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9 Reasons To Buy A Custom Dropshipping Store


Does the idea of becoming a rightful owner of a turnkey online store sound good to you? Let’s see what that actually means – and what are the most valid reasons for you to buy a custom dropshipping store!

Where there’s a will, there is a way!

If you have a will to start your online business, we have a way for you to pull it off at short notice.

What can you get from us to make your dream come true?

The exclusive solution you can benefit from is a custom dropshipping store built from scratch by the AliDropship team.

You may be wondering: what’s the reason to order one if it’s possible to buy the AliDropship plugin for a lower cost instead? Well, here’s the trick: you can safely do this, of course, but you’ll have a whole lot of setup tasks to perform by your own efforts!

And whether you’re an eCommerce expert or not, you wouldn’t say no to the opportunity to delegate some of these issues to a knowledgeable specialist, right?

In a nutshell, that’s exactly what buying a custom dropshipping store is about. You avoid all the preparations and get your online business ready to bring you money. It’s perfectly optimised to start transferring orders and accepting payments from the first day of its operation. All that’s left for you to be done is to promote it and drive traffic to your website to make the first sales happen.

Do you want to own an online store with top-selling products from a supplier with direct access to one of the world’s most lucrative markets? Meet Sellvia – the #1 US dropshipping supplier with all the solutions, tools, and instruments you need to build a successful online business and sell to US consumers from anywhere in the world. Find out more information here!

To better understand what you get when you make this deal, let’s take a closer look at what a custom dropshipping store can bring you.

#1. Buying a custom dropshipping store saves your time and effort


Time is money.

Let’s be honest, the money-making process is the most pleasing part of dropshipping. But, there is a bunch of tasks to complete before you get to this stage.

And if you don’t want the results to let you down, everything should be done properly.

However, learning the ropes and carrying out all the tasks requires your time and effort.

How long does it take?

A month. Maybe two… Who knows?

The point is, you don’t need to put your business launch on hold. To proceed with it, you just need to place your custom store order on AliDropship website. That’s all.

You’ll get your custom dropshipping store within 10-23 business days (depending on its package and complexity) and start making money right off the bat.

#2. Buying a custom dropshipping store helps you avoid mistakes

You make the bed you lie in.

That’s the thing you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to create your dropshipping store on your own.

If you haven’t built eСommerce websites before, you’re likely to make some mistakes in the process. There’s nothing really bad about it: everybody makes mistakes, and they let us learn and improve. However, you’ll need to invest some time and effort into fixing these mistakes – and that might delay your business success a bit.

If you buy a custom dropshipping store, you overcome this potential challenge easily. AliDropship team takes care of making your store look and work just as you want it to.

#3. You don’t need to do a niche research


It’s evident that the dropshipping business has great prospects.

It’s affordable to get started, easy to manage, and, of course, profitable.

But, all of this is the case if you’ve chosen the right products for selling. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

Looking for a niche for your dropshipping store is the task that makes many online entrepreneurs confused. Even though the process has straightforward guidelines, it’s easier said than done.

So, many wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to pass the torch to professionals.

And that’s one more reason to buy a custom dropshipping store. This way, you won’t need to do niche research on your own. Our team will make market research and select a profitable and demanded niche that meets your personal interests.

#4. You get your store with enough products in place

Knowing which niche to choose really takes the weight off your shoulders.

Now, you just need to go to AliExpress and find some suitable products to add to your store.

Of course, it’s not a big problem if you know all the ins and outs. Yet, this takes a considerable amount of time. Let alone that you should work on your product pages after adding the goods to your store.

Together, these tasks could put a strain on you and delay the money-making process.

If you buy a custom dropshipping store, you get from 50 to 200 products carefully chosen and added for you from the best AliExpress sellers and ready to be offered to your target audience.

You can start your business process right away and gradually add more products. The point is that you don’t have to put the most interesting part of dropshipping on ice.

#5. Your custom dropshipping store has an appealing design

It’s a rule of thumb in dropshipping.

If you want to get the better of your competitors, you should stand out from them.

A professional design of your website is the exact thing you need to pull this off.

Can you build your dropshipping store in a way that catches the customer’s eye?

Well, if you have a gift for designing things, then you may give it a try.

If not, you’d better delegate this task to the professionals.

When you order a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship, you bring in a team of experienced and talented designers to work on your site’s appearance.

You can no longer worry about people overlooking your store. We’re going to create your shop’s logo, header images, banners, etc. Your website will definitely grab customer attention.

#6. Your custom dropshipping store is mobile-friendly

You can see them everywhere!

The people who are solely focused on their phones.

Nowadays, customers are turning to desktops and laptops for handling everyday needs less and less. Mobile phones and tablets are edging them out.

This means that you need to make sure that your website is adaptive to various screen sizes and works perfectly on different devices.

In other words, your online store should be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’re missing dozens of clients.

Fortunately, when you buy a custom dropshipping shop on AliDropship, you may sleep tight. You get a fully optimized website that suits different mobile platforms.

#7. You get an SEO-friendly dropshipping store


There are only three letters, but much more to learn about.

If you want customers to notice your dropshipping store on the Internet, you should draw Google’s attention to it in the first place. For this, making your website SEO-friendly is a must.

However, this task seems to be quite burdening for many entrepreneurs. And if you don’t know enough about SEO, you can’t be sure you’ve done everything properly, can you?

The good news is that you can get around this.

AliDropship offers you a fully optimized custom dropshipping store that is perfectly visible to the Google search engine.

Just place your order on the AliDropship site and get a SEO-friendly website that is likely to get shown to the people who look for products in your niche.

#8. Your dropshipping store is presented on social media

Where should the lion’s share of digital marketing campaigns take place?

Of course, it should be on social media.

The time people spend on social networks is growing from day to day. To ignore this tendency means to shoot yourself in the foot.

So, besides a perfectly designed website, you need to have appealing and interesting accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

That’s why if you order a custom dropshipping store on AliDropship, along with it, you get your branded pages on the most popular social networks.

Professional designers create these pages. So, you don’t need to worry about their appearance. You’re in for a treat.

#9. Your custom dropshipping store is completely equipped

All these benefits are awesome, aren’t they?

But, what is the most valuable thing for online entrepreneurs?

Right, it’s the business process. It should work like clockwork and cause you no headache.

And that’s the greatest thing about buying a custom dropshipping store on AliDropship. You get a fully functional eCommerce website.

You don’t need to do any additional settings. Everything is there already!

  • AliDropship plugin is already installed
  • You have an all-in-all dashboard to run your store
  • Automated management system is working
  • Google Analytics integration is completed
  • Your website is ready to accept payments
  • We set up the necessary marketing tools for you
  • Your online store has an attractive and SEO-friendly domain name
  • Etc.

Just turn the key and you’re good to go!

As you can see, buying a custom dropshipping store is the fastest way to start your journey to financial independence. Moreover, it’s a unique opportunity to get your own business with minimum effort and for reasonable money. If you have some questions before giving it a shot, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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100% Business Independence In Ecommerce: Why Is It Vital And How To Achieve It?

Have you always dreamed of becoming an independent entrepreneur? What’s the key to choosing the right solutions that would help you make it happen? We’re discussing these life-changing questions today!

Here’s the thing. We’re living in a dynamic, ever-changing, fast-paced world where everyone wants the best for themselves and their families.

People all over the world are looking for safe and proven ways to secure a higher quality of life for their loved ones. Of course, they have lots of questions in front of them.

What can they really do to achieve the desired financial independence? Which business (and life) lessons can they learn from other beginner entrepreneurs? Where should they search for the options, answers, and guidance?

Comparing the alternatives and assessing their own resources, these explorers commonly choose to start some kind of an ecommerce business – and here is why.

Why are ecommerce models suitable for an independent entrepreneur?

Indeed, there are numerous reasons for internet users all over the globe to view ecommerce enterprises as their way to financial independence – and, in fact, business freedom. Here’s just a handful of benefits and opportunities that online businesses offer to newcomers:

  • Easy start

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses require huge time and money investments, as you can imagine. But when you’re starting an ecommerce venture, you don’t need to buy and stock products, rent facilities, hire staff, etc. In other words, your startup costs are much lower.

Besides, it’s not always even necessary to have background knowledge or first-hand experience in the area. Thanks to free video tutorials and detailed step-by-step instructions, any newcomer to ecommerce can make first guided steps to launching a potentially successful business.

  • Semi-automatic maintenance

What if a person with a regular 9 to 5 job wants to try out some business model? In fact, it won’t be challenging to dedicate a couple of hours per day to deal with routine ecommerce tasks. With the right software at hand, even work-at-home moms and full-time business owners manage their online stores successfully. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for wage workers to become self-employed as independent entrepreneurs and make their living thanks to the newly launched online businesses.

  • Unlimited growth perspectives

That’s exactly the thing that attracts so many people to the exciting world of ecommerce. Realizing that ecommerce lets them basically be their own bosses, they freely launch and run multiple online stores, target various customer segments, and even sell their enterprises to new owners at their own will.

But do all online business models allow 100% business ownership to an independent entrepreneur?

We can’t speak for everyone – but there’s at least one specific online business type we fully trust 😉

Tips for independent entrepreneurs

So, by now you have an understanding of what it means to be an independent entrepreneur. But, where do you go from here?

To make sure you won’t get lost on your entrepreneurial path we’ve prepared a list of tips for independent entrepreneurs.

