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Best Dropshipping Suppliers On AliExpress And Beyond

Is AliExpress the only source of products to dropship? Today, we’re going to discuss the alternative ways for online businesses to find dropshipping suppliers! Also, we’ll explain how to make the best choice of products to sell from suppliers on AliExpress.

Usually, when talking about choosing the right products for your dropshipping store, we assume that you import these items from AliExpress. Still, it is not the only option.

Directories in your search of the perfect dropshipping suppliers to import products from

What do dropshipping newcomers do before making the very first steps on their business journey? That’s right! They look for reliable business partners to ensure the success of their future venture – dropshipping wholesalers. Such companies are called dropshippers, but people often use this term to refer to dropshipping retailers.

Sometimes, they look for suppliers on their own by simply going through Google search results. Unfortunately, wholesale manufacturers and suppliers are far from being good marketers.

Some people expect to easily find lots of dropshipping manufacturers and suppliers with high quality products at wholesale prices on Google. Well, they will be disappointed. Unless they’re lucky enough, they’re unlikely to succeed in their search. Not to mention the fact that many wholesalers are not ready to do dropshipping.

Thus, due to having little to no experience in this field, they don’t only look for counselors and advisors. They also search for middlemen who can connect them with the most appropriate business partners.

Most typically, these middlemen are required for product-related tasks. So let’s imagine that the entrepreneurs know what they would like to sell. It might be difficult for them to establish contact with reliable and trustworthy manufacturers anyway.

This is why these beginners turn to dropshipping directories. Simply speaking, these are the specially assembled databases of trusted wholesale distributors.

There, you can find detailed information about suppliers. It’s all about their fields of activity, manufactured products, addresses, and, sometimes, financial position or sales value.

Thus, a dropshipping directory is a database of wholesale suppliers grouped by category, market or niche. Many directories carry out special checking procedures to ensure the suppliers are legitimate and genuine wholesalers.

How do directories work?

So, entrepreneurs make a payment to get access to a dropshipping directory database. After that, they add the images and descriptions of the selected products to their ecommerce stores.

Then, the traditional dropshipping business model works as usual. The customer orders placed on the dropshipping site get sent to the manufacturers. These suppliers, in turn, provide the full range of the necessary product-related dropshipping services.

They store items, arrange shipments, provide sellers with tracking codes, etc. If required, they also customize the delivered packages by designing them in the style of the dropshipping store they work with.

Sounds like a good option, doesn’t it? You get access to multiple wholesale dropshippers and can easily fill the inventory of your online store with top products. Your supplier will take care of packing and shipping the orders to the buyer.

However, few dropshipping businesses actually use directories.

Why directories aren’t commonly used to find dropshipping suppliers

Why do entrepreneurs rarely use dropshipping directories?

It might seem that these verified lists of well-reputed suppliers are a smart decision for dropshipping newcomers. Unfortunately, some of the directories’ downsides might cause serious problems for the entrepreneurs.

  • Paid access

The majority of directories charge a fee for access to their database. You either need to make a one-time payment or pay a yearly/monthly fee.

  • Pricing difference

Some suppliers listed in dropshipping directories have a specific pricing strategy. In order to buy something from them at a wholesale price, you need to officially confirm that your business is legit. Then you need to be approved as a wholesale seller. Otherwise, you will purchase their products at usual, retail prices.

  • Business preferences

Usually, dropshipping directories consist of large-scale companies that are looking for long-term profitable partnerships. Many of them don’t consider working with small online businesses. Especially it refers to newcomers who are unlikely to order large consignments of goods.

  • Partnership limitations

It’s quite typical of these well-known manufacturers to dictate the terms of doing business. There might be requirements for minimum order size, or maximum allowed price markup, and so on. Certainly, it limits a dropshipping store owner’s activity quite significantly.

So, it is reasonable to pay for getting access to a dropshipping directory only if you deal with the following.

1) looking for appropriate product ideas

2) researching the market offers

3) looking for a highly specific product category that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

So, have you already chosen the niche? Have you understood what products you are going to sell? Then, you can find decent suppliers from some free ecommerce platforms on your own.

The best alternative option to dropshipping databases is AliExpress.

This is an ecommerce platform of global reach that contains products from millions of distributors worldwide.

The reasons to search for dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress

Why do entrepreneurs often look for dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress?

There are enough reasons why AliExpress is much more suitable for dropshipping products from suppliers than any dropshipping directory.

  • Product range

Generally, it is typical of manufacturers to focus on a narrow product segment. They are also likely to deal with a limited number of related categories. For example, they sell children’s clothing, toys, and stationery.

Or they concentrate on consumer electronics, gadgets, and gadget accessories, etc. In fact, it is clear. Managing an extended stock is quite a complicated and laborious task.

However, AliExpress is a huge ecommerce platform with an extensive variety of products. It facilitates the interaction between countless sellers and buyers. Any supplier can post their offers on the platform. And now, it has resulted in over 100 million products currently presented on AliExpress.

These products fall into various categories. So entrepreneurs can choose any items they fancy and adjust their dropshipping stores to a specific target audience’s interests.

  • Free access to the database of dropshipping suppliers

Please remember that dropshipping directories usually limit access to their databases. As a result, entrepreneurs can’t browse the list of wholesalers and their products before making the necessary entry payment. It certainly causes a significant problem to the newcomers, who can’t know for sure if it will pay off.

At the same time, AliExpress doesn’t charge any entry fees. The registration on the platform is free, and you don’t need to log in if you want to explore the products. Plus, the platform provides the ground to evaluate the seller’s performance and reliability.

Therefore, it lets businessmen choose only the best products from the dropshipping providers. It includes the business operation length, the percentage of positive buyers’ feedback, the number of orders placed by visitors, etc.

  • Zero fees

Dropshipping directories don’t simply charge monthly or yearly membership fees. By the way, these fees vary depending on each separate provider.

What’s more, they can also ask for a restocking fee. This is compensation for stocking and delivery expenses. It’s relevant for the cases of customers’ returns when items have no actual defects.

However, you shouldn’t worry about this if you work with suppliers directly through AliExpress. You don’t have to pay anything to start working with the distributors from the platform. Moreover, you certainly don’t have to make any additional payments during the whole process of business collaboration. All the expenses associated with refunds and returns are going to be your dropshipping suppliers’ headache.

  • No limits on markup

Unfortunately, dropshipping directories put your possibilities of making a decent profit at risk. It refers to some limits on markup. Entrepreneurs have to set a so-called recommended retail price on the seller’s items.

In other words, the initial price can only be increased by a limited sum of money. In most cases, it’s not more than 15-20% of the starting cost. Otherwise, the partnership agreement can possibly come to an end.

Meanwhile, the sellers from AliExpress don’t insist on a specific price. The items on AliExpress have very low prices in comparison to identical products elsewhere.

It means the possible markups, and, therefore, the profits, can be quite impressive. Even several-fold price increase in this case will not affect end buyers negatively. It will still result in adequate financial gains for the store owner.

  • No limits on sales volume

Again, dropshipping store owners are quite often obliged to place a certain amount of orders when they sell goods from directories. Unless they do, dropshipping suppliers can refuse to continue dealing with these entrepreneurs.

It’s never going to happen if you work with a seller from AliExpress. It’s not even necessary to bring to the suppliers’ attention that you order their products for dropshipping purposes.

  • No legal requirements

Most commonly, large-scale manufacturers and distributors only work with officially established companies. Some of them even prefer only businesses registered in the US.

However, none of this is necessary to contact a manufacturer on AliExpress. The platform is extremely popular with private individuals. Even with those who make purchases for their own use and not for reselling. This is why local dropshipping wholesalers gladly work with everyone regardless of legal status.

