see the full list of VAT rates in the UK, follow this link.

You can also read our article on dropshipping in the UK to learn about other taxes and customs regulations in the kingdom.

Sales tax in the United States

First of all, the government of the United States doesn’t collect value added tax. Instead, end customers pay sales tax.

It’s a consumption tax imposed on goods and services sold within a state’s jurisdiction. While VAT is collected at each stage of production, sales tax is collected only at the final stage (consumption). Still, from a retailer’s point of view, sales tax is basically the same as VAT.

The problem here is that the federal government doesn’t collect sales taxes. It is the responsibility of the states. As a result, sales tax rates are different in each state, and so are the rules (to some extent).

For example, California has the highest sales tax rate equaling 7.25%, while Delaware imposes no sales taxes at all. You can see all sales tax rates by state here.

Previously, a business didn’t have to pay sales taxes unless it ‘had a nexus’ in the given state. To have a nexus means to have a physical presence in a state: to own a brick-and-mortar store, a warehouse, etc. However, after the new Supreme Court ruling (South Dakota vs. Wayfair,  Inc.), this requirement is no longer in force.

In simple terms, it means the following. Previously, if your business didn’t have a large enough presence in a given state and a customer from this state purchased something from you, you didn’t have to pay the sales tax. The same goes for businesses registered outside the US.

But now, according to the new ruling, it doesn’t matter whether you have or have not a nexus in a given state – you do have to pay the sales tax anyway.

Nevertheless, to collect sales taxes, your business must be large enough: to have annual sales not less than $100,000 or make not less than 200 separate transactions in a given state per year.

It means that if your dropshipping store receives less than 200 transactions from this particular state and makes not more than $100,000 from this particular state, you don’t have to pay the sales tax to the government of this state.

But if your business exceeds this limit, you will have to register your business with the given state’s tax authority. Unfortunately, each state has its own requirements, so it’s impossible to give a general recommendation here. Just visit the corresponding state’s website to learn the details.

Value added tax in the European Union

Goods imported into the EU countries with a value of up to €10-22 (depending on the country) are exempt from import VAT. But if their value exceeds this limit, import VAT must be charged.

If your business is located outside the EU, the responsibility to pay VAT lies on the importer of record. Usually, it is the end customer. The problem here is that the customer must pay the tax when he or she receives the parcel. It often becomes a very unpleasant surprise and can lead to more refunds.

To solve this issue, one can register for VAT in the country where the products cross the EU border. It’ll make you the importer of goods liable for collecting and paying VAT. In this case, the consumer will pay the full price (including import VAT) at the checkout. Or you could just warn customers that they will be charged with VAT.

But different EU countries have different VAT rates (from 17% to 21%), while some countries exclude mail orders from this exemption. What if you sell goods to an EU country different from your country of registration?

If your business is registered in the European Union and sells products to end customers living in another EU country, you apply the VAT rate of the country where you are registered.

But it works only if the sales generated in the given import country do not exceed the threshold of this country. These thresholds vary from one EU country to another:

List of VAT threshold limits in EU countries

If you exceed the threshold, you will have to register for VAT in that country and charge its own VAT rate instead of domestic VAT. VAT rates differ depending on the country as well:

List of VAT rates in EU countries

From July 1, 2021, these rules will change. EU and non-EU businesses importing goods with a value up to €150 will be able to join the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) Scheme. It will let you declare and pay VAT in a single monthly VAT return.

You must collect the tax when accepting the payment for the goods (i.e. at the checkout). Then you pay it to the country where you registered your business for the Import IOSS.

Otherwise, the customs broker will collect VAT.

If the imported consignment of goods has a value exceeding the €150 threshold, import VAT is paid to the customs. It may also require a regular VAT registration in the country of importation.

The government will replace the old VAT thresholds with a new uniformed threshold. Small businesses registered in an EU country and selling less than €10,000 of goods to other EU countries, will be able to charge domestic VAT. Otherwise, they will charge the VAT rate of the country of import.

As you can see, the tax system of the EU is probably the most complicated because each country has its own rules and tax rates. So, consulting a tax advisor is a must here.

We hope this information has proved useful and now that you better understand how to collect and pay VAT, you are ready to launch your dropshipping business!

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Exploring Small Business Growth Over Time: Ankit Is Back With New Milestones!

How does a small business growth over time look like? What can happen to a young dropshipping store in a mid-term prospective? Today, we’re discussing these questions with Ankit who has been in the dropshipping business for over a year and a half! He has already shared his first dropshipping steps with us some time ago, and now, we can’t wait to see how he’s doing!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, thank you for getting in touch with us once again! Kindly introduce yourself to the readers who aren’t familiar with you yet 🙂

Hi, I’m Ankit, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Odisha, India. I have done over $170,000 in revenue in the year 2020 with my ecommerce dropshipping stores and spent over $50,000 on Instagram and Facebook advertisements.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned your store made $52K+ in half a year. What has happened to your business since then?

A lot has changed since my last interview. First of all, the niche I was selling the products in wasn’t something I was interested in, even though it was something which was definitely making me money. So, I thought instead of closing that store and opening a new one which aligned with my interest. But, then I realised why don’t I sell this as an asset to someone who can take this store to new heights? That would mean more capital for me to be able to start a new brand.

So, I searched for various platforms which would allow me to list my store for sale. I finally went ahead with Exchange Marketplace (by Shopify) which allowed me to list my business for sale right there.

The procedure to list your store for sale is pretty simple. You just need to install the Exchange Marketplace plugin and answer questions about your listing (website) and assign a price to your business. After that, your listing goes for review. All the revenue and profit data is verified by the marketplace before the seller is allowed to list their website for sale there. This makes it a safe place to buy for both sellers and buyers.

So, after that was done, I got multiple contacts for my listing and finally sold my brand for a cool $20,000. Here’s a screenshot for the offer I received:

An incoming offer to buy an already functioning dropshipping store

As you sold your first store, what happened to your business next?

I just started making new ones from scratch. Currently, I’m running 2 stores.

My business has been performing great and I was able to achieve a personal milestone of generating $50,000 in a month and I was so glad when I achieved it in the month of December. Here’s a screenshot from that store:

Small business growth over time: a dropshipping store performance stats

What, do you think, are the main reasons behind your business growth over time?

You won’t believe me but, when I started out and did $30,000 in a month, I was doing everything on my own. I did everything from marketing, advertisement, sales copy, video ads and even customer service all on my own. But, slowly I transitioned and came to realize that my time is much more valuable and that I’m not doing justice to it. Therefore, I filtered out the things I didn’t like and just outsourced it to be able to focus on the parts I did like. This has been a huge plus to me and my business. I have been able to focus more on marketing and ads which helped me hit a personal milestone of generating $50,000 in 30 days.

Is the AliExpress ban in India influencing your business in any way?

Absolutely not. I’m dealing with the AliExpress ban just fine. Things are still normal because you can still use other ways to access the website. My customers are from outside India, so it’s not affecting them in any way, either.

To achieve such an impressive business growth over time, how do you develop a product strategy that would support your intense marketing efforts?

When I’m just starting out with a product, I head over to AliExpress and choose the listing that has at least 4.7/5 stars review. The reason is, I have found from personal experience that sellers with reviews lower than that can be deceptive, or the product quality isn’t up to the mark. Sure, this doesn’t hold true for every seller there is, but it applies to many.

For setting prices, I try to find the perceived value to the customer and research how much is the customer already paying for the exact or similar product. I aim for a price around 10%-20% higher than the selling price to be able to account for all the marketing expenses.

There was this one time where I was selling a product successfully for $34.99 and everything was good but I wasn’t happy with the profit margins I was getting. So, I wanted to try a higher price point for it, but then again, I didn’t want to lose customers owing to the higher price. So, I did some A/B price testing and increased the price to $39.99. To my surprise, for every 1,000 visitors the higher price point converted 30% better than $34.99. This made me realize that I don’t need to be blindly basing my pricing by multiples such as 2X or 3X. Rather, I need to be able to perceive the value it provides to the customers.

What are the most important things that you have learned during your business journey?

I feel the most important lesson I learnt during this year is to be persistent and to have blind faith in myself and my abilities. There’s a lot of newbies asking how to start their first business online. Well, there’s tons of free resources which I personally followed for a year before even thinking of indulging myself seriously in this business.

Also, ecommerce isn’t the only way to make money, neither is it the easiest. But, what I am sure about is if you are persistent in your efforts, then you can surely achieve anything you want.

In general, how has your life changed alongside your business growth over time? What are your next goals?

Things have been the same more or less. I haven’t had the freedom to go on trips and “lay back”, so to speak. Still, I’m looking forward to things returning back to normal for me to be able to go on those trips. Professionally, I want to achieve $1 million in revenue this year. It’s not impossible but it’s not an easy feat. So, wish me luck?