  • Set goals (daily, weekly, annual)

Since you’re an independent entrepreneur, most likely you won’t have anyone to answer to, besides yourself. So, in order to grow your business, you must set short, medium, and long-term goals.

This is a highly productive practical activity that’s incorporated by many modern workplaces to ensure their workers grow and develop as professionals.

So, to set effective goals, look over your previous achievements and failures in the past (for example in the previous year) and set some realistic goals within a specific time frame i.e. within 12 months. For example, increase your revenue by 10%, or grow your number of customers by a certain percentage. Shorter-term goals can be defined by something smaller, for example, sending out a set number of emails, launching a specific set of ad campaigns, etc. Daily goals can be a set of objectives written down as a schedule: “9 am to 11 am: Come up with 10 post ideas for the next 5 days”, or “1 pm to 4 pm: write a sequence of emails”.

  • Promote your business

Make sure to let everyone know about you by creating a social media profile. Be sure to separate your personal account from the one you’re going to promote. Let your personal account be the place for your personal posts, and keep the updates about your business on your business profile.

For many independent entrepreneurs, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be the perfect place for their promotional activities.

However, depending on your specialty, other social media platforms will work as well. For instance, if your business specifies on some kind of visual features, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will also work well.

If you really want to showcase your business to the fullest and possess a promotional budget – you can try paid search advertising. These ads are typically sold through a bidding process and the cost varies depending on the competition of your niche market.

  • Invest in a high-quality website

If you’re an independent entrepreneur, you want to separate yourself from the competition, and having a high-quality website should be one of your top priorities.

Your website should be user-friendly easy to navigate. After all, you don’t want your customers getting lost in your store and simply closing the tab. They should understand what they need to do to go to a certain page in a blink of an eye.

If you don’t have a website or the necessary skills to build one, you can always turn to the services of third-party developers or freelancers.

However, there is also another option. You can simply click here and get your own online store created by professionals according to your preferences.

But, what if you want to take a step even further. What if there was a way for you to have all the ecommerce and marketing features you need to seamlessly start and grow your business in one spot? Achieve your financial independence with Sellvia! Access to a lucrative market, top-selling products, lightning-fast delivery, and a dream online store. Sounds like a recipe for success. 

7 reasons for an independent entrepreneur to choose dropshipping with AliDropship

Around the globe, AliDropship is chosen by thousands of people regardless of their level of technical knowledge and previous experience in digital marketing. To them, it’s beginner-friendly software that can turn even a basic blog into a fully functional dropshipping store. Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Making entrepreneurs’ life so much easier, AliDropship solutions are famous for their outstanding features.

AliDropship solutions guarantee 100% business ownership and the owners’ full ecommerce independence.

Here’s where it shows!

#1 Transactional/regular fees

Whether you’re buying the plugin to create your store by yourself or are ordering a ready-made store from the team, you only need to pay once. That’s right: all AliDropship offers, including services and themes, require a one-time payment only.

There are no monthly or yearly fees to pay for the right to use your AliDropship solution. Plus, no matter how many orders you processed in your store, how much money you made with it, or how many new products you imported, you won’t be charged anything. Isn’t that a nice contrast to the ecommerce solutions requiring transactional and operational fees?

#2 Niche choice

If you need any help while choosing the right niche for your dropshipping store, the AliDropship team is there for you. You can use our free Dropshipping Niche Guide and Niche Research Tool, check out the most profitable niches’ selection, and even get free access to our database of handpicked niches with the highest potential.

When you order a custom store, your personal manager advises you on the most promising niches for you to take. Nevertheless, the ultimate choice is always up to you. Our goal is to give you a range of options and never limit you in your business decisions.

#3 Products choice

The same principle is true for the way you choose products to add to your store. Running a business powered by AliDropship, you are free to import any amount of any items at any moment. Again, the decision is all yours!

Of course, we’re providing guidance to anyone who needs it. There is a database of professionally pre-edited products we created for you, guidelines on choosing the most dropshipping-friendly items, and numerous trending products selections to check out. Still, we’re not commanding you what to sell: you’re your own boss!

#4 Sales volume

We are always encouraged and excited to receive great news from our customers who keep opening new dropshipping stores and enjoy overwhelming profit levels.

However, we don’t track our clients’ business performance on purpose. There is simply no reason for us to do this! Indeed, we don’t charge sales fees and don’t oblige our users to meet any ‘sales targets’. Whether you just made your first sale ever or have been in this business for years, it’s fine with us: every entrepreneur develops their venture at their comfortable speed.

#5 Business logistics and partners’ choice

Different types of online businesses require different ways of organizing the working process. For example, in some types of ecommerce, entrepreneurs need to buy products in advance, stock them in a secure and organized location, and ship them to customers by their own effort.

To deal with these tasks, business owners commonly partner with different service providers. One of the programs making these entrepreneurs’ life easier is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It lets entrepreneurs store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and delegate packing and shipping tasks to Amazon employees.

However, since recently, FBA has been partially suspended. As a measure to help battle the global coronavirus outbreak, Amazon announced it is now prioritizing shipment of household items, medical supplies, and essential goods highly demanded by quarantined online shoppers worldwide. Unfortunately, this socially responsible measure means that FBA members and retail vendors can’t create new inbound shipments until further notice. Obviously, it takes a toll on their businesses.

When you’re running a dropshipping store, you have a much higher level of independence while organizing your business procedures. Still, you rely on multiple partners who help your website function. Hosting providers help your website stay connected to the internet, payment providers accept and process money transfers made by your clients, and suppliers manufacture products and arrange their delivery.

However, with a dropshipping store based on AliDropship solutions, you don’t have any restrictions or obligations when it comes to your choice of partners. We offer you a business-friendly hosting solution, a range of globally accepted payment gateways to connect to your website, and a free database of trusted AliExpress suppliers to import products from. Still, the choice is all yours and no one is forcing you to take one specific, ‘dictated’ option only.

#6 Advertising strategies

Promoting your store is absolutely necessary if you want it to be visible on Google, to attract visitors, and to generate sales.

We have detailed recommendations on planning your advertising expenses depending on your budget, and can share numerous free marketing tips and case studies we’re experienced ourselves. Besides, you can request our expert assistance if necessary and order any of the marketing services tailored to your business individually.

And whether you’re promoting your store by yourself or with someone else’s help, it’s fine! We don’t monitor our clients’ independent marketing campaigns and don’t ban or restrict them in any way. You’re the one to decide what to write and show in your ad, where to place it, and which audience to target. It’s your business, and we put no limits on its presentation.

#7 Business growth strategies

What will you do to your AliDropship store after you launch and try it? Will you start promoting it on social media and elsewhere, encouraging more and more people to visit? Or, will you redesign and rebrand the store, filling it with a completely new product range? Maybe, you’ll even resell it for profit in some time and start a new store in another niche?

We don’t know, honestly. 😉 But whatever decision you make, we’ll support you – and help you with it if you want us to.

As a 100% owner of your AliDropship business, you are free to keep, grow, and use it in any way you fancy. Acting as an independent entrepreneur, you can even close your store down or resell if you feel like it. Unlike some other ecommerce solutions providers, we don’t force our customers to make business decisions they don’t approve of themselves.

Summing it up, AliDropship provides and guarantees full business independence to its clients, without limiting or controlling them in any way. We respect our customers’ desire to run their businesses on their own and are truly happy to assist them upon request – but they always are and will be their own bosses!

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Buying An Established Business: Established Stores VS Custom Stores

Interested in buying an established business? AliDropship now offers two types of dropshipping stores for sale – Custom Stores and Established Stores. However, these names often cause confusion. In this article, I will explain the difference between the two options as well as their pros and cons.

Buying a business sounds like a good idea, especially if it’s an ecommerce venture that doesn’t require as much investment as a brick-and-mortar store. Dropshipping is even more attractive since it requires even less investment, and the risks are relatively low. And here, AliDropship offers two types of business for sale.

Custom Stores and Established Stores are built on the AliDropship plugin and allow you to start dropshipping goods from AliExpress to different countries around the world. However, they’re not the same. To understand the difference between these types of business, one needs to understand how the plugin works.

Dropshipping, AliDropship plugin and how it all works

AliDropship is an ecommerce plugin for the WordPress content management system. Simply speaking, the latter is just a platform for building websites.

The plugin allows you to create not just a standard website but the one designed as an online store. It also has a rich set of tools and functions that allow you to dropship products from AliExpress. This is how it works.

Dropshipping is a business model that implies selling products without having to manufacture or store them. You find an interesting product on AliExpress and import it to your newly created store. You simply copy the product information (title, variations, description, photos, videos, etc.), but you don’t buy the product.

When a client purchases the item, you place this order with AliExpress but you ask the seller to send the product directly to your customer. Since you always sell goods for a higher price, you get the margin as a profit.

In theory, one can do all this manually, but with the number of orders rising, it’ll eventually become impossible to handle it on your own. That’s why you need an automation tool.

The AliDropship plugin allows you to import and edit goods from AliExpress, quickly and easily process orders and automate most of your work. You also get 50 free imports from AliDropship’s database of pre-edited products.

However, before actually starting a business, one has to create the store, import and edit products, as well as connect the site to social media accounts, which takes time and effort. And that’s where our ready solutions come in.

What are Custom Stores?