  • Global reach

The ultimate benefit of starting a dropshipping business is the possibility to reach an unlimited number of customers. In most cases, they are the people who aren’t able to get these products in their own countries offline.

General wholesalers mostly offer shipping within Europe or the US. AliExpress, in its turn, makes it possible to arrange a delivery literally to everywhere in the world. It allows you to enlarge your target audience significantly.

Obviously, AliExpress is not the only online ecommerce platform created for clear communication between manufacturers and buyers. Still, our own research has indicated that for the purposes of dropshipping, it is probably the best solution on the market. Feel free to click the following links and learn about the possibilities and limitations of Amazon, eBay and Etsy for dropshipping.

Now you are aware of AliExpress benefits. So you are probably wondering how to pick the most reliable business partners on this platform? We know the answer!

How to choose the best dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress

  • Filter the product search results

The hunt for the perfect AliExpress suppliers starts on the search results page.

When you are writing your product query in the AliExpress search bar, don’t forget to tick the “4* &Up” box. In that case, only the high quality items will be shown to you.

Sort the results by the number of orders. So you will see the most frequently purchased items at the beginning of the product list. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Searching for AliExpress products with filters to find reliable dropshipping suppliers

Thanks to these simple actions, you won’t waste your time on poor quality items from questionable sellers. You will only deal with worthy offers that are tried and true. Moreover, they are approved by other buyers.

  • Explore the seller stats

Well, you need to go to a single product page on AliExpress. There, you can mouse over the store name and view the seller’s statistics.

You can learn how long the store has been operating, view the feedback score from previous buyers, etc. You are even able to see some additional helpful stats.

Look at the screenshot below.

Seller's stats on AliExpress

As you can see, that’s a pretty young store. Even though its performance isn’t very bad. It doesn’t look inspiring either.

It seems that in their feedback, the buyers often note that the sold items don’t fully match their descriptions. What’s more, there are some communication issues, and the shipping time is quite long.

How do you figure out whether you still should trust this seller? Go to the next step!

  • Examine the potential dropshipping suppliers’ product reviews

Within the seller’s store, pick 8-10 items that have the highest number of orders, and go to their product pages.

Go to the Feedback tab on each of these product pages. There, read the customers’ reviews super carefully. It will help you understand what exactly is good and bad in the seller’s activity.

Pay special attention to the reviews that contain pictures. With the help of these photos, you can roughly evaluate the quality of the product. Beyond this, you can understand whether the buyers’ claims are fair.

An AliExpress product page with customer feedback score

Sometimes, people get annoyed by some tiny details that are not really relevant. The things that are just a one-time ‘glitch’ in the interaction.

However, sometimes several different buyers point out the same difficulties they had during the purchasing process. And that’s a bad sign. For example, it is highly important for the suppliers who offer clothes.

Do various buyers write that several different products don’t match the expected size? It might mean that the seller offers irrelevant size charts. Certainly, it doesn’t show this store in a positive light.

  • Check the potential suppliers’ shipping terms

On the product page, look at the available shipping costs and terms. Check whether the seller can ship your order to the country where the majority of your potential buyers live. Whether it’s the United States or any other.

Shipping options on an AliExpress product page

Click on the tiny arrow to change the country of delivery. That’s how you’ll see whether the seller offers cheap and quick delivery directly to your customers. Your buyers wouldn’t want to wait for their orders for a long time and overpay for the short delivery times, right?

Shipping options offered by an AliExpress seller

Such research is going to give you a better understanding of the seller’s activity. Eventually, you will certainly clarify your perspectives of cooperating with this distributor and make the right decision.

Want to deal with trusted and reputed sellers only? Check out AliDropship Insights – a FREE database of the best AliExpress sellers to partner with, the best niches to take, AND the most promising products to sell!

Tips on working with dropshipping suppliers

  • Don’t hesitate to contact suppliers

The sellers on AliExpress are entrepreneurs just like you. And they are always glad to cooperate if it brings them more sales. Therefore, if you’ve found a good supplier and his products are selling well, send him an email. Or contact him if you have questions.

In any case, this cooperation can result in many benefits.

  • Be polite and adequate

Always talk to a supplier in a friendly way, be polite, and keep your end of the bargain. Try not to cause unnecessary troubles and don’t forget to thank the partner for little and big favors (like unusually fast shipping or an extra discount).

It will let you build strong relationships with the seller and make things easier in the future.

  • Check the orders before redirecting them to the supplier

Although with the AliDropship plugin, you don’t have to fulfill orders manually, it’s still a good idea to check customer information before ordering the products on AliExpress. Buyers often make mistakes: they fill in the wrong fields or leave them empty.

As a result, the order may get sent to the wrong address, thus causing problems not only to you but to the supplier as well. Avoid such situations!

  • Check your emails regularly

Also, make sure you regularly check the messages you get from your suppliers. They may face an unexpected problem that needs your attention. Not responding in time can lead to shipping delays or worse.

And if there’s a problem and it was the supplier’s fault – don’t get mad! We all make mistakes, and most of them are not worth destroying your relationships. But of course, if a particular seller keeps making mistakes, you may want to reconsider working with him.

  • Find multiple dropshipping suppliers

Working with only one wholesaler is definitely easy. But it’s dangerous as well! If something happens, you will lose all your inventory at once.

That’s why our team recommends finding at least several suppliers. It doesn’t mean the more the merrier, though. If you have 8 suppliers, you can feel more or less safe and it’s not that difficult to manage them. Having 30 suppliers will hardly make any difference except managing them will get really tough.

We hope that our little research helped you understand how to find the best dropshipping suppliers. And we’re looking forward to seeing you fill your store with the most awesome offers from great sellers! Don’t you have your online store? Then, go and start your business to benefit from it!

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Dropship Electronics: Get Rich With Hi-Tech Products!


Do you think of starting a dropshipping business? Or are you already running an online store? Are you looking for a promising and interesting niche? Well, if you are fond of hi-tech products, here is a way out for you! Start to dropship electronics RIGHT NOW!

To date, electronics are all around us. Every minute we use cell phones, smart watches, wristbands, and not to mention different kinds of audio and video equipment. So, if your hobby is electronics, why not turn your passion into profit?

Well, is dropshipping electronics hot or not? Can you make a fortune with this niche? How to dropship electronics right for the maximum profit? AliDropship has studied the issue, and now we are ready to answer all these questions!

What’s more, here is a BONUS! We have prepared a list of the most promising products and trusted suppliers with fair pricing and favorable shipping options. So stay tuned!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Is it profitable to dropship electronics?

First of all, let’s find out whether dropshipping electronics is worth starting.

Well, those who have been monitoring our blog for a long time know well that we don’t usually recommend you go in for dropshipping technically complex products. And if there are some exceptions to this rule, that’s exactly all about dropshipping electronics! And here is why.

  • Firstly, if you look at the statistics, you will be probably surprised with the fact that the revenues in the Consumer electronics market amounts to US$1,019,553m in 2021. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?
  • Secondly, the niche of electronics includes not only high ticket items. In this niche, there are lots of cheap electronic devices that are extremely popular nowadays. For example, different wristbands or TWS earbuds can become a perfect solution for your tech store.

Now we suppose that it’s clear that dropshipping electronics is a tempting idea for your business, isn’t it? However one does not simply start to dropship electronics.

So what is necessary to know if you are going to dropship electronics? Let’s figure it out!

What should you know to dropship electronics?

Like any other business, dropshipping electronics requires you to be prepared for this. So what is essential for you to start dropshipping electronics?