Thank you, Ankit, for your detailed and insightful answers! Most surely, it’s incredibly inspirational to see what a well-thought-out approach can do for a steady business growth over time. We do wish you the best of luck and hope to see your dropshipping business setting and breaking new ambitious records!

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Dropshipping Management For Day-To-Day Operations: Q&A Series #5

Every day we get hundreds of questions from absolutely different categories of people. Can you guess who the most common askers are? Happy new owners of dropshipping stores have more questions than anyone else! Often they ask questions related to dropshipping management operations.

It’s an absolutely normal situation if you don’t know how to run your brand new business. Don’t worry, you will learn it all in due time. And as for now, we’re always here to guide you.

1. What should I do day to day to manage my store?

It may sound obvious, but you need to actually run your dropshipping business every day if you want it to be successful.

It’s not enough to simply own a store without doing anything to it. Take a look at the success story of Alex – during the first month of his newly opened store operation, Alex did nothing to manage the operations. As you can guess, the results weren’t satisfying at all. Everything changed as soon as Alex started paying attention to the business, and now things are going more than well.

So, as an owner of a dropshipping business, you need to:

  • Manage orders and payments, inventory, and track delivery

Well, this is the essence of the dropshipping business model, right? You don’t have to think about warehouse management and shipping issues (and it saves you tons of money!), but still, there are certain dropshipping management operations in this field you should take care of.

You have nothing to worry about, though, if you have the AliDropship plugin already installed. In terms of business operations, it does the majority of necessary tasks, so the only thing you actually need to deal with is customer support.

  • Communicate with your customers via email and other means

Communication and interaction is probably the only thing that can’t be automated in this business field.

People value personal attitude, and it becomes exceptionally important when it comes to eCommerce.

Just think about it: someone decides to buy a product from you without seeing this item first; basically, this person trusts you with their money, and, to be honest, takes a risk.

Don’t leave them confused and uncertain! Help them, guide them through the store and the shopping process, encourage them to make a purchase, and thank them for their decision.

This is how you will turn their random purchase into a very personal and pleasant customer experience. This is how you will create additional value for your store, and this is how you will carefully build an audience of loyal and engaged customers.

  • Drive traffic to your online store

People can’t locate your store easily, you know.

The competition is astonishing, and the Internet is huge.

This is the challenge that can and must be taken. All you need to do is pay attention to your promotional efforts. If you don’t know where to begin, take a look at our Marketing Tips blog section.

  • Search and import new products for your store

The day to day operations of dropshippers always include frequent product researches.

It is important to do it regularly – this is how you will keep your existing customers enthusiastic about new offers they didn’t see before. Also, don’t forget about trends and fashion – technologies and interests change quickly, and it is vital to go with the flow. Nobody likes outdated and boring items!

  • Edit the content of your pages to make the store look neat and professional

Mostly, it refers to single product pages – when you import new products from AliExpress, the titles and descriptions you get are not perfect at all. This is why it is necessary to take some time and edit everything that doesn’t look good.

Also, don’t forget about search engine optimization – keep it in mind when you’re editing the pages’ content. You won’t see immediate results, but in the long run, these efforts will give your more benefits than you can imagine.

2. What are the costs of running and managing a dropshipping store?

Oh, no one can tell you how much dropshipping management operations will cost you.

Let’s think of all the possible costs you might have in this business:

  • Hosting payment – sorry, you just can’t go without it.
  • First orders payment – you need to order an item on AliExpress to get it delivered to your customer. So, at the beginning of your dropshipping journey you will spend your money first to get later paid by your customer.
  • Marketing activities – everything is up to you here. Maybe you will launch a full-scale campaign that will cost you hundreds of dollars, and maybe you will simply install some promotional plugin like Social Rabbit.

As you can see, it’s impossible to predict the amount of your expenses. No one defines it but you!

3. What should I do when I receive an order?

Step one: get excited.

Step two: go to the Orders section and click the “Place order automatically” button.

The AliDropship plugin will visit AliExpress and create an order for you automatically. It will select necessary product variations, add items to your shopping cart and fill in your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. You will just need to click confirm button to complete a purchase.

Alternatively, you can place the order manually by clicking the “Place order manually” button.

Step three: celebrate!

4. Will the cost of an item on AliExpress be deducted from my PayPal account?

AliExpress doesn’t support PayPal as a payment method which is why you can’t use your PayPal account to pay for purchases on

In other words, the cost of an item won’t be deducted from your PayPal account. Instead, while placing an order on AliExpress, you can use one of the payment methods supported by the platform. The most commonly used ones are Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as Visa, Maestro, and American Express debit cards.

5. Does the plugin import the shipping costs or do I have to add shipping options to my products?

The AliDropship Plugin doesn’t import items’ shipping costs.

We highly recommend offering your customers a free shipping service by taking advantage of the free/low-cost shipping offered by many AliExpress sellers. However, the Plugin has a special section where you can enable or disable different shipping options.

You can add up to four different shipping options (including free shipping) to any or all products.

6. Are the customers able to create an account on my website?

Yes, your clients can get the option to create a personal account on your website.

This account gives your customers the opportunity to store their contact and shipping details, check the list of products they purchased, and track the status of any order.

7. Will the customer receive a tracking number? How can our customers track their orders?

Once you placed an order on AliExpress and your supplier shipped an item, you get your tracking ID.

The plugin will automatically collect this tracking data and add it to your order details.

Please note: you need to be logged in to your AliExpress account and your AliDropship orders section to activate this tracking auto-filling option.

8. How can I know if the package was delivered to the customer?

If there’s a tracking number available, you can easily track the package delivery.

With this tracking ID provided by the AliExpress supplier, you can check if the customer received an item.

9. My customer didn’t receive the order. What should I do?

First of all, stay calm and don’t panic.

Unfortunately, this happens. And it’s another part of your regular dropshipping management operations.

Maybe something went wrong within the postal service, or the customer provided a wrong address, or a seller is shady (did you choose the seller carefully?). You’ll figure it out later, but right now it’s not the first priority.

Secondly, apologize.

Whatever happened, it can all be fixed. Your behavior and personal attitude will help a lot to solve this issue.

If your client did not receive the order or is not satisfied with his purchase, you should follow AliExpress Buyers Protection Policy.

We recommend talking to the seller first. Go on AliExpress, open the “My Orders” page, select the faulty order and write a private message to the seller. The seller should respond quickly and offer different solutions to fix it. The reputation of the sellers is rather exposed and they are willing to do anything to maintain their feedback rating.

10. How will I handle refunds?

One of the reasons why AliExpress is perfect for the dropshipping model is its good protection system with a full money-back guarantee.

So, if your customer is not satisfied with a product and asks you for a refund, you should dispute the purchase with the AliExpress seller.

If you are selling inexpensive products, your AliExpress suppliers usually refund you quickly and don’t ask you to return the items. They don’t want to waste their energy on managing disputes and receiving returns for relatively low-value items. You can read about it more in our interview with an actual AliExpress seller.

As a result, you can give a full or partial refund to your customer through PayPal without asking them to return the product. This is why we recommend that you don’t spend all your earned money at once – keep a small fund just to be safe.

If there are more questions related to dropshipping management operations we haven’t covered, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We hope the answers will help you start a successful dropshipping business.

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How To Trigger Impulse Purchases And Boost Your Sales?

Are you looking for ways to get a quick sales surge for your online store? Have you ever heard about an impulse purchase? Well, today we are going to tell you how to make the most of your ecommerce business using knowledge of customer psychology only.

What’s the main aspect of any ecommerce business? Right, it’s your profit! Otherwise why have you started it?

So, are you satisfied with your online store revenues? Or do you have a good income, but you want more to make a fortune with your business? If so, there is a perfect solution for you – try to trigger impulse purchases!

What is an impulse purchase?

What is an impulse purchase?

First of all, in order to discuss the benefits of impulse purchases, let’s take a look at the impulse buying definition.

An impulse purchase is a customers’ trend to buy something without prior planning.

So have you ever decided to purchase a tiny thing when just surfing an online store, even if you were not going to do this? This is, actually, the way an impulse purchase works.

In fact, impulse buying is the main engine of sales if speaking about online stores. But how much can you gain from impulse shopping if running an ecommerce business? Let’s figure it out!

How can impulse purchases influence your business performance?

How can impulse buying affect the sales of your online store?

We have found out what an impulse purchase is. So now you understand that you are able to get extra sales in your online stores if you follow this approach. But, indeed, can you earn a lot using this trick?

In fact, if you focus on impulse purchase generation when considering the product range for your online store, you’re highly likely to get a lot higher income than usual. According to a recent survey of 2,000 respondents, Americans spend $182.98 monthly on impulse buys. And that’s 18% more than what they spent before the pandemic!