Homepage of a Custom Dropshipping Store create by AliDropship

Custom Stores are dropshipping sites the AliDropship team creates for customers on request. Although building an online store isn’t that difficult, it still takes time and effort. So, instead of doing everything on your own, you can delegate this task to us.

Before the work begins, your personal manager contacts you to discuss all the details including the niche, design, preferred package, etc. After that, you only need to wait for your store to be completed.

As a result, you’re getting an online store professionally made according to your individual preferences.


  • You choose the niche of your store
  • You pick the name, theme and design of the store
  • Three packages to choose from – Basic ($299), Advanced ($499) and Ultimate ($899)


  • You purchase a business ready for launch, but it will not start bringing profit until you start promotion.

What are Established Stores?

The list of available Established dropshipping stores by AliDropship

Established Stores are built on the AliDropship plugin by our team just like Custom Stores or the websites made by our clients. They are technically identical. However, these stores are managed and promoted by AliDropship’s Ecommerce Department. You could say, they’re just our own stores.

It all starts with an idea. The team chooses a niche that promises to be profitable; then they buy a domain and hosting and create the website using the plugin. After we import products and everything’s ready, we start promoting the store.

Our experts promote it on different channels, try out various strategies, customize the stores for better results and experiment with products. After a while, the website gets its own customer base, a certain reputation, active social media accounts with real subscribers and so on.

When we see that the business is bringing profit, we list it for sale. In other words, a person buying a small business like this gets a dropshipping store that is already running. You still need to promote and develop it, but it’s much easier than starting from scratch.


  • Built by experts
  • You are buying an established business that already has followers and is bringing profit
  • Along with the site, you also get a detailed guide, social media accounts with active subscribers, everything you need to start your own promotion campaigns, and one month of post-sale support and training from your personal manager.


  • Customers can’t choose the name, niche and design of the store
  • The price of an Established Store is calculated according to its annual profit and, therefore, high-performing stores can be quite expensive.

Who could benefit from Custom and Established Stores?

While these two offers may seem similar, they will suit different purposes.

When purchasing an Established Store, you get a business that’s already running and bringing a profit. Thus, one doesn’t have to spend months promoting it from scratch or risk failing.

On the other hand, those who buy a Custom Store get to choose plenty of individual business details. It is the buyer who, after a detailed consultation with a personal manager, decides what to sell in this shop, what it should look like, etc. Customizable features are its main benefit, so this option will suit someone who wants to see their dreams take shape. Custom Stores are much more affordable than Established Stores, but one has to promote them from scratch.

Thus, buying an established business offers different privileges: Custom Stores allow you to start promoting right away without having to build the website on your own while Established Stores allow you to start enjoying profits right away without having to develop a reputation.

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Interested In Ecommerce Businesses For Sale? Compare These Options!

Do you want to build an ecommerce empire and get a stable source of high income, but you don’t know how to do this? Are you still losing an opportunity to become an owner of a successful business? If so, consider ecommerce business for sale from AliDropship!

Here is good news for you: AliDropship is happy to offer you multiple solutions to start and run your dropshipping business with ease! So you have a chance to choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Ecommerce business for sale: how to easily get a profitable online business with 100% ownership?

A while back, AliDropship could offer 2 main solutions for those who wanted to start their dropshipping journey and take their chance to get a business with 100% ownership.

The first one implies purchasing the AliDropship Plugin and building an online store by yourself. Meanwhile, there is one more solution you will find to be a much simpler, quicker, and more reliable way to get a dropshipping business – order a custom store that will be created by our highly experienced specialists in accordance with your preferences only.

Both ways are proven to be efficient solutions for creating your own profitable business that you can run from anywhere. However, recently, AliDropship launched a number of new products that are to facilitate starting a dropshipping business for some people. They are Established stores for sale and Premium dropshipping stores.

So what are they? How do they differ from beloved Custom stores? And how to choose the one that suits you perfectly?

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. So stay tuned!

Turnkey ecommerce business for sale: Custom Dropshipping Stores

The homepage of a unique Custom Dropshipping Store built by the AliDropship team for a customer.

Meet a beloved solution to start dropshipping – it’s custom stores from AliDropship!

Let me remind you, in a nutshell, what custom stores are.

A custom store from AliDropship is a dropshipping store that AliDropship experts create for you in accordance with your preferences only.

How does this work? In fact, there is nothing difficult about this.

You order a custom store on our website. Then, our manager contacts you to discuss a store niche, design, custom store package, etc. And that’s it! After 10-25 business days, you get a ready-to-launch dropshipping store!

So what are the advantages of ordering a custom store from AliDropship?

  • You don’t have to do anything but define a niche and consider the design of your store
  • Your store is built by our experts with years of experience
  • Ultimately, you get a ready-to-launch dropshipping store
  • After you get your store, you can count on our customer support team that is to assist you in resolving all your issues

What to pay attention to if ordering a custom store?

  • Since you get a ready-to-launch store, you should understand that it won’t start bringing you profit until you start promotion

If you want to learn more about custom stores, feel free to watch the video below.

Actually, ordering a custom store is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to start a home-based business. You get a new store with a unique design in a promising niche.

What’s more, you have an opportunity to use our add-ons and services that can facilitate your start in dropshipping and minimize your participation when launching and running your store. So it will take you just several clicks a day!

Established ecommerce business for sale

The homepage of Indoorsies – an Established Dropshipping Store you can purchase from AliDropship.

Now we move to the product that AliDropship launched not so long ago. Meet established stores for sale!

If it’s the first time you hear ‘Established stores’, let’s find out what established stores are, and why they can become a perfect ecommerce solution for aspiring business owners.

An established store for sale is a dropshipping store that has been functioning for a long time and bringing profit on a permanent basis.

In fact, this is also a dropshipping store that was built in accordance with the ideas of the AliDropship team members. For a period of time, this store is run by our ecommerce experts until it starts bringing consistent profits. Then, we assess its financial performance and put it on sale. Consequently, the higher its annual profit, the higher its price.

So what are the advantages of an established store?

  • You buy an online business that is already well-functioning
  • It brings profit on a permanent basis
  • Alongside with a store, you get everything necessary to run it: social media accounts with followers, materials for ad campaigns, and one month of post-sale support and training from your personal manager.

What to pay attention to if buying an established store?

  • Actually, when buying an established store, you invest in a ready-made business. So examine the support documentation and feel free to ask any questions before purchasing.

Do you want to learn more about established stores? Watch the video below!

Well, what conclusion are we to draw from this?

In comparison with custom stores, established ones are functioning dropshipping websites for sale that have followers and bring profit. So it remains for you to go on promoting your store and enjoy its financial performance.

It’s really a lot easier to work with such stores, especially for newcomers in dropshipping. What’s more, with an established store, you can start selling products right after you’ve bought a store. However, this solution is going to suit those business owners who are ready to invest more than in custom stores: although there are low-cost established stores, high-performing ones usually cost a lot.

Premium ecommerce business for sale

The homepage of Buy It Carl – a Premium Store which is a copy of an already functioning dropshipping website you can purchase.

Premium stores are one of the newest products from AliDropship!

Do you want to know how it differs from custom and established stores? Let’s figure that out!

Premium stores are the copies of our most successful dropshipping stores.

We have already mentioned that our ecommerce experts run our own dropshipping stores. And if some of them become established, others we sell as premium stores. When buying an established store, you get the very store you’ve chosen. It has its followers and brings profit.

In the case of buying a premium store, you get a copy of the store you’ve chosen. Is it still not clear? Well, let’s look at an example.

With one of our dropshipping stores, we have achieved immense success: a $500,000/year profit. And since our team is always happy to share time-tested and proven business ideas, this store is now for sale as a premium one.

What are you to get if buying a premium store?

  • Exact copy of our successful store with all the necessary materials
  • List of best products to sell from reliable suppliers
  • Ready-to-launch store

Besides a store, you can try additional packages.

A Premium Store page where you can buy a copy of a successful dropshipping site along with the Installation and Marketing packages.

  • Installation package

The Installation package lets you avoid manual work since AliDropship experts will do this for you.

If you don’t have a domain, we offer you a choice of three domain names. This is a pre-paid option for one year. After this year, the domain will cost you no more than $12 a year. Additionally, you get pre-paid 1-year hosting for your store.

Moreover, pay attention to the fact that it’s quite essential to create a logo for your store. However, here is also great news for you: our designers will do store logo editing for you! So our team installs the copy of our store you’ve chosen on the hosting, customizes the payment system. Eventually, you get an online store that is ready to be launched immediately.

  • Marketing package

If buying a marketing package, you get copies of all the material the team of AliDropship has used to promote the original store. In particular, we provide the owners of premium stores with ad banners, texts and videos created by our experts when promoting a store.

What’s more, you get a detailed description of the target audience that you should focus on when running ad campaigns. Besides all the marketing materials, we are glad to give you the instruction on how to set up and run marketing campaigns, so you have everything necessary to start promoting your store by means of tested and proven strategies.

In order to learn more about premium stores, you can watch the video below.

So let us briefly summarize. The purchase of a premium store is the easiest way to start dropshipping. With a premium store, you have a great opportunity to launch your business in the short term. Additionally, if buying the marketing package, you get the most efficient materials our experts used when running and promoting this store.

And if you buy the installation package, you will not have to set up the site manually. You get a store that is ready to launch immediately. With this, you have every chance to repeat and exceed our achievements!