  • Interest and basic knowledge

Whatever kind of business you deal with, you should be interested in it. What’s more, since you are going to sell technically complex items, you have to get the hang of the components inside them, their specifications, etc.

  • Market intelligence

So if you want to start dropshipping electronics, you should be aware of what products are sold on the market, and which ones are in strong demand. This will rid you of any challenges related to deciding what to sell, how to promote, what audience to target, etc.

  • Reliable suppliers

If you want to get an easy and convenient dropshipping journey, there is no doubt that you need to find trusted suppliers to order from.

So you can get the list of reliable suppliers by trial and error. However it can cost you a fortune.

Luckily, there is a way out – you have an opportunity to use Insights from AliDropship!

AliDropship Insights is a unique database of trusted and time-tested suppliers, trending products to sell, and the most promising niches for you as a dropshipping store owner.

Please note that Insights from AliDropship is absolutely FREE! You need only to sign in and that’s it. The full database is at your disposal.

By the way, in this article we are also ready to provide you with a list of reliable suppliers of hi-tech products, but we will talk about it a little toward the end.

Electronics dropshipping: what are trending products to sell?

Since choosing the most promising products for your online store is crucial for your business, AliDropship has prepared the list of trending hi-tech products to sell in 2021. Here it comes!

Wearable devices

To date, wearable devices are, definitely, in fashion! And if some years ago their functionality was strictly limited, now they have become an indispensable tool because we can use some of them to make calls, pay for purchases, monitor sleep, and perform some other tasks.

Moreover, here is a very interesting fact for you as a dropshipping store owner: technologies are evolving permanently, meanwhile, devices remain affordable.

So if you are going to dropship electronics, we recommend you pay attention to wearable devices firstly since they have tremendous potential in terms of dropshipping.


dropship electronics

Smart watches

dropship electronics



In fact, there are lots of hi-tech products that can be as promising for dropshipping as wearable devices. And audio equipment is the one that can.

With the development of wireless technologies, different bluetooth earphones and speakers have become extremely popular around the world. And due to technological progress, they don’t cost a lot nowadays! Meanwhile, don’t write off high-quality wired earbuds, they are still in demand.

What does this mean for you as a dropshipping business owner? These products are a must-have for your online store!

Wired earphones

dropship earphones


TWS earphones

resell TWS earphones

Bluetooth headphones

resell headphones

Sleeping earphones


a picture showing an example of a promising ecommerce product

Portable speakers

dropship electronics

Airpods cases

a picture demonstrating what's trending on the Internet

Camera & Photo

Nowadays blogging is trending. There are lots of people who actively update their social media accounts, share their breathtaking sceneries with their followers, post videos, and so on.

As you know, when something is trending, it’s high time for you to make money on this!

So we recommend you pay attention to different photo & video equipment. Fortunately, today there are lots of items that can be both affordable for potential customers and profitable for you as a store owner.

By the way, if you are interested in drones and think of starting them, feel free to read our guide on dropshipping drones.

Action cameras

resell cameras


a picture showing why it's profitable to dropship drones


Car accessories

Automobiles have taken a steady position in our everyday life. And since technology advances very rapidly, people are getting an opportunity to upgrade their cars.

That’s why dropshipping auto parts is going to be a promising idea for your business!

And the most important thing for you about this situation is that car owners are ready to pay you a fortune to get a new device for their vehicles. So why not take advantage of it?

Car radio

dropship auto parts


resell auto parts

Car chargers

car chargers


dropship electronics

Jump starters


a picture showing why to dropship car parts and accessories

Garage door opener

a picture showing a garage door opener to sell

Home electronics

Recently cheap smart home devices have gained popularity around the world. And this is not surprising. In fact, you have an opportunity to automate your home for a small amount of money, so why not?

Yes, you heard it right! The majority of smart home devices are affordable. And it means that it’s going to be a perfect decision for you to start selling them in your online store!

Smart plug

a screenshot of smart plugs to resell in your store


Wi-Fi wall switch

resell products for home

Smart LED light

a picture showing an example of hype products to resell


Mobile phones

And now we have come to high-ticket dropshipping. Actually, on the market there are both cheap and expensive cell phones. However if we talk about a product that costs more than $100, it will be treated as a high-value merchandise.

Nevertheless, can you name a product that is more popular than a cell phone nowadays? Just imagine that almost everybody has a mobile phone in our time.

And since brand-new models of cell phones appear almost every day, why not start dropshipping cell phones and build a business based on the most hi-tech products? By the way, there are lots of accessories for mobile phones that are also in strong demand on the market!


dropship mobile phones

Phone accessories

dropship phone accessories


So if you don’t want to focus on expensive products, here is a way out for you – start dropshipping different accessories!

As a rule, these products are cheap enough to even use for your impulse purchase strategy. Meanwhile, they are extremely popular nowadays due to their low cost and much of a choice.

HDMI cables

resell cables

Power cables

resell power cables

Cell phones batteries

dropship electronics

Power banks

dropship power banks


Here is one more group of products that can be related to high ticket dropshipping. Although there are some items at a relatively low price. As a rule, tablets, laptops, and desktops are really affordable.

So you have two options here. You can run an online store that is focused on cutting edge technologies and sells high-priced devices. Or you can concentrate your business on different computer parts and accessories.


dropship tablets


dropship computer parts

So this is the list of the most promising hi-tech products for your online store in terms of dropshipping. So it remains for you only to choose the ones you are interested in more, add to the product range of your online store, and enjoy your benefit!

Game controller skins

a picture showing why to resell gaming accessories

Controller light bars

a screenshot of ps4 controller light bars

Finger coats for gaming

a picture showing hype products to resell for profit

Mobile game controller clamps

a picture showing why it's a good idea to dropship electronics

Start to dropship electronics: where to find reliable suppliers?

As we have already mentioned, AliDropship is glad to provide you with the database of reliable suppliers, trending products to sell, and perspective niches. Meet Insights from AliDropship!

Well, using this database we have prepared for you the lists of trusted suppliers in some particular product categories related to electronics. Here they are!

Cameras suppliers

a picture showing whom to source cameras from

Cell phones suppliers

a picture showing how to dropship electronics for profit

Drones suppliers

a picture that will help you find trustworthy drones suppliers

Earphones and headphones suppliers

a screenshot of free database of trusted suppliers for business

Power banks suppliers

a picture showing where to order high-quality power banks from

Smart home devices suppliers

a picture showing who to source cheap smart home devices from

Wristbands and smartwatches suppliers

a screenshot showing reliable wristbands suppliers for business

Do you want to find more time-tested suppliers for your dropshipping business? Are you interested in a different niche? Do you need to know the top-selling products in your niche?

Go and use AliDropship Insights. At the present time, it’s absolutely free!

Dropship electronics: final takeaway

If you are a person that is fond of hi-tech products, consider starting to dropship electronics. It’s really going to be a highly profitable niche for you since these items have gained incredible popularity nowadays.

For you as an ecommerce business owner, there are lots of options. You have an opportunity to sell highly priced hi-tech products, or cheap smart devices. What’s more, don’t forget about different accessories which, generally, cost several dollars and claim to be a must-have for your online store!

If you have started a dropshipping business, choose the category you like more, add products to your online store, and enjoy your benefit!

However, if you are a dropshipping newcomer, and you haven’t already launched your dropshipping store, here is also a way out for you!

To date, AliDropship is glad to provide your with several options to start a dropshipping business, for all tastes:

So, don’t lose an opportunity to get a profitable business. Start to dropship electronics or anything else and enjoy your benefit with AliDropship!