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Based on the above-mentioned facts, we can say for sure that impulsive shopping is a blessing to you and your ecommerce business!

However, in order to make the most of impulse buying, you need to know what impulse products are, how to organize your category pages in the right way to make your online store visitors add as many impulse products to their shopping list as possible, etc.

So, here’s our action list for how to trigger impulse sales online!

How to generate an impulse purchase in your online store: product choice

First, you should understand what kinds of products suit impulse purchases more.

However, there is no easy answer to this question because buying behaviors can differ very much. Impulse buyers tend to choose various impulse products. Seriously, people from different parts of the world have various interests, life concepts, needs, and what’s most important – different levels of income.

For example, if we are speaking about a young shopper with an average income, pretty socks are going to be a promising impulse product.

Funny-looking socks in an online store

Well, $1.34 is not such a large sum for a person with median earnings to think a lot about, right? The most important thing is that a product looks very pretty, and that’s why it goes straight to the shopping cart even though it’s not essential.

If we are talking about a population group with high income, then the impulse products will be absolutely different. For example, with the rise of robot vacuum cleaners’ popularity, you can offer such a vacuum cleaner at a relatively low price. And this is going to be a great solution to encourage impulse purchasing when you deal with this audience segment.

A vacuum cleaner in an online store

So what does this mean? In fact, if you want to succeed in your business, you have to define your target audience carefully. Well, get a profile on your potential customer. After that, you will be able to bet on some impulse products.

However, we suppose you didn’t open this article to read typical advice on running an ecommerce business, right? That’s why we have examined the theory of impulse purchases and now we are ready to provide you with a set of recommendations on how to generate impulse sales.

Tips on increasing your online store revenues through stimulating impulse purchases

  • Make sure your online store makes spontaneous purchases possible

First of all, you need to create an environment that is going to encourage your customers to make an impulse purchase in your online store. It’s all about a theme for your store.

So if you want to make a good-looking website that will attract your customers’ attention at first sight, look at the themes from AliDropship! All of them include the necessary features for you to build a money-making online store.

Meanwhile, if you buy a theme from AliDropship, you get free customer support, free updates, and a wide range of customization options. What’s more, pay attention that all the AliDropship themes were designed to comply with your dropshipping business.

Beyond this, when focusing on impulse purchases, it’s AliDropship Plugin that can help you much. With this dropshipping tool, you’re able to create perfect product pages that will serve as one more way to encourage your website visitors to purchase from you.

  • Try to focus on products with a low initial price

We have already pointed out that it’s essential for your business to define your target audience. Definitely, if your potential customers have higher income, you can use impulse products that are a bit more expensive. But still, it’s a lot easier for your business to make a fortune on low-cost impulse products!

By the way, if you think that it’s difficult to make lots of money on inexpensive items, you’re totally wrong. As a rule, different tiny things have incredibly low initial prices.

However, when you add this kind of products to your online store, in most cases you’re able to get a double or triple margin price. Some products can let you get even a 1000% margin. Great profit, isn’t it?

  • Consider where to place impulse products

You should understand that it’s crucial to put impulse products at the right places on your website. If you don’t pay enough attention to this, your website visitors are highly likely to miss these products.

However, if they are in sight, and the offer is quite tempting, you will have all chances to sell a huge number of these items.

Where to place impulse products in an online store?

  • Near the most popular and desired items
  • On single product pages of related products
  • Closer to shopping cart and checkout

Remember that impulse products have to be eye-catching on your website!

  • Give discounts and start promo campaigns

We recommend that you try to provide your potential customers with discounts on impulse products. As a rule, discounts are good enough at encouraging customers to purchase even expensive goods from your online store.

But in fact, this approach can help you when selling impulse products as well.

Moreover, try to make additional proposals: are you eager to buy a T-shirt? Get a discount on shorts as well!

When doing this, pay attention to the Product Bundle Add-On from AliDropship! It lets you easily create product bundles with attractive offers which can significantly boost your profit!

  • Use FOMO

It’s also a good idea to use FOMO (fear of missing out) to lure impulse shoppers to buy something from you. FOMO is able to tell your potential customers that the product is extremely popular among your purchasers, but the number of items is limited.

In sum, FOMO is one of the perfect tools for convincing your website visitors to make unplanned purchases from your website.

Moreover, AliDropship is glad to present to you the Urgency add-on. It includes a set of features (social proof icons, trust badges at checkout). Primarily, it aims at making your potential customers think that the products in your store are flying off the shelves.

Don’t forget to use additional dropshipping tools that are essential for increasing your customers’ engagement. For example, feel free to use the Countdown Timer Plugin. It’s going to inform your potential customers that the offer is limited in time.

In fact, AliDropship permanently develops some IT solutions that are going to facilitate your dropshipping journey. So look at the add-ons AliDropship is happy to provide you with right now!

As you can see, this is not challenging to start making money on impulsive buying right now. So if you follow, at least, some of these recommendations, you are extremely likely to boost your online store revenues substantially.

Enjoying the benefits of impulse purchases: final thoughts

Final thoughts of impulse buying and its benefits for your business.

There is no doubt that lots and lots of people make impulse purchases every day. The statistics tell us that impulse spending constitutes a significant part of all money spent on ecommerce.

So if you’re an online store owner, no matter if you use the dropshipping business model or not, pay attention to impulse purchases. This is really a must-have for you since it’s a chance for you to make a fortune on them.

However, if you want to succeed with impulse purchases in your online store, you should know how to use them in the right way. So, follow the tips from AliDropship and greatly increase your chances of success!

As you can see, providing opportunities and stimuli to make an impulse purchase is very important for ecommerce businesses. Haven’t you started your business yet? Then, today AliDropship is glad to offer you 3 newcomer-friendly OPTIONS to start your dropshipping business ASAP: Custom stores and Premium dropshipping stores! Don’t lose an opportunity to get a money-making venture right now!

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Your Dropshipping Sales Funnel: How To Boost Your Profit With AliDropship Solutions

What’s a dropshipping sales funnel? Does it have any importance for online business owners? Which tools can you use to make the most of it? That’s what today’s article is all about!

Can you remember the last purchase you made?

Let’s say, you bought cereals in a nearby store, or purchased a book online, or got something else.

Now, the question is: do you remember what brought you to this purchasing decision? What exactly happened in your mind and motivated you to take the money out of your wallet?

Most likely, this purchase didn’t happen just out of nowhere. There was a chain of events (and thoughts) that led you to it. Let’s try and figure them out, shall we?

The basics of a sales funnel

4-step sales funnel scheme

Simply speaking, sales funnel is a term describing several stages we go through before making a purchase.

Generally, researchers say that there are 4 basic stages:

  • Awareness

At this moment, you simply find out that there is a specific product sold in some particular store. For example, you hear about cinnamon-flavored oatmeal cereals in your corner store, or see an online ad for a newly published illustrated book of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

  • Interest

Now, when you know about the product’s existence, you may or may not get interested in it for one reason or another.

“Do I have something for tomorrow’s breakfast?”, you start asking yourself. Or, “Isn’t Shakespeare my mom’s favorite author?”

Indeed, there can be hundreds of reasons for you to start seriously considering making the purchase or forgetting about this offer quickly – and I’ll come back to this thought later.

  • Decision

Let’s suppose you didn’t give up on this particular product idea. What is your next logical step?

That’s right: you start processing the information you have, and look for more details if necessary.

Reconsidering your personal reasons that made you interested, reading the cereals package, or viewing the publishing house’s photos of the book, you’re trying to see if the product is worth buying.

  • Action

Okay, so let’s say you’ve made a positive decision at the previous step. You actually need the item, it looks good, and you’re happy with your little research results. Basically, nothing stops you from buying it, and you become a happy product owner.

This was a sales funnel example. From a person who knew nothing about the product, you turned into its buyer. Isn’t that cool? And isn’t that the result that you’d love to achieve with your dropshipping business – turning strangers into customers?

If you want it to happen, all you need to do is to guide people through all these 4 steps and make sure they come to the ‘right’ decision at every stage!

I also recommend reading another article on our blog devoted to marketing funnel hacking. It’ll teach you to borrow the strategies other entrepreneurs use in order to improve your own store’s performance.

Is dropshipping sales funnel different in any way?

Yes – and no.

Indeed, a sales funnel in dropshipping consists of the same 4 stages. However, a person should spend much, much less time to go through them and buy the product!

When you’re running a dropshipping store, you’re first of all interested in triggering impulse purchases. You want your potential customers to see your product, fall in love with it instantly, and place an order without a second thought.