Final thoughts on getting an ecommerce business for sale

Well, we have considered three main home business opportunities AliDropship offers you to start and expand your dropshipping business. Are you still not sure which one to choose?

  • Custom stores suit those who want to get a store with a unique design made in accordance with their preferences. Eventually, you’ll have a ready-to-launch store. So you don’t have to participate in creating a store. You are to define a niche, and our experienced specialists will do everything for you.

  • Established stores suit those who want to get a store that has social media accounts, followers, advertising materials, and already brings profit. So you don’t have to go through the launching stage. You need to only promote it using our materials. And although, as a rule, established stores are more expensive than the custom and premium ones, they are worth it.

  • Premium stores suit those who want to start a dropshipping business here and now. We provide you with a complete copy of our successful store. What’s more, you can buy additional packages which are to minimize your participation in installing and promoting your store. Eventually, you get a ready-to-launch store with a list of trending products to sell, reliable suppliers, and all the necessary marketing materials if buying the marketing and installation packages. Besides this, it’s built in accordance with our experts’ ideas which have brought us a lot of customers and high revenues.

What’s more, please pay attention to the fact that if buying a store from AliDropship, you make a one-time payment and get a profitable business with 100% ownership!

However, if you’re ready to build a store by yourself, feel free to use the most powerful plugin for your dropshipping business – it’s AliDropship Plugin!

Well, are you still losing a chance to get an ecommerce business for sale and become an owner of a profitable dropshipping website? Then, start your dropshipping journey right now and get your ecommerce business for sale: custom stores, established stores, premium ecommerce stores.

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How To Buy A Dropshipping Store Ready To Bring You Profits From Day 1 (VIDEO)

When you are planning to buy a dropshipping store, you have so many questions about this purchase! You wonder what your dropshipping store will look like, what it will sell, how much it will cost, what business potential it will have, and so on.

The dropshipping business model is quite popular among beginner entrepreneurs because it doesn’t require a lot of investments. At the same time, stores that sell dropshipping products can make considerable profits.

If you don’t want to create a website on your own, you can find an eCommerce business for sale. However, when you buy an online business from someone else, your choice is limited. So, if you want to buy a dropshipping store made according to your own design, consider purchasing a Custom Store from AliDropship.

In the video below, we’re answering the most common questions about a dropshipping store purchase. So, let’s watch and review it!

Let’s sum it up now!

Ordering an AliDropship Custom Store is a quick and affordable way to buy a dropshipping website

Shall we go over its benefits once again?

  • You only make a one-time payment to get the store

There are no monthly or yearly fees. You pay a fixed sum of money ($299, $499 or $899, depending on your package), and get a ready amazing store with free lifelong support.

  • The store is developed for you exclusively

A whole team of designers, programmers, digital marketing specialists, customer support managers and other experts works on your order to deliver a good-looking, competitive and profitable business. You can monitor the process and suggest amendments if necessary.

  • All the major eCommerce tasks are done for you

The store you get is specifically made for you from scratch. The team does everything from the technical website setup to importing the best selling AliExpress products on your site. Surely, you’ll be happy to delegate these time-consuming tasks to the real pros!

You can choose between different options and buy a dropshipping store package that is best for your needs

AliDropship Custom Stores come in 3 different packages, so you can pick the one you like more.

Even the cheapest Basic package ($299) lets you get a fully functional online store ready to accept payments and process orders, so you can safely start with this option. No matter what package you choose, you’ll be able to start selling right after we deliver the dropshipping store to you!

As a result, you get a self-owned dropshipping business with an unlimited growth potential

After we complete the dropshipping store development, you become an independent owner of the business. It fully belongs to you, so we don’t oblige you to run it in some particular way, or to make a specific volume of profit, or to have a certain turnover, etc.

We gladly share our own tips and recommendations, but we never limit you in your activities. You’re your own boss!

This is why the financial potential of your newborn eCommerce business is so promising. Among 14,000+ clients who bought our dropshipping stores, there are numerous people who agreed to tell publicly about their experience, and even to show their stores’ performance numbers. You can read these stories here.

FAQ about buying a dropshipping store from AliDropship

Q: Do I have to buy the AliDropship plugin before ordering a Custom Store?

A: No, all the Custom Store packages already include the AliDropship plugin.

Q: What’s the difference between the three packages you’re offering?

A: The Custom Store packages have a different number of initial products and social media accounts we make for your business and different levels of search engine optimization. The Ultimate Package also comes with a promo video and a social media promotion tool.

Q: What if I want more pre-edited products in my Custom Store?

A: In this case, you may want to purchase the Supreme Package that includes 500 pre-edited products as well as a number of additional services and tools.

Q: Can I add more products to my inventory after I buy the eCommerce business?

A: Yes, you can. There’s no limit on the number of products you can import to dropshipping websites made with the AliDropship plugin.

Q: How long does it take to build a Custom Store?

A: Depending on what package you choose (and, therefore, the amount of work), creating a Custom Store will take 12-25 business days (up to 35 days in case of the Supreme Package).

Judging by the success stories of our clients, you can earn enough with dropshipping even if you don’t have an elite education or a strong professional background. Buying a dropshipping store, you get an opportunity to secure a better future for yourself and your family. What would you say about this offer?

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Custom Online Store: Best Way To Start Dropshipping For Beginners

Are you planning to start dropshipping? Then a custom online store is just what you need since you can get a professionally made product within a couple of weeks.

Starting a business has never been easy. Besides all the risks and marketing hardships, one has tons of technical issues to attend to. You also need to choose a niche and find products to sell, take care of the design of your ecommerce store, create social media accounts for promotion, etc.

Sounds complicated? Perhaps, someone will find it quite easy to design an online store or find profitable products. But it’ll definitely take a lot of time and effort. However, ordering a custom online store can save you both.

What is dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is a business model based on reselling goods by sending them directly to customers from suppliers (be it wholesalers or manufacturers). Sounds a bit confusing, but it’s simple.

In the standard model, you have to buy all those goods beforehand and place them in a warehouse. Only then you can start selling them as a retailer.

However, in dropshipping, you start selling without actually having any products in the warehouse. In fact, you don’t even have a warehouse because you don’t need it!

You promote the goods online through a dropshipping website where you provide potential customers with all the necessary information. It includes product images, descriptions, prices, delivery time and methods, etc.

When a customer places an order, you contact your supplier, buy the given product and ask the partner to send the item to your client. So, there’s no risk of stocking up on goods that will eventually not sell. You only order products after somebody buys from you. And you don’t have to take care of the shipment.

The AliDropship company creates solutions for dropshipping businesses that sell products from AliExpress, Asia’s largest online platform where you can find thousands of goods at wholesale prices.

What is a custom dropshipping store?

The layout of a custom dropshipping store by AliDropship

A custom dropshipping store is an ecommerce website made by AliDropship team for a customer in accordance with his or her preferences and instructions.

Simply speaking, you tell us what niche you prefer, what products you’re going to sell, and what kind of design you expect to see. Let’s say, you want to sell pet products and want the store to look all fluffy and cute. Roger that!

The team makes suggestions and if you’re happy with the plan, we get to work. In about 2 or 4 weeks, you get a fully functional online store ready to dropship goods from AliExpress.

Let’s learn what you get in detail.

Niche analysis

Google Trends graphic as an example of a niche analysis

Choosing a proper niche is one of the most important steps to building a successful online shop.

When picking up a broad and popular niche, one usually has to face serious competition. In this situation, one has few chances to beat other online stores. On the other hand, a narrow niche will attract too few customers. Your best choice is to find the happy medium with enough customers and moderate competition.

At the same time, even a potentially profitable niche doesn’t guarantee success unless it’s something you enjoy. You will have to promote the store on your own. So, it’s highly important to understand the target audience, to know the subject and to enjoy what you’re doing.

From this perspective, passion is the key to success. If you don’t have anything in mind, AliDropship’s team will help you identify the best options. Furthermore, we will analyze your suggestions and tell you how many products there are, what the level of competition is and how risky the niche looks.

AliDropship also offers a standalone service, Deep Niche Research, that will help you find 3 profitable niches, 5 best AliExpress suppliers and top 10 countries to sell the products to.

Professional web design

Website layout sketch in a notebook

Are you good at drawing, picking up and mixing colors? If not, then how about asking professionals for help? Web design is very important if you want to make a successful online shop.

You could compare a website to a brick-and-mortar store. When people visit a site, the first thing they see is the colors on the homepage, the logo, the background, etc. Just like when you enter a shop for the first time. Those who don’t like what they see are likely to leave right away.

That’s why you want a professional design. When you order a custom online store, our designers create a unique and clean design, as well as a logo, header images, favicon, banners and other elements. As a result, you get a truly appealing and competitive website that makes visitors feel cozy.

Technical matters

The admin panel of a dropshipping website

Aside from all these artistic issues, you also have to deal with a number of purely technical matters when creating your own dropshipping website. AliDropship’s team will take care of such tasks as mail service setup, Google Analytics integration, currency set up, etc.

First of all, we install PayPal and a number of the most popular payment gateways on your site such as 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU, and others depending on your country of residence and where you’re going to dropship goods to.

Products for your custom online store

AliExpress products for a custom online store

Even after you’ve chosen a niche for your ecommerce shop, you still have to find dropshipping products. Although AliExpress has hundreds of thousands of goods in all categories one can imagine, you can’t just grab any random item and expect high results. Therefore, finding the best products on AliExpress is a must.

