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How To Dropship Pet Supplies With The Highest Profit Possible: 3 Proven Tips

How to dropship pet supplies if you want to make this business both enjoyable and profitable? Let’s discuss it!

In any business, it’s very important to pick a proper niche. If a certain niche features a great number of potential clients, a moderate level of competition, and a rich range of useful products, you can say this niche is a good one. Here you can read more about how to choose a business niche.

The pet industry, despite a relatively high level of competition, has good potential for an online store. So, if you like the idea of dropshipping pet products, it’s a great choice!

The best thing about this niche is the buyers’ engagement. As your potential customers want the best for their beloved pets, they don’t mind spending a little extra or waiting a bit longer. In order for that to happen, they should consider your offers worthy of their attention, of course.

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Are you ready to learn how to turn this winning niche into a thriving dropshipping business? Here we go!

How to dropship pet supplies: choose and research your customer market carefully

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you target and serve buyers all across the globe. It doesn’t even matter where you live!

What you should keep in mind, however, is that different countries have different traditions of pet ownership.

A graph on the number of cats in the European Union in 2019

In some countries, it might be popular to buy specific exotic types of pets. At the same time, in other destinations the local laws influence the decisions on the pet choice, while in some regions, it’s not typical to keep pets at all.

A graph on the number of dogs in the European Union in 2019

Of course, the prospects of making money from dropshipping pet supplies will vary from country to country!

Let’s take a look at some region-specific stats to see what I’m talking about:

  • China

The population of pets here is estimated to reach 755.35 million by 2022. Quite notably, in 2017, there were less than 510 million pets registered in the country. It means that pet ownership is a growing trend here. Therefore, it’s an interesting market from the point of view of the potential customer segment size.

  • The United Kingdom

In 2005, the total consumer spending on pets and related products in the UK amounted to £2.75 billion. By 2019, this parameter has increased dramatically and reached about £6.89 billion. In the second quarter of 2020 alone, British families spent about £1.85 billion on such goods.

What’s even more curious, the number of pets living in the UK has been decreasing. It means that an average UK citizen has multiplied the expenses per 1 pet. Most surely, it might present you with a great business opportunity!

  • Germany

Germany leads the list of the EU countries with the largest number of cat owners. In 2019, there were almost 15 million cats registered in German households. And, despite the fact that Germany has a dog tax, there are only about 4.5 thousand fewer dogs than cats in the country!

In other words, when it comes to pet choice and keeping, the financial expenses are not really a big deal here. 😉

  • Italy

With over 50 million pets registered in Italy in 2019, the most widespread type of them was fish (about 30 million). The gap is outstanding: the next pet type in the list (birds) amounted to only 12.9 million, and the third place in the rating belongs to 7.3 million cats.

  • Japan

According to the 2020 survey, the number of cats and dogs owned by households in Japan increased by 15% compared to 2019. There are about 9.64 million cats and 8.49 million dogs living in this country.

  • The United States

According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, 85 million American families own a pet. It’s about 94.2 million dogs, 89.7 million cats, 20.3 million birds, and other animals. In 2019, Americans spent about $75 billion on pet food and other products.

As you can see, pet dropshipping stores can expect millions of potential clients if they have high-quality products to sell online and manage to properly advertise their offer.

I got these numbers in only 30 minutes of surfing Google and Statista (which I strongly recommend to any business owner!) and of course, there is much, much to learn about any country you’re going to target. Still, even this brief and quick research proves that the patterns of pet ownership are really diverse across the globe. Without any doubt, they will influence lots of your business actions (product choice, pricing strategy, geographic ads settings, etc.) heavily.

How to dropship pet supplies wisely: be very specific about your competitive advantage

How to dropship pet supplies: think your competitive advantage through

Let’s suppose that by this point, you’ve already chosen the geographic markets you’re going to target with your offers. It’s time to make the next important decision: what will make your product offer interesting to the audience?

It’s common for pet owners to buy supplies from familiar offline stores, or from the marketplaces they have already tested and found satisfactory.

Why would they change their minds? What will motivate them to make a purchase from pet supply dropshippers – retailers they’ve never checked out before?

Surely, to succeed, you need to have a strong competitive advantage, for example:

  • Additional value of your supplies

The easiest way to give your customers something more than just a product is to provide them with informational support.

It’s especially convenient to do if you run a blog connected to your online store. Through this blog, you can freely educate your followers (and potential buyers) about keeping their pets healthy, entertained, and happy.

This blog will be beneficial not only to your readers, but to your store performance as well. Among other things, it will give you great pieces of content you can share on social networks automatically.

  • A welcoming community around your brand

When it comes to pet care, many owners, especially the less experienced ones, look for guidance and advice from others.

Why not turn your store’s social networks into a supportive community where pet owners share their experiences, daily routines, funny stories and other aspects of their life with pets? If you combine and mix these pieces of user-generated content with your promotional and educational posts, it will give people a good extra reason to check out your feed.

  • Availability of unusual or limited products

It doesn’t make much sense to dropship pet products identical to the ones sold in other retail stores. Maybe, your markup will be lower than theirs and your prices will be more appealing to the buyers, but you can’t always be sure about it. To set your prices right, you’ll need to research the local retail market thoroughly, and keep monitoring it on a regular basis.

An alternative way to make your store offer more competitive is to pick the right products for it. And here’s what our next tip is all about!

How to dropship pet supplies: a guide to choosing products

Most likely, you’ll be using AliExpress to find pet supplies dropshipping wholesalers. There, you’ll need to filter out the items suitable for your niche, and evaluate their prospects in terms of clients’ demand and potential profit.

If you don’t want to do it all manually, there is a great time-saving solution you can use instead! A database of the best selling AliExpress items is available to every entrepreneur whose dropshipping store is based on the AliDropship plugin. Plus, these products’ details (titles, descriptions, picture galleries) are already edited by an experienced team. It makes it even easier for a user to start dropshipping these products right away.

Want to dropship the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Let’s take a look at 5 examples of the pet niche products taken from this database:

Dropshipping pet products: an item example from our database

How To Dropship Pet Products With The Highest Profit Possible: 3 Proven Tips

How To Dropship Pet Products With The Highest Profit Possible: 3 Proven Tips

How To Dropship Pet Products With The Highest Profit Possible: 3 Proven Tips

How To Dropship Pet Products With The Highest Profit Possible: 3 Proven Tips

With over 10,000 AliExpress orders, these items will surely make a lovely (and highly profitable) addition to your dropshipping store.

Want to see more promising items from this or any other product category? Check out our database of pre-edited AliExpress products, and make the first 50 imports for free!

Now, I hope you have a much clearer idea on working with an online store within this niche. I can’t wait for you to follow the advice from this article!

If you’d love to dropship pet supplies, enjoy this action plan and hurry to launch a dropshipping store meeting all your business needs!

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