If, let’s say, an Instagram user sees your product ad and gets distracted, he or she can easily forget what your store/account name was. So, this Internet user will just miss out on the opportunity you offer! Or, let’s suppose your store visitor goes online to check the alternatives to your product. There can be a more compelling offer for a lower price or from a better-known brand…

So, your goal is to speed up the decision-making process. Ideally, you need to take your target audience members through all the steps from Awareness to Action very quickly.

How can you achieve that?

Enhancing your dropshipping sales funnel with AliDropship tools & services

How can AliDropship solutions help you take your audience through all the stages of a dropshipping sales funnel? Let’s see!

#1 Raising awareness

It’s the first, vital section of any sales funnel. Here’s what you, as an online business owner, will most typically do to spread the word about your products!

Make the store SEO-friendly

A product category page on an online store optimized for search engines

When a store has a higher ranking on Google, it becomes more likely to be noticed by Internet users who make a related search query.

The AliDropship plugin that simplifies and automates various dropshipping tasks helps you with that in multiple ways. For example, the plugin’s SEO meta data generator creates and adds SEO titles, descriptions and keywords to your product pages automatically, helping them achieve better positions on Google. Also, the plugin creates SEO meta data fields for your Home page and can create a sitemap: a file that helps search engines access and evaluate the contents of your store.

AliDropship themes that are specifically developed to make AliDropship stores look good and perform smoothly are optimized for search engines, too. Their structure makes it easier for search engines to index the site content and evaluate its meaning more thoroughly.

AliDropship SEO image optimizer that works on your images improvement is another tool boosting your store position on Google. It compresses your images, which leads to quicker site loading. Also, it creates proper Alt tags and titles for the image files, making it easier for search engines to scan and rank them.

AliDropship SEO Starter pack is a beginner-friendly service aimed at improving your Google positions. This service includes one SEO-friendly article, customized SEO elements for your Home and Category pages, and a set of backlinks connecting your store to other websites. It improves the way your store is indexed by Google, letting Internet users find your store quicker during online shopping.

SEO Copywriting service will provide you with a whole set of purchase-stimulating, SEO-friendly articles that reinforce your Google positions and contribute to your brand image. These articles are also priceless in terms of content marketing which brings me to the next point.

Create engaging content

Example of content created for promotion purposes

Entertaining and informative content is a great foundation for your marketing strategies. Thanks to unique, regularly updated content, you attract your readers’ and followers’ attention to your store and establish yourself as an expert in this area. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to become famous in the industry community and raise awareness about a top-class business you’re running.

That’s why AliDropship themes allow you to integrate blogs into your store! With a built-in blog, you can easily publish articles on the issues related to your store niche and having value for your audience. What’s more, these articles may serve as the basis for your further promo campaigns.

AliDropship Blog post service is built on this exact idea. Upon ordering this service, you get a professionally written article for your blog, ads materials package related to this text, and a subscription form setup to help you collect your store visitors’ emails for email marketing. All these components play a huge role in making your store well-known all across the web!

Post on social media

Product images posted on social media to draw the audience into a dropshipping sales funnel

It becomes increasingly common for businesses to create and run social media accounts. With their help, entrepreneurs interact with potential customers and reach a wider audience of Internet users. Your store shouldn’t be an exception!

AliDropship Social media setup service is the starting point for dropshipping store owners who want to have a business presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. This service includes the creation of social network accounts at your choice, making catchy logos and covers for them, and connecting these accounts to your store.

Thanks to the AliDropship plugin, it is possible to display the relevant social media buttons in your store footer. So, it will be clear to visitors exactly which accounts belong to you, and you won’t get mixed up with any other similar business!

AliDropship Engaging social media posts service gives a helping hand to entrepreneurs who really want to be active, fun, and popular on social media – but have no idea how to do it. Providing you with sets of engaging images, texts, and hashtags, our digital marketing specialists help your accounts take off – even if you don’t have a background experience!

The Social Rabbit plugin, in turn, is an invaluable tool for those who want to fill their social media feed with automatically generated yet attractive and human-like posts. This time-saving solution allows you to be active on 4 top social media at once without neglecting other crucial business tasks!

Run ads on social networks

Product ads created for social media

Do you want even more social media users to learn about your amazing store and your awesome products? Paid ads are exactly what you need. You can delegate them to us, too!

AliDropship Facebook Business add-on cuts the time you spend while creating powerful retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Basically, it synchronizes your store offer with the Facebook product catalog. This is how you set up Facebook dynamic ads in several clicks and drive more interested people to your store.

AliDropship Facebook & Instagram ads service lets you explore the world of paid ads effortlessly and efficiently even if you haven’t executed a single marketing campaign in your life. You will get a ready-to-use set of advertising elements together with very detailed instructions on launching this ad with the most favorable audience settings!

Run Google Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads used as a part of a dropshipping sales funnel

Would you like to attract a huge audience of Google users to your store? Google Shopping ads are your best bet! Thanks to them, you can make your store products shown on the Google search results page to the users looking for something related to your store. So, how about making a very wide circle of people aware of your business?

AliDropship Google Merchant add-on is the tool that lets you create such ads in full accordance with Google requirements. With its help, you get an unmatched opportunity to lure more people into visiting your website. And that’s when the real fun begins! 😉

#2 Keeping the store visitors interested

A home page of an online store designed to keep visitors interested

As you probably remember, at the beginning of this article I mentioned that there might be thousands of reasons why people get or don’t get interested in your products.

Surely, you can’t really influence the life circumstances of your potential buyer who visited your store because of a product ad.

However, you can make a difference to this person’s state of mind, change their attitude to this item or the whole product category, and even make them more willing to stay on your website longer.

AliDropship themes lay the perfect foundation for creating a positive customer experience. Providing a clear store layout and enabling quick page loading, they let the visitor navigate your store effortlessly. What’s also crucial, all the themes are mobile-friendly. Using any device, your potential buyers will experience no discomfort while browsing the pages.

AliDropship plugin, at the same time, lets you create absolutely lovely product pages that encourage the visitors to spend a little more time investigating them. The thing is, the plugin has a built-in database of exceptional AliExpress products with carefully pre-edited pages. These items’ titles, descriptions, and images look catchy and appealing to the viewers. This is why your store visitors don’t mind going into details of what you’re offering them.

And that’s the point where you can transform their decision-making process!

#3 Prompting the decision

So, at this stage of the customer journey funnel, an already interested store visitor begins collecting more specific information on the item(s) you’re offering.

Surely, product pages give them enough details of these items’ features, variations, designs, etc. But if you can use even more ways to persuade the visitor to place an order, why not go for it?

Use the power of social proof

Customer product reviews used as social proof

Coming across an unfamiliar online store, users can’t always be sure about its credibility and the quality of offered products. So, help them say goodbye to uncertainty and anxiety!

The AliDropship plugin lets you import genuine product reviews left by AliExpress buyers, and place them on your product pages. To your store visitors, it serves as additional proof of your store’s credibility and the item’s value.

AliDropship Reviews page add-on, in turn, lets you create a separate ‘Trust Page’ on your website. This page displays all your products’ reviews in an appealing, easy-to-read way, demonstrating the previous buyers’ satisfaction with their purchases.

AliDropship Customers gallery add-on serves a similar purpose. With its help, you can make a customizable gallery out of the product photos shared by your happy customers. That’s a great way to tell your store visitors they will enjoy their orders, too!

Create a sense of urgency

An online store page with a discount banner

Can’t influence the visitor’s original reasons to buy from you? Create new reasons and make them irresistible!

AliDropship themes, especially the action-oriented ones like Andy Warhol, El Greco, El Greco Woo, Dali and others let you create high-converting pages. It happens thanks to numerous elements that give the impression of a booming buyers’ activity in your store.

‘Selling fast’ icons, ‘Only 7 left in stock’ texts, ‘You save 47%’ bars and other similar details make the viewer reluctant to miss out on a good deal. It’s a great motivation to speed up the decision-making process, and you can enhance it even more.

AliDropship Countdown timer is a winning tool if you want to let your potential customers know the offer is limited in time. With this easily customized timer, it won’t take you much effort to convince the visitors to take action NOW!

And AliDropship Urgency add-on has a whole set of features (social proof icons, trust badges at checkout, shopping cart countdown timer) that are aimed at the same result. It’s a 3-in-1 solution to let your visitors know the store is very popular. If they don’t place the order immediately, there will be nothing left really soon!

#4 Making it easy to take the action

An online store’s shopping cart

How can people actually place their orders in your store, exactly? And what should you do if you don’t want to lose them at this – the last and the most important – stage of a dropshipping sales funnel?

Allow effortless payments

AliDropship themes guarantee easy and understandable in-store navigation, creating a relaxing and satisfying shopping experience even for first-time online buyers. Thanks to catchy, prominent action buttons, they won’t have any trouble adding the desired product option(s) to their shopping cart and proceeding with their orders.