Moreover, your business is going to depend on dropshipping suppliers very much. Since in this business model, products are sent to customers by the supplier directly, it’s crucial to find responsible and reliable suppliers.

When you order a custom store, along with the website, you get 50-500 (depending on what package you pick) best-selling pre-edited products from the most trusted AliExpress sellers. All these products will have pre-edited images, titles and descriptions and will require no editing at all.

Promotion boost

Social media play a huge role in promoting an ecommerce business

After the team finishes the work, you become a full owner of your own dropshipping store and have to start promoting it. Many small businesses use social networks to reach their audience and advertise products and services. Search engine optimization can attract visitors to the site as well.

To help you get started, AliDropship’s team will create and install top-class design for your social media accounts as well as integrate social media buttons and widgets on the store. Depending on the package, you can have materials for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube promotion. We also provide basic search engine optimization.

If you order the ultimate package, you will also get one promo video and a social media promo plugin.

Custom online store: what you get?

  • Niche analysis
  • Professional design and custom-made logo
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Design for social media accounts
  • 50-500 top pre-edited products within your niche
  • Search engine optimization
  • 100% ownership of your new business
  • Life-long support

And remember, you get all this for a one-time payment as we charge no extra fees. After the purchase, all you have to do is start promoting your store. Whatever you earn belongs only to you!

With a custom online store, you can start a dropshipping business without spending days to make one on your own. This shop is ready to be launched and start making money as soon as you get it.

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Your Dropshipping Sales Funnel: How To Boost Your Profit With AliDropship Solutions

What’s a dropshipping sales funnel? Does it have any importance for online business owners? Which tools can you use to make the most of it? That’s what today’s article is all about!

Can you remember the last purchase you made?

Let’s say, you bought cereals in a nearby store, or purchased a book online, or got something else.

Now, the question is: do you remember what brought you to this purchasing decision? What exactly happened in your mind and motivated you to take the money out of your wallet?

Most likely, this purchase didn’t happen just out of nowhere. There was a chain of events (and thoughts) that led you to it. Let’s try and figure them out, shall we?

The basics of a sales funnel

4-step sales funnel scheme

Simply speaking, sales funnel is a term describing several stages we go through before making a purchase.

Generally, researchers say that there are 4 basic stages:

  • Awareness

At this moment, you simply find out that there is a specific product sold in some particular store. For example, you hear about cinnamon-flavored oatmeal cereals in your corner store, or see an online ad for a newly published illustrated book of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

  • Interest

Now, when you know about the product’s existence, you may or may not get interested in it for one reason or another.

“Do I have something for tomorrow’s breakfast?”, you start asking yourself. Or, “Isn’t Shakespeare my mom’s favorite author?”

Indeed, there can be hundreds of reasons for you to start seriously considering making the purchase or forgetting about this offer quickly – and I’ll come back to this thought later.

  • Decision

Let’s suppose you didn’t give up on this particular product idea. What is your next logical step?

That’s right: you start processing the information you have, and look for more details if necessary.

Reconsidering your personal reasons that made you interested, reading the cereals package, or viewing the publishing house’s photos of the book, you’re trying to see if the product is worth buying.

  • Action

Okay, so let’s say you’ve made a positive decision at the previous step. You actually need the item, it looks good, and you’re happy with your little research results. Basically, nothing stops you from buying it, and you become a happy product owner.

This was a sales funnel example. From a person who knew nothing about the product, you turned into its buyer. Isn’t that cool? And isn’t that the result that you’d love to achieve with your dropshipping business – turning strangers into customers?

If you want it to happen, all you need to do is to guide people through all these 4 steps and make sure they come to the ‘right’ decision at every stage!

I also recommend reading another article on our blog devoted to marketing funnel hacking. It’ll teach you to borrow the strategies other entrepreneurs use in order to improve your own store’s performance.

Is dropshipping sales funnel different in any way?

Yes – and no.

Indeed, a sales funnel in dropshipping consists of the same 4 stages. However, a person should spend much, much less time to go through them and buy the product!

When you’re running a dropshipping store, you’re first of all interested in triggering impulse purchases. You want your potential customers to see your product, fall in love with it instantly, and place an order without a second thought.

If, let’s say, an Instagram user sees your product ad and gets distracted, he or she can easily forget what your store/account name was. So, this Internet user will just miss out on the opportunity you offer! Or, let’s suppose your store visitor goes online to check the alternatives to your product. There can be a more compelling offer for a lower price or from a better-known brand…

So, your goal is to speed up the decision-making process. Ideally, you need to take your target audience members through all the steps from Awareness to Action very quickly.

How can you achieve that?

Enhancing your dropshipping sales funnel with AliDropship tools & services

How can AliDropship solutions help you take your audience through all the stages of a dropshipping sales funnel? Let’s see!

#1 Raising awareness

It’s the first, vital section of any sales funnel. Here’s what you, as an online business owner, will most typically do to spread the word about your products!

Make the store SEO-friendly

A product category page on an online store optimized for search engines

When a store has a higher ranking on Google, it becomes more likely to be noticed by Internet users who make a related search query.

The AliDropship plugin that simplifies and automates various dropshipping tasks helps you with that in multiple ways. For example, the plugin’s SEO meta data generator creates and adds SEO titles, descriptions and keywords to your product pages automatically, helping them achieve better positions on Google. Also, the plugin creates SEO meta data fields for your Home page and can create a sitemap: a file that helps search engines access and evaluate the contents of your store.

AliDropship themes that are specifically developed to make AliDropship stores look good and perform smoothly are optimized for search engines, too. Their structure makes it easier for search engines to index the site content and evaluate its meaning more thoroughly.

AliDropship SEO image optimizer that works on your images improvement is another tool boosting your store position on Google. It compresses your images, which leads to quicker site loading. Also, it creates proper Alt tags and titles for the image files, making it easier for search engines to scan and rank them.

AliDropship SEO Starter pack is a beginner-friendly service aimed at improving your Google positions. This service includes one SEO-friendly article, customized SEO elements for your Home and Category pages, and a set of backlinks connecting your store to other websites. It improves the way your store is indexed by Google, letting Internet users find your store quicker during online shopping.

SEO Copywriting service will provide you with a whole set of purchase-stimulating, SEO-friendly articles that reinforce your Google positions and contribute to your brand image. These articles are also priceless in terms of content marketing which brings me to the next point.

Create engaging content

Example of content created for promotion purposes

Entertaining and informative content is a great foundation for your marketing strategies. Thanks to unique, regularly updated content, you attract your readers’ and followers’ attention to your store and establish yourself as an expert in this area. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to become famous in the industry community and raise awareness about a top-class business you’re running.

That’s why AliDropship themes allow you to integrate blogs into your store! With a built-in blog, you can easily publish articles on the issues related to your store niche and having value for your audience. What’s more, these articles may serve as the basis for your further promo campaigns.

AliDropship Blog post service is built on this exact idea. Upon ordering this service, you get a professionally written article for your blog, ads materials package related to this text, and a subscription form setup to help you collect your store visitors’ emails for email marketing. All these components play a huge role in making your store well-known all across the web!

Post on social media

Product images posted on social media to draw the audience into a dropshipping sales funnel

It becomes increasingly common for businesses to create and run social media accounts. With their help, entrepreneurs interact with potential customers and reach a wider audience of Internet users. Your store shouldn’t be an exception!

AliDropship Social media setup service is the starting point for dropshipping store owners who want to have a business presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. This service includes the creation of social network accounts at your choice, making catchy logos and covers for them, and connecting these accounts to your store.

Thanks to the AliDropship plugin, it is possible to display the relevant social media buttons in your store footer. So, it will be clear to visitors exactly which accounts belong to you, and you won’t get mixed up with any other similar business!

AliDropship Engaging social media posts service gives a helping hand to entrepreneurs who really want to be active, fun, and popular on social media – but have no idea how to do it. Providing you with sets of engaging images, texts, and hashtags, our digital marketing specialists help your accounts take off – even if you don’t have a background experience!

The Social Rabbit plugin, in turn, is an invaluable tool for those who want to fill their social media feed with automatically generated yet attractive and human-like posts. This time-saving solution allows you to be active on 4 top social media at once without neglecting other crucial business tasks!

Run ads on social networks

Product ads created for social media

Do you want even more social media users to learn about your amazing store and your awesome products? Paid ads are exactly what you need. You can delegate them to us, too!

AliDropship Facebook Business add-on cuts the time you spend while creating powerful retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Basically, it synchronizes your store offer with the Facebook product catalog. This is how you set up Facebook dynamic ads in several clicks and drive more interested people to your store.

AliDropship Facebook & Instagram ads service lets you explore the world of paid ads effortlessly and efficiently even if you haven’t executed a single marketing campaign in your life. You will get a ready-to-use set of advertising elements together with very detailed instructions on launching this ad with the most favorable audience settings!

Run Google Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads used as a part of a dropshipping sales funnel

Would you like to attract a huge audience of Google users to your store? Google Shopping ads are your best bet! Thanks to them, you can make your store products shown on the Google search results page to the users looking for something related to your store. So, how about making a very wide circle of people aware of your business?