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120 Best AliExpress Stores For You To Dropship From

Do you have an online store? Are you looking for reliable suppliers to team up with? Are you dealing with a dropshipping business model? Then, you’re at the right place! Today we will provide you with the list of 100 best AliExpress stores to safely run your business.

In practice, one of the most essential aspects of running a reselling business is the selection of reliable suppliers. Actually, the better your suppliers perform their functions, the more satisfied your customers are about your store. That’s why choosing trusted suppliers is a great investment in your online store’s reputation.

So, today we’re going to help you get a smooth start in dropshipping or expand your ecommerce business. We will present to you our newest compilation of the best AliExpress stores you can safely team up with and benefit from such a partnership. We are going to tell you which tools we have used when selecting the stores for the article, what you should pay attention to, etc.

Are you a regular customer trying to find AliExpress best sellers to safely buy from? Not a problem, this article will be of great value even for you since you can get a list of the most reliable suppliers on AliExpress.

Well, let’s get started!

How to choose the best AliExpress stores to team up with

How to search for a store on AliExpress to safely deal with? In fact, this is not a challenging task for you. However, there are some aspects you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at a specific example.

We choose a category, let it be jewelry.

a picture from a tutorial on how to find a reliable supplier

What are you supposed to study?

1. First of all, pay attention to the supplier’s store rating.

a picture from a tutorial on how to find a reliable supplier

2. Then, look at how long a supplier has been operating on the platform.

a picture from a tutorial on how to find a reliable supplier

3. After that, check how many followers a supplier has.

a picture showing the way to find a reliable supplier for business

We suppose it’s clear. The more followers and the higher rating suppliers have, the more reliable they are in terms of dealing with them. And, the longer suppliers have been performing on AliExpress, the more promising they look to you as a dropshipping store owner.

Would you like to learn more about selecting a trusted supplier on AliExpress? Read our article on how to find a supplier for your online store.

In fact, this is useful to know how to choose a trusted supplier. But what if I tell you that you don’t need to know that?

To facilitate your business management, AliDropship has done all the work for you: we created a database of the best AliExpress stores, products, and niches for you to benefit from!

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

But there’s more! This database is absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Meet our Top Suppliers Insight!

a picture showing where you can find the list of the best AliExpress stores

AliDropship Insights is a base of best selected products, suppliers, and niches for you and your dropshipping store with absolutely free access. And all you need to start using it is signing up! Nothing more!

Insights from AliDropship can become your unique instrument when running a dropshipping business. To learn more about it, read our detailed article about AliDropship Insights. And we are moving on!

Best AliExpress stores by categories

We have already found out that you can use AliDropship Insights to save your time and efforts when looking for reliable suppliers. So we go to Insights from AliDropship, sign in, and click ‘Top Suppliers Insight’.

an image showing where to look for trustworthy suppliers to partner with

Then, we see a list of the best AliExpress stores which are divided by categories. Since the interface is as simple and convenient as possible, it won’t be challenging for you to take advantage of it.

So, here comes the list of the best AliExpress stores!

Women’s bags and wallets stores

Women’s bags and wallets are considered a perfect niche to start a dropshipping business because it provides you with an opportunity to create a really cool online store. Here are some reliable suppliers on AliExpress for you to team up with.

a picture showing the list of best aliexpress stores in bags niche

Men’s clothing stores

Dropshipping men’s clothes is a very profitable business. However, when people buy clothing from online stores, they risk getting goods of inferior quality or even a wrong size. That’s why we recommend you deal with only trusted clothing brands on AliExpress. Here they are!

a picture showing the best men's clothing AliExpress stores

Women’s clothing stores

Dropshipping women’s clothing is a far more popular business. And why not? Hundreds of thousands of women buy from online clothing stores, since it’s a lot more beneficial for them.

However they also risk running into an unfair seller who is highly likely to make a mistake when preparing an order and sending them the other size, or even the other product. And so on, and so forth. In order to avoid such situations, you need to know which women’s clothing stores on AliExpress are trusted.

a picture demonstrating the list of top ranking suppliers on AliExpress in the women's clothing niche

Kids and baby clothes store

Reselling kids and baby clothes is also a great scenario for your dropshipping store. You have an overwhelming number of children’s clothes at a lot lower prices compared to offline stores. That’s why look at AliExpress best sellers list in this niche!

a picture showing the best AliExpress kids clothing stores

Men’s and women’s shoes stores

Shoes dropshipping is not generally considered as a tempting niche to build your ecommerce business with. There’re several issues you should pay particular attention to in case of shoes dropshipping: size, quality, competitions with well-known brands, etc.

However, if handled properly, a shoes online store can easily let you make a fortune. You need to deal with trusted suppliers who can provide you with high-quality products, accurate size charts, etc.


Health and beauty stores

As a rule, we don’t recommend you deal with health & beauty products, especially, the ones that are put on your face or body. You don’t need extra refunds and unhappy customers, do you?

However, if this is your hobby, and you’re very professional, you can try to build a health & beauty dropshipping store. In case you want to minimize risk when dropshipping health and beaty products, you need to deal with trustworthy suppliers only. Here is the list of AliExpress top sellers within this niche.

a picture showing the list of best aliexpress stores in the health care niche

Toys stores

If you decide to do toys dropshipping, remember that a low-quality or defective toy can upset not only a child, but an adult also. So, in order to avoid these situations, we recommend that you work only with reliable toys suppliers.

a screenshot from a database of the best toys stores on AliExpress

Sports stores

Sport goods are extremely expensive nowadays. That’s why many people prefer to buy them from online stores. So if you want to sell only AliExpress best-selling and high-quality sport products, here is a list of the best sports sellers to partner with.

a picture showing the list of the best sports stores on AliExpress

Drone stores

In one of our articles we have already told you about the benefits of dropshipping drones. So we can only add that when dropshipping high-tech products, you don’t need to focus on suppliers with the bargain prices.

That’s why, if you don’t want to undermine your store reputation by reselling poor quality products, it would be better for you to look for the most reliable drone suppliers. Here they come!

an image with the list of the best AliExpress drones stores

Cell phones stores

Dropshipping cell phones is one more promising niche for you to make a fortune. But in case of dealing with cell phones, you should pay particular attention to such issues as initial price, markup, phone’s functionality and quality, etc.

So if you don’t want to lose lots of customers who are unsatisfied with the quality of product, delivery time, etc., look at the list of trusted mobile phones suppliers!

a picture showing top ranking mobile phone stores on AliExpress

Jewelry stores

Jewelry is going to be a very profitable niche since the initial price of such products is a lot lower than in offline stores. That’s why it remains to you only to choose the reliable suppliers and let your customers enjoy the purchases in your online store!

a screenshot of a free database of the best stores on AliExpress

Stores with watches

There is a wide range of different top brand watches on the market. However not many people can afford to buy them. So it can be you who will offer them an opportunity to buy high-quality watches with a broad range of functions at lower prices. For this, you need to know the most reliable watch suppliers, and here they are!

a picture showing where to find best watch stores on AliExpress

Car accessories stores

Selling automotive products is a lucrative business nowadays. All products related to cars cost a lot in offline stores. However, in some cases, their initial prices can be several times lower than in brick-and-mortar stores.

