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Facing Any Dropshipping Issues? Let Sellvia Solve Them!

Despite the fact that dropshipping is quite a simple business model almost anyone in the world can start easily without large investments, some entrepreneurs face a number of challenges that complicate dropshipping business management. This is the key aspect of why the Sellvia solution was introduced. So how does Sellvia solve your typical problems with dropshipping? Let’s find it out right now!

How was Sellvia started?

Have you already heard about Sellvia, a brand new 5-in-1 solution for dropshipping? If not, this is a high time for you to read more about Sellvia that can be a brilliant alternative to AliExpress if you’re dropshipping to the United States.

And don’t keep it back: it’s Sellvia that is highly likely to let you bring your dropshipping business to a whole new level, make your online store many times more popular, and finally build your own financial empire. In fact, Sellvia is supposed to provide entrepreneurs with almost unlimited business opportunities.

Don’t you believe this? In this case, we recommend you move to Sellvia’s website and see it yourselves. BTW, Sellvia has its own blog that is permanently updated. You will be able to find a lot of industry tips that can turn out to be useful for you as a business owner.

Well, one of the key factors why Sellvia was started is the idea of making a dropshipping business model perfect without any rough edges so all the business owners could be sure they make the most of their businesses at every stage.

Originally, Sellvia was supposed to become your #1 US dropshipping supplier. But now it becomes clear that Sellvia is an entire network of trending products, marketing materials, and options of problem solving.

So what are the problems with dropshipping Sellvia helps you avoid? Well, first things first.

How does Sellvia solve the problems with dropshipping you may face?

Now you know that Sellvia’s aim is to become your most reliable dropshipping solution with fast shipping, high-quality trending products only, and marketing materials available. So how can you benefit from teaming up with Sellvia?

When you’ve already launched your business, created a store, started to drive traffic, you are likely to face the following difficulties:

  • Payment gateway bans
  • Social media account bans
  • Low customer loyalty and low amount of repeat purchases

Let’s find out if Sellvia is able to eliminate the possibility of arising of such problems.

1. Payment gateway bans

a picture showing how payment gateways are important for ecommerce business

If you’re an experienced dropshippier, you are well aware of what payment gateways are. But if you’re an ecommerce newcomer or if you’re only about to start a dropshipping business, read an article about payment gateways for dropshipping.

In a nutshell, what challenges are you likely to face with already registered payment gateways? The point is that payment providers like Visa or MasterCard, for example, tend to closely monitor businesses’ chargeback rate. In case it’s a lot higher than 1%, they can restrict your operations or access to money or even ban you!

It means the more refunds you have, the more attention from payment systems’ managers you draw. Actually, you risk getting your accounts banned. But this is not the outcome you seek, right?

If you want to stay away from the close attention of payment gateways’ managers, all you need is to achieve the minimum level of returns in your online store. Returns and refunds, in their turn, are asked due to the following reasons:

  • Customers received products of poor-quality
  • Extremely long delivery times
  • Customers received products that don’t match the descriptions

And these are the very issues Sellvia can help you fight against. Please note that in Sellvia’s catalog, there are only high-quality, pretested, hype products with accurate, high-converting descriptions, high-res photos to let the potential customers get a good look at the items and make an informed decision whether to buy them or not.

Conclusion: you are a lot more likely to avoid raising the above-mentioned problems with dropshipping if you team up with Sellvia, but not with AliExpress. It’s due to top-quality products, most of which are of US origin, fast shipping, precise descriptions, etc.

2. Social media account bans

a picture showing why smm is crucial for online business and solves problems with dropshipping

There’s no secret that a social network page is a must have for all the online stores.

However, the administrations of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) tend to interfere with the process of business account management and sometimes even impose sanctions if they believe you post unacceptable content.

In most cases, they ban you because of the following:

  • You sell products of poor quality
  • The products provided don’t match the descriptions, or you don’t provide any descriptions at all
  • Your social media activity is considered as spam (too many posts a day, and so on).
  • You post offensive or useless content

So how can Sellvia help you with this?

The point is that one of the key features of Sellvia is to provide high-converting descriptions and marketing materials for each product in Sellvia’s catalogue.

What does it mean for you if you collaborate with Sellvia?

  • Each product has a detailed description based on the specifications provided by its manufacturer that eliminates the possibility of mismatch.
  • All the items are provided with high-res photos made by the team of Sellvia specifically for product and landing pages.

If you team up with Sellvia, managers of social media platforms will consider your online store as a trustworthy supplier with top-quality products and satisfied customers.

What’s more, it’s time to remember that Sellvia ensures a lightning-fast shipping, so the number of unhappy clients is supposed to be kept to a minimum. And these are the very aspects that influence the decision whether your accounts will be banned or not.

Conclusion: are you eager to avoid bans from social media platforms? Team up with Sellvia!

3. Low customer loyalty & few repeat purchases

a picture demonstrating why you need to increase customer loyalty

Here is a common business misconception: if you want to succeed with your business, you should always seek new clients and only. In fact, there is a much easier road to success: try to increase customer loyalty and do your utmost to create a positive customer’s atmosphere to make them come back for repeat purchases.

Why is it a good idea to increase customer loyalty?

  • Loyal customers buy more
  • They cost less
  • Loyal customers = free promotion

So how to increase customer loyalty?

In practice, there are lots of measures to increase customer loyalty: it’s email marketing, social media marketing, different loyalty programs, etc. However they make no sense if you sell products nobody will be eager to come back for.

And this is one more issue Sellvia will easily help with: in Sellvia’s catalogue, you can find only top-quality products with detailed information, high-grade photos, etc.

Conclusion: Sellvia can help you increase the customer loyalty of your online store and let you pay less to attract customers. Those who already placed an order on your website will come back for more purchases!

Summing it up: Sellvia solves your problems with dropshipping in no time

In the beginning of the article we have mentioned that Sellvia is not only a regular dropshipping supplier. This is not all about dropshipping or ecommerce. Sellvia is something new. It’s something more than dropshipping, ecommerce, or trade.

Sellvia was started to let all the dropshippers and ecommerce business owners avoid most of the dropshipping problems they are likely to face. So if you want your business to grow fast, please check what Sellvia offers. You’re likely to miss your  #1 dropshipping supplier for your online store.

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