AliDropship Google Merchant add-on is the tool that lets you create such ads in full accordance with Google requirements. With its help, you get an unmatched opportunity to lure more people into visiting your website. And that’s when the real fun begins! 😉

#2 Keeping the store visitors interested

A home page of an online store designed to keep visitors interested

As you probably remember, at the beginning of this article I mentioned that there might be thousands of reasons why people get or don’t get interested in your products.

Surely, you can’t really influence the life circumstances of your potential buyer who visited your store because of a product ad.

However, you can make a difference to this person’s state of mind, change their attitude to this item or the whole product category, and even make them more willing to stay on your website longer.

AliDropship themes lay the perfect foundation for creating a positive customer experience. Providing a clear store layout and enabling quick page loading, they let the visitor navigate your store effortlessly. What’s also crucial, all the themes are mobile-friendly. Using any device, your potential buyers will experience no discomfort while browsing the pages.

AliDropship plugin, at the same time, lets you create absolutely lovely product pages that encourage the visitors to spend a little more time investigating them. The thing is, the plugin has a built-in database of exceptional AliExpress products with carefully pre-edited pages. These items’ titles, descriptions, and images look catchy and appealing to the viewers. This is why your store visitors don’t mind going into details of what you’re offering them.

And that’s the point where you can transform their decision-making process!

#3 Prompting the decision

So, at this stage of the customer journey funnel, an already interested store visitor begins collecting more specific information on the item(s) you’re offering.

Surely, product pages give them enough details of these items’ features, variations, designs, etc. But if you can use even more ways to persuade the visitor to place an order, why not go for it?

Use the power of social proof

Customer product reviews used as social proof

Coming across an unfamiliar online store, users can’t always be sure about its credibility and the quality of offered products. So, help them say goodbye to uncertainty and anxiety!

The AliDropship plugin lets you import genuine product reviews left by AliExpress buyers, and place them on your product pages. To your store visitors, it serves as additional proof of your store’s credibility and the item’s value.

AliDropship Reviews page add-on, in turn, lets you create a separate ‘Trust Page’ on your website. This page displays all your products’ reviews in an appealing, easy-to-read way, demonstrating the previous buyers’ satisfaction with their purchases.

AliDropship Customers gallery add-on serves a similar purpose. With its help, you can make a customizable gallery out of the product photos shared by your happy customers. That’s a great way to tell your store visitors they will enjoy their orders, too!

Create a sense of urgency

An online store page with a discount banner

Can’t influence the visitor’s original reasons to buy from you? Create new reasons and make them irresistible!

AliDropship themes, especially the action-oriented ones like Andy Warhol, El Greco, El Greco Woo, Dali and others let you create high-converting pages. It happens thanks to numerous elements that give the impression of a booming buyers’ activity in your store.

‘Selling fast’ icons, ‘Only 7 left in stock’ texts, ‘You save 47%’ bars and other similar details make the viewer reluctant to miss out on a good deal. It’s a great motivation to speed up the decision-making process, and you can enhance it even more.

AliDropship Countdown timer is a winning tool if you want to let your potential customers know the offer is limited in time. With this easily customized timer, it won’t take you much effort to convince the visitors to take action NOW!

And AliDropship Urgency add-on has a whole set of features (social proof icons, trust badges at checkout, shopping cart countdown timer) that are aimed at the same result. It’s a 3-in-1 solution to let your visitors know the store is very popular. If they don’t place the order immediately, there will be nothing left really soon!

#4 Making it easy to take the action

An online store’s shopping cart

How can people actually place their orders in your store, exactly? And what should you do if you don’t want to lose them at this – the last and the most important – stage of a dropshipping sales funnel?

Allow effortless payments

AliDropship themes guarantee easy and understandable in-store navigation, creating a relaxing and satisfying shopping experience even for first-time online buyers. Thanks to catchy, prominent action buttons, they won’t have any trouble adding the desired product option(s) to their shopping cart and proceeding with their orders.

AliDropship plugin lets you integrate the widest range of payment gateways into your store. This way, your customers will be able to pay for their orders in any convenient way. This way, you can be sure they won’t change their mind at the last second because of a payment inconvenience!

Streamline the checkout process

No one likes filling out super long forms at checkout, and you shouldn’t make your buyers go through this, too!

AliDropship themes allow you to set up customizable, user-friendly checkout forms. Your customers will only need to give the strictly necessary info details before completing the order. By enjoying these time-saving forms, your clients won’t be annoyed with the checkout procedure. Therefore, they won’t leave your store at the most critical point!

Summing up the AliDropship solutions’ role in your dropshipping sales funnel improvement

As you can see, the AliDropship plugin and its themes play a crucial supporting role at every stage of your dropshipping sales funnel.

What’s more, you can freely choose between a wide range of AliDropship add-ons and services that raise awareness about your store, boost your customers’ confidence and prompt their favorable shopping decisions. Help your clients evaluate your offers and make them more engaged in the purchasing process! That’s how you lay the basis for a loyal customers’ community that will stay with you for years to come.

And the best part?

You can easily get a tailor-made store with an already enhanced dropshipping sales funnel without extra efforts from your side!

By ordering an AliDropship custom store, you get a ready-to-go marketplace that we created with the selling process optimization in mind. Just check out the custom store packages we’re offering; you’ll see that the most important dropshipping sales funnel elements are already covered there!

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Ordering A Custom Dropshipping Store From AliDropship: Q&A Series #4

Considering the constant demand for a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship, we decided to devote a whole separate Q&A session to it. Enjoy!

1. What’s a custom dropshipping store?

In practice, it’s a ready-made dropshipping store that is created for you exclusively. The store is developed by the team of highly skilled designers, programmers, and other technical specialists.

Therefore, this is a wonderful solution for people who don’t know how to build a dropshipping store from scratch (or don’t want to waste their time on this). That’s why a huge part of AliDropship clients prefer ready-to-go solutions.

2. What does the whole process look like?

First of all, you place an order and make a payment.

PLEASE NOTE: you only make ONE payment to get an AliDropship custom store, with no recurring fees! While running a dropshipping store, your only ‘must-have’ regular fees will be the domain and hosting payments required by your providers to keep your store ‘visible’ on the internet.

After that, a dedicated member of our project management team gets in touch with you. We assign a personal project manager who will guide you through all the steps of the work.

They give you access to Basecamp – it’s the special platform where you can monitor the progress and leave your feedback. We will also ask you to fill in our questionnaire. This way, we will learn your requests and preferences.

In our blog, you can find an article on how your online store is being created.

3. What will I get? What will the dropshipping store include?

When the development process is over, you get a customized online store adapted for your needs and wishes. The store fully belongs to you: you get 100% ownership, and you are free to do ANYTHING with the site.

This store has a number of unique features you won’t find anywhere else:

  • At least 50 already imported products with professionally edited pictures and descriptions (the number depends on the package you choose)
  • Automatic updates of product information
  • Automatic price markup for any product groups
  • Professionally designed theme optimized for high conversions
  • Unique design elements (logo, header, icons, favicon, etc.)
  • Integrated promotional tools: discount coupons, emails for abandoned carts recovery, and subscribers lists for further interactions
  • All-in-one dashboard to monitor your sales, orders, stats, and activities
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Integrated payment gateways (2Checkout, Stripe, PayU, etc.) to accept payments with both PayPal and credit cards
  • On-site SEO and social networks accounts
  • Up to 12% AliExpress cashback

For the Ultimate package, you will also be provided with our special social media promo tool. We install and set up the Social Rabbit plugin that will automatically promote your business on 4 top social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

4. Сustom dropshipping stores creation includes niche research. Can I choose my own niche?

Basically, you can choose ANY niche you like. It’s recommended to work in a niche you’re passionate about (or at least know quite well).

You will then need to evaluate the niche from the point of view of:

You can take a look at our exclusive ‘Niches and products’ blog section. There, we systematically post the results of our regular market research, and give you the most promising product ideas you can try in the upcoming season.

To check the commercial potential of the niche you’ve chosen, use our free niche research tool!

5. If I want to create a dropshipping store with branded/copyrighted products, will I have any legal issues?

Yes, it is likely.

Every country has its own laws and legal requirements in terms of selling branded products. And all the holders of intellectual property rights have their own policy of dealing with such cases. You need to be really careful about your niche and product choice!

6. How do you choose and edit products for the website?

The dropshipping stores we create are filled with items from AliExpress. Check this detailed instruction on choosing the nicest products.

In short, we evaluate the items from the point of view of:

  • Product rating
  • Number of orders
  • Sellers rating
  • The option of ePacket shipping or free delivery

If you want us to import products of a particular type or style, please, let us know before we start uploading products. You can attach some examples of products for each category.

We also have a guide on editing product pages. And we follow it with every item we add to the stores. The basic rules are:

  • Only add high quality pictures
  • Edit titles to make them short and clear
  • Rewrite product descriptions made by Chinese suppliers

7. Do you have any guides on how to promote a dropshipping store?

You can use a range of our free educational resources:

8. Can you integrate a special payment gateway for my country?

Generally, we integrate PayPal and credit card payment options into our dropshipping stores. Here you can find the list of all the options available.

Sometimes, clients ask us to include some other additional systems. We always notify our developers team about these requests, but the development process is not easy. The developers might agree to try a certain additional system if it is requested often, but it will be considered to be a ‘non-typical amendment to a website’, and it will cost you extra money.

9. If I only have enough money to buy the Basic Package, can I upgrade it later?

Of course! If you can’t afford the desired package right now, just start with getting the Basic one. Later on, as soon as your finances are fine, you can upgrade your store to the Advanced or Ultimate level.

