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Drop Surfing Vs. Drop Shipping


For too long, the internet is buzzing with these two terms- drop surfing and drop shipping. To be honest, there isn’t a hell and heaven difference between the two. To put it in clear words, drop surfing is essentially a specialized part of drop shipping. 

Let us get into the details of both the aspects to give you a better idea of what the term means.

Drop shipping – the idea mapped 

Drop shipping is essentially the idea of opening an online portal and displaying products that you do not manufacture or own. What you do is have the right contact with suppliers who deal with the high-quality manufacturing of these products.

Now, your core focus would be on marketing them so that customers end up placing orders on your site. As soon as you get an order, you contact the supplier who in turn ends up shipping the product on your behalf. So, you are not involved with either the manufacturing or the storage and shipping aspect. Yet, you end up with a sound profit-making business model. This idea is known as drop shipping where the right marketing efforts and the best connection with the right suppliers can help you belt a good amount of profits. 

Drop surfing- the idea mapped 

Now, drop surfing can be hailed to be a specialized part of drop shipping in the sense that the rest of the logic and the system remains the same. The key difference is in the fact that rather than relying on the same supplier, you are always surfing between the possible supplier options who deal with the same product. 

The key here is to find the supplier who charges the least price. Often it so happens that a supplier may end up hiking the price after a few orders. As soon as they do this, you end up shuffling to another seller who may be offering a better quotation to you. In this model, you end up maximizing your profits as you are choosing the right seller who is going to quote the least price to you.

However, what some people need to understand is that often in this form of business model, some people end up spending too much of the time looking at the different sellers, analyzing their price. In this process, you may end up missing out on the marketing front which in turn can cost you the order quantity.

So, while drop surfing is the model that can help you gain a better amount of profits when compared to the drop shipping model, you have to measure the time and effort trade-off as well. 

There are a lot of drop shippers who have been using the policy of drop surfing without even knowing that this was a different model. So, try to have a pool of suppliers and examine the trend and pricing while devoting the right time towards your marketing efforts. The focus should always be on gaining a huge order quantity. 

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