AliDropship plugin lets you integrate the widest range of payment gateways into your store. This way, your customers will be able to pay for their orders in any convenient way. This way, you can be sure they won’t change their mind at the last second because of a payment inconvenience!

Streamline the checkout process

No one likes filling out super long forms at checkout, and you shouldn’t make your buyers go through this, too!

AliDropship themes allow you to set up customizable, user-friendly checkout forms. Your customers will only need to give the strictly necessary info details before completing the order. By enjoying these time-saving forms, your clients won’t be annoyed with the checkout procedure. Therefore, they won’t leave your store at the most critical point!

Summing up the AliDropship solutions’ role in your dropshipping sales funnel improvement

As you can see, the AliDropship plugin and its themes play a crucial supporting role at every stage of your dropshipping sales funnel.

What’s more, you can freely choose between a wide range of AliDropship add-ons and services that raise awareness about your store, boost your customers’ confidence and prompt their favorable shopping decisions. Help your clients evaluate your offers and make them more engaged in the purchasing process! That’s how you lay the basis for a loyal customers’ community that will stay with you for years to come.

And the best part?

You can easily get a tailor-made store with an already enhanced dropshipping sales funnel without extra efforts from your side!

By ordering an AliDropship custom store, you get a ready-to-go marketplace that we created with the selling process optimization in mind. Just check out the custom store packages we’re offering; you’ll see that the most important dropshipping sales funnel elements are already covered there!

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5 Secrets Of Starting an Online Store With Dropshipping – And With No Money

For a person unfamiliar with this business, starting an online store with dropshipping might seem to be quite expensive. Still, it’s nothing but a common dropshipping myth: actually, there are ways to minimize your expenses heavily. Let’s discuss the most beneficial life hacks!

So, you’re at that game-changing point of your life when you are seriously thinking about launching your own dropshipping business.

You don’t feel certain yet: you don’t have much relevant experience, and even though you know the basics of dropshipping, you mostly rely on other people’s experience.

Naturally, you’re unsure about the costs of the whole venture. In the beginning, you obviously, need to invest some money to start the process. However, you need to understand the balance between wasting money and not spending enough for a successful launch.

Don’t worry – here’s a handy guide for you!

Before launching your dropshipping online store, consider your startup resources

By resources, I mean your personal strengths – skills, knowledge, and background experience.

Actually, I believe that each and every person has some kind of a superpower 😉. Think about what you’re good at and find a way to use it for the benefit of your dropshipping store.

For example, if you, similarly to our friend Martin, know how to build and set up a website, it obviously gives you a great advantage and lets you save some money on the store development.

Or, if you have a design-related experience/background, you can cut your expenses on crafting the necessary design elements for your dropshipping store.

Perhaps you like working with texts, then you’ll enjoy writing the best product titles and descriptions, so you won’t have to pay extra for the SEO copywriting service.

Or maybe, you’re a charming person who can easily become friends with anyone? In this case, you can partner with local influencers and engage in various free collaborations and cross-promotions: this way, you’ll cut your marketing expenses heavily.

Or, if you, like our awesome e-commerce marketing specialist Kate, have ever worked as a shop assistant, you won’t have to take any paid courses to learn how to deal with clients and how to find a common ground with them (still, this guide on providing the proper customer service for an unhappy buyer will anyway be useful!)

Oh, and here’s one more thing: if you already run a blog, you can safely use it as your startup capital: it is possible to connect an online store to it and save lots of time (and money) on gaining an audience of loyal followers. Here’s the example of Yan who benefitted from his previous experience of running a thematic blog!

Write down the strictly necessary expenses

Find out what you REALLY need to buy in order to start an online store with dropshipping.

Concentrate on must-have expenses only: a good example is the hosting fee. You must buy hosting because if you don’t have one, your website can’t go live, and no one is able to access it.

But at the same time, what about all the other stuff? Do you really need a premium account in a mailing service that sends mass emails to your subscribers? Is it really necessary to pay extra to your suppliers to put branded gifts with your name/logo in every package? Is there an urgent need to hire a visual effects specialist to create a complex promo video for your store?

At some point in your dropshipping journey, when you will have a booming business, you can consider these features. But as for now, you simply need to make sure that your store performs its core functions. And the time for additional “luxurious” expenses will come later.

Cut on marketing expenses in the early stages of starting an online dropshipping store

At first sight, this idea might seem ridiculous.

Marketing is fundamental to the success of any business. Without any promotional efforts, you won’t attract any potential buyers to your store.

But here’s a little secret: you can successfully use a range of alternative promotional techniques that don’t cost you much, or are even available for free.

For example, search engine optimization doesn’t cost you anything at all. At the same time, if you optimize your store to be more SEO-friendly, it can have a beneficial impact long-term. Here, you can find the instructions on making a SEO-friendly online dropshipping store.

Social networks also give you massive opportunities for free promotion: previously, we have explained how to promote your store on Instagram and Pinterest with little to no expenses.

Speaking of efficient low-cost promotion, social proof marketing is one that definitely needs to be mentioned. The main idea behind it is to demonstrate a positive experience of the previous buyers. When your store visitors can rely on authentic feedback, it gets much easier for them to make a purchase decision. Here, you can read more about a free plugin that creates a gallery of happy buyers’ photos: each photo has your store’s link to the product that is featured on the picture.

Don’t forget: the important aspect that helps you promote your online store for free is your credibility. If your store doesn’t inspire much trust, only the most risky visitors will dare to make a purchase (here, we explain the most serious mistakes that make your store look untrustworthy). It won’t cost you anything to create perfect product pages in your dropshipping store, but thanks to these amendments, you’ll be able to seriously improve your conversion rate – and get higher profits.

As you can see, there are numerous low-cost techniques to raise awareness about your store, and make your visitors interested in your offers. In one of our recent articles, we’ve counted 23 free ways to boost your store traffic – surely, they can be a great alternative to expensive advertising methods!

Consider package offers in your online dropshipping store

Let’s suppose you need several different things for your online dropshipping store that you can’t do yourself. Naturally, you will order them from proficient companies or private individuals. It will be absolutely up to you to choose whom you will trust with these tasks.

Still, here’s a tiny piece of advice for you: research if there’s an opportunity to order several things at once from the same place, and ask if you can get a discount as a repeat customer 😊

Even if this service provider doesn’t have a special coupon code for you, most likely, you can get access to a package offer: a set of services that costs less than all of these services bought individually.

There are at least 2 reasons why you really benefit from package offers:

  • They save you money (or, at the very least, help you spend your finances in the most efficient way)
  • They guarantee consistency

When everything’s done by the same person (or team) you generally don’t worry about the little technical difficulties. For example, like receiving totally incompatible elements of your online dropshipping store that don’t work together technically. Also, you can be sure that all the details have the same style and the store is well-organized in general.

The ultimate life hack: read carefully what you’re buying

When you manage your expenses wisely, you surely want to be fully aware of the details behind every service you’re ordering, and every piece of software you’re buying.

This is why it’s so important not only to rely on the experience of other dropshipping store owners, but also to conduct your own research and compare several options available before making the final decision.

If you’re planning to purchase some kind of service or plugin for your online store – look at the payment terms. Do you need to make a one-time payment, or a recurring fee will be collected on a regular basis? What exactly do you get for the money you pay?

Surely, there are some things to consider apart from the financial side. For example, some issues might appear if you’re looking into starting an online store through an external platform. Most notably related to the level of control you’ll have over your business.

Will you have full ownership of the online store? Does the platform owner have the right to shut down your store for some reason? Do you get your profit in full, or is there a platform’s commission for the completed sales? Are there any requirements for the types of products to sell? Or any limits on the number of orders being processed?

Learn as much as possible about the offer you’re considering before starting an online store with dropshipping. This way, you’ll be sure that both your time and money are going to get into safe hands.

As you can see, starting an online dropshipping store with no money is quite possible – aren’t you already excited about the opportunities opening up?

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10 Benefits Of Launching Dropshipping Business In 2021

Are you looking for an easy and riskless way to boost your income? If you are thinking of starting your own business for this purpose, learn what benefits of dropshipping business you can get in 2021!

Why does it make sense to get a dropshipping store this year?

Well, the words are not enough to describe all the benefits of dropshipping, but we can name and explain at least 10 of them. Here you are!

1. You take almost no risk

Unlike other business models, dropshipping carries much less risk and costs less.

Fear is the reason why many people avoid starting their own business.

Of course, everybody understands the benefits of being self-employed and independent. Still, it is not easy for all of us to jump at the opportunity when it arises. Launching a business often costs a lot of money. And even if you have the money, there’s no guarantee your enterprise will pay off.

But dropshipping is different. It requires much less investment to start, and this is one of the most important benefits of dropshipping.