For all these packages, we do the same work, but on a different scale. For example, the number of the items we add to a store is 50 for the Basic package, 100 for the Advanced package, and 200 for the Ultimate package. But it’s not the limit! You can always add more products yourself if necessary.

The same goes for all the extra services that only are available on the higher levels. Even if they are not included in the package you’re buying, you surely can ask us to add the necessary ones for an extra cost (or you can do it yourself if you wish).

Please note that the store theme choice doesn’t depend on the package you’re ordering! It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a Basic or an Ultimate store – you can anyway choose one theme out of the multiple options we offer.

10. If I buy your Ultimate Package, when I can start making money?

The package description says “This package is perfect for those who want a 100% hassle-free start and immediate profits”. So, what do we mean by immediate profits?

The day you receive your store is the day you can process your first order.

Everything is set up already, so you can drive in visitors and accept their payments IMMEDIATELY after getting the site from us. From the technical point of view, your store is fully ready for operation when we hand it over to you.

We gladly share our marketing experience and knowledge with you – we provide tons of educational materials (check out the question #7). Still, we can’t predict how soon you will start getting income – it all depends on your own promotional efforts.

Did we cover everything you wanted to know about buying a dropshipping store? Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below!

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How To Start An Online Business In Australia: Kelvin’s First-Hand Experience

Almost every person wondering how to start an online business in Australia, or Bulgaria, or Canada – or any other country, for that matter – eventually discovers the dropshipping business model. Is it a good choice? Where can this ecommerce model take you? Let’s talk to Kelvin, a newcomer to dropshipping business, and ask about his unique personal experience!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Kelvin, a first generation immigrant from China relocated to Australia to experience my life. I’m an accountant by profession – and since recently, an online entrepreneur.

Why and how did you start an online business in Australia? What’s your background?

Actually, I had an earlier experience of launching and running an ecommerce startup and working for an online gaming company.

When Melbourne went in lockdown due to the pandemic, I suddenly found myself with much more free time and thought I could invest it in building a side business. This is how I started looking for the options and doing a website building up.

Among all the online business models trending now, I found dropshipping to be the winning one. It’s relatively easy to create and it takes smaller startup capital, so I thought, why not?

What were your first business steps?

I was using YouTube to learn more about setting up and running an online business, and discovered AliDropship and the several opportunities it offers to start an online store.

The option that seemed the most attractive to me was getting a custom store and let a team of experienced developers do their job. But when the store was ready and handed over to me, I decided to further adapt it to my individual vision of a forward-looking online business.

You see, I wanted to connect this store to eBay, Amazon, etc. to try and expand this business at the next stage of its development and growth. So, I switched to AliDropship Woo plugin, and also synced my store with Shopmaster to help me with importation and listing for eBay activities in the future.

So, I would say that AliDropship gave me the initial knowledge and taught me how dropshipping works. It gave me the chance to learn further myself and grow my business the way I see fit.

How is your business performing now?

I keep running my only store, and I keep it synchronized with eBay. This strategy proves to be risky, but promising. My first sale happened in a week after I opened a eBay account.

And it felt great! I felt excited and understood that it could actually work.

There was a month when I processed 150 orders with the total count of about AUD 3K.

How to start an online business in Australia: an example of an online store performance

Even though I encountered a lot of issues while providing after-sales services and doing product listing, I believe this business model has a good potential.

These days, I have 5-10 orders per day on average, and I believe their number will start growing soon. I have much more confidence in this business model now!

To start your online business in Australia (and to make it so successful!), which product strategy do you use?

Considering products, I prefer to select something easy to ship, not easy to find on the market, and having a real value for a customer. Of course, keeping up with the trends is also important.

To pick reliable suppliers, I check their performance on AliExpress, their operating history, customer testimonials and the reviews on their shipping speed.

I expand my product range consistently to keep a larger niche portfolio. In general, to be added to my store, a product must:

  • Match my niche
  • Come from a reliable supplier
  • Have a good shipping policy
  • Show a long history of successful sales
  • See a strong demand
  • Have a high AliExpress score

To set the new prices, I start with analyzing the market and checking the shipping cost together with the seller’s original price. Considering the data, I make a decision on the profit margin I want to get – and the final price, as the result.

How do you promote your business?

I use SEO and social media marketing, mostly on Facebook. These promotions don’t cost me much: my business is still young and I can’t spend a lot on advertising.

And the great part is that I don’t have any problems with identifying and understanding my target audience. Basically, the product itself tells which groups of customers to target!

How to start an online business in Australia from the legal point of view? What can you say about the management part?

To do trading in Australia, you simply need an ABN (Australian Business Number). As long as you have an ABN, you, as an individual, are legitimate as a business owner.

And speaking about managing the business in general, I can say that it takes me 3-4 hours every day to keep the store running. I spend this time to search for new products, do product listings and process orders, provide post-purchase support and of course, promote the store.

Studying my competitors, researching products and evaluating suppliers takes most of my time. Customer service can also be challenging as customers are quite demanding and often ask for a lower price. But sometimes, their requests help me see what I can improve in my business practice! So, with good service and politeness, I can change their mind and learn something valuable for my business.

And yes, I’m still learning! I hired a freelancer to assist me, and I’m experimenting with the business a lot.

What’s your general impression of running this kind of business in Australia?

I wouldn’t say my life has changed much already: the business is still very young. But, I know it has potential, and I intend to work harder! I think it’s a brilliant business idea, and it requires long-term persistence – and the ability to change your strategy quickly along your journey if it’s necessary.

What can you advise our readers – those who wonder how to start an online business in Australia or elsewhere, and those who already run their stores?

Like I said, it is a long but promising journey. As long as you learn lots of stuff, keep going and trying, and adapt to changes and challenges, you’re going to be fine!

You must be ready to view this business as a long-term activity. It is not a get-quick-rich scheme, and you need to be prepared for some challenges ahead of the road. But it has a great potential as well if you find out the road and walk it persistently. I’m in the process of learning myself!

That’s the spirit! We are thankful to Kelvin for his kind and detailed insight into such an interesting way to start an online business, and hope his experience is inspirational for our readers!

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dropshipping Business In 2021? [5 Options]

Well, here is #1 dropshipping FAQ: how much does it cost to start a dropshipping business in 2021? So let’s figure that out!

Time goes by, but starting your own business is still the most attractive and reliable option to get a stable source of high income.

Are there any ways to start a business easily and with small investment? In fact, there are a number of options that look really tempting. Due to the fact that ecommerce is growing rapidly, this is dropshipping that is undoubtedly one of the surest and most promising ways to start your own venture.

So how much does it cost to start dropshipping in 2021? Do you really need thousands of dollars to get in dropshipping? In practice, how much funds should you have to start thinking of your own venture? And with whom is it better to build your business if you want to start dropshipping easily with a minimum budget?

AliDropship answers!

How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business in 2021: can I start dropshipping for 0$?

There are lots of views on how much money you need to start dropshipping. Fortunately, AliDropship has been in this game long enough to know this for sure. The point is that we have been assisting our clients to easily start, run, and promote their dropshipping ventures for almost 10 years.

This is exactly why we know first-hand how much funds you need to have in order to launch your dropshipping business. What is more, we are happy to offer ecommerce newbies different options, for any taste and budget.

Actually, you can try to start dropshipping for 0$. If you already have a website and enough IT skills, you have a chance to launch your online store for free using free trials, etc. However, if we speak about building a business that is supposed to bring you profits on a long-term basis, you would rather spend some.

But this is all about a small sum that lets you not only create an online store, but get a complete launch, get your store on track, and start gaining profits.

How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business in 2021: a minimum budget

a picture for the article on how much does it cost to start dropshipping in 2021

So let’s work out the minimal budget you need to start dropshipping in 2021.

At first, we should figure out what things are necessary to launch an online store.

Since dropshipping allows you to avoid the difficulties of any brick and mortar business, there essentially are only five steps to launching a store:

  • Choose a niche
  • Create a website
  • Find suppliers
  • Add products to your site
  • Come up with a marketing strategy

Well, let’s move on to the figures!

Niche research

Expenses – $0.

There is no need to pay money. Besides, if you don’t want to spend any time on carrying out research by yourself, there’s an easy solution. Our team offers you a free niche research tool that estimates the niche potential and even gives some recommendations on how to use it in your business most efficiently.

However, you should understand that choosing a niche for your business plays a crucial role in your future success. So if you have an opportunity to pay particular attention to this stage of your business launch, we recommend that you learn more about the service our marketing experts offer – it’s Deep Dropshipping Niche Research.

Website creation

Expenses – $134.

Now let’s take a closer look at creating your site. What do you need to get it? Here is the list of the must-haves:

  • Domain

 Expenses – $10.

To launch your dropshipping business, you need to buy a domain name. Simply speaking, your domain name is the address of your website. It’s unique and it lets customers find your site on the Internet. On, you can buy a decent domain name for about $10 for the first year.

an image showing the prices of domain names

  • Hosting

Expenses – $48.

The next step is hosting. In other words, you need a server for your website. You can search for one on your own or use our service. Please pay attention to hosting from AliDropship. It suits dropshipping perfectly and costs only $48 per year.

a picture showing how much hosting costs

  • WordPress content management system (CMS)

Expenses – $0.