That’s why all you need is to know the suppliers who are ready to provide you with cheap and unique products of high-quality.

a picture showing where to source best car parts and accessories from

Sunglasses stores

To date, dropshipping sunglasses is a booming industry! Practice shows that they are in a strong demand. That’s why if you would like to start a sunglasses store, it’s high time to go to AliDropship Insights and choose the best AliExpress brands and stores for your business.

a picture showing the list of the best sunglasses stores on AliExpress

Power banks stores

Power banks also refer to high-value items. And if you want to be sure the product specifications meet the ones which were stated, you should look at our list of the best stores on AliExpress!

a picture showing the best stores on AliExpress with powerbanks

Stores with headphones and earphones

When buying both headphones and earphones, the main aspect to focus on is the quality of sound. But how can you check it out? In practice, the main way to do this is to find suppliers with the positive feedback. That’s why here is a list of best AliExpress stores with the highest rating in this niche.

a screenshot with the best AliExpress stores with earphones

Phone cases stores

Phone cases of high quality can also cost a lot in offline stores, despite the fact that their original price on AliExpress can be several times lower. The main aspect you should focus on when dropshipping phone cases is to find a trusted supplier who won’t put defective goods in packages, and so on. That’s why here is a list of the best AliExpress stores with phone cases!

a picture showing the list of the best AliExpress sellers with phone cases

Stores with smartwatches and wristbands

It’s hi-tech products again! That’s how you can be sure that you deal with the best AliExpress stores only. Here they come!

an image demonstrating the most reliable suppliers on AliExpress with smartwatches

To sum up: best AliExpress stores to partner with

So, when dropshipping, you need to understand that in most niches you won’t succeed if ordering from all suppliers in a row without thinking.

Most products have their individual specifications which have to necessarily meet the ones which stated. And if there are some discrepancies, you risk losing the biggest part of your clients. What is more, your business can be marred by permanent returns, refunds, etc.

AliDropship, in its turn, aims at helping their clients at every stage of running your dropshipping business. For this reason, we’ve created AliDropship Insights. With this tool, you have an opportunity to find the best AliExpress stores, best-selling AliExpress products, and the most promising niche for your dropshipping store. BTW, this is absolutely free!

So, go to AliDropship Insights, sign in, and use our absolutely free tool! We wish you only trusted suppliers with fast shipping options, high-quality items, positive reviews, and satisfied customers!

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Want To Dropship Sunglasses? Check These Product And Seller Options!

What should you do if you want to dropship sunglasses for profit? Which products and suppliers deserve your most careful attention? Let’s figure it out!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Is it really a good idea to dropship sunglasses?

Being well-protected never goes out of style. And nothing expresses style better than a great pair of sunglasses.

What’s more, let’s look at the statistics. According to Statista, revenue in the sunglasses segment amounts to more than $20m in 2021. Meantime, PR News Wire says, the global sunglasses market is projected to be a USD $38.84 billion market by 2024.

Well, it becomes clear that it’s a booming industry and will always be in demand. It’s also a universal market and caters to men, women, boys, and girls. It is not only a staple in fashion, but is also an essential for health when it comes to sun protection of the eyes.

So, are you unsure of what product to start your dropshipping business with? We highly suggest sunglasses – these are an item and industry that is sure to always bring in income!

How to easily find the best sunglasses suppliers for your store?

We know firsthand that reliable dropshipping suppliers with dozens of thousands of orders and fast shipping are a must-have for you in case you’re going to dropship sunglasses or whatever you want. With AliDropship, we have all the intel on best sellers from AliExpress.

Don’t you know where to find the list of trustworthy suppliers with thigh-quality and trending products for your dropshipping business? Just sign up for our AliDropship Insights and get eyes on the top-ranking AliExpress sellers and high-selling products for any niche absolutely FOR FREE!

We’ve gone ahead and done some of the work to make getting started easier for you. Here are some high-performing sunglass manufacturers and suppliers you can trust!

Sunglasses suppliers: top AliExpress brands

an image showing one of the best sunglasses suppliers on AliExpress


Rating: 98%

Followers: 112,000+

Years in Business: 9

an image showing with whom to dropship sunglasses safely

Brand: KEHU

Rating: 97%

Followers: 88,000+

Years in Business: 7

a picture showing with whom to dropship sunglasses for profit

Brand: LONSY

Rating: 97%

Followers: 35,000+

Years in Business: 11

an image showing one of the best sunglasses suppliers on AliExpress

Brand: MERRY’S

Rating: 97%

Followers: 1,000,000

Years in Business: 8

a picture showing reliable sunglasses dropshipping supplier

Brand: Peekaboo

Rating: 97%

Followers: 193,000

Years in Business: 8

a screenshot of one of the most reliable sunglasses dropshipping suppliers for your business

Brand: Ralferty

Rating: 97%

Followers: 157,000

Years in Business: 8

a screenshot from the article on trustworthy AliExpress dropshipping suppliers


Rating: 98%

Followers: 210,000

Years in Business: 8

a picture showing how to dropship sunglasses for profit

Brand: runbird

Rating: 97%

Followers: 38,000

Years in Business: 8

a picture showing with whom to deal with if you dropship sunglasses

Brand: yooske

Rating: 98%

Followers: 9,000

Years in Business: 6

a screenshot showing how to dropship sunglasses for profit


Rating: 96%

Followers: 369

Years in Business: 4

a picture from the article on the best AliExpress sunglasses suppliers for your dropshipping business

Brand: SUNGLASSES 2020

Rating: 98%

Followers: 153,000

Years in Business: 7

a picture showing one of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers from AliExpress

Brand: Veithdia

Rating: 98%

Followers: 298,000

Years in Business: 8

a picture showing with whom to build your dropshipping business with

Brand: XIU

Rating: 98%

Followers: 122,000+

Years in Business: 11

a picture showing sunglasses suppliers dropshippers can safely deal with

Brand: car unique

Rating: 92%

Followers: 3,000

Years in Business: 4

an image showing with whom to deal with if you dropship sunglasses

Brand: JackJad

Rating: 97%

Followers: 7,000

Years in Business: 4

a picture showing one of the best sunglasses suppliers on AliExpress to safely deal with


Rating: 96%

Followers: 2,600

Years in Business: 3

Best examples of sunglasses to dropship

If you’re ready to sell, let’s take a look at some top-selling choices from our high-performing sunglass dropshipping stores. We’ve got a ton of looks for you:

  • KACHAWOO Vintage Gold Sunglasses

a picture showing an example of products to sell in your online store

  • KACHAWOO Fashion Rimless Sunglasses

a picture showing product options that deserve your attention

  • KEHU Unique Ladies Luxury Oversized Big Sunglasses

a picture showing an example of trending products to sell in your online store for profit

  • KEHU Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

a picture showing an example of hype products to sell in your online store

  • LONSY Fashion Round Sunglasses

a picture showing an example of products that are always in demand to sell for profit

  • LONSY Cat Eye Sunglasses

a picture showing trending products to sell in your online store for profit

  • MERRY’S DESIGN Classic Retro Rivet Polarized Oval-Framed Sunglasses

a screenshot with classic retro sunglasses to sell in your online store for profit

  • MERRY’S DESIGN Classic Retro Rivet Polarized Square-Framed Sunglasses

a picture showing evergreen products to sell in your online store

  • Peekaboo Small Rectangle Sunglasses

a picture showing what to sell in your online store to get dozens of orders

  • Peekaboo Vintage Retro Gothic Steampunk Mirror Sunglasses

a picture showing a hype product to sell in your online store

  • Ralferty Polarized Magnetic Clip-On Eyeglasses

a picture showing polarized magnetic clip-on eyeglasses to resell for profit

  • Ralferty Polarized Square Clip-On Night Vision Eyeglasses

a picture showing polarized square clip-on night vision eyeglasses to resell in your online store

  • ROYAL GIRL Luxury Rimless Sunglasses

a picture showing a hype product to resell for profit

  • ROYAL GIRL Oversize Vintage Gradient Sunglasses

a picture showing oversize vintage gradient sunglasses for your sunglasses dropshipping store


  • Sunglasses 2020 Polarized Sunglasses for Men

a picture showing polarized sunglasses for men to gain profit with

  • 2020 Sunglasses Polarized Retro Square Sunglasses for Men

a screenshot showing polarized retro square sunglasses for men

  • VEITHDIA Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses

an image demonstrating unisex polarized aluminum sunglasses

  • VEITHDIA Men’s Vintage Polarized Square Sunglasses

an image demonstrating men’s vintage polarized square sunglasses to resell for profit

  • XIU Metal Mirror Lens Steampunk Sunglasses

a picture showing metal mirror lens steampunk sunglasses to sell in your online store

  • XIU Metal Retro Vintage Steampunk Sunglasses

a picture showing metal retro vintage steampunk sunglasses to sell in your online store

Steps you need to take to start dropshipping sunglasses

Do you think you’re ready to officially start up your sunglasses dropshipping store? That’s great! It remains for you only to follow our easy four steps below to ensure you are off to a good start.