First, you don’t need thousands of dollars to create and launch a dropshipping website. Second, there’s no need to manufacture goods you are going to sell. As a dropshipper, you are going to resell products made and distributed by other companies. And finally, you won’t need to buy products in large quantities and rent a warehouse to stock them, so you will face no inventory issues.

In dropshipping, you buy a particular item only after you get customer orders. After that, your suppliers ship the products directly to the customers. Therefore, you spend money on goods and shipping only after you get paid.

This is why dropshipping gets so popular. Nowadays, it is basically the only type of ecommerce business that can bring you solid profits even if you had really low upfront expenses. Plus, you can safely enjoy this business model and have no fear of any risk factors.

Certainly, you do need a certain budget to start a dropshipping business. But it’s nothing compared to what you need to launch a traditional online store. If you fail, you won’t lose a fortune. And if you succeed, you can make thousands of dollars or resell your store eventually.

2. You don’t have to turn it into a full-time job

You don’t have to spend all your free time on this type of business.

Time and energy are additional factors that typically hold people back.

For a person that doesn’t have tons of free time, it’s not easy (and sometimes even impossible) to find any internal resources and put them into business research and setup.

Dropshipping, in turn, doesn’t require that you invest all your time and efforts in store management. You won’t have to quit your job or dedicate all your free time to this business. It works quite the opposite way.

With dozens of automated solutions, you can complete the majority of tasks automatically and save enough time for the things that require your personal attention and individual approach (most importantly, customer relations management). Most people who don’t want to quit their jobs or dedicate too much time to business really appreciate these dropshipping benefits.

The elements of your daily management routine that can surely be done automatically, without your direct involvement, include:

As you can see, you can easily delegate the majority of everyday tasks to automated systems. This way, you can organize your day wisely and pay your personal attention only to the customer service and management issues that include the human factor.

3. You can turn your hobby into a source of income

You can turn your hobby into a profitable business.

Among all the benefits of dropshipping, this one is the most romantic. Dropshipping is the business that helps you live your teenage dream.

If you’ve always wanted to explore space, or become a rock star, or live in a well-known universe, nothing holds you back from starting a dropshipping store on related topics.

The same is true for your current hobbies that you love and enjoy. If you like sewing, or dedicate your evenings to drawing, or adore pets’ grooming and training, you can definitely create a store aimed at like-minded people with the same interests.

In our personal experience, this is truly the best way to choose a dropshipping niche because:

    • You work with something you’re really passionate about, so you are highly motivated to keep going even if something doesn’t work out at the beginning.
    • The niche is familiar, clear, and understandable for you. So it’s easy for you to pick the most appealing items for your store and follow the most recent and relevant market trends.
    • You know what your clients might want. You can professionally describe your items’ features to them, and offer a suitable alternative if necessary.
    • It’s easy for you to create a nice and supportive atmosphere in your store and in social networks you run for it. This way, the store visitors will know you are an expert in your business, so they will trust you much more.

Isn’t it awesome to run a business in the sphere you like, and use it to escape from everyday routine while making some lovely profits? There are other benefits of dropshipping as well.

4. You will always find help and useful guides

By launching this business, you join a vast community of entrepreneurs who are ready to share their experience.

Another advantage of dropshipping is that you won’t have to start this business alone with no experience and knowledge.

Dropshipping business is quite young. Still, the experience and knowledge accumulated in the industry are already impressive. People who already tried dropshipping are willing to share their business journeys and smart tips on thematic forums, and it gives you a brilliant opportunity to interact with proficient businessmen to learn a trick or two.

Plus, there exist enough educational materials and even guides to help you sort out anything you don’t know yet. You can even opt for video tutorials if you prefer this form of learning. These benefits of dropshipping definitely make this business model attractive for newcomers with little experience.

So, by choosing the most suitable type of educational materials and studying them carefully, you can find answers to the majority of your dropshipping questions. You definitely won’t be the earliest explorer who tries this business, so you’ll be able to avoid some critical dropshipping mistakes, and start your venture in a safe and smooth way.

5. You still have time to join the community

The dropshipping industry isn’t oversaturated yet, so there’s still room for you.

Actually, the dropshipping business now stays at a really curious point of its life cycle.

On the one hand, it’s quite mature already. Successful entrepreneurs share their business stories, so you can take a look at some real-life examples and understand what you can expect from dropshipping and what its potential is.

On the other hand, this business field is not oversaturated yet. As for now, this model is mostly tried by people from well-developed countries with unlimited access to the Internet. This is why it’s safe to say that dropshipping still has a huge potential for growth, especially in emerging countries. And this is why it’s so important to get involved in business NOW.

Technologies get more and more advanced every month, and people from every region on the globe will soon get the technical opportunity to start dropshipping. It’s wise to take your spot before the competition gets overwhelming, right?

6. Dropshipping will teach you useful skills

In addition to other benefits of dropshipping, you will learn a lot of valuable skills.

Even if you decide to quit this business sometime, you won’t be left empty-handed.

Apart from all the money you’ve earned, you’ll have something even more valuable: knowledge and experience.

When you do dropshipping, you eventually get a bunch of priceless skills that can come in handy for your regular full-time job. These skills include social networks management, digital marketing in general, customer relations management, webstore performance analytics, and many others.

In the nowadays world where technologies and services are developing rapidly, these skills give you a substantial competitive advantage and prove you’re a knowledgeable specialist.

Besides, running a dropshipping store has much in common with running regular online stores. In other words, dropshipping can teach you skills required to launch a traditional ecommerce business if this is where you want to move to. And this leads us to another benefit of dropshipping.

7. You can turn a dropshipping store into something much bigger

Have you seen this picture of Jeff Bezos that went viral recently?

Jeff Bezos in his Amazon office in 1999.

This is the year 1999. Jeff Bezos, the founder of, has no idea yet that he will build an unprecedented ecommerce empire and become the richest person of all time by 2019.

Having started from scratch, from launching a really basic online store, he became a role model and inspiration for thousands of people all over the globe who explore the opportunities of ecommerce.

This is not the only story of this kind. Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, also had a simple dropshipping store at the beginning of his business journey. Look what he managed to achieve!

The point is, there are no limits in this business. You can reach the heights you’ve never dreamed of, and one humble dropshipping store can be the right starting point. Why not give it a shot?

8. You have thousands of vacant niches to choose from

As of now, there are thousands of vacant niches which you can occupy.

As we have already mentioned, dropshipping business is still staying at the growth stage. Technologies and automated solutions for its smooth running emerge every year, and new exciting products and product categories appear daily.

The point is, if you use AliExpress as the core platform to find and pick suppliers, you have a huge product selection – over 100 million items to choose from. This lets you create a unique product offer and explore a highly specific product niche that is not taken by anyone yet. Plus, if you treat your webstore design wisely, you can create a one-of-a-kind shopping destination that is exclusive and atmospheric enough to stand out from competitors.

9. You can profit from large wholesalers

By dropshipping from AliExpress, you can expect high-profit margins.

Have you heard about the economy of scale?

Speaking in simple terms, it means that the more you produce, the lower are your production costs.

Since technologies and machinery are evolving rapidly, it becomes more and more profitable for manufacturers to produce items in huge amounts, and the price for these items gets lower gradually. This means that you can find great items on AliExpress for a fraction of the cost, and that’s one of the most important benefits of dropshipping from AliExpress. As a result, you can increase your final price after adding the goods to your store – your buyer won’t notice the difference!

Compare these potential profit margins to the revenue you get from affiliate programs or paid ads – obviously, dropshipping easily beats all the other ecommerce business models thanks to its simplicity and incredible money-making potential.

10. You still have time to enter high-potential developing markets

Another benefit of dropshipping is that developing economies are expected to become attractive dropshipping markets.

As we have outlined in our previous article, developing markets demonstrate a huge potential in terms of becoming the perfect target segment for you.

With the rapid rise of various information technologies, transport infrastructure, and logistics services, you as a dropshipper get unrivaled opportunities to meet effective demand on the markets that were previously unavailable in terms of their geographic location and/or Internet penetration, devices affordability, payment gateways availability, etc.

In other words, again, if you act quick enough, you can get a solid share of these emerging markets before they become overly competitive. This and other advantages of dropshipping make it a very promising business idea.

Don’t wait for too long; enjoy the numerous benefits of dropshipping while the market offers you this opportunity!

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Introducing Premium Stores: A Smart Way To Start Your Dropshipping Business

Do you want to start an ecommerce business without spending weeks on preparations? Need one of those ready stores that can be launched right away? Then check out AliDropship’s new offer – Premium Stores!