Now, you’ve got a domain name and a hosting provider. What’s next? It’s time to build your website now!

Go to and download its software to your server.

The beauty of this software is that it’s absolutely free. You spend $0 again.

a screenshot of the WordPress website

  • AliDropship plugin

Expenses – $89.

The next thing you need is AliDropship plugin. It’s going to wrap up the process of creating and running your online store.

By the way, the AliDropship Plugin price hasn’t changed for many years!

a picture showing the AliDropship Plugin price


But, we’ve got a surprise for you. A little lifehack: just use the ‘STARTER15’ coupon code as it’s shown on the picture below. This way, you save $13, and pay less than $76!

a picture showing how to get 15% off AliDropship plugin


Here, on the same page, you can also put a tick and add hosting for 1 year, which we’ve already mentioned.

Now when you’ve done it, there is one last thing left. Customize your website as you’d like to. Naturally, you don’t need to pay yourself for your own efforts 🙂

Let’s sum it up! Your domain name is going to cost you about $10. Plus, you’ll spend $124 on hosting and AliDropship plugin combined. The rest is available for free.

So the total price for your website is $134.

Suppliers and products

Expenses – $0.

The next step is to find a reliable supplier you are going to deal with.

But the question is, how to do that? How can you find such a partner that will provide your clients with high-quality products?

All you need to do is go to AliExpress and make your choice. Please pay attention to our guide on how to find a dropshipping supplier. What we’re interested in is the price. And you don’t need to pay any fees to anyone.

When you’ve chosen your business partners, you can add products to your online store.

You’ve already got the AliDropship plugin. This means you can import as many dropshipping products from AliExpress as you want. You pay nothing for this.

However, if you’re eager to make the most of your business, you should consider your product strategy completely. The fact is that you need to have several extremely popular products in your online store that you’ll advertise. These products are supposed to bring you most of the profits.

So if you want to find a really promising product for your business and not to make a mistake at this essential step, let our dropshipping experts find a winning product and consider an ad strategy for you!


Expenses – $0.

In fact, you can reduce your marketing costs to minimum and promote your online store yourself with $0. In this case, it’s a great idea to learn about SEO as much as you can. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful free marketing tools you could have under your belt. If you properly optimize your website in general and product pages in particular, people will naturally come across your online store.

Websites such as could be great sources of free traffic to your store.

People post all sorts of questions there. Reply to those that your target audience might be interested in. Don’t forget to include links leading to your site into your answers.

Another must-do thing is your activity on social networks. Depending on the niche you’re dealing with, you can successfully promote your store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

You need to create accounts on these platforms, find communities related to your niche, post comments and so on. In other words, you should manually promote your store there.

Yes, it takes quite a lot of time. If you want to save it, we recommend you pay attention to Social Rabbit add-on and pass the torch to it.

The best news here? You can start with the Rabbit’s FREE 7-day trial before making your final decision! And of course, you are more than welcome to rely on useful marketing tips in the special section in AliDropship blog.

Well, we’ve found out that at least for the first time, there is an opportunity to get along without any marketing expenses.

It means you can spend only $134 to start your dropshipping business in 2021! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Dropshipping startup costs in 2021: a medium budget

a picture for the article on how much do you need to start dropshipping in 2021

It may seem to you that despite the fact that it’s extremely cheap to start a dropshipping business, there are a number of tasks that require you to have special skills and a lot of time. This is exactly why AliDropship is happy to provide you with different options to launch your dropshipping venture.

Would you like our highly qualified personnel take over technically complex and time-consuming tasks?

It means if you are ready to expand your budget a little bit, you can avoid some difficulties. And in dropshipping, you don’t really need much to get around many obstacles.

Let’s be honest. Getting a complete ready-to-go business for $500 is a good deal.

Yet, it could be cheaper if it’s the dropshipping business.

Here are two main options to get a ready-made online business AliDropship is happy to offer.

Custom dropshipping store

You can order a custom store from AliDropship. And within 12-25 business days, you’re going to be an owner of an online store built for you by the team of professionals according to your preferences only. Let’s look closer at what you actually get when you buy a custom store.

  • A niche research
  • A domain name
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Website customization
  • AliDropship plugin
  • At least 50 products that has already been added to your store (you can add more later)
  • On-site SEO
  • Social page on Facebook

Not bad, right?

But the best part is that you can start your dropshipping business for $299. And pay your particular attention to the fact it’s a ONE-TIME payment.

a picture showing how much does it cost to start a dropshipping business with AliDropship in 2021

But there’s more good news. It would be unfair not to tell you how you could save a bit more money. Use the coupon code ‘CUSTOM10’ to get $30 off your store cost!

an image showing how to get 10% OFF AliDropship custom store

Along with hosting for 1 year, it’s going to cost you $317.

The rest of your money can be invested in your PPC (pay per click) campaign, Instagram shoutouts, paid Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. This is going to drive more traffic to your site. These are the people which are highly likely to make a purchase in your online store.

So, you spend $317 on the custom store and hosting and, let’s say, $180 on paid ads. And if you have a medium budget, starting your dropshipping business in 2021 is going to cost you less than $500. That’s a bargain!

Premium dropshipping store

Besides custom dropshipping stores, AliDropship has developed one more option for you to get a quick and easy start in dropshipping. It’s all about our well-loved Premium Dropshipping Stores.

How do they differ from our custom stores? Actually, we answered this question in our detailed guide on how to choose a dropshipping store, feel free to read it. But the point is that Premium Dropshipping Stores are the exact copies of the most successful dropshipping store AliDropship has ever run.

So what do you get in case of a purchasing premium dropshipping store? You get a ready-to-go dropshipping store that you need only to upload to your hosting.

How much do such dropshipping stores cost?

a screenshot showing how much AliDropship premium stores cost in 2021

Here is great news again: prices of Premium Dropshipping stores start from the same $300.

What to buy: custom or premium stores?

Custom Dropshipping Stores suit those entrepreneurs best who are eager to get a store made according to their preferences only: they will have an opportunity to choose a niche, influence the selection of products to sell, the website design, etc. However, you will have to wait for such an online store for 12 business days or more.

Premium Dropshipping stores suit those entrepreneurs best who want to get their store right here and right now. After completing a purchase of a premium store, you will get the materials you need to upload to your hosting almost on the same day, almost instantly. Meantime, you have to choose one of the stores that already deal with a niche and number of products. If you want to change the niche or something else after purchasing a store, you will have to do this yourself.

How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business in 2021: a maximum budget

a picture for the article on how to start a business in 2021

How long may it take you to become a CEO of a prosperous company?

Usually, it doesn’t happen fast.

But dropshipping is an exception! Here, you can run your business and only be concerned about scaling it: the rest of the tasks won’t be your headache anymore.

Actually, AliDropship is happy to offer you two options.

Ultimate custom store

Under the Ultimate package, you can get a custom store specifically created for you by AliDropship team. It will have extra advantages apart from the ones mentioned above – and only require a ONE-TIME payment of $899.

What’s the point?

Along with the benefits listed in the Medium budget section, you get:

  • 150 more products added to your store
  • More detailed SEO elements
  • Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages created along with the facebook account
  • Promo video that shows your customers all the advantages of your online store

And the cherry on top – the Social Rabbit add-on which takes over all your social media activity

a picture showing how much AliDropship ultimate custom stores cost

In fact, whatever your financial situation is, saving money is always a wise move. If you choose the most advanced package, don’t forget to use the same coupon code ‘CUSTOM10’ – and $90 will stay with you.

a picture showing how to get a 10% OFF AliDropship ultimate custom store

As you can see, for only $857 you can buy a store and hosting for 1 year. At the same time, you get enough time to devote to your online store development. So you can consider your marketing strategy properly and invest as much money in it as you can afford.

Premium dropshipping store + Marketing & Installation packages

Besides ultimate custom stores, it’s also premium stores with additional packages that suit you best in case you’re ready to invest more money in your startup. So what will you get if ordering a Premium Dropshipping Store with Marketing and Installation packages?

  • An exact copy of an online store that is ready to be uploaded to your website.
  • A wide range of marketing materials our specialists used to promote the original store and benefited from.
  • Prepaid 1 year hosting, 3 domain names to choose from, store logo editing, assistance in setting up a payment gateway, uploading the online store to your website

As you can see, if you buy such an online store, you won’t have to do anything – you get a ready-to-go online store from scratch that also provides you with ad materials to promote it. This cost only $700! Doesn’t it look like a bargain?

However, we’ve decided to move on. If you use the ‘PREIMUM10’ coupon at the checkout, you will get 10% off your online store. So it will cost you only $630.

a picture showing how to get 10% OFF AliDropship Premium Stores

Summing it up: how much does it cost to start a dropshipping business

So let’s make a conclusion. The cost of the custom store and hosting is $857 and the cost of your promotional activities is up to you. And the cost of the premium dropshipping store with additional packages is $630.

So how much does it cost to start a dropshipping business? In fact, the maximum price you pay for your dropshipping business is $600-900 or more in case you’re ready to invest in your online store promotion. Actually, these dropshipping costs are not much for your own fully-functioning ecommerce business that has all chances to become your stable source of high income, is it?

So how much does it cost to start a dropshipping business in 2021? Now you know this for sure. You can size up your budget to get a smooth start in dropshipping and build your own profitable ecommerce platform you’ve always dreamed of as soon as you’re ready. So wait no more!

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