  • Create a store

Getting started is easy with AliDropship.

All you need is to download the AliDropship plugin for either WordPress or WooCommerce or purchase a custom dropshipping store and let us set up your new business for you from scratch.

Have a particular idea of sunglasses you want to sell? You’ve got it with the AliDropship plugin (or just let us know).

  • Select suppliers

If you’re on your own, we’ve cut through the hundreds of thousands of AliExpress sellers to make finding the best retail and wholesale suppliers with high-quality products quick and easy – with just a few clicks.

Would you like to get access to the whole list of trusted retail and wholesale sunglasses suppliers on AliExpress? If so, it’s time to get our AliDropship Insights and filter suppliers based on niche type, number of followers, ratings, and years in business.

  • Choose items

Choosing what items to sell for profit is also a breeze when you have AliDropship Insights. You can go about it two ways:

  1. As noted above, you can find items by filtering from top-performing suppliers. Once you find the right ones, start looking at what their best-selling items are to get any idea of what you want and can sell.
  2. Or, with AliDropship Insights, you can search for products instead of suppliers. See what items and niches have the highest AliExpress order amounts and dropshiping sales.
  • Make sure your store is search- and user-friendly

Once you have chosen and imported your items to sell, make sure your website’s pages are informative and SEO-friendly. Check that product titles and descriptions are keyword-rich while clear in conveying what the product and its attributes are.

Don’t you know how to build a SEO-friendly website and get cost-effective organic traffic? This is Sellika that will help you!

Be sure to launch ad campaigns to drive traffic to your store and also utilize social media to further drive potential customers to your online store.

Don’t you know how to make the most of your store’s social media accounts or does it take you lots of time? Say no more! Social Rabbit by AliDropship is the tool you’ve always dreamed of!

Check analytics over time to observe what is working and what isn’t. Your stats can help you decide what pages and places on your website you can improve, and also tell you what items sell well.

Sunglasses are incredibly lucrative and an ever-growing industry, making it a smart choice for dropshipping. With our plentiful suggestions (and our handy plugin solutions), AliDropship can help you set up your new sunglasses dropship store easily!

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How To Find A Reliable Supplier For Your Dropshipping Store

In dropshipping, the success of the whole venture highly depends on the reliability of your business partners. But, how to find a supplier for your online store that won’t let you down? Let’s figure it out!

How to find a supplier: what defines the best suppliers

What would you want from your perfect supplier?

Some people prefer their business partners to set low prices on their products. The others believe that the most important thing is the supplier’s aspiration to keep their end of the bargain.

Actually, both of them are wrong and right at the same time. Ideally, you need to strike a balance.

Low prices are necessary to make your online store competitive and profitable. At the same time, your business partners’ credibility should put your concerns of having a bad relationship with customers to rest.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the fewer suppliers you have, the better.

Imagine a buyer ordering several various items from your online store. If all of them come from different distributors, what are the odds that your client gets all the goods at the same time?

To be honest, probably low.

Of course, this delivery disruption might irritate customers. Thus, you need to focus on a limited amount of business partners for your online store to keep your clients pleased. Moreover, sending many orders to one supplier will definitely reward you with a discount.

Considering all of these points, choosing a business partner poses a serious challenge.

Your suppliers can either ruin your online business or make it flourish.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix these issues if you are dropshipping with AliExpress.

There, you can easily find plenty of sellers. The range of items each of them has can perfectly suffice your needs – not to mention their knockdown prices!

All you need to do is to compare the suppliers’ prices and evaluate their credibility. Weighing up AliExpress offers doesn’t cause any troubles with AliDropship Google Chrome Extension. It’s fast and convenient.

However, you need a closer look at the process to make the right choice.

How to find a supplier: points you need to consider

How to find a good supplier on AliExpress? What is the first thing you need to pay attention to when searching for a suitable supplier for your online store?

Of course, it’s their prices.

Although low prices play a big role, they may distract you from the other important sides of the issue. Meanwhile, you can’t go without them to pick a reliable business partner.

So, how to find the best suppliers for your business? Here are some things you should keep your mind on.

1. Supplier’s online store rating

Today, it’s really hard for businesses to conceal their flaws. The Internet made companies strive to provide only the best service. Bad-quality performance is brought to light in the blink of an eye. And this could be fateful for a company.

If you own a small business, it’s not a big problem to identify the problem and sort it out. But, what if your company is, let’s say, Uber? Then, if your driver messed something up, the whole organization takes flak for this.

However, companies like Uber, Amazon, and AliExpress have a solution to take the heat off them and weed out the weak links in the chain.

They allow customers to rate their drivers, sellers, etc. This way, consumers can better understand whether these people are trustworthy or not.

So, the first thing you should pay attention to while choosing your suppliers is their rating on AliExpress.

Go to AliExpress and open the product page you like. There, at the top of the screen, you will see a tab with the name of the supplier’s store.

how to find suppliers for your online business

Click on it to move on to the main page of the distributor. Now, you see the whole range of the items this supplier offers.

Apart from that, you can see whether this AliExpress store is well-customized, filled with appealing pictures, etc. But what we need now is its rating. It is 97,7% as it’s shown in the image below.

What’s the conclusion?

The rating is really high. This means that the customers appreciate the quality of the products and services and in return provide the seller with high-rated positive reviews.

It’s the first sign that this supplier is worth working with.

Rating is the most important thing you need to look at. As a rule of thumb, if a seller’s rating is lower than 95% – you should look to find a better one.

2. The time the supplier has been active on AliExpress

Well, if suppliers find favor with customers, it’s surely great. But, does it mean they are reliable? Could you be sure they won’t upset you?

Only time will tell. The time they’ve been in business.

The longer suppliers have been operating on the platform, the more confidence they instill.

On AliExpress, you can easily find the data. Look at the picture below.

As you can see, this seller has spent 3 years on AliExpress and achieved a rating of 97,7%.

The combination of good quality and longevity should do the trick, shouldn’t it?

3. Did you find a supplier with a “Top Brand” sign?

One more thing that can strengthen your confidence in your suppliers is the “Top brand” sign.

You’ve already made sure the sellers’ stability is tested by time and their products’ quality is satisfactory. To help you make up your mind, AliExpress marks the most reliable and successful distributors with a special sign.

It shows that you can safely trust this supplier.

4. The number of followers

If someone says that 90% of their clients give them a lot of praise, it sounds great, right? Of course it does!

But what if they have only 10 clients? It’s not so striking now, is it?

To get the whole picture, it’s important to consider the number of followers a supplier has. A case in point is the image below.

It’s not difficult to notice that this supplier has quite enough followers to take the rating seriously.