We’re beyond grateful for the industry recognition our dropshipping stores gain. In April 2020, – one of the Premium Stores on offer – won a prestigious accolade of Hermes Creative Awards. It was entitled the Gold Winner in the Ecommerce Site Design category which is highly encouraging, inspiring, and humbling for our whole team.

One of AliDropship Premium Stores was entitled the Gold Winner in the Ecommerce Site Design category of Hermes Creative Awards.

You feel ready to start a dropshipping business? But how do you begin? What niche should you choose? What products are the best? What’s the most efficient promotion strategy?

If you feel uncertainty because of all these issues, then we’ve got a solution!

AliDropship’s Premium Stores allow you to start your own online shop right away. But that’s not all! You’re not simply getting a dropshipping site that can be launched with just a few clicks. You’re buying a precise copy of one of our own successful stores that are bringing us considerable profits.

In other words, these ready stores are the solution for those who want to get quick results based on proven ideas.

What are Premium Stores?

Four steps of acquiring an AliDropship Premium Store

Many entrepreneurs have to spend months and thousands of dollars to figure out the best business strategy. But with Premium Stores, you can ‘borrow’ this experience from our Ecommerce Department that develops and runs our own dropshipping businesses.

Our team experiments with different niches, products, and marketing strategies. Some of the stores we own become very profitable. When one of them achieves a stable flow of traffic together with a steady volume of sales, and when we identify its most efficient marketing mix, it becomes a Premium Store. We make this website’s copy available to customers who would like to get their own ready stores instantly.

When you purchase it, you get a copy of the original website including the store’s theme, structure, imported products and product data, design elements, etc. As a result, you get your own dropshipping store duplicated from a highly successful business along with all its materials.

Copying someone else’s brilliant ideas is quite common in business. Many entrepreneurs keep an eye on competitors and try out their strategies and solutions. Same goes for dropshipping. A lot of store owners copy ads and products from their competitors, so why not borrow the whole website from a team of professionals absolutely legally?

Furthermore, from a variety of ready stores, you can purchase one that makes more than six figures right now! That’s right, you read that correctly. We are offering a premium store that makes more than $500,000 yearly! And you can get an exact copy of that store and start making profit right off the bat. What are you waiting for? While you’re hesitating, others are reaping the benefits!

No need to test different niches! No need to try out different products or look for reliable sellers! You get all this along with your new business!

What you get as an owner

  • Precise copy of a flourishing dropshipping business

With ready stores of this kind, you get a copy of a dropshipping website that is already making money with all its materials. Thus, there’s no need to experiment trying to figure out the best options on your own.

  • Full ownership

After the purchase, you become a full owner of your dropshipping business. Any profit you make belongs only to you. Since the moment you get your copy, it’s up to you to decide how to develop the shop. You can leave everything as it is or change the site however you wish. From now on, this AliDropship store is yours!

  • One-time payment

You only pay once! No additional charges, no hidden fees or subscriptions. After paying, you get full access to the store and all the resources.

  • Best products from reliable sellers

By getting a copy of one of our shops, you also receive the full list of the products imported to the original store. AliDropship’s managers selected these goods from hundreds of alternatives and dozens of sellers. Thus, you can be absolutely sure you’re dealing with the most profitable items and the most reliable suppliers.

  • Ready to be launched right away

You don’t have to start from scratch. Choosing a niche, finding great products, creating a design – all of this has already been done by our managers. As a result, you can start promoting your Premium Dropshipping Store right after the purchase.

  • Choice of stores

You can choose from a list of different shops, each devoted to a certain niche, to find something that suits you best.

How to buy a Premium Store?

Visit the Premium Stores page where you will find the list of all available websites and choose the one you like. Press ‘Learn More’ to visit the given store’s page.

Three ready stores created by AliDropship and offered as Premium Stores

After that, select the package you prefer. Here, you’ve got three options.

Buying a pure copy

First of all, you can buy a pure copy of the original website with no extra packages. To do that, simply leave the package offers unchecked and press the BUY NOW button. In this case, you will have to install the files by yourself and use your own domain name and hosting.

How to buy a Premium Store with no additional packages?

However, if you have zero IT experience, you can add the installation package to your order.

Copy + Installation package

Adding the Installation package to your order allows you to avoid all the manual work as AliDropship’s team will do it for you.

How to buy a Premium Store with the Installation package?

If you don’t have a domain name, the team will offer three options to choose from. This domain name is prepaid for one year and will cost no more than $12 per year. We will also set up prepaid hosting optimized for a dropshipping website. The package also includes the store’s logo editing.

After that, the team will install your copy of the store onto this hosting and set up a payment gateway.

With this package, you’ll be ready to launch the site immediately.

Copy + Marketing package

With this package, you get copies of the marketing materials AliDropship team uses to promote the original websites.

How to buy a Premium Store with the Marketing package?

You get the banners and videos created by our team and the ad texts we use in our own campaigns. We will also send you a detailed description of the target audience that suits the niche you have chosen.

Lastly, we will provide you with instructions on how to set up and run marketing campaigns using these materials. This way, you can start promoting your business as soon as possible and use tested and proven materials.

And of course, you can purchase both the Installation and Marketing packages for the most seamless experience. Shortly after the purchase, one of AliDropship’s managers will contact you to discuss all the details.

By purchasing a Premium Store, you start your own business with a fully developed website, a selection of the best products within the chosen niche, and even promotional materials. And you get all this for a one-time payment! Get yourself a Premium Store and start making money right away.

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Why Do Customers Buy From Niche Stores Instead of AliExpress?

As you probably know, AliDropship creates ready-to-go dropshipping stores for our customers and provides all the necessary support. However, did you know that we also run our very own dropshipping niche stores?

Seeing and managing this process from the inside gives us an incredible advantage. This allows us to experience all the steps of this operating process – the same as our customers do. And this, in turn, gives us a brilliant opportunity to work with our clients much more effectively as we have a clear and detailed understanding of the whole dropshipping routine.

One of the questions we hear from our customers quite often is “Why would I get a specialized dropshipping niche store if all these items are already available on AliExpress?” Why would people make their purchase from my store when they can purchase from a globally renowned platform?

In this article, we’ll share the reasons of niche stores being more appealing for buyers than AliExpress.

Let’s start with an informative video!


Top 5 reasons why customers prefer niche stores to AliExpress

1. It’s easier to find the necessary product

AliExpress gained itself the reputation of an immensely huge online trading platform where you can find practically anything. The platform hosts lots of sellers, and the number of products they offer far exceeds 100 million items. This means it is possible to source almost any kind of product regardless of its category and special features. But interestingly, that’s not always a benefit!

Browsing a niche store with a limited amount of categories, you can find the necessary product quickly and effortlessly.

That’s what industry analysis shows! Customers looking for a particular product with specific features are much more likely to visit a niche store than AliExpress.

There is a valid reason for this, as you can guess. It’s not easy to look through thousands of product options to find the one that fully suits your needs. This is why potential buyers might avoid a website of an enormous marketplace where they can easily get lost. Instead, they prefer a dedicated website with a limited amount of product categories that is clear and convenient to navigate. Apart from that, a store that focuses on a particular niche or category is likely to have highly specialized products instead of some generic items.

2. It’s more convenient to place an order

The simplicity of placing an order is crucial for the purchasing process. AliExpress requires buyers to register, which is a distracting factor for many online shoppers. At the same time, AliDropship niche stores allow customers to place their orders simply and effortlessly. Thanks to this, buyers enjoy an unmatched shopping experience that surely motivates them to come back for more. Even if customers don’t have previous experience in online shopping, they can easily buy from such stores without any issues.

Niche stores don’t require visitors to register, and it facilitates impulse buying.

When users visit such stores, they can get immediately interested in some of the products. Thus, the simplicity of the shopping process will surely encourage them to make a purchase without any second thoughts.

3. Niche stores provide a nicer customer experience

It is typical for sellers placing their offers on AliExpress to work with a wide range of product categories. Ideally, that would require a store owner to have extensive knowledge covering all the specifications of the offerings. Unfortunately, quite often this is not the case, and it makes potential purchasers turn to smaller niche stores.

Niche stores are notable for the friendly atmosphere created by passionate and enthusiastic sellers.

What’s special about people who create narrowly focused online stores and deal with a limited amount of items? Typically, they are deeply interested in this particular area and have a true passion for this certain product range. Therefore, they are enthusiastic to create a friendly and favorable atmosphere in the store. You can imagine how important it is for an online business: take a look at this success story that happened all thanks to an engaged followers’ community! The better client service you provide to these niche fans, the higher are the odds to see them and their friends again soon.

4. It’s much easier to get help

Anyone who purchased something online knows how important it is for the seller to be knowledgeable about his product offering. And what happens if a dropshipping store owner works with multiple product niches and dozens of hundreds of products? Potentially, there can be some difficulties with providing accurate and relevant data on clients’ inquiries. From the point of view of a seller, this can easily be understood. Naturally, managing such a store is quite a demanding task requiring an enormous effort. Still, from the point of view of a buyer, it can cause a great inconvenience.