5. The last 6 months suppliers rating

Sometimes, it might be tempting to jump at the opportunity to work with a high-rated supplier.

But, a high rating, longevity, and a huge number of followers could hide some important details. Some sellers tend to show some decline in their performance over time.

For example, they had been providing great service for 3 years. But, 4 months ago something happened. The quality of their goods and service has been going down since then.

Of course, customers have been giving lower grades to the sellers in these 4 months. However, this doesn’t reflect much on the overall rating due to the plenty of previous good grades.

That’s why you need a closer look at the rating dynamics.

To do this, just click on the “Testimonials” tab as shown in the picture below.

How to find vendors for your online store

You will find yourself on the seller’s feedback page. There, you can see the supplier’s rating in the past 6 months.

How to find vendors

It matches the overall score, so this supplier keeps up the service at a high level.

6. The last 3-6 months feedback

Since you’re on the seller’s feedback page now, you can find more valuable details there.

Along with the distributors’ ratings for the last 6 months, it’s important to know how often people buy from them.

You can explore the supplier’s feedback in detail to understand how many orders the seller has had in the last 1, 3, or 6 months. Apart from that, you can look into customer reviews to learn more about the product’s quality.


7. The quality of visual materials

Marketing is a crucial part of dropshipping. While searching AliExpress for reliable suppliers, you should think of your future promotional campaigns.

You need to design your online store perfectly and create appealing promotional posts. For this purpose, good visual content is vital.

The good news is that you can find great product pictures made in the same style right on AliExpress stores’ pages. Look at the image below.

How to find a supplier for your online store


Your product page’s content should be engaging and informative. Without enough good-quality photos of the products, it’s impossible to achieve. So, you need to make sure that AliExpress sellers’ product pages contain multiple quality photos of the product taken from different angles.

It is also great if the seller provides product videos.


How to find a supplier on AliExpress

It’s better to see something once they hear about it thousands of times.

What is really crucial for online shopping is visibility.

You can write brilliantly detailed descriptions of your products. But, it may not conjure up a clear picture.

Customers want to be sure an item is the exact thing they need. They want to see it with their own eyes.

Many AliExpress sellers have such videos on their product pages, like the one you can see in the picture below.

Summing up how to find a reliable supplier

One of the most essential parts of being successful in dropshipping business is having a good reputation. And a big part of this depends on your business partners. The wrong choice could cause big troubles for you.

However, if you know how to find reliable suppliers for your online store, you can create a flourishing ecommerce business and operate it more smoothly. Your pleased clients are going to come back over and over again.

Well, now you know how to find a supplier for your business! Simply follow these guidelines and enjoy your business growth. If you have any questions left, please write them in the comment section below: we’ll be happy to clear it up.

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Chinese New Year 2021 Is Almost There! Will It Impact Your Dropshipping Business?

New Year holidays’ time can be really tricky for dropshipping store owners. Still, you can manage it easily if you start preparing in advance. This article tells you more about getting ready for AliExpress Chinese New Year!

It’s time to start your preparations TODAY! There are only 5 weeks left until the CNY holiday.

AliExpress Chinese New Year is an interesting challenge for dropshippers. It is the time when you use all your creativity and energy to keep your customers interested in your offers even though it takes much longer to process them 🙂

So, what exactly will you need to change in your dropshipping store management during this festive period? Let’s see!

What is so special about Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is a wonderful and colorful holiday that has curious historic roots. It is famous for its impressive cultural and traditional background and has a huge impact on the life of modern China.

During this time of the year, home and family become the center of everyone’s attention. People reunite with their dearest and nearest and aim to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible.

No wonder there is an official holiday: a 7-day vacation during the Chinese New Year. The celebration takes a lot of time, indeed!

Obviously, this is great for the country’s population: everyone takes their time to rest, relax, and enjoy several lazy days. But what does it mean for business and economy?

What is AliExpress Chinese New Year’s impact on business?

What happens to a country’s business activity during a national holiday?

During Chinese New Year, all the stores, government facilities, postal offices, factories, and other official establishments in China aren’t operational.

Please mind that Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2021 is on February 11th, and the holiday itself, Chinese New Year’s Day in 2021, starts on February 12th.

The dates for the next years are:

  • 2022 Chinese New Year – February 1st
  • 2023 Chinese New Year – January 22nd
  • 2024 Chinese New Year – February 10th

As a dropshipping business owner, you need to keep these dates in mind because:

  • Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and offices in China are closed: everybody is partying and having a good time, so there’s no one available to work on production lines, or to stock items, or even to handle customers’ queries
  • The banks are also temporarily inactive, so it will take more time than usual to process the payments and any financial transactions
  • Post offices, transportation hubs, and shipment services are also out of operation, so orders processing will take much more time than usual

But is it a problem?

In fact, absolutely not!

None of these factors will hurt your dropshipping business if you take some necessary steps in advance.

Look at this story of a dropshipping newcomer: he totally forgot about the AliExpress Chinese New Year and launched his AliExpress dropshipping business exactly at this point of time! Still, he managed to sort out all the related issues and minimize the number of refund requests. As a result, he received his first order on the next day after the store launch. What’s more, he made $3,500 within 45 days of the store operation.

What’s the secret to managing an online store efficiently when there’s a major holiday ahead? Here are some ideas!

How to run your dropshipping business during AliExpress Chinese New Year?

Don’t worry about this upcoming holiday; simply follow these basic instructions.

Contact your sellers to learn about their working schedule and see if it can affect the supply chains

Ideally, you need to write to EACH of your AliExpress suppliers.

This will take some time, of course – but the result will be totally worth the efforts!

Ask the sellers to tell you their exact vacation dates and the time they expect to get back to work. This way, you will get some general understanding of your own working schedule in the next several weeks.

Notify your store visitors about the changes in delivery times

The most important thing is to make sure your customers see the new delivery and processing times BEFORE they place their orders.

You don’t need to go into details and tell a whole story about the AliExpress Chinese New Year and its impact on your store operation. To your buyers, this is just an annoying piece of unnecessary information. All they really need to know is when to expect the package, so focus on this.

Edit the contents of your informational pages

There should be a separate page on your website that explains delivery terms and shipping times. If your store is built with the help of AliDropship plugin, it’s the Shipping page. Here, you have the general shipping information explained, and a list of delivery times valid for different regions.

The shipping and delivery terms page you need to modify before AliExpress Chinese New Year

Simply edit the ‘Estimated Shipping Time’ column according to the info you got from your AliExpress suppliers.

Work on your product descriptions

If possible, write the expected delivery period in the beginning of every product description. Something like this (with the relevant amount of days!) should work:

Please note: you will receive the item in 21-28 days after placing your order. Kindly go to our Shipping page to read about the delivery times for your region!

Yes, while AliExpress Chinese New Year festivities keep going, you can even put the Shipping page link into the items’ descriptions. This way, your potential buyers will know where they can learn more about the shipping time. And when the holiday period is over, you can safely remove this line from your products’ descriptions, and rewrite the estimated shipping time info.

Repeat this on your social media and elsewhere

It is a good idea to create a banner that says something like:

Right now, we have a bit more orders than usual 🙂 To keep everyone happy with their purchases, we are extending the orders processing time. Please note that it is now taking us up to 3 business days to arrange the delivery of your package. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

You can put this banner on your website and post it on your Instagram and Facebook feed. You can even pin this post to the top of your Facebook page’s timeline to make sure everyone sees it and doesn’t get wrong expectations. Again, link the banner to your Shipping page – after clicking on the banner, your customers will be redirected to the page with the detailed info.

As soon as your suppliers come back to work in their normal operational mode, remove the banner from your online store and undo the post pinning on Facebook.