Well-informed experts can provide quick and complete answers to any niche-related questions.

On the contrary, niche stores with a smaller product range have everything it takes to provide high-quality customer support. Since these stores employ well-informed experts with a deep passion for the products on offer, customers can safely count on quick and full answers to any niche-related questions that can potentially come up. These sellers can also help buyers with the technical aspects of placing an order, making a payment, or dealing with a return or refund if necessary (Kitty’s dropshipping story is a great example!). This is not always the case with AliExpress purchases – the wait for an answer from the platform’s technical support can take a significant amount of time.

5. It’s more pleasant to navigate niche stores

Due to the technical features of the platform, all of the AliExpress stores have the same layout. As a result, it is really difficult for a store owner to create a memorable and recognizable marketplace.

For the customer, it’s going to be difficult to remember the exact store where they saw this or that item. This will result in them buying the product elsewhere. Furthermore, the store layout can’t be changed, even if it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient for either the buyer or seller.

A convenient customized layout and professional design turn niche stores into user-friendly and memorable marketplaces.

In turn, nicely and professionally designed niche stores can easily prompt visitors to make a purchase – the previously-mentioned impulse buying heavily depends on store usability. Additionally, the layout of these stores can be customized in a way that is clear and understandable for any kind of buyer. What is also important, due to their unusual design, such stores have their own spirit and atmosphere, and it certainly motivates customers to come again for more.

Now that you know why online shoppers might choose a niche store instead of AliExpress, it’s high time for you to start your own dropshipping journey. Choose the store that suits you best and start earning in no time!

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Hit The Big Time With The Benefits Of Facebook Promotion

Social media marketing and ecommerce businesses go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to imagine one without the other. However, not many understand how beneficial it can be to use social media marketing, and Facebook promotion, in particular, to grow your business. 

Social media isn’t something obscure anymore. Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account of some sort.  In 2019, in the U.S. alone, the percentage of the population that used any form of social media was about 79%, which is approximately 247 million people. Just think about it, the total population is 328 million people! You can reach almost all of the population of the US through social media!

One social media platform we would like to point your attention to is Facebook. It is the largest social network in the world, with 2.8 billion active users. That number alone should trigger you and make you think about all the potential customers you can reach.

And in all fairness, Facebook is the perfect platform for small businesses to establish themselves. While there are lots of users, Facebook also provides you with the tools you need to attract their attention.

In this article, we will take a closer look at why Facebook is one of the best platforms for growing your business and how you can do it.

Facebook promotion: what is it?

Generally speaking, Facebook promotion is a marketing method aimed at advertising a product or service through the social media platform. With Facebook’s advertising tools, your dropshipping venture can significantly grow and expand to new heights. And if you want to achieve quick sales for your dropshipping store, Facebook ads are the best solution. Not only are they effective but even beginner entrepreneurs can understand them and utilize to their advantage.

Our customers are already experiencing success first-hand promoting with Facebook! And you can easily join them.

It is easy and effective and the number of people using Facebook for promotional purposes is quite impressive. Moreover, that number is set to increase even more!

As a matter of fact, have you heard about our best performing self-owned store? That’s right, that exact dropshipping store that’s making over $500K/month! Well, the owners of that store have managed to achieve these outstanding results all by promoting their products through paid Facebook ads. What’s more, you can get the exact copy of that online store at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, you can opt to receive a marketing package filled with the same advertisement materials that the original had. And we’ll be at every step of the way helping you set it all up!  

Why Facebook promotion is perfect for your online business

Let’s look at some of the most significant advantages online businesses receive promoting with Facebook.

  • Worldwide availability

With billions of active users, there are seemingly no limits to how many people you can reach. So, you are not limited to promoting to a specific country, you can advertise anywhere you like!

  • Highly-targeted ads

You are provided with a broad range of targeted advertising options. This allows you to specify in great detail who will see your ads. You can select an audience based on their income, education level, relationship status, job, interests, and even purchase behavior.

  • Diversity of advertising

You have an incredible amount of advertising options to showcase your products through Facebook either in a textual or visual format. You can use your posts as advertisements, stories, slideshows, carousels, video, etc.

  • Works with other marketing channels

While promoting your business through Facebook, you are free to use other marketing channels, too, such as search engine marketing, email marketing, etc. Moreover, don’t forget that Facebook is connected with Instagram and WhatsApp, which means that you can promote through those platforms as well.

  • Opportunity for growth

When you start advertising your products on Facebook, small audiences of people will engage with your ads. Of course, it’s not likely that thousands of people will come to your store right away.

At the beginning of your dropshipping journey, you won’t probably be investing huge amounts of money into Facebook promotions, so the results might not be that impressive. Nevertheless, after the initial results, you can start increasing your ad budget and reach a lot more people than you previously have. Thus, you can achieve far more stunning results than before.

However, to start promoting your products or services on Facebook, you have to create a Facebook business page first.

What is a Facebook business page?

Basically, a Facebook business page is a Facebook profile for your business. It can receive and send messages, post updates, receive notifications, like and comment on other users’ content, etc. On a Facebook page, instead of adding someone as “friends”, users must “like” or follow the page to see its content.

Here is a quick guideline on how to create a Facebook business page.

First, you’ll need to log in to a Facebook Account. You can use your existing personal page or create a completely new page for your business. Then, head to the creation page and select what type of business page you want to create. There you will pick your page name, category, and description.

From there, all that is left to do is fill in the rest of the page: add photos, create a username, enter the information about your business (including your business story) and then create your first post. Once you’ve completed your page, you can start creating and launching your ads.

How to set up your ad campaign for Facebook promotion

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach your potential customers.

It is a unique tool and we want you to benefit from it as much as you can. So let’s go over how you can launch your ads to reach practically anyone.

So, by now you should have already created a Facebook business page (if you haven’t, go do it now!). Then, head over to your Facebook Ads Manager to create your ad campaign. As stated by Facebook, the Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool for creating, managing, and tracking your ads. It’s powerful, but it’s designed for advertisers regardless of their experience.

The Ads Manager will also help by showing you how well your campaigns are performing based on Facebook’s metrics. So, here is what you have to do:

  • Select an objective

Facebook promotion ad campaign creation

You have 11 objectives to choose from, based on what you want your ads to achieve.

  • Choose your audience

Facebook allows you to target a specific audience of people based on the information you know about them. You can use parameters such as age, gender, location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that you can showcase your ads to anyone in any corner of the world and select multiple locations. Facebook will automatically deliver the ads to countries where they will perform better.

Just look at this dropshipping business owner who has achieved phenomenal results using Facebook promotions with his customers coming from all over the world!

  • Set where to run your ads

where to run Facebook promotion

The next step to select where your ads will appear. You have a vast array of options from Facebook to Instagram, to Messenger, or even across them all.

  • Set a budget

Since you are going to be using Facebook’s paid advertising tools, you are going to need to set a budget. Here, you have an option to set a daily or a lifetime budget and the time period when your ads will run.


You have total control over your campaign costs since you initially choose how many people see your ads and how often they see them. Moreover, according to the predictable reach and frequency, you will see the exact amount of money required to reach your audience. 

Usually, $10-$15 a day is enough for a starting ad budget. And remember, you are not required to run ads every single day. Facebook allows you to always control your ad budget and turn off your promotions any time you want.

From there, all you have to do is pick the format of your ad and submit your ad to Facebook’s ad auction. And there you have it, you’ve successfully launched your Facebook ad! Don’t forget to manage your ad and evaluate its performance.

It’s safe to say that Facebook promotion is one of the most accessible and at the same time cost-effective ways to promote your ecommerce business.

Still, a common question is how long do you have to wait until you can see the first results? Usually, it doesn’t take long to see the results come in. Oftentimes, you can see the results from a Facebook promotion within 1 week or even sooner!

Final takeaways on Facebook promotion

No matter what type of business you own, Facebook promotion is an essential instrument for the growth of your business. It is an advertising strategy that allows ecommerce entrepreneurs to run a business even without an already established customer base.

Ultimately, Facebook ads are one of the most efficient ways to reach customers anywhere in the world. Using it, you can grow you business and expand your customer base even quicker. Even though this method requires you to invest a certain amount of money into it, you will have full control over all your advertising costs. All it takes is a few clicks and you can see the results within a couple of weeks.

Ready to start exploring the power of Facebook ads? Remember that you can always count on expert assistance! The Marketing Packages we provide together with AliDropship’s Premium Stores contain the exact same media files, texts, and audience settings we use to generate sales with these stores, and YOU can benefit from them, too!

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