Plan your communication with customers carefully

A common recommendation is to stop all your promotional efforts and cut down spending on your ads during this period of time. However, when talking about how to make a fortune with a dropshipping business, we don’t consider this necessary.

It would be a mistake to stop answering your clients’ calls, emails, messages and comments on social networks. Keep talking to your customers with the same intensity you normally have, and check if every new client understands your notification. To make this task easier, create a template email and send it to every person who placed an order on your website during this period of time. If you have an AliDropship-based store, go to the Notifications tab in your Settings section:

Purchase email notification you need to modify before AliExpress Chinese New Year

Write something like this:

Hi, we’re excited to receive your order! It’s being processed right now, and the package will arrive to you in 21-28 days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

It is important to edit your Shipping page info and products’ descriptions BEFORE you start sending these emails! This way, you’ll be able to include a link to the Shipping page into these emails, and ask the readers to pay attention to these details.

Basically, that’s it!

As you can see, the AliExpress Chinese New Year impact on business is not a problem at all. A slight change to your day-to-day operations will help you keep your buyers happy and satisfied with products from China. Keep your dropshipping business running, follow these simple steps and enjoy a great performance of your dropshipping store even in the trickiest times!

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100+ Best Clothing Suppliers For You To Safely Partner With

Are you running a clothing online store or just eager to start selling clothes? Or are you a regular buyer who wants to know which AliExpress apparel stores you can safely buy from? Then, this article is a must-read for you! We have prepared the list of 100+ best clothing suppliers for you to benefit from.

Life is all about reliable relationships. That’s why, both business owners and regular customers need to know for sure whom they can safely deal with.

And today it’s time to rejoice for those who buy and sell clothing. So we are going to provide you with a large list of the best clothing suppliers on AliExpress for you to do business with!

Why is it important to deal with reliable suppliers only?

When you start and run your own business, there are some aspects you should pay special attention to. And if we are speaking about a dropshipping store, one of the most important things is looking for reliable suppliers.

So why is it so important to deal with trusted suppliers only? Well, let’s find it out!

High quality products

Definitely, the main reason it’s necessary to deal with reliable suppliers only is the quality of supplied products. In fact, it goes without saying.

If you don’t pay special attention to the selection of suppliers you are going to work with, but start to interact with a random supplier, you risk having lots of problems. One of them is about the quality of goods. It is due to the fact that unfair sellers often cooperate with suspect manufacturers, whether we are speaking about clothing manufacturers or the ones of electronics, etc.

And then later on, it will snowball: if you deal with low-quality products, as a result you are likely to get a burst of requests for returns and refunds. Do we need to even explain why it’s not good for you as a business owner? Right, in that case, you’re supposed to lose not only lots of effort and free time, but also big money you could easily earn.

However, if you deal with trustworthy vendors, you have every chance to avoid these problems!

High-quality products are your key to success! If your customers are satisfied with the products they have ordered, they are likely to come back to your online store again and again, tell their friends about you, and so on. It’s crucial for retail customers to deal with reliable and time-tested online stores only, isn’t it?

BTW, in case of a limited product range in your online store, we can recommend that our clients make sure the quality of products they are going to sell are high enough. As a rule, it doesn’t take you lots of money to buy these products for yourself, but you will know for sure all the pros and cons of products you offer.

Predictable delivery time

Here is one more reason for a business owner to interact with trusted suppliers – it’s delivery time.

In practice, delivery time is extremely important for dropshippers since the faster their customers receive orders, the happier they’re going to be with online stores. And what could be more crucial for the credibility of your online store than satisfied customers?

So if you deal with random suppliers, you risk not only providing your customers with low-quality products, but also offering unsatisfactory shipping options.

But how to let your customers receive their packages as fast as possible? Actually, there is nothing challenging about it. Check out this article on figuring out the best shipping terms for your customers!

Easy returns and refunds

Moreover, the selection of suppliers to deal with can influence your return and refund policy heavily. Sure thing, if you sell low-quality products you risk to have lots of unsatisfied customers who are eager to get a return or refund.

However, untrustworthy suppliers are highly likely not to provide your customers with substandard goods only, but give up refunds and returns. Yes, such things do happen.

Meanwhile, if dealing with time-tested vendors, your customers are already supposed to be satisfied with the products you sell. Beyond this, if necessary, such sellers are always ready to easily ensure a return or refund.

So is it clear now that if interacting with random suppliers, you risk getting no income from your business?

Well, if you want to let your business thrive, all you need is to work with time-tested suppliers only. In that case, you are supposed to easily avoid all these challenges.

But where to find the list of trusted suppliers? Luckily, AliDropship comes to the rescue as always!

Best clothing suppliers

We know for sure that the choice of suppliers is extremely important for dropshipping store owners. But in case of clothing dropshipping stores, it’s crucial. It’s due to the fact that besides the product quality, delivery time, and so on, it’s also essential to let your customers easily choose the necessary size.

So you need to pay special attention to the fact that the supplier you’re going to deal with has a specific size chart. Ideally, it’s supposed to be accurate and match real sizes. In practice, clothes often tend to be smaller or bigger than it’s noted. That’s why it’s crucial for you to interact with time-tested suppliers only.

But where to find a wholesale or retail supplier to deal with? You can look for reliable suppliers manually – but be ready to invest some time into it.

Or, as a convenient alternative, you can turn for a ready and FREE solution!  Since AliDropship always tries to facilitate its clients’ business processes , our team has created a database of bestsellers, most promising niches, and time-tested suppliers – it’s AliDropship Insights. And it provides our clients with credible, useful, and profitable information on a lifelong basis!

That’s why you don’t need to spend your own resources on the selection of wholesale and retail suppliers. All you need is to sign in and use the AliDropship Insights for the benefit of your business!

AliDropship Insights include lots of trusted dropshipping suppliers who are ready to provide your clients with electronics, sporting goods, pet products and so on. And if you run a clothing dropshipping store, this is a boon for you!

So do you want to know which clothing suppliers you can safely deal with? It’s due to this reason we have prepared for you the list of 100+ reliable and time-tested retail and wholesale clothing suppliers. Here they are!

Women’s clothing suppliers


Women’s outerwear suppliers

outerwear suppliers

Men’s clothing suppliers


Kids’ clothing suppliers


Sports clothing suppliers

sports goods sellers

Street style clothing suppliers

street style clothes vendors

Urban style clothing suppliers

urban style clothes vendors

Military clothing suppliers

military clothing suppliers

Party dresses suppliers


Printed T-shirts suppliers

t-shirts suppliers

3D printed clothing suppliers

best clothing suppliers

Leggings suppliers

best clothing suppliers

Socks suppliers


Wedding dresses suppliers

wedding dresses suppliers

Tie dye clothing suppliers

how to find suppliers

And this is not an end! Insights from AliDropship can ensure a much longer list of clothing suppliers to use for the benefit of your business. Beyond this, it’s definitely a must-have for you since it’s also absolutely free of charge.

Final thoughts about clothing suppliers for business owners and regular customers

Since sometimes it’s challenging or resource-demanding to find reliable vendors for your business, AliDropship has launched its large database of the best-selling products, most promising niches, and trusted suppliers – it’s AliDropship Insights. Lots of people have been already benefiting from it, so don’t miss this opportunity, it’s absolutely free!

And if you are running a clothing dropshipping store, this database is a must-have for you since besides the quality of products you sell it’s important for them to meet the size charts.

Well, are you running a clothing dropshipping store or just eager to start your profitable ecommerce venture? Do you search for reliable clothing suppliers? For this and much more, you can easily use our large and absolutely free database – it’s AliDropship Insights.

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